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The Big Picture, the Details, and All the Feelings

By Amanda Painter

On the mental level, this is a ‘big picture’ kind of weekend, one where you could get some really productive planning or creative visioning going. This is thanks to Mercury in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo. At the same time, your emotional landscape will likely be varied (and palpable) thanks to the Cancer Moon making a variety of aspects.

photo by Amanda Painter

The bright lights of the (not so big) city; photo by Amanda Painter.

The Mercury-Jupiter opposition is exact Sunday at 4:15 pm EST (21:15 UTC), but is in effect now.

Although oppositions sometimes get a bad rap as being ‘confrontational’ or energetically intense (think Full Moon), a Mercury-Jupiter opposition can come with a good dose of optimism. If you have any contractual negotiations needing your attention, creative projects ripe for collaboration, or similar sorts of discussions on the table, the astrology is favorable.

Oppositions often signify some form of push-or-pull type of tension we have to navigate with someone who’s coming from a contrary side of an issue. Yet oppositions also signify a meeting place where contact is made. Think in terms of partner dancing for an image: facing each other and then finding a way to move together through space.

Now, as with partner dancing, the devil is in the details. You can’t bump into someone on the floor, do your thing while holding their hands, and expect them to automatically mirror your moves without certain specific types of communication and agreement: Who’s leading, who’s following, and do those roles switch? Are we dancing tango, salsa, waltz or contact improv? Do we know the same basic steps?

In other words, the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, but you still need all those parts. As you start planning your big idea and engaging others in it, remember to be thorough. You don’t have to put all the smaller steps into play now, just keep them in your awareness.

This past Wednesday’s Sun-Neptune conjunction has already given this process a warm-up boost, potentially lighting up your dreams and creative visions. Yet that aspect (which is separating but still in effect) also emphasizes the need to keep reality-checking against the on-the-ground details that support what you want to do.

Note also that Aquarius and Leo, the signs Mercury and Jupiter are in, are both fixed signs. Watch out for getting stubborn in your convictions — especially if you like “debating for fun” or feel like playing devil’s advocate. Instead, harness fixed-sign stamina by taking small steps toward your bigger goal. And remember your heart amidst any potential ego, pride or detachment; you’re not really a “thought leader” if you’re just being an asshole to everyone around you.

On the softer side of things, as mentioned, the Cancer Moon is going to be making rapid aspects for the next couple days. The Moon ingresses Cancer at 7:50 am EST (12:50 UTC) Friday, and leaves for Leo Sunday evening. Among the notable aspects are squares to planets in Aries (Mars, Venus, Uranus and Eris); an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn; and trines to planets in Pisces (Nessus, Neptune, the Sun and Chiron).

In other words, you might feel like you’re toggling back and forth between emotions and impulses that spur you to action, versus feeling everything deeply in a way that could be easeful or even spiritual — or just…damp. Cancer is the sign the Moon rules: the sign of tides and cycles, as well as nurturing and domestic comfort. To surf any waves, keep your knees bent, go with the flow, and look where you want to be. That includes snuggled up at home, cooking up that master plan.

7 thoughts on “The Big Picture, the Details, and All the Feelings

  1. Len Wallick

    Amazing Amanda: Your dancing analogy is so spot on, one is tempted to think the planets have agreed to move with the music you have composed. The orientation of dance partners (opposed), the importance of communication, the smooth integration of details (implications of shared sign quality, along with the Cancer Moon and its aspects), and the objective of a creative endeavor rather than conflict. Perfect! Thank you so very much! Even a clumsy fellow with two left feet (like me) can understand and move with your concise advise. Too bad we are on opposite sides of the continent, i could use a few dance lessons. Maybe under another Moon.

  2. Lizzy

    And what a photo! Looking forward to the snuggling up at home bit…. Confess that the master plan still feels far away – but my dancing shoes are always close by.

  3. Michael Mayes

    In these days & times, when the outside world seems to almost always clamor for our attention, it really helps to know what’s near & dear to our hearts. With Jupiter opposite Mercury, it could be more easy to detach from reality, and think of exotic things, people, or places far away in foreign lands. I think Neptune conjunct the Sun increases the potential to want to escape to those places. So while getting a glimpse of the big picture, I think the Cancer Moon will help to remind us to take care of home first.

  4. Amanda Painter Post author

    Absolutely, Michael! And I think that it’s not a bad thing to remember that to initiate any journey toward the distant and exotic (or even something nearby yet “grand” that asks for our leadership [Leo] or innovation of existing structures [Aquarius]), we always have to start from wherever we are right now — i.e., home. Or, at least, that sense of “home” within ourselves.

  5. Amanda Painter Post author

    Len & Lizzy — thank you! And of course, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, *you* get to decide what the dancing looks like, and enjoy it unabashed — even if you choose the broom as your dance partner (“two left feet,” meet “NO feet”?).

  6. Mandy

    I’m starting to change my perspective of oppositions, I think in regards to something Eric wrote a while back – like a Full Moon effect and something is culminating.
    Mercury and Jupiter had conjunction back on August 2 2014 at 3 degrees Leo – just a week after the New Moon conjuncted Jupiter on the same degree.
    Personally, this fits the bill for my current events related to that time of the past. After the square (dance), it’s like the door is wide open to a whole new ballroom that we can step into and decide what movement stirs our mojo now.
    Thanks for the heads up, Amanda.

  7. Amy Elliott

    Side note: Vesta is involved in this mix, being currently opposite Jupiter to within a couple of arc minutes. It’s possible her contribution emphasises the advice about fixed signs and ego: anything offered in sacrifice, whatever its nature, should be given sincerely and with good intentions.

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