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Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In this week’s edition, I cover the Cancer ingress of the Sun, also called the northern solstice. I talk a bit more about Mercury square Neptune, which is exact Tuesday, and the last three months of Saturn in Scorpio. If you would like to take my class Saturday, please visit this link.

In this week’s edition, I cover the Cancer ingress of the Sun, also called the northern solstice. I talk a bit more about Mercury square Neptune, which is exact Tuesday, and the last three months of Saturn in Scorpio. If you would like to take my class Saturday, please visit this link.

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  1. Amy Elliott

    So I got curious and looked up the chart for Sun con Mars, which was indeed June 14th, at 11:56 EDT. The conjunction (23+ GE) formed almost exactly semi-square Venus (08+ LE) and sesquiquadrate Ceres (08+ AQ), the two goddesses being opposite one another.

    Sun-Mars in Gemini is pretty much about giving a boost to the mental processes, something we need in this time of extended fog (which Eric also discussed). Venus and Ceres’ involvement would seem to imply a discovery about what makes you stand out, and how this relates to your feelings about love, sex, beauty and/or refinement. What role do you choose to play, and why?

  2. Amy Callahan

    yeah, this mercury retrograde has been fine for me, unlike the one in february where i went careening through my so-called academic career and tied up quite a few loose ends. the transiting mercury-neptune square is in a grand cross with my natal mercury-neptune square, plus 23+ Gem is my ascendant. the universe is being very familiar. i getting a lot of organizing done. i’m considering getting rid of all my books save 8, although i would probably regret that, so i won’t.

    all my immediate (as in growing-up) family have activity at around 8 Leo-Aq. so, naturally, i’m used to bowing right the heck out of that one…. they make it so easy…. i’m interested in Venus as a peer (i mean female peer) and Ceres as older and need-attuned. as to which one i’m more likely to take on, hmmmm that’s a toughie. they are selling a former orchid greenhouse nearby w house for a really reasonable price — it probably takes a lot of resources and know-how to run the place. i’m not actually in the market i’m just bored so i notice these things. i’m wondering if the greenhouse is the expression of the Venus-Ceres opposition. and then, a metaphor for these family types. well. sheesh. a little more than a little mars antagonisms playing around in the background of all of it too! i think this little property wants to hold on to the odd past than sell to an odd buyer. very Saturnian, Aquarius style. still working on the McLuhan interviews. i never jumped for “Global Village” but “Global Theater” is really easy to see in the world nowadays. i’m usually a little more dystopian in my thinking so it’s refreshing. I’ve never read a McLuhan book only one of those For Beginners philosophy comic books- actually why do we need to read these tomes when we’ve got philosophy comic books (not that they really caught on that much)- that’s what i’ve been wondering all these years.

  3. LizzyLizzy

    Some of the deepest scariest stuff has hit again since Saturn has returned to Scorpio (where are those smelling salts?). Hoping for some relief when the Sun moves into Cancer.
    Thanks for the wonderful video, Eric. PW TV rocks!

  4. April Sun

    Love the video format ! It is much more “personal” as approach, I think. It would be great to have more learning seminars in a video conference format. Go on spreading the astrology knowledge, Eric! Thumbs up!

  5. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Thanks Eric. I think i am redy for the change in season. I have Natal North Node at 0+ Cancer at the top of my chart on the cusp of the 10th house. I haven’t quite figured that one out. Would love to have your, or any other’s, offer your experience, or insight into this positioning.

    I am thankful for this Gemini retrograde. I noticed having Mars and the Sun follow through seemed to illuminate and move the mental processing through when they met and passed. It will be interesting to experience Mercury’s forward motion as a culmination to this passage through what has felt like the call to rise in these very liberating degrees.

    As you say i feeling the Mars SQUARE Neptune aspect which has been a slippery one to nail down, but mentally feel i am on the cusp of figuring that out. I think it may have something to do with Jupiter and Juno and how they are leading us forward towards wholeness in partnership. With awareness, i am finding what that may personally offer me, when aligned and applying my new thinking.

    Lizzy: uhg..feeling the same. As soon as Saturn slide back into Scorpio, my 2nd house, a bit of anxiety around money issues, and security, began to crop up. But don’t let it overtake us. It is our chance to show ourselfs and really know the true value of our inner self worth. And i believe this test is leading us, to acknowledge it is different than the norm of the past, and what society (has forever) placed value on, or dictates. Be strong’ and proud, cause you are a very bright star! ;)

    1. Amanda MorenoAmanda Moreno

      Hahaha… I just had to laugh because every time I’ve tried to write “Mercury square Neptune” I’ve been writing “Mars square Neptune” instead, so as I read your post I was like… “wait…shit…which one is it?” Seems appropriate.

  6. LizzyLizzy

    Ah… you’re such a love, dear P. Sophia! Your words come just at the right time – and your solidarity is so soothing too. I recognized what’s happening , just now in my Tai chi- Qi gong class. when the anxious mind finally let go – and I began to breathe, after testing times at work these days. Saturn in Scorpio brought up such deep feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, and it was such a relief when it pissed off into Sagittarius. Now that stuff has come and hit me hard again. But you’re right, this time round we’re stronger and more aware… Keep up the good work my dear – and thank you!.

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