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Retrograde Venus is now at a point where it can be seen on two horizons: in the west after sunset, and in the east before sunrise. Humanity is now having to choose between two horizons as well. The way Len Wallick sees it, a decision of whether and how to participate in that choice is yours to make.

Today the Moon is moving in Aquarius. Shortly after 6:06 am EDT (10:06:17 UTC) tomorrow, the Moon goes on to traverse Pisces until Monday. As is so often the case, something of the Moon’s position is being reflected (albeit symbolically and subtly) by a significant feature in the bigger picture.


That feature is both the event and context of Venus’ current retrograde.

Aquarius and Pisces (along with Scorpio) are in a special category among the twelve signs. Only Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces are commonly (if not universally) recognized to be ruled by two planets at once. The phenomenon of dual dominions remains controversial to this day, while simultaneously expressing something salient about modern life.

Our modern age might be construed to have started with the discovery of Uranus in March of 1781. Up until that time, nobody even questioned the assumption that Saturn’s orbit was the edge of our solar system. Then, the proverbial apple cart of astrology was upset. Significantly, the long unquestioned human order was upset at about the same time.

The discovery of Uranus took place between the American and French revolutions. After those events, the collective condition of humanity would never be the same again. A nearly universal pattern of governance reflective of Saturn’s stern and stable nature had been broken in a manner akin to the fate of nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty. It is therefore not surprising, if still controversial, that Saturn was eventually interpreted to share the sign of the collective (Aquarius) with Uranus.

The long-delayed verification of Neptune as a planet in the 19th Century likewise carried over to its own eventual interpretations — including an association with Pisces as co-ruler with Jupiter. Much the same can be said of how circumstances surrounding the 20th Century sighting of Pluto contained a compelling correspondence to the nature of Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars).

Just over half a decade after the beginning of our current calendrical millennium, the dominant scientific paradigm represented by astronomers (but not astrologers) emblematically rolled us back to the 19th Century with their controversial “demotion” of Pluto. That decision by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 2006 had the practical consequence of making Neptune the outermost planet of our solar system once again.

In a compelling temporal parallel to the IAU redefining what a planet is, institutionalized slavery (with the privatization of the American penal system as but one example) returned from the dark depths of the 19th Century as a real and present modern-day issue at about the same time. Astronomers and entrenched power structures are not alone in recently advocating for what amounts to regression, however.

Emergent with the 21st Century is a significant faction among astrologers advocating for a return to the putative good old days before our conscious awareness of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. At the same time, and all over the world, there are substantial political and religious movements of the same ilk. The parallels are clear, and sobering. On one side is the blissful appeal of order and simplicity in exchange for either denying or ignoring advances in awareness. On the other side is the compelling (if challenging) imperative to exercise critical thinking, discretion and responsibility in the face of raised consciousness.

With Venus in the unique context of its current retrograde (and temporary visibility on both horizons, as attested to by this article), all of us are implicitly at a point of decision. Ultimately, of course, Venus will resume moving forward. Even so, the eventual progression of Venus will not advance it to the zodiac degree where its retrograde started until after Venus has oscillated back and forth three times over the crucial cusp separating Aries and Pisces.

The line where Pisces ends and Aries begins is the one and only vernal point. It is where literally everything is suggested to come together in both simultaneous endings and beginnings. It is a defining place.

The vernal point is thus nothing less than a symbol of our time, and its calling to define who you are by participating (or not) in decisions that will long determine the course of earthly life.

When you consider the correlation Venus has with values, the decisions you are now present to participate in are implicitly value judgments. On one horizon now are the certain consequences of one choice. On the other horizon are the uncertain challenges of choosing otherwise. Unless you elect to give away your power and leave the ultimate resolution of our time to others, which way you (and the rest of us) go will depend on what you value most.

Considering the inherently reflective nature of the Moon, its position now (and for the next few days) strongly indicates you should spend at least part of this weekend in reflection yourself. Specifically, it would be astrologically appropriate to contemplate (and get clear about) what your values are. For if there is anything to the sky’s big picture at this time, it is that two horizons are visible, but only one will be our ultimate destination. Where we arrive will, at least in part, depend on you.

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