Capricorn 2015

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 17, 2015, #1080 | By Len Wallick

Expectations are not your ally, at least not for now. Better to have as few expectations of others as practicality will allow. It’s also a good idea to have only the most humble expectations of yourself. This is not to say you should abandon your ambitions or become some sort of spineless Caspar Milquetoast. It is to say that you should consider making flexibility one of your highest aspirations. If you will but reflect on your experience over the last seven or eight years, it should be clear that being rigid has not been nearly as helpful for you as being supple has. Rest assured, the goals you have pursued have left you with erudition, skills and qualifications you will retain for a long time, even if you have actually attained some very different (and almost certainly very worthwhile) objectives. In fact, nothing will have been lost if you will but combine the admirable diligence you have already shown with a more pliant perspective on your life.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 10, 2015, #1079 | By Len Wallick

Your life has not been for the faint of heart. The fact that you are still alive proves that you are as stout hearted as they come. There is also no denying how big and kind your heart has always been. Now, all the heart you have shown in the past is surely coalescing in a new and improved way. In the depths of your soul, unseen to many (maybe even to you at this point), grows a source of inspiration that you will be able to draw upon to create like an artist and live to the fullest. Most of all, however, those who have had cause to wonder about your ability to mature fully will soon have reason to believe in you even more strongly than they have ever doubted you. As you gradually become more aware of the new type of heart building up inside, the most important thing for you to understand is that you have had it in you all along.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 3, 2015, #1078 | By Len Wallick

For astrologers, your element is earth. What you might want to meditate on right now, however, is what it means to be in your element. You have been around long enough to know when you feel most confident and relaxed. You also have enough experience to know what fields of endeavor allow you to demonstrate impressive competence yet also experience authentic fulfillment. Once you are clear about when and where you are in your element, you can begin making some plans to spend more time there. Don’t put pressure on yourself — you don’t need any more of that. Conceive of moving more fully into your element as a gradual process that should rightfully take years to complete. That way not only can you make adjustments as you go, but also change course altogether should you have a change of heart.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2015, #1077 | By Eric Francis

Based on images from the unusual astrology influencing you this month, I referred to the Allan Watts book The Wisdom of Insecurity. You know that Pluto has been coursing through your sign for seven years, making it seem like there’s no such thing as solid ground. Now Saturn is in your 12th solar house, which evokes a deep inner mystery and potentially a sense of isolation. Saturn is square Neptune, reminding you how vital it is to be able to focus your mind into coherent thoughts, using language and ideas. Yet nothing is certain, and if you can make peace with that, you can have some of the significant benefits of living without the need for false security. In one of the great works of modern philosophy, Watts writes, “You cannot understand life and its mysteries as long as you try to grasp it. Indeed, you cannot grasp it, just as you cannot walk off with a river in a bucket. If you try to capture running water in a bucket, it is clear that you do not understand it and that you will always be disappointed, for in the bucket the water does not run. To ‘have’ running water you must let go of it and let it run.” Such is the story of your life for the next year: a potentially amazing adventure into the flow.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, #1076 | By Len Wallick

Among the best friends you have, you must now surely conclude that you are among them. After all the challenges you have faced in recent years, you must admit that you have done a great job of helping yourself to get through them. Now, it appears as if you have reached a crucial point when you can either cement your relationship with yourself as your own best friend forever, or backslide into becoming your own worst enemy. To be your own BFF, return the favor now. Refrain from self-loathing. If you do make a mistake, admit it and move on. If you offend or injure another, make fair amends, and move on. If it is appropriate to express regret or show remorse, be sincere in doing so without going over the edge into perpetual self-flagellation. Learn from any and all errors and do yourself the favor of not repeating them. Afford yourself the same generosity, tolerance and love you offer to others who have supported and affirmed you in your times of greatest need.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, #1075 | By Len Wallick

Long ago and far away probably does not refer to a galaxy for you. Yet, if there is anything to the slowly moving wheels of astrology in the present, what is long departed still burdens you only because you give it power to do so. Rather than allow what is now only a shadow to throw weight around your life — weight that it no longer actually has — give this shadow from the past a job. Allow what you were once compelled to serve to be in service to what you are now. That way you will feel no need to expend energy on the past, and the energy of the past will have something to do besides weigh you down. Ideally, the best way to harness the energy of residual reactions to past provocations (and to assert your authority over them) is to let them inspire you. Express them through some sort of artistic endeavor that has no other objective than to get it all out. Take up a brush, pen, musical instrument or any other creative means as soon as you can, and seek to wear it out so that you will no longer feel so worn.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015, #1074 | By Len Wallick

There are assumptions that go unquestioned because our physical senses support them. This is sometimes called common sense. Common sense is useful, but it also keeps you within its limits. If there is anybody who is now ready to move beyond the limits common sense imposes, it is you. Begin with the assumption that thought and form are different things. Our physical senses tell us that this is so. Yet can you prove that anything with tangible form is not a thought? Can you argue against the possibility that everything with tangible form began as a thought? To answer those questions, experiment with thinking about yourself, but in a very specific way. Instead of thinking about what you want, what you now are, or what you now do, carry with you a thought of something to be, and watch what form you take as a result.

Marie Claire Horoscope for November 2015, #1073 | By Eric Francis

Recent developments and movements in your world have set you free from some emotional bog, and are pointing the way to the future. Yet you may be wondering whether anyone else is interested in coming with you. For now, don’t even think about this; the planets are guiding you on a journey that only you can take.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2015, #1072 | By Eric Francis

You might be wondering what you’re pushing against, or what you’re running into. It’s something that’s there but which you can neither see nor feel easily. Trying to describe it to others is akin to describing the logic of a dream, which doesn’t even make sense to you when you try to consider it rationally. You must start this phase of your life being the only one who understands who you are or what you go through. Because so much is in motion, it would not be helpful to declare, “There, I get it!” Rather, I suggest seeking the kind of understanding that comes in layers. Remember, though, that we’re in the territory of dream logic. That implies a unique point of view, and at other times a state of isolation. When you find people who actually understand something you say or feel, spend some time with them. When you encounter someone who cares enough to listen, pay attention and share in any way that feels appropriate. You have one special responsibility right now, and it may be difficult: to be absolutely honest with yourself, even when you’re uncertain what the truth is. If all you know is that you don’t know, that’s a good place to start. Your other quest is doing something with fear. Running, hiding and avoidance have outlasted whatever use they had, which was not much to begin with.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 #1071 | By Eric Francis

Though you’re experiencing many things in your outer life, by which I mean things related to work, community or parenting, the more significant focus is on your inner life. One challenge here is that you cannot see your inner life using the normal senses, and there is so much happening that you can see, which is distracting. It’s also interesting and it may be exciting and gratifying in ways that you want but don’t usually get. This thing I’m describing as your inner life might feel like an abyss — such as facing your worst fears (being alone, for example, or feeling like nobody understands you). It’s not appealing to go there voluntarily. Yet it’s better, I think, than going out of necessity. The planet I’m describing is Saturn, recently arrived in this place called your 12th house. For you this is Sagittarius, suggesting that your actual spiritual quest is inward above all else. Yes, that’s true of everyone, but it’s especially true for you. In addition to being the planet associated with Capricorn, Saturn is the planet of necessity. The message is that what you need the most right now, you will find within yourself, challenging as that may be. This is an essential phase to acquire an essential skill — not a permanent state of being.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 #1070 | By Eric Francis

You know you’re capable of great things. The question is, what is standing between you and your potential? If you’re asking that, your mind is starting to come into focus. Though you’re a Capricorn, famous for getting things done, it would appear that applying discipline to a specific idea is what you must focus on. It’s not enough to have good ideas, and it’s not enough to be busy all the time. It’s essential to take a larger task, in this case a specific goal, and break it down into smaller steps, and complete each of those steps one at a time. This is about efficiency more than anything; there are a limited number of hours in the day, and a finite number of years in your life. If you find yourself acting like you have time to spare, you need to re-focus your mind and get back to those specific steps. The good news is that you’re in an excellent position to actually do this, rather than merely wanting to, or thinking about doing so. You’re at a point of beginning where you can strike a difficult balance between taking care of the present and taking care of the future. Yet in the long run you must be willing to come back to the task at hand every day, and maintain vigilant awareness of your priorities.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 #1069 | By Eric Francis

Having watched the issue for a few decades, I can confidently say that most people have no idea the extent to which they are trapped inside of their religious concepts. Very nearly everyone denies it, no matter how ensnared they are. Others think that a little bit of guilt or tiny fear of going to hell is okay. Then there are the few who have seized control of their own minds and thrown off the ideological shackles. You are approaching such a moment. It could appear in any one of several forms, such as some kind of panic attack over your sexual desires, or thinking an idea that seems to contradict ‘tradition’. Here’s the simplest I can make this message: Every person must come to their own observations and conclusions about the nature of life, death and sex, and about the nature of their cosmic intelligence. Religion is not a useful substitute. You will reach your own truth, but only if you actually figure out the extent that you’ve been lied to, and that you believed those lies.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2015 #1068 | By Eric Francis

Consider the concept of inner freedom — that is, the freedom to be honest about who you are and what you feel within the space of your own thoughts. This is typically the first freedom sacrificed to control-devices such as shame and guilt. Often these sacrifices are passed down the generations like some precious inheritance, only to leave people bound and hampered and barely able to move around the world. Saturn moving into Sagittarius, your solar 12th house, describes a phase of your life when you can and indeed must reclaim your inner freedom. By this I mean freedom from dysfunctional beliefs, denial, religiosity, guilt and false ideas of purity. I also mean freedom to think and feel what you want within the sanctity of your own mind, undaunted by the many expectations that have been put upon you, and that you’ve often internalized. I reckon that in learning to give yourself the freedom to actually be yourself, you will hold sacred the freedom of others to be themselves. In encountering such a profound inner confrontation, I reckon you will observe that the meeting places between different people are small, and delicate, and deserve to be honored. As you learn to honor your own distinction, your own difference from others, you will honor their difference from you and, in the process, finally recognize how much you have in common.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 #1067 | By Eric Francis

A mix of different influences seems to be acting on your confidence in contradictory ways. One factor — the Sun about to enter Libra — is drawing you out of your shell and reminding you how much you want to accomplish. However, Mercury stationing retrograde Thursday is a point of hesitation or nervousness, as if the timing is not quite right. There is also a more potent influence — one that will be with you for years, which is Saturn ingressing Sagittarius, your 12th house. This is the transit that says it’s time to know yourself — as in really know. There is no room for faking this, as we are so often taught to do. You must know yourself even if that means starting with the admission that you do not, that you have a lot to learn, or that you’re afraid of who you might be. It’s as if you’re confronting the great unknown known as yourself, and you’re not sure what to do. Here is a clue: Engaging that inner unknown may not feel like confidence, but I promise you it’s the source of your confidence. You may think being self-assured comes from knowing who you are. I would say its deeper source is dancing with your own uncertainty — and dancing with feeling.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 #1066 | By Eric Francis

Saturn, the Capricorn planet, does seem to be taking forever to cross that very last degree of Scorpio. Seen symbolically, this is like hesitation before some vast journey to an unknown destination. Saturn is standing on the edge of a state of mind, of a phase of your growth, of an emotional condition characterized by one thing — uncertainty. The thing is that you still have a strong connection to false certainty, including the idea that you can control certain things clearly not under your domain. Once Saturn changes signs, all pretend notions of control might vanish, or you will have the chance to let them go. You would do this for no other reason than the fact that they are useless to you. The new element you’re entering is lighter than all of this. Yet if the rays of light are brighter, the shadows are darker, though at least you can see the contrast between them. This is not so easy with Saturn in Scorpio, where everything seems to be some shade of blue, black or gray. You need contrast now; you will benefit from it and thrive on it.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 #1065 | By Eric Francis

Saturn is oh so slowly working its way toward Sagittarius. This may be coming with the feeling, “When will the past finally be over?” Well, this is perhaps the most complex psychological issue that humans must engage, if they want to actually exist with the full power of their minds, their creativity, their ability to choose. We could start with the last on that list, choice. Pick a decision that you’re having difficulty making, or sticking to. Then be brutally honest and map out all the little hang-ups that are getting in your way. The more ridiculous they are, the better — various potential consequences, fear of how others will respond, what you might get entangled in, whatever phobias you might have of being yourself, and so on. What are these concepts connected to? If you put that out in plain language, you will get a snapshot of your relationship to the past. One thing that Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure is that you deepen your relationship to yourself. That deepening will take you into the place inhabited by your ancestors, where you will get to confront them and your relationship to them. Remember, you don’t owe them anything, and whoever you thought they were, they are now ascended masters who want to see you live the way you choose to live and no less.

Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2015, #1064 | By Eric Francis

Your attention is now being drawn inward; you are on an inner quest, and you will be on this journey for the foreseeable future. Yet you clearly have plenty else going on; you won’t be living in a cave in India (though you may visit one). It is therefore essential that you harmonize your inner life and your supposedly outer one. The way you would do this is by making sure that you have the confidence of people who are tuned into your deeply personal journey. It’s true that not every aspect of this can be shared, or understood. There is plenty that will be yours alone to consider and experience. Yet it’s possible to engage with others who understand the concept of the introspective quest. The ones who do will honor your sensitive interior space. They may also offer some clue about the territory you’re entering, which is as much transpersonal as it is personal. In other words, this is about you, but it’s not strictly about you, because your deepest interior space is a collective one, where many people, places and ideas are connected. Most of all, though, you and the people around you must respect your solitude. Don’t be afraid to simply take the space you need, when you need it. Your true friends will understand and support you on that mission.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 #1063 | By Eric Francis

What would you do if you had a year to live? Most people would live very differently; for one thing, the endless squander of time would be the first thing put to a halt. Time would suddenly be seen as the precious resource that it is. For most people this is a scary thought, since it tends to remind them of two things — one being how much time is wasted, and the second being the uncertainty of the amount remaining. You would go a long way toward finding some real strength by admitting both of these things, and asking yourself what the logical conclusion is. So, give it a try — inquire within what you would do, and how you would live, if you had just one year. One thing I’d propose is that this will help you get your priorities in order. You will see the connection between your day-to-day way of life, and your longer-range goals that absolutely depend on the wise use of time, including what we humans might consider long spans of time. You have a real agenda for this life, and it will take some skill to make it happen. Let that begin with a moment of clarity.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015 #1062 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be standing on the edge of something you don’t understand. How wide that edge is, and how deep is the abyss, are part of the mystery. Sometimes you feel like you’re peering into another dimension, which might hint at the question about where you are now, and how you got here. This mystery that’s got your attention is in fact you. There are times when it’s more or less compelling, and there are times when it’s more or less easy to avoid. For a long time your inner realm was too hot to handle, or to approach directly. You’ve cooled off a little; you’re dealing with less interior chaos than you have in a while (ponder 2006 through 2012 for comparison). Now it’s time to go in, and face this whole reality directly. But you don’t have to dive off of your ledge. You’re not as unstable as you think. It will be immensely helpful, initially, to consider the differences between inner reality and outer; and to notice how the two seem to transpose between one another. This way you can keep your focus where it needs to be for a while, which is inward; and choose people who understand that, with whom you can take extended inner journeys.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015 #1061 | By Len Wallick

If you are not ‘feeling it’, there is no reason to extend yourself to the limit now. Don’t feel bad if something tells you to hold back. While it’s inevitable that you will someday want to push for the top of the symbolic mountain you have long been ascending, the timing has to be right. Just as with actual climbing, you will need all external conditions to be optimal within reason. It will also be necessary for you to commit to a specific path of ascent. In order for that to happen, however, your internal conditions will need to develop to a point where you feel assured of your success, and you’re impatient to git ‘er done once and for all. In the meantime, it is vital that you at least take no steps back unless absolutely necessary for your survival or wellbeing. So take care of yourself even as you bide your time. When the time comes, you will not only be ready but fully able to conquer that summit.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 30, 2015 #1060 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be in a position when you must make use of someone else’s resources — be they of your family, of another person, or of the community. But I don’t believe you need as much help as you think. It would help immensely if you were to apply your considerable ingenuity to the situation. You’ll likely figure out that some form of cooperation is in order, though that’s been true all your life. You are resourceful only to the extent that you can cooperate, collaborate and co-create with others. You may have the idea that you can ‘go it alone’, though that’s not true of any individual or any economy. Ask yourself questions such as how you can be of support to the people around you, and how they can be of support to you in a way that is mutually beneficial. This counts for everyone in your life; everyone you encounter, or who encounters you. Indeed, it’s a central question of your existence.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2015, #1059 | By Eric Francis

The space you’re trying to hold open is emotional space, which is inner space. Your current project is not about your social standing, though it may feel that way. Nor is your life about getting what you deserve. So far as I can see, what you need is to hold open territory within your own feelings that has long been encroached on by influences that have seemed beyond your control. To the extent that this is about something within you, that control means everything, mainly meaning having a sense of your own boundaries. That might be enough. Yet it would be incorrect to decide that this is about ‘the world’ or whether you fit in. Rather, consider whether you give yourself space to be yourself, to feel what you feel and to express the many things you want to say. If you assign outward blame, you’ll miss the simple point that only you can give yourself permission to exist. If you can get to the space where you say yes to yourself, you’re likely to see your options open up, and to have a far greater sensation of belonging in the world. As far as your associations with others are concerned, here is the essential piece: you must relate to those who have an inner life, which they are willing to share with you. Yet that will only have meaning proportional to the inner life you share with them. Intimacy is introspection that we share.

Weekly Horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2015 #1058 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to get a handle on relationship matters. You seem to be living in a retro world where only the past matters, or alternately, you’re struggling in some way to find the present moment and get real. The only thing the past has to offer at this point is a map of what you don’t want, and some information about some errors in judgment, particularly about your own power. It appears that others are willing to be direct with you, which you may find disorienting. Directness is about the moment. You will find this worthwhile, as others respond to you with generosity and equanimity. The real factor that’s mediating your experience is your willingness to receive. This is likely to be more challenging for you than you’re willing to admit, though that would be a good start. You may have this idea that expressing your vulnerability (which you must do to accept anything offered to you) gets you into some kind of overcommitment. What is that about? Is it really true? Remember, you gain more influence over your life by making decisions than by avoiding them.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 9th, 2015 #1057 | By Eric Francis

Your strength is in your clarity. Your integrity is in your honesty with yourself. Your love is proportional to your transparency with others. You seem to be caught in some kind of time warp, confronted by what you thought you had resolved long ago. Rather than struggle against that, notice what you need to resolve and get busy doing so. Instead of seeing yourself as being at odds with others, consider that they’re your friends and allies who want only to help you be who you really are. Just remember that you will see them as you think they are, or perhaps closer to the point, as you think you are. You may have a tendency to overestimate your own power or influence and then underestimate theirs. Rather than estimating, I suggest you be genuinely realistic, which means saying what you mean, and taking others at their word. I can assure you that any problem, issue or challenge you face can be resolved quickly and efficiently by practicing this essential version of the Golden Rule.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 #1056 | By Eric Francis

You may be feeling like this is your last chance to become something or accomplish something. Who knows, it might be, or it could be a mental illusion. Either way, it’s worth living as if that’s true for a while. Imagine there’s something you’ve been wanting to create for yourself lifetime after lifetime, and now you’ve got another opportunity to have a go at it. But you’re aware that you have not quite given yourself the chance on a number of past occasions, or taken advantage of the relative easy opportunities you’ve had. Now you have another opening. True, the circumstances are not perfect. There may be a few obstacles in the way. But once again you really do have what you need, by which I mean the personal resources. And you have some cooperation that has, in the past, not been forthcoming. So yes, pretend this is your last chance, and let that motivate you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2015, #1055 | By Eric Francis

You have the strength of your convictions — but as Robert Anton Wilson said, convictions make convicts. What would benefit you and close partners the most is your flexibility — such as working with options rather than all-or-nothing scenarios. You will benefit from having alternatives around the timing of certain things you want to happen. And it includes taking an open-ended approach to resolving apparent conflicts. While there may be some sparks flying, most of the friction is coming from inside of you. For the next couple of months, your ruling planet Saturn is making a final return to Scorpio before moving on to Sagittarius for a two-year stay. This shift is helping you see all that you’ve left unsaid. This includes the implications of information you’ve gathered that you have not taken fully on board, much less shared with others. You are entering a time in your life when you can afford to have no secrets — by which I mean no secrets in intimate situations. Indeed, your willingness to reveal yourself is the measure of your desire to be close to others. When you find yourself stockpiling information for future use, you can be sure that you’re preparing for an unnecessary confrontation. You have so much to offer, and so much to receive. An open heart and an open door are the only way to share in the beauty of life.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 18th, 2015 #1054 | By Len Wallick

Do not seek approval from others. You don’t need that. Approve of yourself, for you are worthy of your own affirmation. Give yourself credit. Yes, you have made mistakes; yet, you have also made more than that. You have quite often made the best of what you had to work with. You have even occasionally made a proverbial miracle. In spite of (or perhaps even because of) what turns your life has taken, the actions you have taken in response have shown you to be a person of substance and grit. So give yourself credit, and spend it on further enhancing your value to yourself. Learn new skills because you want to have them, not because somebody else thinks you should. To the extent that others make it their business to depreciate you, make it your business in turn to disassociate with them. Align yourself with those who accept you and want you to accept yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 11th, 2015 #1053 | By Eric Francis

If financial questions seem to be interfering with a work-related project, or a health-related one, then be clever and find a way to get it done. Money is difficult to overrate as a vital resource, but it would be incorrect to say that it’s the only one. Your own creativity and intelligence are much more valuable, and without them money is useless anyway. Therefore, focus on using your mind, which also means working with your connections. It looks like there are some super resourceful people in your environment, people who would be willing to help, if only you would get out of your own way and be clear about what you want. That clarity might be the very thing that’s troubling you. You seem to be absolutely certain about something, and then you doubt yourself at the same time. Can both be true? Probably not. There is a third option, which may involve a fairly typical scenario around the time of Mercury stationing direct: there is missing information, and when you have that information, you will have a much better idea what to do.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 4, 2015 #1052 | By Eric Francis

As a Capricorn you’re supposed to be a master of politics, though lately small gaffes and misunderstandings are giving you and perhaps others the impression that you’re playing out of your league. The question is, what is your league? What’s the right level of society for you to be involved on? Few people ask this question; many people fancy themselves considerably more or less than would be appropriate for their level of dedication and intelligence. I would suggest that you start exactly where you are, and determine what is expected of you, and consider what you can contribute. While you may feel like environmental factors are getting in your way, remember that the world is not as neat and tidy as it once was; information moves much faster and therefore there are more opportunities for misunderstanding. With Mercury still retrograde, you must remain mindful of communication, and seek clarity at every turn of events. This will be especially true as Mercury slows to a station next week. Keep your footing.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 28th, 2015 #1051 | By Eric Francis

You may be busy, but the element to apply is intelligence rather than effort. Now, it’s true that thought takes some energy. It’s a form of effort, or it is most of the time. No need to pretend about that. What I mean is that one good idea can save a lot of labor, and get far more done than toil. This is another way of saying the pen is mightier than the sword. Solutions are easier to create than conflict is to endure. This is especially true once you get everyone cooperating, which you can do, and which in truth you know you must do. The place to begin is to cooperate with others, then see where you can advance the story into new territory. You seem to be pursuing both new and old goals at the same time, as a matter of necessity or of immediate circumstance. Here is a clue: the seemingly new and the seemingly old have nearly everything in common. They’re almost the same thing.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2015 #1050 | By Eric Francis

You may be in the midst of a struggle about where you fit into society. This goes beyond what job you do, and what calling you follow. I’m talking about the most basic elements of establishing your unique place in the world. And that’s precisely the thing — unique means one of a kind, and this is very much about your individual place in a very complicated world. The situation seems to have reached the point where you gave up on the question for a while; in some ways the past few months have come with a sense of isolation that you could not quite understand or describe. I suggest you take up the question of your involvement in the world not as a theoretical thing but as something you experiment with actively. It’s true that this may disrupt certain established patterns. But the reward will be going beyond your expectations and theories and experiencing the results of an actual experiment. If you say you want to do something in the future, try doing it now. If you have an idea of who you are, step into the world as that person, today. This is not a time to be attached to stability for its own sake. All of your real potential is contained in your ability to shuffle the deck, adapt, explore and observe the results that you get.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 14th, 2015 #1049 | By Eric Francis

Mental clarity may be in short supply, though the real question seems to be emotional. It’s as if you’re wondering what is really good for you, at the same time you feel driven to take action on improving your life. Yet you could run into a set of paradoxes on this whole theme, and when you do I suggest you stop and carefully consider your situation. Paradoxes have a way of becoming obsessive; people seem to be in love with them. As far as I can see, the most significant impasse you might reach is the place where you know your inner orientation is changing, but your outer orientation is not keeping up. Or your outer circumstances are calling on you to make adjustments that you don’t know how to make, or don’t care to involve yourself with. At a certain point there must be a reckoning of your inner and outer worlds, which would begin with figuring out that they’re not separate; you are one person.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 7th, 2015 #1048 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like the harder you try, the less you’re getting done. It would help if you focused your energy differently. You’re likely to be thinking in terms of the number of hours you put into something rather than the quality of your ideas. You may be thinking of how much effort you apply rather than the results that you get. In any mature endeavor, all that counts are the results. Yet the results are not subject to your measure alone; there must be some idea of what is necessary for the whole system. Your thinking seems to be isolated, as if you’re holding onto certain misunderstandings that could be easily cleared up by communicating directly with the people around you. It’s true that by one measure, your astrology describes you containing your feelings and your thoughts, as if you’re alone. You are not alone, and more than that, you need the people around you and they need you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 30th, 2015 #1047 | By Eric Francis

You may be grasping for a strategy that you cannot wrap your hands around. In this and other ways, you may feel like you’re standing on ground that cannot really support you, either because it’s actually shaking or because you don’t trust it. You may feel like you have to put all your faith into something intangible. If I may reinterpret that: what you’re actually experiencing is the potential for change; the simple fact of movement and indeed progress. The expectation of a static universe, of situations and people not changing, is a formula for chaos. The more you expect things to stay the same, the more they will seem to be changing out of your control. The more you notice where you are now and notice the movement of energy, the more you’re likely to feel that you can guide your life and make decisions. The mere fact that decisions are possible speaks to the power of change. Add the factor of necessary risk and you have a formula for progress.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2015 #1046 | By Eric Francis

It would help if you believe the information you’re given, especially if you recognize that it’s associated with your personal evolution. Your charts suggest you might not recognize as true something that is indeed true, even though you have evidence to support it. One hint is that you’ve figured this out before, and it didn’t quite register. Now the pattern is easy to see. You don’t need to make the same mistake again, especially if it involves a relationship and what you’re learning and exploring there. You have by this time figured out there is some internal issue that’s preventing you from fully trusting this situation, or in truth, many others. It’s as if you can see this scenario as it is only when you don’t look directly at it. Now, however, a constellation is aligning that is allowing you to enter a direct dialog with this issue. One theme is whether you feel you can accurately express yourself. This in turn has a way of making you feel the only option is silence. But that’s not really a viable route; not now, anyway. The more
progressive way to go is to enter into a direct dialog with every taboo. Put the subject matter into words, whatever that takes. Strive for clarity day by day and please don’t be deterred by the small effort it can take to get there.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 16th, 2015 #1045 | By Eric Francis

True confidence comes from the inside. It’s also a misunderstood concept, taken to mean certainty or cockiness. It’s no such thing. Confidence means ‘with fidelity’, which is another way of saying with faith, or with trust. Seen that way, it’s based in uncertainty rather than a sense of knowing, but that can lead to a sublime kind of boldness that you would very much appreciate now. I suggest you work with this gently. Remember that confidence is something you build with experience rather than wait for; it’s a process of slowly figuring it out. As part of that experience, it helps if you don’t try to talk yourself out of anything, or make matters more complicated than they are. It’s also clear that the talent or skill you think you’re the least capable of is the one where you have the greatest gift. But I cannot convince you of that; you can, however, discover it if you want.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 9, 2015 #1044 | By Eric Francis

You may be seeking security and finding a form of chaos. It’s as if the more security you seek the more chaos you will find. You might change approaches and dance with the fact of a kaleidoscopic world, a world where everything influences everything else. Because that is true, this thing known as ‘meaning’ must always be seen in context, and given room to grow. That’s a hint that there is no absolute meaning to anything, but rather information to be gathered from how any one circumstance influences you now, and how you influence it. Humans have a tendency to want fixed definitions and permanent states, though definitions morph constantly and the state of the world is in a constant state of change. Where does that leave you? A little like a dancer moving to the music rather than the choreography. This is to say your life is more like the Barefoot Boogie and less like Swan Lake.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 2, 2015 #1043 | By Eric Francis

Guide yourself not by instinct but by intuition. Instinct is generally made of old programming; intuition is immediately relevant information that comes in fresh from moment to moment. Your role in the world is changing, from moment to moment, and it would be wise of you to keep up with the news. By role, I mean your calling, and your choice of how to respond. Over the next few days you may notice that an old concept of what you’re ‘supposed to do’ is replaced by a much newer idea. The place where you make a subtle pivot is on the level of taking leadership more seriously. The thing about leadership is that it’s an unusually compelling and necessary calling, and yet at the same time, anyone who is called and who answers must confront a degree of isolation and solitude, at least at first. Consider that you’re aware of necessities others cannot or choose not to perceive. You are responding to what would make others uneasy and insecure. That will not stop you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2015 #1042 | By Eric Francis

Have no illusions about the nature of the responsibility that is demanded of you. What is expected, mainly because you’re wanting it, is nothing other than drive, passion and a creative approach to existence. To do this, it’s essential that you motivate yourself every day and at all times. If you find someone around you saying, ‘let’s get going’, that means wake up and remember to stay three steps ahead of the game. You don’t need stability right now, even though you may crave that because it seems in such short supply. You need, I would propose, the excitement of connecting your entire existence to the purposes you aspire to. More than that, it’s essential that you connect all activity, every last thing that you do, to those same purposes. At your stage of development, nothing can be outside your core mission. Everything must be brought in, connected with, and understood as an element of the same thing, which is you. You still tend to think in the limited terms of security rather than the bold terms of how good your life would be if you dared and succeeded. But nobody else can, in truth, lead you to this place where you know you belong. Others can set examples — and then you can pick up on the rhythm and then take the lead.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 19, 2015 #1041 | By Eric Francis

You may think there is no way you can put what you’re thinking into words. However, when that happens you will discover they are rather effective, rich and useful words, and that all the effort was worth it. Well, not so much effort; actually the opposite thereof. What would help the most is to let your ideas flow, which might mean doing something different from the organized and structured approach you usually take to projects. Your chart is all about letting the colors run into one another and moving from there to some gradually-developing vision for what you want to create. This looks likely to morph into an actual beginning; your chart says you are headed into an unusually bold creative space, toward the center of your being. This alone will provide a balm for the restlessness and insecurity you’ve been feeling for quite some time now.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 12, 2015 #1040 | By Eric Francis

Whatever shook up your world over the past few days taught you something about the nature of your own insecurities. Play back that whole scenario day by day, scene by scene, and note what you believed on what day. Then notice how fast it all changed and became something else. It’s that process of ‘changing and becoming something else’ that I suggest you work with as a conscious process. It’s about to happen again in some provocative ways. There really is just one intervention, which is awareness. I know this is often proffered as the solution to everything, and so far nobody’s proven that it’s not true. The most effective awareness over the next few days will come in through your senses, particularly hearing. Reading and writing count for a lot right now as well. All factors seem poised to get you thinking and feeling on a level that most people avoid. Remember that if you get the opportunity to go there and then hesitate.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 5, 2015 #1039 | By Len Wallick

It is probably not apparent that the cosmos is grooming you for higher office. It’s about time you knew. All that you have persisted through is about more than just the survival you have salvaged. All that you’ve achieved transcends a need to dig yourself out of a hole or else. The progress you have made in not messing up has served more than just to keep you from getting dressed down. All those who have loved and supported you have in fact been serving the world. It’s been a tough climb for you, but you must admit you are now much stronger. You will need to get stronger yet, but to do so (and as strange as it may seem) you must lighten your load. In the event you are not doing so already, take an inventory of what you need to shed. — by Len Wallick

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 #1038 | By Len Wallick

Consider if you will how the quality of your life would improve if there were nothing to rage against. Allow yourself at least to imagine that there is no such thing as a dying of the light. Envision how surrender might conceivably be an authentic and genuine act of will. You have your reasons, all of which are worthy of respect. Even so, those same reasons are also worthy of examination. It’s not necessary to sustain adversaries, or darkness, or struggle. You have options. You have not come this far to deny yourself choices. Give yourself a chance to win, and you probably will. — by Len Wallick

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2015 #1037 | By Eric Francis

This month brings a sublime shift in the momentum of your life, which looks a little like this. Your emotional confidence is beginning to exceed the many changes you’ve had to make over the past few years. It’s as if you’re finally catching up with yourself. The whole journey of improving, repairing, renovating and healing can be a distraction from actually taking the chance and living in some way that you want to live. The process of constant adjustment, evolution and enforced changes can come with setbacks in confidence, or delays. Now your confidence begins to pull ahead of the work that you’ve done. This will facilitate your taking bigger risks, greater spontaneity and overall a greater sense of freedom. Looked at one way, you’re becoming your own inner leader rather than your own inner follower. You’ve been working up to this for a long time. There was likely some event in 2010 or early 2011 that sparked the process, though this kind of psychic or emotional momentum can take a while to gather. You’ve now reached a point where you can no longer live on the same emotional or intellectual scale that you had for many years before. You are pressing open from the inside. In the most ordinary terms, you have the feeling that you know who you are, though this is more than a hunch. We’re talking about actual confidence.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 #1036 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like something is bugging you but you don’t know what it is. You might be feeling upbeat and able to face the challenges of life, but there’s something that you cannot put into words that’s annoying you. The obvious solution? Try putting it into words. You might not be able to fit it into five words or a page, but if you do The Artist’s Way morning pages routine for a week or so, you will learn a lot. That means writing out three pages as early in the day as you can, and setting the pages aside. After about a week, read them over and see what you’ve got. It’s likely you will have figured out your little thing long before that, and will have discovered that it is, indeed, rather small. But it may give you a big clue to cultivating future happiness.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 #1035 | By Eric Francis

There may not be words for what you’re feeling, though you would benefit from finding ways to express it. One contradiction might be that your experience is too deep for words, or too beautiful, or too distant from them. That is the time to find the words, which you may be searching for. You may have the feeling that words will diminish the depth of what you’re feeling or reduce the beauty, or pain, or passion, to an object form. That is a superstition I suggest you challenge. There is something unusual that you seem ready to express, to relate and to communicate about. It’s not new, however — it’s something you’ve been thinking about, feeling and experiencing for years, and which has recently come into a new degree of focus. If you are searching for or struggling with words, I have a suggestion — pictures will help.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 #1034 | By Eric Francis

Planets are aligning in a way that says: express yourself. Speak, write, pick up the telephone, photograph, sketch. Your direction of travel is inward as well as outward. What you say to anyone you are saying to yourself. How you perceive anyone is a comment on your perception as much as it is on that seemingly separate entity. These thoughts and ideas and reflections you have about reality, which are really all about you, are of an especially rare kind over the next few days. I suggest you explore generously, and in a way that you can document. In other words, this is not so much about thinking or meditating but rather putting your thoughts and ideas into some form that you can see, feel and appreciate in the coming days, months and years. The discoveries you can make will be that good — and worth revisiting many times.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February, 2015 #1033 | By Eric Francis

The message of your chart seems to be: there is no value other than inherent worth. In other words, the notion of ‘secondary value’, such as, ‘this is useful, and it can be sold’, is (at least temporarily) out of the question. That idea would be revised to ‘this is useful’. Yet what we’re really talking about is your inherent worth, which in turn translates to your devotion to being alive. You’re being called inward, to respect your own inherent worth, as your most vital asset. Said another way, I’m talking about respect for existence, commencing with your existence. What’s so interesting about how this appears in your chart is how quickly that respect radiates out into your community. It’s not a secondary effect — it’s right at the origin of the idea. One of your reasons for being on Earth, I would propose, is to experience directly the way that you are integral to your community. It is not the same without you and you are not the same without it, because you are one and the same. Now, one possible sticking point is defining community. I would say: it is anything to which you are connected in an integral way. For that reason, I suggest you offer yourself, count yourself in, and understand the mutual nature of the relationship.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015 #1032 | By Eric Francis

Be careful with money, and slow down the implementation of your business plans. A short delay now will save long delays later in the year. Take the time to get it right, and to plan your timing carefully. I suggest that with anything of a financial nature — that is to say, involving outlay of cash, unusual use of credit, or new plans for income — go on pause until around Feb. 14. There are some things that may not be able to wait, though if you evaluate them carefully you may find a workaround. Unless there is some kind of absolute, inviolable deadline, explain to others that you’ll be ready to sign or have that paperwork in a few weeks. Where money and commitments are concerned, it pays to honor Mercury retrograde.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 #1031 | By Eric Francis

Take care of your home, and who and what you consider home. Keep the fire burning, which is to say, consciously and carefully tend the flame. If you have any questions about the way your life is going, consider that your devotion and attentiveness are the most potent force for your life. The image of the hearth is radiating from your charts; the symbolic one, and the one at the center of your domestic and spiritual life. It’s the source of heat and light, a space where you can prepare food to nourish your loved ones, and a space to gather. Do this consciously, from moment to moment and day to day, never assuming that it’s someone else’s job. You are the one with the understanding and the capability — that’s why it’s your role.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2015, #1030 | By Eric Francis

If you’ve been putting off decisions about money, you will soon know exactly what to do. Do your research and get your plan of action together. Consult any necessary advisors. There will be some matters you can attend to during the first week of the year. However, should there be any additional preparations necessary, I suggest that you wait until after Mercury stations direct on Feb. 11 to implement any actions. The more money is involved, the more important it is to wait out Mercury retrograde. This is less about superstition and more about allowing additional information to emerge. The nature of Mercury retrograde is to flush out hidden information. It’s also to find the weakness in the system; the two are often related. Meanwhile, the recent sign change of Saturn is encouraging you to tune into yourself for all of the information you need, on nearly any subject. No doubt you have plenty of data in your hands and will soon have more. In the end, the final check on any decision is your intuition. As the next few months progress, you may find yourself losing interest in what anyone thinks on any topic of actual importance to you. Pry yourself out of that every now and then and reality check with one or two people that you have come to trust over the years. The final call is always yours.

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