Rapid Transit

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With Venus entering Sagittarius Wednesday and Mercury slowing down to retrograde Jan. 5, Len Wallick explains how you might want to prioritize conscience over intellect for the next four weeks or so — especially when you need to make a quick decision.

Getting from one place to another quickly is imperative for many at this time of year. After all, less time in transit means more time to enjoy a brief holiday respite with friends or family. That’s one way Venus is probably correlating with some of your own life right now.


Even if you are not among the tens of millions on the road or in the air recently, it’s very possible you might feel as though you have been. The world itself is moving rapidly.

Venus itself is currently moving around the zodiac circle at a relatively brisk pace, and getting faster by the day. Its ingress to Sagittarius Wednesday represents the second sign change for Venus this month.

It was only about three and a half weeks ago, on Dec. 5, when Venus plunged into fixed, watery Scorpio. Fittingly, a lot of emotional moments (a water sign thing) have presented themselves in rapid succession

There has been a lot of enthusiasm (an emotional mindset that often corresponds with Venus), which some have indulged (an activity related to Venus) in full. By the same token, many have felt it necessary to resist getting carried away (a fixed sign thing). Yet others have been compelled to simply endure (another fixed sign correlation) one form of trial or another during the rapid transit of Venus through Scorpio.

Venus in Sagittarius (from Wednesday until Jan. 23) will implicitly be a whirlwind tour as well, but another sort of trip entirely. Instead of a predominantly emotional background to the abundant values and receptive virtues of Venus, you will probably find yourself being more instinctively proficient than usual.

Given how Sagittarius is ruled by magnanimous Jupiter, the instinct that distinguishes between right and wrong (conscience) is likely to be especially sharp. When you add in the fact that Mercury will be retrograde from Jan. 5 to Jan. 25, you might even want to prioritize conscience over intellect for the next four weeks or so — especially when you need to make a quick decision.

Indeed, Venus will soon be moving faster than Mercury (which is slowing down on the way to turning around). All the more reason to default towards doing what’s right. By way of determining what’s right, of course, you will want and need to take others into account, in addition to your own interests.

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Stage One of Vision Quest — the written readings for all 12 signs — will be released in a couple days! Order all 12 signs here, or individual signs here.

As a matter of fact, when you consider the spiritual associations often to attributed to Sagittarius, the term “enlightened self-interest” could come to be more understandable and vital for you than ever.

In order to practice enlightened self-interest in the environment implied by Venus in Sagittarius, be constantly mindful of how your actions, words, even thoughts might conceivably boomerang right back at you rather promptly. Then, make your choices with the assumption that such a rapid return on your ‘investments’ in the world are indeed probable.

At least one thing is for certain. Venus will not be in Sagittarius for very long. If you want, you can simply choose to go on living your life without any consideration for either the perils or potentials of its rapid passage. You could simply allow things to happen to you with the assurance that “this, too, shall pass.”

But consider the extent to which you might be able to to expand, open and pioneer new vistas of conscientious interaction with the world. Why would you simply want to stand by when you will implicitly be able to get from one place to another in your life with such effect?

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Len Wallick

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

7 thoughts on “Rapid Transit

  1. Barbara Koehler

    I’ll remember that Len; conscience over intellect, and as well, being mindful of actions, words and thoughts that might boomerang while Venus is in Sagittarius. Reminds me of an old expression astrologers used back in the 70’s regarding Sagittarius, “open mouth, insert foot”. Worked for Jupiter too!

    As to the rapidity of Venus in Sagittarius this time ’round, it works with everything else that has been ripping right along; more so than the usual hectic holiday pace. I mean, all the time! Remembering those three conjunctions she made with Jupiter this year puts me in mind of some excessive indulgence that will need to be addressed, at least in some cases, by January 18th when Venus squares Jupiter and the nodes. Like all the rest of them, even Jupiter, when in Virgo, is the critic. Fortunately it won’t last long.

    However, her conjunction with Saturn on January 8th right on the U.S. (Sibly version) natal chart’s ascendant shows excellent timing, bringing a little cheer to the gloomy scene. I recall that the 2nd conjunction she made with Jupiter last summer coincided with her square to Saturn. Might she be bringing him some good vibes regarding that difficult period in August?

    Anyway you slice it, Venus will be focusing on the big picture while in Sagittarius and your advice to consider others as well as yourself would be wise right up to her last degree in Sagittarius because that’s when Jupiter will be exactly conjunct the transiting North Node and the U.S. Sibly Neptune I expect some great returns from that investment. Happy New Year to all.

  2. aWord

    Well and as the old year rapidly becomes the new, “pioneer(ing) new vistas of conscientious interaction with the world” sounds appetizing to me, Len. It doesn’t seem possible to slow this trip down, although sense of time is warped beyond recognition (perhaps that is warp speed), it seems to me it will indeed to useful to experience Venus tripping through Sagg this next month.
    Cheer too, sounds appetizing, Be.
    um, well then…..Cheers!

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      I wish it was possible to leap back a few decades and a few centuries, retaining my current perception of time, to see if time has always felt like it is speeding up as people age — or whether we really are living in accelerated times…

      1. Barbara Koehler

        Just wait a few more decades Amanda and you will be leaping back automatically! Seriously, if you are young, time doesn’t seem so speeded up since you have nothing to compare it to. I can tell you that if you were without things like a computer or even a television, let alone texting, that time would slow down perceptibly.

        On the other hand if we went back a few centuries we wouldn’t even be alive past 50, so maybe it is all just relative. Still, channelers tell us that time travel is common beyond the 5th dimension. All in due time.

        1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

          Well, be, I know 41 is not “old,” but I’m definitely not 20 anymore. ;) And I have not owned a TV in more than 9 years, and have been resisting the whole cell-phone-texting thing like a true Luddite. And still, even with those aids to slowing down time, it feels like it’s flying these days. Of course, I am on the Internet all day thanks to working for PW — so maybe that’s partly all it takes these days?

          And the thought that, centuries ago, I might only have another decade left is a sobering one. Wow — in that context, I *would* be “old” right now. Bizarre.

          1. Barbara Koehler

            Good for you Amanda re: cell phone texting resistance AND no TV! Maybe it’s not so much that our time is speeding up as it is there is no time to spare anymore. Way too much time to do and not enough time to don’t.

            Better times are coming if we can just survive the next year, and I’m sure we can. Happy New Year to you and all at PW.

    2. Barbara Koehler

      aword, I too feel that “sense of time is warped beyond recognition”. Yesterday I blamed it on the Sun sextile Neptune cuz it was kinda scary, like loosing your balance temporarily. However, I’ve somewhat retreated from the “Real World”, creating a whole nuther world where there is no (record of) Time, or at least no adherence to it.

      Maybe it’s just an Old People kind of thing, but I hate being pushed to keep up with everything. Now I pick and choose but mostly avoid what the Real World has to offer (or tempt) one. It’s a luxury I could not have afforded 3 or 4 decades ago. Now I function as I “feel” I should and wait for the angels to point me in the next “right” direction, as they do from time to time.

      Being untethered is not necessarily a bad thing but does require an adjustment period. :)

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