Mercury Initiates March (and You)

Mercury will be initiating a week, a month, and probably you with expansive style come Sunday. Indications are you should not take a passive role and simply wait for something to happen. Even though several expressions of the same theme will be intersecting in one day’s worth of astrology, you will probably have to make at least a some effort to catch the swelling wave.


The requisite nature of your participation will implicitly have to do with exposing yourself to some sort of mind-expanding initiation. That will mean going to someplace new, or doing something for the first time.

Be selective. Wherever you go or whatever you do should have a quality or reputation that makes your pulse race a bit in anticipation of what it will be like.

In addition, Sunday’s astrology implies that your chosen activity or destination should stimulate your mind at least as much as your body. Finally, insist on some sort of inherently spiritual (but preferably not ideological or hierarchical) quality for your astrologically harmonious participation.

So what is happening in the sky and on the zodiac to open a door and possibly blow your mind on the first day of both next week and next month? A handful of things, actually. But there is no doubt that Mercury will be the crux of what manifests for you. So let’s look at the little big planet first.

Mercury is versatile. Yes, it has to do with mind and mentally-related subjects. As Eric has repeatedly pointed out, however, there is now an unavoidably electronic component to Mercury’s impressive reach, manifesting in every form of media and whatever else moves quickly.

Then, of course, there is Mercury’s well-earned reputation as a trickster, paradoxically paired with its proficiency as a medic. The list of other mercurial qualities goes on and on. It’s quite the multitasking planet.

Mercury is in Aquarius and has been since Jan. 5. How could the planet with fastest apparent motion be confined to one sign for nearly two months? Well, there was this little matter of a retrograde during which Mercury slowly (for the most part) pinged back and forth in basically the first half of this fixed air sign. You probably got pinged a bit as well.

Mercury entered the arc (or first shadow/echo phase) of its retrograde motion on the same day it entered Aquarius. It turned on a dime and shifted into reverse Jan. 21, then resumed direct motion Feb. 11. Finally, on March 3, Mercury will move out of the narrow slice of the zodiac to which it has been confined most of this year, and concludes its second echo/shadow phase by accelerating into new places and interactions.

But not before an implicitly grand finale.

The big finish will come on March 1. In the course of one day, Mercury will achieve an exact sextile aspect with Uranus (in Aries) for the third time this year, followed by an opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Leo for the very first time this year.

Jupiter and Uranus are not chopped liver. What they have in common is that both express some sort of expansion, albeit differently. Jupiter’s expansiveness is usually on the magnanimous side, although retrograde motion can bestow a quality of megalomania to Jupiter’s old and usually stable reputation.

The reputation of Uranus does not imply stability. As a matter of fact, none other than the concisely erudite Robert Hand flat-out referred to Uranus as “a crazy planet” when interviewed for the October/November 2014 edition of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

Hence, what expansive quality Uranus can be said to have tends to be somewhat explosive. That’s a good quality if you can harness it. Fortunately, Mercury in sextile aspect (closing to within 60 degrees of separation) with Uranus on Sunday indicates a chance you might be able to capture lightning in a bottle, or more precisely with your mind.

The evocation of lightning is not an idle one. Mythical Jupiter was known for his thunderbolts, with which he sustained his power over heaven and Earth. Mercury’s archetype, as already mentioned, has grown to include all things electronic. Finally, Uranus (as what some astrologers call the “higher octave” of Mercury) has an implicitly galvanizing cachet all its own.

We already have some experience with Mercury in what is normally known as a supportive sextile aspect with Uranus. That’s because Mercury’s retrograde sweep has already brought us the same aspect twice this year — on both Jan. 14 and Jan. 28th. It would be worth your while to check back on your calendar, diary or memory for what happened on those two Wednesdays, to give you a leg up on what promises to be a third time that just might redefine the word ‘charm’.

We have no such previous experience this year with Mercury in Aquarius precisely opposing Jupiter in Leo, but maybe a hint. When Mercury apparently initiated reverse motion on Feb. 11, it was two degrees away from a precise opposition with Jupiter. The sky has waited until this coming Sunday, however, to show us the real thing. Hence the idea that Mercury will be hooking you up to an initiation of sorts, one that might well blow your mind.

Like Mercury’s reputation, there’s an even longer list of indications in the astrology to reinforce the theme of a mind-expanding initiation on Sunday. We could go on and on here, but by now you have the idea.

To access the real thing yourself, you will need to do your part. After all, to surf you must first go to the beach. So, as Mercury would have you do, start thinking now.

Would your first experience watching an opera fill the bill? On any given Sunday, you might well find a bargain matinee. Alternatively, you might take a walk on the wild side (as Uranus would encourage) and check out a kinky cabaret. Perhaps (as Jupiter may have you do) you might even show up to support an unconventional (but now legal) marriage ceremony.

So here’s wishing you Jupiter’s good fortune, Mercury’s stimulation and the combustive upside of Uranus. May you come back to Planet Waves next week a bigger, better person for having caught every bit of a perfect wave for the first time in your life.

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19 thoughts on “Mercury Initiates March (and You)

  1. Cowboyiam

    I think I might explore the pain and pleasure connection with my wife as per the fifty shades mode.
    Never been into bondage much but I think that’s what is brewing. Oh – the polarities and how related they really are; that has been my attraction for a while now. Plus she needs a good spanking, LOL.
    Or maybe we’ll go to the opera ……. Wont know till we know.

  2. Rebecca

    Hi Len,
    I just looked at my schedule for Sunday and saw that I had a Course in Miracles teleconference that I wanted to participate in and then do something as mundane as doing my laundry. However, I have decided to let my gray hair down and enjoy the energy. We’ll see what happens. Thanks!

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Rebecca: Please feel free to do as you feel so moved to do. Please consider, however, that an epiphany is by definition finding the profound within a prosaic person, place or situation. Hence, it might be a good idea to give the mundane a second look. it could be that the ACIM teleconference would serve to blow your mind, so long as you initiated a fresh approach not ventured before. The same with doing laundry if you do it differently (or, conceivably in a different place) than before. My suggestions were just that – suggestions. You have options. Thank you for your comment here today!

    cowboyjam: As i understand it, the book and movie are not the most comprehensive way to learn what has apparently developed to be a fine art and distinctive sub-culture. Hence, you and your spouse may want to initiate your explorations by taking a workshop conducted by qualified and ethically conscious people devoted to the practice you are interested in. The “Body Electric” organization is just one such source of learning. Thank you for the spirit you have shown here today.

    Mandy: Thanks to you in turn. i really got a charge out your comment!

    a_priori: Thank you as well for your artful and cogent response.

  4. pam

    So here’s wishing you Jupiter’s good fortune, Mercury’s stimulation and the combustive upside of Uranus. May you come back to Planet Waves next week a bigger, better person for having caught every bit of a perfect wave for the first time in your life.

    To you too Len. thank you.

  5. Vincent

    I drempt last night I could fly.

    I landed on top of a slippery roof – staring down – i was either going to fall – or – remember that i could fly – all I had to do was believe – so I decided to believe and plunged – I didn’t drop a foot.

    Then I started singing to everyone as I swept past them …

    1. Cowboyiam

      Vincent, I had a friend who had repeated flying dreams over the course of a couple of years. Looking back I know it was an important indicator of what was happening in her psyche because a couple of years later she was fearless in her honest expression. She was evolving into an honest warrior for her own perspective (BE Damned what anyone else thinks!) She has become a powerful force now and will not allow anything to hinder her chosen course. I have never been so proud of anyone. I hope your dreams free you to that extent.

  6. P. Sophia


    What about,
                  **** Blowing up the mind…

    Mercury conjunct Vesta
    Aquarius 16°


    The central control of operations needed in all organized enter­prise. The head-function. Surety in decision. Management.

    With Retrograde Jupiter in Leo opposite Mercury in Aquarius, I am feeling the cosmic plan of initiation may be, to put it mildly, a quieting of the mind.  That is actually, litterally ..mind blowing. 

    Allowing the spirit to lead.

    As you mentioned on Tuesday Len, the transpersonal planets are of our focus now, so having the confidence of the personal mind in void, while floating along with little initiations, trusting. Mercury is conjunct Vesta after all, and offers the spirit of intuition is warming and tending to our heart”s desire. May bring the awareness, the confidence in knowing, where we are now, is exactly where we need to be. 

    In looking at the Sabian Symbol degrees from Tuesday for the outer planets, Uranus, Saturn Jupiter, and now Mercury, the Sabian Symbol as intrepreted here above, opposing the same point/degree this weekend. I see speaks of realization of trust, confidence and the potential of Benevolence; the God supply of all good things, through release.

    Arises 15°


    Full and conscious realization of selfhood, through the memory of all the powers acquired in the past. Retentiveness.

    Sagittarius 5°


    Poised observation upon the drama of life. Mellow judgment. In­grained confidence in the situation and worth of the self.

    Leo 16°


    A return to values after a major life-crisis. Cleansing power of suf­fering overcome. Mastery of strain — or indifference.

  7. aWord

    I too, am looking forward to the dish of chopped liver, nom nom.
    With Jupiter and Uranus holding particularly important places at my natal seating chart, and holding equally–if not more remarkable place–as they circulate the room, I do indeed anticipate an eventful and eclectic bellyful upon Merc’s ringing the dinner bell.
    Thanks, Len–here’s to the Head’s Up.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    P. Sophia: Thank you for chiming in with the pertinent (and unfailingly evocative) Sabian Symbols,. Perfect timing and perfect pitch on your part – especially with your deeply appreciated cross-reference to my immediately previous (Tuesday) blog, with which this one is intentionally paired.

    aWord: Thank you. If we get a couple more orders for chopped liver, we can get a discount at the deli. But seriously now, once again your nativity rings a bell for for all of us – it’s amazing, and we are sincerely grateful for how you share it here.

  9. Vincent

    Cowboyiam: What a poignant observation – fearless has become my challenge – even though many think I already am – yet the real stuff is still in the shadows – I too hope more dreams will free me to that extent of your most fortunate friend. Perspective, empowerment, peace of mind. Thank you !

    Len: I will keep a lookout for those pesky utility wires, great advise !

    1. Cowboyiam

      Yes Vincent – I recall that we both considered her free already – but as I look back I realize I did not know her yet; neither did she. once she fully evolved into her nature, she and I lost touch, because she was Nuts!

      I think our real true self is an enigma until it just is who we are; then all of our old friends are certain we are nuts. Bu then we don’t worry about them, at least she didn’t.

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Jude: Once again you have leveraged a teaching moment to both humble and enlighten me as regards to my blind spots of ignorance. i’m sincerely grateful. Thank you.

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