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The words “equal,” “equator” and “equinox” all have the same root. Today, Len Wallick starts with the Moon’s position in the chart for the vernal equinox on Monday (when the Sun enters Aries) to trace that root more deeply into one of the most crucial issues of the world (and in your life) at this time.

Shortly before 6:30 am EDT (10:28:34 UTC) Monday, the Sun will enter Aries. At the same time the Sun will be directly overhead at the equator. On the same day, everyone on Earth will receive the same amount of daylight. Likewise, the Sun will rise precisely east and set exactly west everywhere. It will be the vernal equinox (first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere), perhaps the most important solar ingress of the year.


This year, however, the Aries equinox is clearly not just the Sun’s show alone. In the chart for the Sun’s 2017 ingress to Aries, the Moon will be exhibiting amazing timing while also making an implicit case for equal time.

In effect, the Sun will be obliged to share the spotlight to an extraordinary extent during what astrologers consider their own version of New Year’s Day 2017. Any parallels to that phenomenon in your life will depend largely on what the Moon means to you. To help you achieve a better personal connection with this year’s Aries equinox, let’s start with an impersonal look at the facts.

At the exact moment the Sun enters Aries on Monday, the Moon will be sharing the same degree of Sagittarius with both Saturn and the Galactic Core. When you consider that the Moon moves around the zodiac at about a degree every two hours, the timing of that one triple conjunction alone is enough to at least make you pause. But wait, that’s not all.

While the Sun is poised overhead at the equator, three astrologically important points in the Moon’s orbit will be in an unusually precise alignment. Two of those points (the lunar nodes) are perpetually in opposition at any given moment all year long. It is not every day that the third calculated point (the mean lunar apogee) is exactly 90 degrees away from both of the nodes. Yet, that will be the precisely the case on Monday.

When any point or object on the zodiac circle is located halfway between the lunar nodes, it is said by astrologers to be “at the bending.” It is implicitly a prominent position to be in, essentially receiving a co-writer’s credit for the story being told by the whole chart in question. When you consider the name astrologers use to identify the point of the lunar orbit farthest from Earth (what astronomers call the apogee), you get a hint of that story’s theme.

The mean lunar apogee is referred to as “Black Moon Lilith” by astrologers. How you interpret that calculated (and, not incidentally, fluctuating) point reveals a lot about how you feel about the feminine. That’s because your perception of mythological Lilith’s character likewise depends on your point of view regarding a woman’s place.

To put it briefly, the Lilith of legend was not a good fit in the ancient male-dominated workplace some call the Garden of Eden. What happened as result depends on whose story you are convinced by: the employer or the employee. Up until recently, some of the most dominant paradigms of western civilization have contended that Lilith was essentially fired, going on to a second career as a baby-eating demon. Lately, another (more realistic) version of Lilith has gained some traction.

Concurrent with the comparatively recent erosion of a male supremacy doctrine at the workaday level of society, a more plausible portrayal of Lilith has emerged. It is the picture of a responsible and mature adult, not a threatening abomination.

The premise of Lilith as a positive example for all begins with the perception that she left paradise of her own volition rather than accept a subordinate role based on gender. In this version, the only harm Lilith does is to the inherently fraudulent image of those she left behind. Too bad for them. Good for her.

The featured role of Black Moon Lilith in the chart for Monday’s equinox can fairly be interpreted to be even wider. It is not generally good astrological policy to interpret any point or object on the zodiac as exclusively feminine or masculine. Much as with all human beings, there are undeniably some of both qualities in every planet. Even so, it flies in the face of reality to deny a nearly pan-cultural connection between the Moon and women.

Therefore, on the first day of 2017 when daylight is equally distributed worldwide, you can reasonably expect issues of gender equality to be part of the corresponding experience for you and everybody on Earth. The same theme will implicitly apply for the year to follow.

You can also anticipate how such equality can be furthered in practice. Much as with the recent emergence of a more realistic interpretation of Lilith’s legend, being responsible and mature may sometimes lead to your being demonized, but not rightly — and not forever.

With a context provided by the cyclical nature of the cosmos, the truth will ultimately come out. And, as always, it is the truth that will set you free. Good for you. Too bad for those who place themselves at odds with veracity.

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