Sagittarius 2015

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 17, 2015, #1080 | By Len Wallick

Don’t allow any perceived lack of what you conventionally consider progress to get the better of you. To the extent that you can, be task (rather than timetable) oriented. Think of yourself as making a map rather than following one. If you can arrange to see your life that way for the next five or six months, you will avoid a lot of frustration and spare yourself a great deal of wasted energy. In other words, instead of being obsessed with trying to get somewhere, focus on accomplishing something. Let that thing you are making happen justify wherever you need to go and whatever you have to do to complete your task. That way, every cul-de-sac, blind alley or dead end you encounter can be welcomed, noted and recorded as an integral part of the greater whole — rather than be a cause for exasperation. Don’t worry, by this time next year you really will have gone somewhere, precisely because you did something first.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 10, 2015, #1079 | By Len Wallick

You, a leader? Yes, you! As surely as you have been known for your infectious smile, it’s time to own your inspirational style. Just as you have consistently offered empathy and support, others would be thrilled to offer you the reins of authority. Furthermore, the same form of character (known as ‘backbone’) that has permitted you to stand up to both authority and social pressure alike, will now serve very well on behalf of others. Finally, you know in your heart that your competitive side is really something more than a need to distinguish yourself; it is a love of challenge that has long been looking for worthy employment. All that remains for you to step into the leadership roles you were born to fill is to absorb a few remaining lessons about what it means to be a good follower. That means finding one last person to follow in the way that you will someday want to be followed yourself.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 3, 2015, #1078 | By Len Wallick

If the sky is right, you are now settled into a smoother routine than was your situation only three months ago. If that’s not true for you, put on your thinking cap. Next, set aside all doubts about what can and cannot be done as the next order of business. Think as if anything were possible for you, even if it does not seem that way. Then, simply ruminate about the single most simple and easy thing you can do to make your life more simple and easy. What your free-range thinking comes up with may be something you don’t want to do. Let that be okay — because after all, you have a choice. That way, if you do decide to eschew the simple and easy in favor of a more difficult but palatable path, you will at least have come to a greater understanding of what makes you tick — and that alone will come in handy sooner than thinking can reveal.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2015, #1077 | By Eric Francis

Saturn in your sign will develop as an interesting walk along the ledge between confidence and insecurity. It’s not till you start to experience that directly that you really make valid observations and decisions. Otherwise it’s just theory. And more than anything it’s your theories that need to be put to the test against lived reality. This includes the value of past experience in any form, including prior learning from your parents and other authority figures. One might presume that the presence of Saturn is about maintaining stability, since that’s supposedly what Saturn is about. It’s more likely that Saturn in your sign is pointing to your need and even a kind of drive for new experiences and approaches to life. Saturn’s drive for change, initially, is going to be an experiment in how you relate to your insecurities. If you feel like you’re on solid ground, you will be more inclined to take steps on that ground. If you feel like you’re floating, or walking on a bog, you’re less likely to take firm steps. Therefore, the thing to work on is confidence — which is another way of saying learning to address fear in a cogent, thoughtful way. Ultimately this is less a psychological question and more of a spiritual one, though approaching from both angles will be helpful. Remember that change is inevitable; making your own decisions is optional.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, #1076 | By Len Wallick

Sometimes there are things you have to do even if you don’t want to do them. Regardless of what obligations go with your territory, however, it’s good to keep in mind that there are at least three things you should never feel bound to do to yourself. First, you need not do things that would clearly and certainly damage your health. Yes, sometimes you have to take manageable risks like crossing a street, but you never absolutely have to throw yourself under a bus on purpose. Neither should you feel it necessary to break your spirit. Agreed, there are times to follow another’s lead or even subordinate your will to serve something greater than yourself. But there is no good reason to render yourself forever incapable of either leading or being a cause. Finally, it should never be inevitable that you would have to build walls that isolate you from everybody else. Even the loneliest tasks do not preclude your resuming connection with others once they are done.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, #1075 | By Len Wallick

What does satisfaction consist of for you? This is no idle question. Current astrology indicates that one of the things you need most in your life right now is a way to meet any given need with knowledge of how to satisfy it for the long term, so that you can move on. Start with the example of food. If all a satisfying meal did was to sate your hunger, the quest for satisfaction would never end. Yet, you know from experience that some exceptional meals remain satisfying for days, weeks and even years later. So satisfaction must be something that can not only be met, but sustained. All of which makes satisfaction more like an achievement that is always yours once you’ve attained it. That’s a clue about how you might want to pursue satisfying any needs you have now. Rather than merely slaking a need with inherently ephemeral means like food, drugs or alcohol, look for a more lasting solution. Seek to create or find a metaphorical home where your needs can rest in comfort, without being compelled to repeat an endless search.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015, #1074 | By Len Wallick

Most people understand what political freedom looks like. Some folks even choose to practice it by voting, to cite just one example. How you define, understand, experience and practice personal freedom is another matter entirely, because it is not about others or their power over you. It’s about how you refer to yourself. As Nelson Mandela demonstrated by his own example, personal freedom is available even in jail. To become an example for yourself, begin with the phrase ‘I am.’ Whenever one says, ‘I am (something or other),’ it creates a definition of self. Definitions are good, but they can also often limit, or even imprison you — especially if you become attached to them. Therefore, turning things around and experimenting with ‘I am not’ can help to release attachments and open the door to other possibilities.

Marie Claire Horoscope for November 2015, #1073 | By Eric Francis

These weeks will offer insights into yourself that will benefit you for many years. Yet you will need to be open, aware and listening to yourself. The voice that speaks to you may only be whispering, so keep your ears peeled for the sound of your inner wisdom. Then there will come a moment when you know exactly what to do.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2015, #1072 | By Eric Francis

Saturn’s journey through your sign will have many plots and themes, and each will feel like a distinct phase of your personal history. A new one is about to begin. The immediately prior phase involved accountability (that was Saturn square Nessus). That was the message about how it’s easier to take responsibility than it is to blame. It’s better to have a personal code than be subject to the laws of others. Now we have the first of three Saturn square Neptune events, which extend through 2016. This describes the challenge of certainty, which so often seems nonexistent. You may have heard the term ‘moral relativism’, a fancy name for the idea that we decide what is right for us. That’s exactly what you must do, but the challenge is honoring the wider context in which you live. You can and must do what is right for yourself, though for that to work you need a fairly wide definition of self. What you will be exploring is the intersection between you and the connection you have with others, who to some degree are also part of your ‘self’. That’s not a fixed line. It’s barely visible. It will change based on context. Remember, there are no absolutes; there are no proscribed definitions. You must apply these ideas with each decision you make, and learn something from each experience.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 #1071 | By Eric Francis

Saturn is in your sign, which is granting you a sense of mission and a hint that you really do have a meaningful role in the world. This comes with a higher degree of responsibility than is considered fashionable these days. You might be inclined to achieve your goals at any cost; Saturn is saying you need to think about the people around you, at least to the degree that you complete, resolve or otherwise address your commitments with them. While you are definitely the star of your show, it’s going to take plenty of support and the resources of others to get you where you want to go. Speaking of, you’re in a phase of accomplishment, and of building your reputation. Said another way, what you do — whatever you do — is unusually visible right now. You have tremendous freedom; yet, at the same time, figure that you cannot get away with anything even vaguely untoward. Therefore, be a lady or a gentleman, and remember that what some see as talent is really an offering of service and energy.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 #1070 | By Eric Francis

The next few days arrive with a rare alignment that gives you many ingredients you need to move your life forward. You might begin by identifying the areas where you feel like you’re held back. This in turn would help you focus your priorities. There are some aspects of your life where you are making steady progress and others where you seem to be lagging behind. The areas where you feel like you’re moving slowly are not as stuck as you may think. Much of what you need is a bold, clear assessment of your existence, your priorities and your sense of the future. Put one way, you need clear goals; and if you take some time today and through the weekend to focus some of those, you will discover later on that they were prescient. Your planets have you aligned with your future so well that you can look right at it and see it clearly. Notice what you can visualize. Notice what you can feel. Notice what makes you curious. Those are signs that you have vitality and passion behind your ideas.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 #1069 | By Eric Francis

You are aligned perfectly for one or more significant career developments. But these are not things that will happen to you; you will need to take initiative. You will know you’re really doing that when you figure out that in doing something, you’re taking a risk. By that I mean you have this feeling that you could gain something and that you might lose something in the process, and that nothing is certain. These are moments you can thrive on; in fact you have done so on many occasions. It’s just that we’re living in such paranoid times, when it seems like we all must cling to what little we have till the multi-billion-dollar endorsement offer comes in. Okay, whatever. In real life, progress is engaged incrementally, one idea or one decision at a time. Meantime here is a message from Mercury: don’t distract yourself with ideas of what you think other people think about you. They don’t really know enough to have an opinion, nor does it matter in any event. Your opinion is what matters.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2015 #1068 | By Eric Francis

Saturn is now in your sign, which in a word is about maturity. As you experience the effects, the benefits and the challenges of this transit (which will last until late 2017), remember something — the world is in a crisis of maturity. Perhaps in the past too much was made of the requirement to grow up and be an adult. Today too little is made of it. Particularly in the United States, and to a growing extent in other countries, we are encouraged to stay immature and to overlook anything that requires serious thought or self-reflection. This is a self-serving scenario — like frat boys encouraging one another to drink, the better to pretend it’s not a problem. There are ways in which Saturn will seem to limit you, to hamper your freedom and to rein in your choices. This will help you factor out what is not necessary. There is an essential benefit to the efficiency and focus that you will gain under this transit. The one truly valuable gift you can give yourself is to be your own authority. It may not seem so thrilling today, but in the end you will be grateful that you’ve stepped up to the honor of taking responsibility for your own choices, your own necessities, your own idea of who you are and what you want to become. If you let that guide you, you will do brilliantly. Remember: Saturn always gives more than it takes away.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 #1067 | By Eric Francis

Saturn enters your sign Thursday, and it will remain with you for more than two years. On one level this will call on you to focus your priorities and structure your life in a careful and conscious way. You will be summoned to be your own authority, in effect preempting anyone or anything that would allow others power over your life. If at any time you experience Saturn as some kind of burden or overbearing influence, remember this — take back your power. Look for where you gave it away, and make the decisions you need to make to maintain your sense of dominion over your life. This is especially true where financial matters are concerned; that’s an easy place for people to claim power over you. Therefore you must be the master of your money. Rely closely on numbers and documentation rather than on opinions, assessments and estimates. In the urgent (and often ignored) growth task of getting your parents out of the way of your chosen destiny, understanding and respecting money and its power are central issues. For you, so intent on freedom, this is essential.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 #1066 | By Eric Francis

Planets and unusual events are moving in the direction of your 10th house — that of achievement, reputation and accountability. First among these markers is Jupiter, your guiding planet, making a one-year visit to your 10th house. That means you can, and would be wise to, identify with your highest potential. You can identify with that quality of being known as a person of accomplishment and integrity. With that comes the responsibility for what you do, and taking success as a matter of duty. In other words, for you being brilliant and shining out into the world are not matters of glory as much as they are getting the job done well. I know this is not the way of the world these days. I know that the money-for-nothing era has metastasized into pure madness. You, however, are still in the era of late nights perfecting your task, and being known for being prepared, for being grounded and intelligent, and for persisting. Last night I flipped on the TV to PBS and caught a few minutes of American Masters on Jimi Hendrix, your brother Sagittarian. One of his associates said, “He was an amazing guitarist but he worked for it. You would never see him without a guitar in his hands.”

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 #1065 | By Eric Francis

Much of the frenzy about God on our planet is really about sex. How else could you get so many people so riled up? Of course, it’s only religion that insists this cannot and must not be true. We’re told over and over that our bodies and our feelings are not just sinful, but — in the words of one holy book — an attack on God. This is an overt way to say something that’s usually distributed in background-level toxic doses. I would say that it’s time for you to question this doctrine, but the question has probably been brewing for a while. That brew is coming to a boil; one of many signs that your body temperature, and emotional temperature, will be running a few degrees hotter the next few years. It’s essential that you invest your passion in tangible desires. You cannot capture lightning in a bottle, though you can invest your motivation into what is the most meaningful — that is, into those people and experiences you’ve wanted for a long time. While you’re at it, make friends with sex every chance you get. Think of it as the hearth at the center of your home.

Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2015, #1064 | By Eric Francis

Have you ever had a splinter or shard of glass that took a few years to work through to the surface of your skin, and when it did, that little rip and removing the foreign object was delightful? That’s the feeling of your current astrology, only on the level of an emotional rebirth. Your recent astrology describes you embracing some dark elements of yourself — deep fears, feelings of alienation, and encountering a few moments of being totally lost. Now it’s as if all of that melts away like a dream, though one that you should write down so you remember what happened. The challenge of the coming two years will be to focus your identity and to merge that with a clear vision for your life, based in action. It’s as if who you are morphs into who you want to be, which is connected to a sense of mission unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Indeed, the combination of planetary forces influencing you has not aligned this way in your lifetime. You are in wholly new territory, though it will take you some time to get your bearings. To that end, the first thing you can do would be to take total ownership of everything in your life — and begin a deliberate, vital process of sorting what you want from what you don’t.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 #1063 | By Eric Francis

Your sign has the reputation of being the ‘big-picture thinker’, the one that can’t be bothered with the details. But the details matter, and you know they do. The fine points of what you’re doing are central to your success. Yet being a micromanager could be detrimental. So you need to know which details to focus on and which to leave to others, or not worry about. Take full charge of whatever requires your specific technical competence. Take responsibility, clear through to every stage of follow-up, about things that are specifically about your own ideas. For example, make sure you do the final edit on anything you write, prior to its being sent out. You also need to be the judge of the critiques of others. Be generous with the wastebasket on this one; only rarely are opinions worth much, so take a moment to extract a potentially valid point from everything and then discard the rest. The key to using your astrology the most effectively is being specific. Vague generalities are a liability now. So break everything down to steps, state the end-goal in concrete terms, and stick to your process.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015 #1062 | By Eric Francis

In many ways you’re reaching a peak moment in your life. It’s true that certain psychological hangups may be lingering around, though I assure you any such feelings are the remnants of a previous time in your life. They are weak and scattered and can only influence you if you focus on them. Therefore, reach beyond any sense of isolation you may feel, and know that a breakthrough is not merely around the corner, but happening right now. Yet this is not a one-step delivery to success. What you have are a set of ingredients you can combine in many forms to create many different outcomes. The best of those have one thing in common — you take over your life as your own authority. Ideally, nobody ever tells you what to do, and whenever someone does, stop and figure out how you got there. Stay several steps ahead of all such games. Set your own quality standards, and your own objectives. Establish solid working relationships with anyone you encounter who is in a position of responsibility or power. Set your own terms and be ready to negotiate pleasantly.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015 #1061 | By Len Wallick

Regardless of what your devotions are or where your enthusiasms lie, you know that attending to them long enough and consistently will show results. You also know from experience that those results are not likely to accrue with perceptible momentum. Instead, a prolonged investment in effort will most often test your faith before you wake up one fine morning to a gratifying realization that you have ‘made it’. The astrology indicates you are about to embark on another prolonged voyage of endeavor, which will once again challenge you to keep faith that a substantial payoff is somewhere over the horizon. To keep yourself going, even when immediate gratification is nowhere to be found, set an intent now. Let that intent be your determination to focus on the quality of your upcoming journey. Allow the destination to take care of itself.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 30, 2015 #1060 | By Eric Francis

You may be wondering when the time is right to put your plan into motion, and if so I would say right now. It’s true that you may be experiencing some kind of complication. Yet in truth it’s an opportunity to make your way in the world. Yes, this may be disguised as a riddle or a paradox of some kind. Yet you are headed in a clear direction despite this appearance. Whatever you’re now experiencing is a reminder to attend to the details of your work, and of your life. You cannot delegate that which absolutely must be done correctly. Even if you’re being assisted by some kind of professional, you must take full responsibility for every step of the project. Even as you put your inner control freak to work, it’s essential that you do one thing even better — take command of your vision. You are in a rare, formative moment where you get to accept full responsibility for your life, in the happiest possible way.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2015, #1059 | By Eric Francis

There’s that old adage about the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. You need to honor both now, in a balanced way. In any discussion, particularly involving your professional affairs, there are no absolutes; there’s no room for purism. But there’s enough space and mental bandwidth to balance the most important details and particulars with the overall intent and the central idea of what you’re doing. Sagittarius is an interesting mix of ‘spare me the details’ and ‘I must have creative control over what I’m doing’. It all depends on what project and what phase of the project — and how much you care about it. I suggest that you work only on the projects that really matter to you — let’s get that out of the way. Then take total accountability for them. You need enough contact with the details that you actually have a grip. Right now the details matter more than ever, and they will for the foreseeable future. So now’s the time to wear your managing editor hat and make sure that everything is up to spec. Yet this cannot be at the expense of your broader vision — that is, the spirit of what you’re doing — or else there is no point. Therefore let the details boldly describe your purpose, and let your vision be expressed with care and craftsmanship through all the fine points of what you do.

Weekly Horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2015 #1058 | By Eric Francis

You must set the terms of your agreements. It may seem that it doesn’t matter who proposes the arrangement, or writes the contract, though I’m here to remind you that it certainly does. Take control of your language. This includes business arrangements as well as the words and ideas you use to express your feelings and your desires. Be abundantly clear in everything, and make sure you notice the places where you’re inclined to leave out a detail, or to make a compromise without being asked. Regarding your professional goals, I suggest you be as specific as you can about what you want or what you intend to do. As you do this, be mindful of any tendency you have to judge yourself, or to set some limit on what you think you’re capable of. This is very difficult for most people, who tend to inflict on themselves the same ridiculous limits that were set on them by early caregivers and authority figures. The very theme of the coming months is for you to identify and exceed those limits.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 9th, 2015 #1057 | By Eric Francis

Today Amanda Painter dug a quote out of an old astrology book I love, which offered this image: a grand fire trine is like having a million dollars stuck up on a shelf in your closet, but which you don’t use. Currently there’s an astonishing grand fire trine in the sky — Uranus and Eris in Aries, Venus and Jupiter in Leo and centaur Pholus in your own sign. That is quite a setup. If you want to take some of that million dollars off the shelf, here’s how to work with it: You are the activating agent of your life. First, remember that all the time. Pholus in your sign suggests that you’re the small cause that can have a big effect. Therefore, you don’t need to do much — though what you do must be intentional and directed carefully. For example, choose one project that you believe in or just simply love and get it going. Choose that one person you’re really, really interested in and introduce yourself. Your influence is potent right now, and you only need to use it in measured amounts — but you must do at least that much.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 #1056 | By Eric Francis

You’re standing on ground more solid than you may think. It’s true that you can get lost in a world of feelings, which are not subject to control or accounting. Most of what the world counts as dependable is really about the illusion of control. You can afford to let go of that pretense and define ‘real’ your own way. If you can envision something, it’s real. If you have a tangible goal, that is real. If you have a heartfelt desire, that’s real. If you’re able to tap into your own wisdom, that is real. Most of all, your faith in yourself is likely to be the most tangible thing in your life. I would remind you that this isn’t an abundant resource on our particular planet, and that you’re blessed with an unusual gift. It’s yours to use, and I suggest that you strive continuously to make what exists as an idea into something with solid manifestation.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2015, #1055 | By Eric Francis

You are being offered a vision for your life — something that’s both far-reaching and wide. You may have the feeling that what you’re thinking is too idealistic or impractical, though over the next few weeks you will get some proof that it’s really neither. It is, however, your lot in life to be the person who connects your dreams to some tangible plan of action. Though Sagittarius has the reputation for being broad-minded and unconcerned with the details, you know by now that you must attend to the specifics if you want anything to actually happen. You cannot just hope for the best or leave things to others. That said, the translation from your vision to what actually manifests may involve a scaling down of your total vision. This is temporary. What I’m seeing is an exercise in prioritizing the most important thing you want to accomplish, and then breaking that down into steps and making it happen. This is merely a prototype. Pay close attention to what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and what gets results. Learn the method while you’re developing that method. For example, if you want to record an entire CD, start with getting one song right. If you have an idea for a novel, do it first as a short story. This will give you a sense of accomplishment on many levels. Then have faith — bigger things are on the way.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 18th, 2015 #1054 | By Len Wallick

Whatever burdens you feel, try an experiment: shake them off. See if they stay off. Whatever does not stay off will need to be addressed in another way, such as meeting obligations or finishing tasks. Even so, there will be some things you should be done with. To get perspective, look for a chance to travel away from where you reside over the next couple months. If you can arrange for such a sojourn, try to spend most of your time with those you have not become accustomed to since this time last year. Once you get back home, look to renegotiate your responsibilities, and delegate to others a little more than you take on in return. If travel is not in the cards for you anytime soon, at least seek to accumulate less of everything. Buy only what you need, give some things away. Let go of want and become lighter. Focus on need so as to be stronger.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 11th, 2015 #1053 | By Eric Francis

Someone may reveal something to you that they’ve been keeping hidden for a while, and that they may have never intended to tell you about. Be calm about this. You might potentially experience it as an affront; nobody likes to be lied to. While this may not be an overt deception it would surely qualify as a withhold, or lie by omission. See if you can guide the conversation to the level where you understand this person’s motives. They are likely to be driven by desire, though of a kind that they don’t feel entirely comfortable with. There is some conflict, though there’s also a particular quality that this conflict has, which is a kind of split in their personality. Everyone experiences this from time to time. Handle this with compassion. Whomever you’re engaging with on this topic is more vulnerable than they may seem, and any aggression is likely to be a cover for the feeling of weakness. Therefore, do what you can to add strength to the equation, which could come in the form of your tolerance, acceptance, stability and sanity. If you offer these things, it will be good for everyone.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 4, 2015 #1052 | By Eric Francis

If you’re managing to keep your communications clear with others, and to avoid conflicts, you’re doing beautifully. If not, you must be patient, and give others time to see the errors of their ways. Pushing them is not going to help; you will likely be met by some kind of pushback. And that resistance will likely be misguided and seem to make no sense. Therefore I suggest you tread lightly on any unresolved situation and go into fact-finding mode. The deeper truth that emerges around the time of the Mercury station direct next week will level out power imbalances and bring most of the necessary facts out into the open. Then a real conversation can begin. This astrology may relate to certain circumstances about which you’re not aware, or have a mistaken impression. Therefore, say less and pay attention more. Be alert to conflicting information and above all else, know when you don’t know.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 28th, 2015 #1051 | By Eric Francis

In theory, your relationships are supposed to be a bit chaotic and unpredictable right now, with all the wild astrology in Gemini. What you may be discovering is that you’re big enough to embrace the contradictions of the people you care about. That is what makes you ‘you’ at your best. Your perspective is both wide and deep, but you also have a sense of time. You know that viewpoints and one’s personal understanding change over time, so you tend to assume that it’s worth giving people some space to figure out what is valid for them. That’s exactly what’s going on with the people around you. In fact you can expect a few genuine reversals of viewpoint over the next few weeks; don’t let that torture you in any way. Keep your sense of humor and appreciate that others are gradually figuring out what’s right for them — as are you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2015 #1050 | By Eric Francis

If you added it up, you would be surprised how much time you spend solving the problems of others. By that I mean people you know are in your environment, and people who lived on Earth before you (parents and other ancestors). By problems, I mean their hang-ups; their anxieties; the things they didn’t resolve. Their regrets over the experiences they didn’t have. Right now life is offering you many people, places and things to explore. Some of them will approach you; others you must take a small chance and reach out to. You will also have to sort out which of them is friendly, or a positive influence. You may encounter a kind of ambiguity that will, in itself, be seductive. The thing you’re prepared to do that many people in the past could not handle is to embrace variables, unknowns and mixed signals, and not have your mind explode. Take a light approach and listen to what people say; notice how their story changes. Notice how they really feel underneath the story. As you do this you will make some interesting observations about yourself. For example, an overload of small talk may remind you that you really have some ambitious plans for what to do with your talent. You have no need to be deterred by the ways in which others fall short of their own potential.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 14th, 2015 #1049 | By Eric Francis

It may be difficult to figure out where you stand with intimate partners, and you’re unlikely to get your answer all at once. You have a high ideal for relationships, and it would seem that your current circumstances are presenting you with a scenario different from the one you want and believe you can attain. So consider what happens over the next few weeks a learning process. Notice when others send you mixed signals, or put you in a position where your only choice is not to trust fully. Notice when others are intentionally reassuring and strive for clarity. Remember how you feel in both circumstances. The environment around you is a setup for a serious fog, and it will take mutual cooperation for you and those close to you to find your way. You might say this is a situation where your faith in others will be tested, but it can just as well be cultivated and strengthened.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 7th, 2015 #1048 | By Eric Francis

Some situation seems to be calling for urgent focus on finances. There seems to be plenty of determination, intelligence and money to go around. So why are you hesitating? Does it involve some lack of faith or confidence in yourself? It would seem that way. I suggest you not count yourself out, or deem yourself incapable, of anything — particularly before you’ve tried. I would also suggest skipping the part about how nobody has decreed that you’re qualified to do what you need to do. That is something that you must tell yourself; yours is the only permission you need to do anything, or to be anything. You may have the idea that someone else needs to be committed to the cause before you can be. That would count as one more mental obstacle to something you can in fact do yourself, and do brilliantly. Notice whenever you’re hesitating, for whatever reason, and start making decisions. Then, click a stopwatch and take action in under one minute.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 30th, 2015 #1047 | By Eric Francis

If a conversation with a friend or partner seems to hit a block or impasse, keep it light. This is definitely not a situation where if something is stuck, whack harder. In fact the opposite is true. There’s likely to be some external factor that is causing a distraction or distortion. In other words, there’s an element to the situation that is not true, but you believe that it is, and that’s the root of the problem. One thing that will help is giving things time, as in a few days. Several current factors suggest that it’s not easy to see viewpoints for what they are. Others indicate that there’s likely to be an emotional exaggeration (most likely on your part). Therefore to avoid needless complication, interpose a delay. Now is not the time to speak the truth at all costs, because you may not know what it is. Even if you verify certain facts, there are going to be more that come to light. Therefore take it light and take it easy. All opinions are subject to change.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2015 #1046 | By Eric Francis

You don’t need to argue with your emotions, or block them, though you would be wise to notice them and treat them as real. You seem ready to step out of a corner that you somehow let yourself get backed into, and the issue appears to be whether you really can trust someone. Looked at more closely, though, the question is whether you can trust yourself. If you can manage that much, you will be able to make more sense of the potentially erratic thinking and/or conduct of someone you’re close to. I suggest you hold open plenty of space for them to go through their gyrations, and to express everything they want to express, including and especially their contradictions. As they do this, if you’re paying attention, you will have all the information you need to figure out exactly what’s going through their heart and soul. Just be aware this could take a little while. You may have reasons to change, radically shift or end the relationship; I would urge patience and forbearance. Act like you have all the time in the world. While you’re doing this, you’re going to learn a lot — and I do mean a lot — about some inner questions and issues you’ve been wondering about forever. The tolerance you offer to others is the same as what you offer yourself. The truth is organized in layers — therefore, patience really helps.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 16th, 2015 #1045 | By Eric Francis

One topic consistently left out of astrology is the deeply emotional nature of those born under your sign. Astrology books talk about your derring-do, your globetrotting, your home that resembles an international youth hostel, and your need for space and for independence. Yet right now your charts are describing an emphasis on your inner reality, with the core quality being devotion. This is a special kind of devotion, centered on home and on your creative journey. I suggest you keep your focus inward, and if you bring other people into your space, make sure they are supportive, gentle and understanding. You are involved in coming to some deep realizations about who you are and what you feel called to do. And at the same time you’re ready to take a new risk expressing yourself based on what you’re now recognizing and accepting about yourself. There is no rush, not even for clarity — what you’re experiencing is beyond words.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 9, 2015 #1044 | By Eric Francis

You seem ready to burst through some creative barrier. That means making peace with being different, among other things. What I would suggest is an indirect approach. For example, someone might make a political statement through some form of serious writing; someone else might do it indirectly through art or music. I suggest you take the most subversive route to making your point, which will encourage you to keep whatever you’re doing creative, adventurous and risky. By risky I mean taking the chance to do something different, or in a different way, with each thing that you do. Really pause and consider your methods and your approaches to the puzzles and projects of your life. You may need to go out on limbs where you know you may be less than comfortable, or make others uncomfortable. That is one hint, not proof but a hint, that you’re taking creative risks.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 2, 2015 #1043 | By Eric Francis

You are seeking a sense of higher justice — of fairness that really means something. For you, that also translates to having a vision for your own life that matches what you suspect your true talents to be. I want you to know there is an opening for you. By opening I mean a way through; a space in society where you can live and grow. Do not fall for the notion that the world is some kind of closed book. It’s true that opportunities seem few and far between, and many people cling to what they have with a kind of desperation. Pay no mind to that. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Stay focused on developing your talent, and more than that, putting it to productive use. Don’t hoard what you have — share what you have: your knowledge, your skills, your ideas and your talent. Keep an eye on possible paying gigs, or better paying gigs, but keep your heart and soul tuned to who you are, and what you actually do. Do that; be that.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2015 #1042 | By Eric Francis

Take a step back and give people the opportunity to take responsibility for their own existence. You grew tired of your own hard luck stories long ago, and it’s time to be finished with those of others. I’m not, however, saying don’t be helpful when you feel moved to do so. Rather, I’m suggesting that the best help you can offer others is not being distracted by their problems. Rather, focus on your own abundant creativity and allow your existence to shock others to their senses. Celebrate the fact of your energy and the simple fact that nothing will stop you. If you are involved in some kind of professional artistic pursuits, or doing anything that depends on your originality, I suggest you forget your ideas of what people might think. Instead, work in a way that is only in service of your impulse to create. Every artist, lover or adventurer goes through some trepidation about what others might think. You tend to be among the most immune to such thoughts, though you may be having them now, and now is the time to vanquish them. Your real friends are the people who see how brilliant you are, and who treat you like the treasure that you are to them.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 19, 2015 #1041 | By Eric Francis

You can afford to be more flexible, especially with your time and with your love. Clearly your ability to be strong and stable are providing you with something you haven’t had access to in a long time. Yet if you push strength and stability too far, you may find yourself feeling insecure. Many factors of your astrology suggest that the more flexible you are, the safer you will feel. In particular, flexibility with your feelings is the thing you want. That starts with inviting yourself to feel, whether gently or strongly, what you actually feel. At times you may feel your ideas and your needs so powerfully you begin to doubt yourself. That sensation of questioning is evidence you’re going in the right direction. The sensation that you don’t know and may never find out, if you follow it, will help lead you to the self-knowledge and confidence you are seeking. Someone close to you may be directly involved in helping you make one particular truly amazing discovery.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 12, 2015 #1040 | By Eric Francis

You’re going through a catharsis that’s directly associated with your ability to express yourself sexually and creatively. I would point out, though, that in our particular age, most people don’t get the connection, and that it’s rather easy to get caught in the dark side of these seemingly different things. Let’s stick to art, since that’s less threatening, though only by a shade. Art involves more than expressing oneself. Often there is a transmuting of something fearful into something loving. That could be static nervous energy. It could be something truly terrifying. It could be going beyond the stuck futility and ‘why bother’ energy that seems to have swallowed much of our society at the moment. Imagine you’re going to look right at the root cause of that. Imagine that it’s the one essential ingredient in this process known as setting yourself free.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 5, 2015 #1039 | By Len Wallick

Even as advanced as your consciousness is, the checks and balances of your instinct has never been more important than it is now. As rare and wonderful as sentience is, self-awareness alone will not serve to make or keep you solidly connected with the universe. In order to maintain that connection, awareness must be not lie fallow; it must be owned and acted upon with integrity. Only the advanced form of instinct we call conscience is sufficient to prevent you (or any of us) from proving that anybody is capable of the most dismal delusions fueling the most heinous behaviors. Just in case you and your conscience have been out of touch lately, you might want to re-establish contact soon. The rest of us may need you to know better for us all. — by Len Wallick

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 #1038 | By Len Wallick

Even if you are not a motherless child, you can easily be excused for feeling as though you are every once in a while. It goes with having been born while the Sun walked on mutable fire. Right now, however, should not be one of those times. If it is, examine your habits, especially those newly acquired this year. Could be at least one of your recent routines has taken you out of a flow of affinity that comes naturally, and is so vital for you. If you have unplugged you might want to reconnect more often to recharge your batteries. If you are not getting the juice you need, seek a better outlet. — by Len Wallick

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2015 #1037 | By Eric Francis

You will go a long way to ease the internal pressure you’re feeling by rolling up your sleeves and attending to the practical matters of your life. That might mean sorting out your accounting records for the past year, it might be writing a song, and it might be charging up your camera and doing a photo project. By practical, I mean actually hands-on, doing something that you want or need to do. This, rather than thinking about whatever that might be, or getting frustrated by seemingly competing priorities. If you’re looking for a starting point, choose either the thing you want to do the most, or the thing you need to do the most. Then do it for a while, and reassess your priorities. I’ll remind you that as one born under a mutable sign, you are inherently a multi-tasker. So you will naturally shift from task to task, though what you can master is the art of focusing long enough to have a satisfying experience and move that particular project along. Then you can move onto other things, and return to the original project while it’s still warm. The key is never allowing anything you care about to go cold. Return to things often enough to keep the embers burning. Then when you’re moved to do so, cast all else aside and dive into something for as long as you want. Needing to keep your life interesting is an asset.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 #1036 | By Eric Francis

Don’t let your doubts run away with you. You may feel them, they may tug at your sleeve or at your emotions, but don’t believe them. Just notice them. Be on the lookout for the one that says ‘you are to blame’. That is the shadow form of something much more significant, more mature and that does not involve guilt: you are responsible for how you respond to your environment. It would seem that you are moving into a new level of self-understanding involving your family, in particular, your father’s side of the family. You have been held accountable for many things that have nothing to do with you; they existed long before you were born. Normally these things go unquestioned, because they existed in your environment since before you can remember. Now, they may suddenly come into focus, and I suggest you question everything.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 #1035 | By Eric Francis

You may be noticing that the more emotional side of your nature has been coming out lately, and it’s about to reach another peak. To my eyes this looks like an introspective creative space opening up within you. This is the part of the process of art or music that’s the most internal, prior to the actual expression. You are in the alchemical dimension where your inner movements and revelations give rise to what you might let out. Honor the inner mystery of creation as it begins on the level of feeling and emotion. Notice the rich spectrum of memories and experiences that might give rise to. Then allow that profoundly personal process to move you into formulating some new idea or form of expression. Keep this close to yourself for now. You do not need to share it, nor are you under any obligation to. Yet it remains yours to share, to offer, and to experience yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 #1034 | By Eric Francis

Notice who is rubbing up against you, wanting contact with you. Notice, especially, anyone you feel you may not be interested in, but who seems interested in you. There may be some rather excellent potential in such an encounter, though you will miss it if you act as if your mind is made up in advance. It’s too easy to act like you’ve seen it all before. You might also overlook the person if they don’t show up strongly enough on your high-voltage radar. It’s more challenging to slow down, to inquire, to listen, to feel, to notice. And perhaps even more of an emotional risk to allow yourself to feel that someone so beautiful could really be interested in you. Anyone who is might also be just a little intimidated by you as well — it would help if you turned in their direction, and gently closed that little gap.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February, 2015 #1033 | By Eric Francis

Conventional astrology would say that Saturn in your sign may be describing certain limitations or boundaries. I would say that Saturn, particularly in Sagittarius, is describing your potential. What you may be feeling is that what you want the most is not going to ‘just happen’. When Saturn is present, optimism alone is not going to do the job. Saturn in the style of Saturn is the willingness to make an authentic effort, and not being deterred because results may take a while. Effort is less about an arduous exertion of energy. It’s more about focusing your mind, your intentions and your interests. Along with this, the concept of ‘boredom’ must be revised into, ‘time available to invest in the result I’m seeking’. Delay becomes an occasion to troubleshoot — or the opportunity to do something else. Sagittarius is a sign known for its fast pace. This quality has a way of breeding distraction, and often a frustration with being spread too thin. Saturn’s presence in your sign is a direct calling to concentrate your efforts. It’s offering some instruction that you must consciously think about the ways you use and structure your time. Most of all, it’s the reminder that you are the only person who can take command of your life. You no longer have any need to give that power away.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015 #1032 | By Eric Francis

What may have seemed like a great idea may no longer seem that way — though there are a whole bunch of better ideas on the way. One of the themes of this year and of the foreseeable future is focusing yourself, which is another way of saying that the result of every day must be some form of work product. Work itself is not enough. Being busy is not enough. Making money is certainly not enough. It will help you immensely to establish a discipline associated with the projects you’ve had in mind for a while. Start with one of them. Break it down into steps and start taking those steps. Persist every day, not allowing the distractions of the world to get in the way of what you know you want to do. Around this basic daily practice, something much more comprehensive can grow. Commit your energy daily — preferably at about the same time every day.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 #1031 | By Eric Francis

Saturn in your sign is placing you in the role of arbiter of reality. You are having to do so in a time when it’s not widely accepted that there even is such a thing. But there has to be for you. There has to be a reference point or orientation — even if there is not a bottom line. So start with a point of orientation, a benchmark or watermark that you can use, at least, as a way of measuring change. Then, you persist in being the kind of person who knows when they’ve thought about something and when they have not. If there is one thing undermining basic agreements and understandings of what is real, that’s the one. Work out the logic a few different ways, and then translate it into words you can explain.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2015, #1030 | By Eric Francis

Attend to practical matters first. Let form follow function. Let content dictate form. Attend to your responsibilities in the order they come due, and while you’re at it, get ahead on longterm projects. You may be feeling like you’ve been released from an invisible bubble. You may feel like suddenly people are noticing your presence, your talent and your wisdom. Definitely invest some energy into social affairs, though keep your focus on what you know needs to happen; on what you want to make happen. The special beauty of this moment is that your most intelligent ideas will translate easily into something tangible, whereas in the past they might have seemed too abstract to do much with. In a similar vein, each step you take toward any worthwhile goal supports all of your goals. It’s not merely your imagination telling you that your long-range objectives are within reach if you concentrate your efforts and take the necessary steps to get there. You have seen the power of negative thinking waste your energy and derail your peace of mind. That is becoming a thing of the past, though you may have one last run-in with a point of view that you know you’re done with. The key to the puzzle that seems to vex the human race: take absolute responsibility for your own thoughts, and move on fast.

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