Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading


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Dear Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces,

This is a space for you to tell us what you’d like to see in your sign reading of our 2016 annual edition, Vision Quest.

What is going on in your life that you’d like to see addressed? What do you most want out of 2016?

How was your experience of Cosmophilia, the 2015 annual? In case you have not yet seen your reading or would like to be reminded, Eric has now removed the password for that edition. Here are the direct links:


We invite you to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

With love,
the Planet Waves Editors


20 thoughts on “Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading

  1. Jbroloki

    I feel like I’ve been hurtling forward at warp speed since 2011 (and even a little before, since 2009) and I would really like to slow down and get better grounded. I’ve had a very difficult year since Oct. 2014, which I hope I am pulling out of. Lots of promising signs for the immediate future now. My persistent question is, how do I best use my limited energy and time? What causes and pursuits need me most? How can I make a living doing what I love? And how can I get myself past hurts in order to open up to new attachments–in both the work & the romance realms?
    Thanks Eric for any light you can shine on these questions!

  2. Sara Victoria

    Chiron has been over my Moon – back and forth – and I had thought this year would be an opportunity for healing, a top of the list requirement, on every level. Yet it’s been physically challenging on every level and as a result emotionally intensely challenging. In terms of this coming year, I do have something cooking very related to Neptune/Saturn/ Jupiter themes, that involves Bridging Dimensions – spiritual and emotional relationships – and material benefit… A test of faith, a drawing upon true self-worth and owning power. Breaking fear patterns and cashing in on the magic I’ve been able to bring to bear so brilliantly in the past…

  3. Eric Francis

    Hi Eric,

    Hope this email finds you well. Thank you for your readings. They have been a great source of guidance and validation. I’ve been a subscriber for just under a year. I am a Pisces born 1975.

    What I am looking toward is balance, maturity and growth. I’ve been studying and coaching consciousness work for over four years now. I left a six-figure salary job five years ago to do this, it was just something I heard to do. I was able to sustain myself for four years and now have reentered the healthcare corporate world and I’m trying to find a balance in my life now.

    I find myself feeling like a fish out of water at work, I have less time to do the work consciousness work, that I love so much. I’ve become a lot more sensitive to those around me and the happenings around me, and I am finding it very difficult to navigate being back in this environment. My goal ultimately, is to go back full-time in the world of consciousness which is the world I’d love to learn grow and hopefully one day teach. I am a single mother so for now this is something that I have to do. I hope in the coming year to be less at the effect of society and the culture. I wish to attract abundance and awareness of what my purpose here this lifetime is.

    Of course a relationship would be nice, though in the midst of all that’s happening now I’m not so sure I could handle that, I know I have a lot of maturing to do, yes even at 40. Clear I am, that life is an ongoing journey constantly evolving, constantly changing but what I hope to gain in the year 2016 is a stronger, more centered and focused position in the driver seat of my life.

    Of course I would love to have a major impact on the world and racism and the oppression of women, homosexuals anything that’s different than the norm. Maybe even take down the Catholic Church and the patriarchy, big goals and little tools. That being said, I pray to become less of a victim, less at the effect of by reality and less reactive and more centered, clear, listening and guided by spirit.

    Hope that helps and thanks you.


  4. plutonicfemme

    Scorpio sun. i feel like on the surface i am much more organised, competent and on top of things (thank you saturn) but this somehow has not integrated, and internally I feel like a ticking bomb. When I drink too much, I tend to go nuts – really crazy risk taking, almost self destructive. I haven’t been able integrate the self discipline at this level, in fact I feel really lonely and distant from myself because I have become so serious and hard working, and don’t recognise myself, don’t seem to take care of myself emotionally at all…. I also culled an incredible number of people during the saturn transit. so i am lonely on this level too. I just don’t know how to do this emotional care taking, and how to come back home to myself………

  5. M.

    Hi Eric, and thanks for this space.
    I’ve been listening again to your Cosmophilia reading and it’s so spot on, it felt like a detailed description of my year so far… In a way, I’m used to you doing that, it sounds so natural. And then I have these moments of “wow, this is such good work, good research, beautifully said!” Congratulations! I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing on this earth and I’m glad I found you and Team Planet Waves. 🙂
    So, as I’ve had the chance to describe in last year’s piece for Cosmophilia “You belong here”, I’ve had a very difficult upbringing, which led me to spend my mid twenties to mid thirties in a state of almost complete isolation.
    In 2015, I’ve started taking a lot of steps to come out of this, the biggest being venturing to get a job that requires me to share physical space with other people for the first time in many years (I’ll know how that went shortly). I’m also making new friends and spending time with them, which makes things much better; and I’m also continuing with my free movement (dance) practice, preparing to take a training course as well (starting next year).
    This, to me, is such progress as I wouldn’t even dream of two short years ago. At the same time, I realise just how much my skills for handling interpersonal tensions have been impaired. How much I have to struggle to maintain a sense of calm in times of disagreement with other people, instead of, say, simply leaving the room never to be seen again, as if that were the only alternative available in the face of conflict.
    And I also realise how deeply lonely I feel sometimes, not only by the absence of physical presence of another human being beside me, but also the accumulated absence of loving touch, words and simple caring in my life.
    All in all, my most prized accomplishment this year has been allowing myself to feel, letting softness run through my body again. It is simple, it is basic, and yet it’s been making a huge difference.
    For 2016 I’m eager to listen more about healing sexuality and bonding wounds, especially given the alienation, disconnection, competition and downright meanness so many human relationships suffer from, as you have all so well discussed in PW for so long. Having Scorpio in the 5th and Aquarius (of all signs…) in the 8th, intimacy has always felt like such an uphill battle to me! But I do want to move on from that feeling, so if there’s anything in our reading that can support this quest for healing intimacy please include it.
    I’m also interested in getting some kind of feedback on a possible contribution to the bigger picture. I will be doing a Vision Quest in 2016, as synchronicity has it, and I have some ideas but really feel the need to be solidly on my feet, if I’m to give any offering to the world.
    Anyway, I think that’s enough for now, hopefully some part of my comment may be useful to someone going through similar challenges.
    Again, thank you very much for the space and all the work you do.
    Love and blessings to you,
    Maria Jawan

  6. Syl

    I am struck by your choice of annual theme as “Vision Quest,” as this is precisely what I look forward to intensifying in this coming year. (How in the heck do you do that, anyway?) I have never before been so circumstantially able to commit myself to going inward—and am feeling strongly pulled to return to certain explorations that I essentially left behind in my 20s. The time is right, Madre Tierra is calling, and I am really, really ready. So I have a mundane question to ask: when are the orbs aligned for a Pisces/Cancer Moon/Cancer Rising to hit the (literal) road to the southern hemisphere? Much love.

  7. Lisa

    Thank you for all you do Eric.

    What is going on in your life that you’d like to see addressed? What do you most want out of 2016?

    What’s going on in my life is a need for integration. After 2011 and then 2014 when lots of years of holding back/feeling held back kept opening up, I’ve been going at what feels like “full tilt” ever since. My doing feels detached from my being, my heart from my self, and generally just going too fast. Heart is a central theme of my life purpose. I’m feeling a pull to go deeply inward and integrate all that has unfolded within me in the last 2-5 years. But how? I’ve also reached a point where my soul is demanding spiritual grounding and centering practices. In a way it feels like I’ve come up on a wall that will require taking my Being, presence, to the next level. Not sure yet what that might look like but my sense is a quantum leap. One that is grounded in self authority and clarity about who I am.

    In 2015 my extensive outward-doing in the world has limited my access to internal vision, so I am feeling a need for more vision in my life, and ability to access my own vision, which is rich. Being the an emotional person in these times is tough, because there is a lot that comes up. Part of my wish for integration is to integrate all my senses and energetic capabilities to utilize them in a concerted, aligned way rather than one-at-a-time.

    What I most want out of 2016 is a lived redefinition of my power, specifically my ability to access the power of the heart and to share/lead/teach from that power and that power to live through me. I have a sense that this will take lots of things to the next levels. I look forward to Vision Quest!

  8. Jennifer

    Hi Eric
    Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon –
    Vision Quest?
    I often struggle with ‘what I think I am supposed to do’ – ie other people’s expectations of me, feelings of obligation, and big trends. The insecure part of me that wants to please others, and thinks success comes from conforming to outside expectations is often eager to do what is expected.
    But deep in the root of me, there is a quiet self that feels quite OK as I am.
    So I guess I want to read about many different peoples versions of ‘vision quest’ and hear your interpretation of the astrological symbolism, and find a way to honour the authentic self, so that I don’t feel ‘guilted’ or ‘shoulded’ into action that might be in contradiction to my true desires.
    Sounds murky, yes.
    But I often turn to astrology because it helps me find my way back to self, back to centre, back to sanity and soul purpose.
    Oh, and I am at the early stages of a big transition, preparing for my daughter to leave home in four years. It feels like transformation time – sell everything and go see the world. So I’m interested in hearing about others engaged in alternative economy, evolution, truth seeking and healing, especially while onthe road. THis Cancer loves home, so how to create a sense of safety and ‘home’ while journeying.

  9. Lizzy

    Have been thinking about this since you sent us this invitation , dear Eric. A lot has been about career for us Cancerians. You have talked about our need to do something that is of service to people in some way (so very true), while lately (Jupiter in Virgo?) you have said a lot about growth with our writing. I have always worked as both a teacher and a technical writer. I know I have the ability to write – but have never been able to do something really ”meaningful” with it.. Would be curious to know how things are at in that department. But you so often bring up things that I have only been half aware of – so very much look forward to uncovering those areas too.
    Am deeply touched by the most amazing stories that have been written here – by the many readers’ battles with hardship, and their courage and ability to pull through.

  10. ScorpioX3

    Damn! It took every drop of my Scorpionic willpower to not peruse the comments posted above before I settled in to offer up my take on the Water triplicity. Always curious, I have to know what others feel and say. I will wait to read until I’m finished…

    So how am I navigating my life during the greatest upheaval of our lifetime? Well, I have four planets in the water element including the Sun, and water signs on the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses. I’m an optimist but being an Empath has it’s challenges, especially now when folks are living for the moment seemingly uninterested in their own Inner Being and health, and too many seem uninterested in the well-being of others or our resident planet. That said, my emotions are much like a raging storm but often (cleverly?) disguised as serene calm to others. The ability to do that is actually a protective and comforting trait. The downside – if it is at all really – is a preference to being alone has become turned into a reputation of being a loner. A Scorpio thing, I know. I’m not sure it’s a good thing. But I think us water people have difficulties being around people who can’t swim deep.

    Now that Saturn has moved on, it’s been easier. But only after some overwhelming and sometimes irrational fear got resolved. Saturn’s passage over Venus, Sun and Mercury just inside the 8th house (back and forth three fookin’ times for shit’s sake) was like, hey, go even. deeper. and face those compulsive passions and desires, and all the ugly fears (from unlearned lessons) that accompany them. The transit help to raise them up and push them into my conscious awareness, and though the process was painful, it’s done and I’m more than ready to move on.

    But oh, hey look. Saturn has moved into a square with Neptune. That’s personal. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to Neptune’s transit of my ascendant. Though Saturn is in a fire sign, I understand both planets represent spirituality – a major interest in my life. I’m hoping the aspect will help me further tune in to the deeper dimensions of life, assuage my life-long feeling of Divine Discontent, and help me tap into any and all opportunities which can help me fulfill my Soul’s purpose.

    Thanks, Eric, for reaching out. A devoted follower of your work since 2008, and a supporting member now for more than a year, I feel your readings are spot on so I keep coming back. I’m looking forward to Vision Quest.

    With love and gratitude,
    ~ Lesley

  11. Eric Francis

    Hi Eric,

    Well, I’m all about water, having received 3 visions 5 years ago that turned
    into a body of work which has now been shared on dozens of radio and
    Telesummit platforms: http://www.we-infinity.com ( I didn’t want to post this in
    the comments in case it looked like I was trying to solicit business…)
    Though I’ve been a spiritual student my entire life, I wasn’t looking to
    become a person teaching about it. Dragged in, kicking and screaming.

    In a nutshell, the Infinity Wave is a high vibrational energetic that uses
    both the metaphor (and the real medium) of water for our spiritual
    evolution. You can check out some of the interviews on my site to know more
    – or just email me back. Happy to share.

    Infinite blessings,


  12. Stephanie Morris

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for requesting feedback! My birthday is 3/15/69. I’ve dealt with many losses via death, moves, endings, etc. over the past few years. I feel like there’s sort of a void in my life that hasn’t been quite filled in yet. I guess because maybe I don’t want to fill it in (?) or don’t know what to fill it with? I also have a yearning for a more creative life as a writer. I’ve put some pieces out there for submission, but have not yet been published. I have felt I’m on the verge of something big in this aspect of my life, yet the “on the verge” is lasting way too long. I’m held back, or, more likely, holding myself back from making this leap. I have the vision, yet need the push to make it a reality. So then, how does one go from vision to reality? As I type that, I know the answer because I’ve done it so many times before. So then, maybe it’s how to have the stamina to push through obstacles and keep creating and recreating oneself? I also seem to have difficulty connecting with authentic individuals who have the drive and desire. I know that my experiences and words and emotions can have a profound positive impact on others, and I see that in my daily life as a private practice psychologist. Yet, I want to expand that positive influence (not please with that word… I mean it in the most positive way). The issues of racism, sexism, LGBTQ hatred, etc. are very important to me, as well. I would like to cause positive change. It’s time our country evolved to a much better version of itself. Yet, so many barriers hold us all back. I’m not sure this is clear, but hopefully you can dig through it. 🙂 Thank you. My best, Stephanie

  13. Pisces Sun

    Dear Eric,

    In this seemingly more connected world–internet of things, instagram, email, facetime, global economy, world travel–how does our external activity affect our inner need to know and quiet ourselves? Our human, connected-side of ourselves that realizes that we are also a part of nature? The side that feels the hum of the earth that is not man-made but is vibrational nonetheless due to motion caused by cosmic rhythmic movement? Will there be opportunity for the human race to KNOW and relate to the earth and act to prevent from continuing to harm her? Will their be a stronger awakening that is manifested through action that can reverse wide-scaled damage to earth’s ecosystems? Can their be ACTION taken by this generation to preserve the earth for future generations, since so many, including the United Nations, inform us that we have the power to do this? Can the heavens assist us in getting there, recognizing that it is our choice? Will acting local really affect the global and is this the appropriate platform and is it in our vision outlook? Will the personal become the local community? Can we, personally and through the collective, large and small, wake the F-up?

    Will we continue to make the simple so complex? What could be simpler? Excessively pollute earth, earth dies. A person is a person, regardless of skin color or origination. Will we continue to cloak ourselves with illusions and see through veils of fear?

    Will we take the time to remember who we are so that we can see better who “they” are? Will we find personal power to become whole- united in spirit with all that is one, which really is the fact that we, all of us, together in this world, belong here? Can we pick up the message, where Cosmophilia left off? Of course to become whole, we have to continue to embark upon our own healing and to do so, we shouldn’t wait to be the perfect whole being–all of us are works in progress–works in progress is living. So, we our human dimensions towards holistic improvements of the self,d by recognizing the interconnected functioning of our mind, body, and soul with our self, others and the earth, every aspect of the ecosystem (self included) should heal. Again, we are a part of nature. Is there any heavenly body out there that can assist us in reminding us that we are not apart from nature but quite the contrary a part of it? The wholeness, more than anything, I believe, is what I would like to know about our healing.

    Thank you Eric and your staff. I value your work, your personal vision and respect those times you’ve kept motivated when it was tough. Thank you also for soliciting and valuing our input. I look forward to seeing/hearing what you come up with. PiscesSun

  14. Lois

    I am a Pisces Sun, Leo Rising, Capricorn Moon. I have been feeling very challenged. At times it seems that I’m just can’t do anything right. Not feeling sorry for myself, just tired of others projecting their shit onto me. The Manipulating & the Competitiveness is unending! So Unnecessary!! Always being told in subtle & bold ways as to how I am not enough. I feel as if there is a time frame coming when I will have had enough. I have always stood up for myself, or at least I thought that I was. No need to be an Ass. It’s almost as if no is listening. I want to know if & when family relationships will improve. I absolutely love all of you at Planet Waves. Love the writing & information. Love how you make us think!! Keep up the Great Work! Lifelong Fan & Customer!

  15. DivaCarla Sanders

    Thanks for the opportunity for input into the 2016 annual reading. I’ve been listening to Pisces (sun) and Scorpio (rising) and will catch up with Cancer (partner), while asking, what would make a difference for me in my 2016 annual reading?
    Coming off a hard 2nd Saturn return, especially the clean up round this past summer, and it feels like the descent phase of initiation. 2016 I am moving into the reunion/integration phase of initiation or the Vision Quest. I was so taken up with the Saturn return energy that I did not claim all the promise the Cosmophilia readings held for Pisces. I think there was a lot of debris of the past in the way, and Saturn stood there till I got some of it cleaned up. Now we are ready to move on, and that is way scarier than staying hidden in the past. Everything about life: sex and relationship, mission and gift, money and power: it’s all cranking up to a new vibration and a deeper dig into the healing that goes with it. I’ll be looking for one simple thing I can use as a bench mark or a water level, or a rope I can grab onto.

  16. Margaret

    Hi Eric,
    Thank you for wanting our feedback. My sun sign is Cancer, moon sign in Aries and rising sign Scorpio. These three combinations fill me with lots of joy and interesting times in my life. :>) Since, 2013 through 2015 my life has been filled with endings, deaths , friendships ending, betrays, etc. My father’s death cracked me open , which had me going very deep within and I became more authentic in multi levels than ever before. I faced many fears because I was tired of all the negative experiences and chose to be empowered than remain feeling victimized. Anyway, I chose to embrace the void and now walk through it and create a more fulfilling and joyful life. That’s what I plan to gift to myself in 2016.
    With Love & Gratitude, Margaret B Lee

  17. Donna Lucas-Mudd

    Hello Eric and fellow Pisceans,

    First of all, thank you, Eric, for asking for our input again – greatly appreciated. As a Pisces, who continues to awaken on this planet, I have found myself for the last several years in a place where I am integrating Spirit into my daily life. Whereas, during my earlier years of spiritual exploration, I separated my Self and Spiritual Self from daily life – escapism? Perhaps, but also working to focus my evolution.

    Now, I feel very out of sorts as I really feel the need to immerse myself back into daily life, the rawness of it, and the grotty-ness of this planet, but the beauty as well. Knowing that feeling “normal” is long gone, I am looking for guidance on this; how does one balance it? Yes we can take yoga, yes we can meditate, yes we can immerse ourselves into healing work or art, etc. But what is this really all about? And how do we get through every day, on a planet that is undergoing a huge transformation, while staying aware and Aware?

    It is time for a vision quest!

    SO many thanks for your work,

  18. Shelley Stearns

    Eric, your annual readings are always beautiful and useful. I recommend them to anyone thinking about purchasing. You guide but also ask the listener to engage with their lives. Humans dont just get transformation for free and you are very precise in telling us where to look.

    That said, Im a Cancer Sun but tend to find my Virgo rising easier to grasp. But thats one thing Im working on. Recent events in Paris have allowed me to more clearly articulate a response to your inquiry. I sometimes feel that all I do is take in stuff–feelings, thoughts, data, experience–but I rarely manifest these into anything for myself or others. So, in 2016, Im looking to learn to create a piece of that. To feel deeply and also to manifest something of integrity and worth. While grappling also with my desire for recognition.

  19. Amanda Moreno

    I couldn’t quite figure out where to comment. Leo rising, Aquarius sun…. Both of which received saturn’s transits at the same time. But going through such an intense period of restructuring, it’s my Scorpio moon that’s compelled to request some focus on sex and sexuality and the place of both in facilitating both individual and collective change.

    Thank you!

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