Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading


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Dear Aries, Leo and Sagittarius,

This is a space for you to tell us what you’d like to see in your sign reading of our 2016 annual edition, Vision Quest.

What is going on in your life that you’d like to see addressed? What do you most want out of 2016?

How was your experience of Cosmophilia, the 2015 annual? In case you have not yet seen your reading or would like to be reminded, Eric has now removed the password for that edition. Here are the direct links:


We invite you to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

With love,
the Planet Waves Editors


22 thoughts on “Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading

  1. Josie Beug

    Thanks Eric!

    I’m a Leo Sun, Sag rising. I’ve been experiencing dear old Saturn crossing back and forth across my ascendant at 1 degree Sag for a while now. I think he’s finally settled in the first house, which is completely unsettling me.

    I feel as though I am questioning everything, where Inreally want to be, what I want to be doing, how I want the second half of my life to look like. I currently live in South Florida and have built a holistic veterinary practice here for the past 15 years. South Florida is in one of its boom cycles, and so many people are moving here, traffic is horrible with no chance of getting better as there is no place to build more highways and no mass transit in the works. Huge “luxury multi million dollar condos are going up so that the skyline is beginning to resemble Manhattan and prices are through the roof. I love the weather and business is good but I am seriously considering relocating to a smaller community where I can be in the country and grow food and not be tied up in the rat race so to speak. It’s just the relocation efforts and rebuilding my practice that I balk at – financially and the physical energy required and taking the risk.

    I had my chart read recently and was told to focus on my spiritual practice, that happens to be Tibetan/Vajrayana Buddhism. I’ve been diving into that in the deep end and journaling, lots of dream work (renovating house, visiting alien worlds in my dreams), and inner exploration.

    In terms of relationships, I have cut many cords to my family of origin over the past year – completely with toxic siblings, all I really have left is my 86 year old mother and I stepped out of her web as well. I have a good friend/roommate who used to be my romantic partner until she transitioned mallet-to-female 7 yrs ago. We are working on dissolving our co- dependency. She”s working on getting her feet on the ground financially. Overall it’s a long, complicated story that we are unraveling. I have a BDSM partner who I mesh with very well, and we live separately but play hard together. He brings me great joy and bliss!

    I’m def feeling the uncertain, shifting ground of Neptune at this time. That’s about it, thanks for all your good work. I feel lucky to have slipped in on the all-access pass this past year. It was a great deal though I know it hurt you guys financially.

  2. RavenJets

    Cosmophilia supported me greatly in making three enormous changes in my life: I wrote and published my second book of poetry and essays; I moved to a village which supports my art and offers me community and affection; I journeyed to my soul homeland, a ten-year in-the-making quest. In each of these projects/processes I learned about my gifts, my needs, and my wants, and they are different than I thought they were.

    This year I again seek some specific guidance about living in this completely new world I created. My past does not serve me, other than insure I have more than enough knowledge. It is a matter now of determining what I want, how I want to be, who I want to be. A blank slate is exhilarating and daunting. I WANT more but not riches as defined by someone else, or beauty or love or happiness. This differently nuanced world seems vast. Though I make choices each day about the avenues in which I will adventure, I feel as new as a teenager without the undying enthusiasm and exuberance. This is more than becoming an adult, too. I am adult. This is the next step in maturation.

    Thank you for the unstinting devotion to this annual process. It deeply nurtures me.

  3. Julie Galassini

    Hi Eric,

    I offer the following in case it can inform your composition of the Sag reading for 2016:

    For some time now–at least a decade–I’ve had two strong currents of development: 1) out in the world, playing roles as a “tech”-engaged team member amidst lots of data and the politics and community of academic institutions; 2) fulfilling an apprenticeship as a healer of mind and heart by training as a mental health counselor.

    In 2016, I may be shifting to work as a healer full time, if material resources seem to support that move.

    One other theme has surfaced for me very strongly over the course of the last decade: the toll our wars take on us, a toll that vibrates through the web of connection we all participate in, war that comes home to us and persists as an insidious energy within family circles and communities. Yet, yes, Love and Light endure and can heal.

    Love your work 🙂


  4. Josh

    thanks for asking Eric, it has definitely been a whirlwind of a year for me thus far. In January, after 17 years, my partner and I decided to separate. This has been difficult and has certainly pushed my limits/boundaries. It has also framed much of the change in my life over the course of the year. But its also been really good in a lot of ways. Its offered me opportunities to reshape my life in a way that I was unable to see when she and I were living together. It has forced me to take on responsibilities that I previously didn’t have to worry about, but its given me a degree of freedom that I really needed as well. I’m dealing with shit I should have dealt with 10 years ago. And the lessons I learned then have come back for what I hope is one final pass. At this point, there is nothing in my life that isn’t up for debate. Its both terrifying and extremely liberating/rewarding. Most days I’m enjoying it even. Its not easy, and its certainly not where I thought I would be right now if you’d asked me 5 years ago. But at the same time, there is so much more potential now. I don’t think I should speak to Cosmophilia specifically as its been several months since I last listened to it (I’ve been planning a relisten lately, but haven’t been able to make the time). I will say that I think much of the talk about Saturn in Sag has overhyped. Obviously, I’ve had a lot of challenges since the initial ingress, and no one likes change forced upon them. But I don’t feel like I’m unsupported like I did through much of Pluto in Sag. I feel a lot more optimistic than I have in years. There has been an element of feeling like I’m paying some cosmic dues in regard to my work the past couple months. I’m hoping that will pass soon. But if it doesn’t, that’s part of the lesson I’m supposed to be learning. If I could make one analogy about what this year has been like, I would say its like walking on a beach, the tide rolling in past your feet. You can feel the sand pulling away in the undertow beneath you, each step different than the last. And its disorienting and unsettling, but you know you’re not in any real danger.
    thanks for asking for our input. I’m looking forward to both the Sag birthday reading as well as the 2016 annual. I always appreciate your advice and unique point of view.

  5. Patricia Sanders

    Thank you deeply for the guidance of these annual readings.
    I am a Sag sun, Leo rising; Saturn and Chiron are natally conjunct and in opposition to Pluto, Uranus, and Mars.
    Major elements of my 2015 were severe financial issues and a feeling of rootlessness – in 2014 I erased the slate of my life (codependent relationship, home, job) and since then have remained technically homeless, with minimal income. This was by choice, though – I want to remake my life in a way that’s more heartful, authentic, and in line with my deepest values and desires. I’ve needed to explore what those are, first.
    Current themes are: important work on shame and self-worth issues; forming many new friendships; an unexpectedly vital longing for community and for active engagement; breakthroughs in my creative work (writing), with a down-to-earth attitude toward daily work and career development (“no more fooling around”); intense focus on finances and developing security for myself (budgeting); usual yen for travel now secondary to home-building; awareness of self-presentation and reputation; renewed interest in sexuality and meeting my soul mate, along with hormonal shifts (age 48); desire to know & take responsibility for all downstream effects of my choices and actions; intense dedication to spiritual ideals and to the positive possibilities individually and globally (I’m a zealot for Love). The idea of falling in love with life on earth again; a longing to become more vital, passionate, caring.
    What do I want out of 2016? To build my straw bale house in the desert and live there half time going forward (alone with my dog, working), and to live half time as an engaged member of an intentional community; to transition from copy editing to soul-based writing for my livelihood; to meet and form a relationship with my soul mate; to continue 2015’s process of coming more fully into myself and my purpose – fanning the flames; to learn what I have to give and how to give it.
    I resonate with Julie’s
    One other theme has surfaced for me very strongly over the course of the last decade: the toll our wars take on us, a toll that vibrates through the web of connection we all participate in, war that comes home to us and persists as an insidious energy within family circles and communities. Yet, yes, Love and Light endure and can heal.
    and much of what RavenJets wrote.
    Many thanks,

  6. Phyllis Capanna

    Hi Eric,
    I am a Sag with Scorpio rising, Taurus moon, Saturn in Sag, 2nd house (or first house, by whole sign houses, right?) I also have a grand trine in fire with Uranus in Leo in the 9th and Mars in Aries in the 5th. Saturn has been back and forth over my ascendant and natal Sag this last little while. I have assumed that Saturn part has been about boundaries for me. Over the past year I have been in the position of maintaining my boundaries in relationships where others have wanted to disregard them. Some of those relationships didn’t make it, and some were made healthier. Over the summer this was especially true. My living situation was such that my writing space and living space were small and rather open to the public (we run a summer rental business by a lake), and I recalled you saying something about Sag can have the world coming through their living space, but make sure you have a place that is your sanctuary and inviolable. So, I created that for myself, much to my and everyone else’s relief.

    The 2015 reading gave me confirmation that the path I am on, of following my artistic and writerly heart wherever the heck it is intrigued, touched and moved to go, is the right one. Over the year I have let go of any pushing to make something happen and have focused instead on being in right relationship with my creativity and my readers in a real and human way. I consciously took away any pressure I was putting on my self to make money, attain notoriety, etc., and have found over and over again that ANYthing I do because I think it will make me more secure in the world will backfire. So, it is back to creative expression being a spiritual discipline, a path of awakening, the place where I am real and take chances. I have also in the process become aware that people do read my stuff and have let me know it makes a difference for them, and this has led to my first ever feelings of responsibility to others to keep showing up, which I LOVE. I have also had music that I’ve written come back from its happy retirement in the 1990s to be revived, published (by me) and enjoyed in a hospice setting, and I’ve wondered about the astrology of that. It’s given me faith that creating something that expresses something with heart is a valuable thing to do. For so many years, it was just for me, something I did because it broke all the rules of my upbringing, and because it allowed me to heal and be something I was never seen to be. This year it’s been for others, by others, and others have brought my works back to me.

    The overall theme of my life, and deeply so this past year, has been that of surrendering, allowing, trusting, and following the inner compass above all outer ideas of right, wrong, good, bad. I have always studied various healing modalities, and this year saw an expansion of that, when one in particular helped clear a depression that had me down for a lot of the summer. (Yes, the summer of 2015 was intense.) I took a break from my work in healthcare from August 2014 until just a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t premeditate it, and my partner and I never discussed how we would make it work financially, and it just worked. I will reach a milestone birthday this year, 59. All the 9 years are big for me, much more so than the zeros. In many ways this has felt like another adolescence, and in some ways a healthy re-do of that time in my 20’s of launching myself in the world. Whatever it is, I have no benchmarks in mind. I just really love this life, this continual unfoldment, and if anything has shifted as I look back on the wild ride of 2015, it’s that I laugh more, I seek and find enjoyment in nurturing my relationships, I abstain from guilt and all toxic emotional crap, and I try to be the person who, when the buck stops here, I deal with it. Sometimes it really does come down to me.

    Thanks for everything you do and give and are, Eric. And thanks for asking. I was sorry I’d missed the Scorpio input, being so strongly Scorpionic. But now I’ve had my say.

    1. Amanda Painter

      “I will reach a milestone birthday this year, 59. All the 9 years are big for me, much more so than the zeros. In many ways this has felt like another adolescence, and in some ways a healthy re-do of that time in my 20’s of launching myself in the world.”

      Makes sense to me, Phyllis: sounds like you just described your second Saturn return, which you are just the right age to be experiencing! Sounds like, overall, it’s going relatively well — even if it is taking effort.

    2. Phyllis Capanna

      Addendum: I didn’t mention any requests for the Vision Quest readings, because I am always surprised and stimulated by the topics you touch on and value them precisely because they are things I would not have come up with by my usual ways of thinking. Bring it on!

  7. julie gendich

    Hello and thank you, Eric, for asking for our input. I am an Aries, with Cancer rising and Capricorn moon. I love the idea of a “quest”, for that is what I have been on, and in the past year have truly learned to focus on, and enjoy (sometimes), the journey, and not some end result. That is really lit up for me, and so I focus on it. This approach has helped ground me in ways I never imagined, and that grounded-ness radiates through my life. This journey has been a completely interior one for me this past year. I continue to work on breaking old, worn energetic ties with my family of origin, get acquainted with myself, and figure out my environment. What do I want it to be, to look like, whom do I want there, and will my family be ok there? Community is a huge theme for me as well. After a 7+ year break, I look to re-enter the working world. I believe you covered many of these themes in Cosmophilia, and it was an important touchstone for me.
    As for “Vision Quest”, I’d love to see a continuation on the theme of a quest, or journey. I personally have not taken one in years, at least not in the physical sense. And, more importantly, what to do with the information obtained from such. How do we process it? How do we integrate it into the everyday structure of our lives?
    One more thing: Creativity. You speak so beautifully to the artist in us all, and as someone who struggles to integrate creative time into daily life; I’d love to see a continuation on that theme, one that makes life worth it. Yes, I have a LOT of Pisces in my chart. : ) This is my shout out to your Art Of Living report, the one I referred to more than anything else.
    Eric, thank you for listening and thank you for being here for us. Peace. Julie

  8. Marjorie Mobley

    Hi Eric,
    I am Leo/Leo Rising/Sag moon. The past several years have me questioning everything in my life. I’ve slowly been letting go of things and relationships that don’t generate positive energy.
    In 2014, the walls broke down around me, in 2015 some building up of the new order in my life began, but some elements are missing, incomplete. I would like some guidance on the journey for 2016.

  9. dbdesigns

    Hello Eric,
    Thank you for seeking our feedback on your 2016 Vision Quest, in regards to our lives and plans, for the next year.

    I am an Aries, with Leo rising – lots of fire here, for which I am eternally grateful, or else I would not have made it through the past 7 miserable, life-and-health-wrenching years. I literally wouldn’t be here, but I *refuse* to be another cancer statistic.

    The Uranus/Pluto square hit me *very* hard, actually from when Pluto entered Capricorn in ’08 – that was the beginning of long-term health and life changes coming to a head, everything bursting through a dam.

    In a few short years, I had cancer, chemo, radiation, hubby’s job loss, which sent me into not sleeping, and continued to not sleep for yrs afterwards, moved house twice in 2 yrs, which definitely did not help the adrenal demise I was in , thanks to idiot beta blockers screwing up my thyroid levels, on top of what *treatment* did to them and my affected gene snps and methylation, while spending 2 yrs caring for a beloved, but very aged, pet with dementia.

    Oh and throw in a bad bout of shingles 2 weeks after the 2nd move, on top of the total adrenal and thyroid demise, for which allopathic drs are useless, and in fact, kept me non-functioning, and for which I am *still* digging out of, on my own, after 3-4 yrs of almost total devotion to health restoration.

    I almost want to laugh, when you ask about my life and my plans!

    I want my health back!

    I want all the vibrant, non-stop energy that I had for decades before peri-meno began to take it, and then cancer treatment and post cancer medical care made sure it was gone.

    I want to be able to handle stress, *any* stress without it flooring me. I want to be able to do the myriad of activities I used to do. Just because I’m 56 doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want this.

    I don’t believe in aging. I don’t believe in accepting illness as a natural result of aging. I don’t believe in the BS they feed cancer patients, telling them, that after treatment, there’s a *new normal*. What a load of crap. I believe in the power and knowledge available (if one only knows where to look) to maintain youthful vigor. Am just having a heck of a time getting there.

    People always say that without your health, you have nothing, and it’s true. *Any* other plans I have for my life can only grow out from a fertile bed of optimal health.

    I don’t know how, or if, the stars can point a way towards this absolutely fundamental and critical goal.

    God knows I’ve tried everything which I have spent yrs learning about, and now know more than most drs, certainly the allopathic ones – making me not the most ideal patient, but then, I have all this fire – I am self-directed, always was. Drs outside the insurance system are simply unaffordable, especially after having to fork over a huge chunk of a modest income into a sub-standard health care system. Don’t even get me started on this.

    What I want, what I *need* for my life, no confluence of stars can provide. I have no idea who or what can. I wish it were that simple. Then again, the stars certainly seemed to take my life away, so, they can damn well restore it!

  10. Eric Francis

    Shannon writes:

    Hi Eric,

    It’s rather difficult for me to concisely sum up my experiences from this last year but I’ll try my best. The past year has been profoundly beautiful and challenging. Last year, I left my cushy job in Boston, cashed out my retirement, sold my condo, packed up my car and drove down to South Florida to begin afresh. The drive down was magical, the places and folks I encountered were life changing.

    My arrival to Florida was euphoric to say the least. I had money in the bank and quickly set out to make some new friends and to figure out my purpose here. The primary goal was for me to receive yoga certification and so I decided to register for a 3 week intensive training in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the most spiritual and beautiful places I have ever visited. The relationships that I formed on this trip were intensely loving and I still keep in touch with my teacher and fellow trainees, who live all over the world.

    When I got back from Costa Rica, I decided to drive to Miami to receive advanced certification to teach yoga on stand-up paddle boards (SUP). After that, I flew over to England for a few weeks for yet another mind-boggling trip. With my Sagittarius Sun, Neptune, Mercury conjunction in the 12th house, I can always count on a karmically charged experience no matter where I travel to.

    By this time, my money had run out and the clock was ticking. As soon as I got back to Florida, I began building my business website and applying for yoga teacher jobs. The job market is terrible in Florida and getting a yoga job is all about who you know. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a soul in the local yoga community and was forced to start working in a customer service position in a call center. This job didn’t last long because my car was hit by an uninsured drunk driver. My car was in the shop for two months and I found myself without income once again.

    My Florida friends and the local pawn shops got me through this difficult transition and I also began cleaning/doing laundry for an elderly neighbor. A year had passed by this time and my apartment lease needed to be renewed. The problem was that I didn’t have a job and so I needed to sell the rest of my furniture and find a place to live. My elderly neighbor said that I could move into his son’s bedroom as his son had recently gone to jail. This is where I’ve been for the last month but I need to pack up and leave again because his son is coming home soon.

    During the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into my creative side. I’ve been drawing a lot and am teaching myself how to make jewelry. I’ve also been bartering with a friend who is a physical trainer; she teaches me strength training and I teach her yoga.

    Tomorrow, I have an interview for a recruiter position working at a start-up company. Essentially, it’s a sales position and I’d be recruiting doctors from all over the country. While this is not “the dream job” it’s consistent income with benefits. I desperately need an annual physical, a teeth cleaning and a haircut. Although I have a roof over my head (for the time being), I feel like a homeless gypsy.

    I’ve been connecting with folks in the S. Florida pagan community and was offered the opportunity to live in a nudist colony. I’m going to attend some of their events and explore that further.

    The vision I have for my future self is to become financially stable so that I can begin running SUP yoga retreats all over the world. My bliss comes from travel, yoga and being out on the ocean. If I can combine those three elements, I’ll be a very happy gypsy.

    For the 2016 annual, I’d like to hear stories and advice from the dreamers and the artists who had absolutely nothing left, but still managed to create their dream business. I’d also like to hear more about Saturn square Neptune and how to work with that energy.

    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Shannon

      Thank you, Geoff. 🙂 It’s been a whirlwind for sure! But I’m keeping faith and working hard to turn things around for myself. A movie would be an epic undertaking, haha. Who knows?! Maybe….

  11. jinspace

    Hi, Eric –

    Well, I’m a very Sagittarian Leo with Scorpio rising. My Leo Sun is in the 9th house, conj. MC, Uranus, and Pallas Athena. Venus (25 Cancer) is also in the 9th, Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd is quincunx Cancer Moon in the 8th or 9th, depending on which system you use to calculate my chart, and Moon is conj. Venus.

    Cosmophilia made total sense when I first read it last winter, and it still rings true now.
    In the summer of 2014 I suddenly and unexpectedly got stuck in a strange and strained living situation that, among other things, dramatically restricted my movement, social contact, and my ability to earn a living. It happened just as I had finally begun to regain my social and economic footing after several years of profound personal loss and floundering, but it was my only viable option. With weeks turning into months and not seeing a way out, toward year’s end it struck me quite suddenly I would make the best of a very difficult situation by focusing inward (by which I meant up-and-outward). I didn’t notice at the time how precisely the timing of my decision coincided with Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius.

    2015 became a year focused entirely on spiritual reawakening, development, and attunement. In that I include innate intuitive skills, and external, practical tools. My experiences, discoveries and insights have been fascinating and inspiring.

    This year has been extraordinary not only in terms of my own growth, but in my being able to help other people in their own efforts to grow, heal, and find their purpose in this life. This isn’t a new skill for me. What is new is that I have recognized and embraced it as something of real value to others and to myself, and understood that pursuing a living this way is the most natural thing I can do. Which I have recently begun to do.

    I definitely place this whole shift in my being under the heading of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-worth, and of answering a calling (which I now can also see staring back at me from my natal chart!).

    You were so right in a recent horoscope about putting old projects (important ones) on the back burner. For now I see myself going further in the direction of healing and mysticism, both personally and professionally. My former career will wait for me, and it definitely will continue to serve and feed me (which is funny, because that is all about food, including food as spiritual nourishment – 10th house Ceres in Virgo). The only “decision” involved in any of this has been to hear and answer the calling.

    My urge to explore and travel is always strong, but this year it’s reaching the bursting point. ‘Vision Quest’ pretty well sums up what I see for myself in 2016.

    I can’t wait to read your vision for the new year for all of us.
    Thank you for seeking input.


  12. kat oreilly

    Hello Eric and thank you for asking!

    I am a Sagittarius sun in the 2nd house with Libra rising at 29 degrees, Scorpio 1st house, Gemini moon and Leo midheaven. Saturn has been traversing my ascendent, 1st house, and now sun sign for what seems like oh so long.

    I am a single parent and sole provider and worked 3 part-time jobs to scrape by while homeschooling my daughter. Three years ago, I was offered a full-time position which allowed me to have just one, stable, well-paying job with benefits etc. In the fall of 2014, my daughter decided to start attending public school–major change! This past March, my job contract was not renewed as of the end of August and I was evicted from the home of I had rented for 10 years–major change!

    I have endeavored to see these changes as opportunities and am ready to head in a new direction career-wise. The conditions of the type of institution where I have made my career are shifting to a model that I am at odds with, both philosophically and morally, and I do not want to continue in the same field. Juggling 3 jobs felt exhausting at the time I was doing it, but having time flexibility is more appealing now. I am looking at starting my own business but have several different directions/skill areas to pursue. I am also applying for conventional job positions, one of them at a defense plant where nuclear submarines are built–not my dream job location, but I have a kid to put through college.

    I understand that I am going through restructuring and would like to get some sense of which is the better course–conventional or unconventional. Handing the reins over to a large company or taking complete charge of my work life? I tend to be a bit scattered and, although I thrive on a dynamic path, I also tend to get muddled and overwhelmed. I’d love to know how I can make Saturn work for me in the long term.


  13. Davidchristopher

    Hi Eric,
    As an Aries, Aq Rising and Virgo moon and I child of 1965, 2015 was another wild ride. It has gotten easier than 2014 which took me to my knees literally especially in December of 2014 – physically and financially. But it seemed as soon as Saturn changed signs it began to lighten up and I now feel like I have some measure of control instead of feeling totally powerless to the moment and other people.

    There are several main themes still going on. First off – WHO THE FUCK AM I!! I mean, it literally changes from day to day – or hour to hour. As the lyrics from The Verve say: “I’m a million different people from one day to the next.” It is as if, I am on a ride and I am strapped in and IT is taking me but I have just a vague idea of where I am heading and the best I can do is to be in the moment, breathe and let IT take me. But that shit ain’t easy! NOT KNOWING comes with a LOT of anxiety. I have to constantly reevaluate who I am and reorient my life situation to include this and I feel somewhat isolated in this – because there isn’t much consistency with others and they can’t keep up with the change. It is authentic! And it is getting more so each day. I would say that I have been taught to accept nothing less than 100% authenticity from myself even as it changes so frequently.

    Next is self worth/self love. This was a big year in relationship. I have learned through some challenge to look at my pattern of relationships and to recognize and accept that the common denominator in all my previous relationship issues: ME!. I read this statement and it woke me the fuck up: “Unavailable people attract unavailable people.” So I have had to take 100% responsibility for why I haven’t been able to sustain a lasting and healthy relationship. And when I looked at that I had to seriously begin a to love myself for all the love I never received as a child and all of my abandonment issues and codependent issues. Stepping into new territory, outside of your patterns is difficult and scary – it is literally unknown territory, but you gotta go there. I don’t know if this is my Chiron Return or the Venus/Mars conjunctions but it was here and heavy but I am moving forward

    Lastly is this sense of mission. It has been with me my whole life. I know that I am supposed to be making this movie and doing this creative work. Although I have run into some obstacles over the last few months I know somehow that this film is going to get done and in a big way. Some months it’s crystal clear and other months it gets cloudy again but progress is being made. I wish sometimes that I could be more ordinary. That I could be ok making a great salary working for an IT company and have a nice life with a wife and kids and just be happy with that – BUT I CAN’T and sometimes that sucks because it would be easier if I could just numb out to that and be happy with a superficial life (no judgement). I know I am destined for greatness and I sense I am closer to it now then ever before. I HAVE to walk this path – it is indeed a choiceless choice! I just want to be happy along the way, AND when I get there… and with my life companion to share it all with.

    For 2016? Well, I suspect it is going to be another wild ride. Uranus will conjunct my Sun/Venus conjunction at 23 degrees Aries and my last Chiron return connection happens in March (thank fucking God!) THE MAIN thing I want is to be clear about what I am doing on this planet and where I am going and who I am doing all this with. The ride is over half way done if you know what I mean and I haven’t built my empire yet!! Most have it all figured out. I am 50 and still am unclear although I am being taken and iIT is in the right direction wherever the FUCK that is! CLARITY/DIRECTION/COMMUNITY/LOVE

  14. nomad60

    I’m vintage 1953 Saggi with Cap rising and Virgo Moon. A rule breaker, a shaman living outside the boundaries of that practice. The countryside, my guides and the galactic centre and I are old friends. 2015 has demanded deep spiritual work culminating in a break through which would not have been possible without some amazing support. For someone with her feet on the ground, my boundaries and definition and understanding of what and who I am has been rewritten to an extent which I would have found shocking once. Now I just shrug and laugh.

    I am about to be jobless and homeless – worst case – or rising to the challenge of a new role in a new location away from my current support network. My support network has also undergone massive upheaval as friends have faced their own challenges and transformations. My spiritual focus has been ongoing regardless of anything else. Centaur determination has pulled me through but it’s not always easy to maintain belief. My trust has deepened but my understanding of priorities is shifting and pulling me even further away from the mainstream.

    Will that intensity of continual change lessen for 2016? How do we get our support from the outside world or is it just inwards again in 2016? The deepest parts of transformation require us walking alone to find our strength. Is 2016 another year of being stripped to the bone? When we are being asked to re-evaluate everything, what will support us walk away from the ashes of all that we thought we were?

    I am revealing me to me and it is glorious, but this a hard and difficult ride.

  15. dosi

    vision ideas… first thing that comes to my mind is to trust to live all the strengths that have been given. and to be able to enjoy the powerful parts. next thing is, as i am aries rising with sag ascending but neptun sitting on my ascendent, that i need information how to fulfill visions from my center. this year is a lot movement to coming into / being in the light with all the strengths, easy positive and balanced. and becoming very clear.

  16. Miracle Worker

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for asking. I am Sag sun and mercury conjunct the Galactic Center in the third house. Libra rising, Libra moon. Saturn and Venus conjunct in Scorpio. Mars in Pisces. Early Capricorn North Node in the third house. The past seven years has been a wild ride mostly on the emotional level, processing the tumultuous changes suddenly ravaging the lives of others near and dear to me. In hind sight it was a lesson in having emotional boundaries. My first Saturn return was about giving myself space to make changes without worrying about what others think. My second Saturn return was about giving others the space the make changes that they need without trying to save them.
    When Saturn was in Sagittarius last time around, I had just completed an extended stay in an ashram and set out to walk the talk in my life and work. When Pluto was in Sagittarius I completed another round of living in an ashram, but this time with the knowing that my vision quest has to be about living and growing in my own community, being a third house Sag sun.
    With about a dozen or so minor planets hanging out in Sag and some in my third house, I am curious about the transformations they are asking of me. With Pluto gone past my North Node in the third, Neptune and Chiron hanging around Mars in my fifth house, I feel like my outer life has taken a step back, waiting to catch up with my inner world which is trying to give birth to something that I have no concept of. What my soul is now asking of me doesn’t seem to be in the form of my previous forays into the vision quest. How does one live with inner-peace while the world has gone mad? How does one live while letting the world unfold as it should?

  17. Linda Avila

    Hi Eric,
    I’m a Sag–sun in 11th house, with Capricorn rising. I have the moon, mercury and venus in sag, 12th house? I’m not good at reading charts. I’m a mystic and have been in touch with my “knowing” most of my life. I am also a poet.
    I am now facing up to a situation I ignored for far too long and am facing financial difficulties and selling out and moving. May be facing divorce which I both want (as I really want my independence back) and don’t want as I’m very attached to him (he’s a double gemini and that has its problems for me). Hope that your 2016 reading will help me wade through the beginnings of a new life and maybe a new focus.

    Your essays and forecasts have been a real gift to me both personally and poetically. Thanks!

  18. spacesurfer


    I hope it is not too late for me to leave you with an insight into my year or few years since 2012.

    How has the year been for me?…Well it has been transformative and I can honestly say that I am not the same person that I was for the first 6 months of the year. June 2015 marked the beginning of a transformation that which I am still experiencing, it was like a chrysalis cracked opened inside. I have had three years of stress, frustration and anger carrying around inside (the anger I was kinda unaware of and only became aware it was there when it left!) from work not turning out positively, to which I changed jobs still keeping two days a week on my original job. The last two years has also been stressful in my new job too…I actually realised that I ran away to this job as my other job turned pretty dire and still is…There is no sense of purpose and everything I believed in got turned on its head. I have also had frustrations of not being where I wanted to be in life, being single for so long and a genral build up of feeling unsatisfied in life…I also think I was suffering from depression for a few months this year, I turned into a bit of a gambler which was a bit of an escapist vice…I did make about £480 profit out of it but it is not the point.

    So what began in June that formed the catalyst? Firstly I threw in two job application forms and I almost didn’t bother as I figured I had no chance, but alas I basically said “fuck it’ and submitted them anyway. The positive was that I got shortlisted and had positive feedback despite not getting either position, one of them I just missed out on. Secondly I told a women that I ‘liked her, in a like kind of way’….if you catch my drift. I have never actually done that before I have always struggled to this, what makes it even more out there is that this woman is straight and I am not…Since then we have become friends and are not romantically involved and currently enjoy each others company and connect really well together. Thirdly that three year work not turning positive thing was finally discussed with my employers, so managed to get a lot off my chest…though this discussion only came about because they are dragging people through another review process. Fourth Morocco happened in August and a night in the desert, experiencing a sandstorm, rain shower, Berber food and music, followed by a clear night watching Persides meteor happen in the sky (I cried for no reason then next day at about 11am when I recollected the whole desert experience. It has all been pretty intense and overwhelming, I could feel something going off inside me that I could actually feel a strange sensation in my heart.

    Stuff has continued to happen to me, I am no longer really into TV in so much as I now don’t put it on when I am cooking in the kitchen and eating with it on. I seem to watch less and am only interested in watching a film or a few of my favourite shows…I just cannot be dealing with chatter. When the weather is nice I go and sit in the garden. I’ve started mediating which is something I’ve been wanting to do for years but seemed to finally get around to. I’ve become more aware of myself and more aware of people and how they behave. I become aware of tiny detail like for example observing a tiny fly in the air and actually taking in when a leaf/leaves are falling of the tree. I have currently gone of red meat…it just happened. I have noticed synchronicities during a day at times and I am beginning to wonder if the universe really does send us signs. Intuition is another thing I am trying to tap into more. I have become mindful.

    This new me that is currently emerging has been difficult to handle since June as I was not sure what was going on. A part of me has been worried that I lost my fire (I’m glad the anger has gone)… but the fire is still there. I have shed tears particularly that September full moon…It hit me in a profound way. I have now though made peace with where and trying to go with the flow and be creative when I get the opportunites to tap into that side of me. I have made peace with being somewhere in between hoping that I will get to where I need to be. I am also embracing my current upgrade to whatever version I am currently upgrading to and rolling with it.

    Sun: Aries, Moon: Taurus and Rising: Leo
    I hope this is written clearly for you ☺
    Peace, Love and Light

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