Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, June 19, 2016


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Today’s Oracle takes us to the Capricorn weekly for March 28, 2008.


At the core of every human being is a well of sorrow, yet this is the water that nourishes life. You are learning to make contact with your own sadness, your own sense of loss and most of all, the fact that the time span of every human life and every human relationship is limited. This is the mark of true maturity; of true humility; and from this viewpoint, it is possible to embrace your existence and your relationships consciously. If you are wondering why you suddenly have more to offer the people around you, why you are feeling more generous, and why you take your own needs less seriously, I would propose that it’s the result of some deep and unusual growth. Existence is indeed fragile, and to the extent a human being can express any strength at all, it’s often the result of embracing the delicacy we all share.

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3 thoughts on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, June 19, 2016

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Well I disagree. I think life’s a chuckling challenge particularly if you’re full of vim and vigour – like Tigger in one of those Disnaceous jungle books. Don’t take no wooden tickles, that’s my advice, Pinocchio. And don’t go to no disco where the music is played by DJ Trump, he’s a frump. Come on now, everybody … be B-O-U-N-C-E-Y like BeyoncĂ©.

    Whaddya mean you’re hitting the lid of the coffin? I told you not to fall asleep in the middle of the funeral.

    OK. Everybody get ready for the Resurrection Shuffle.

  2. Lizzy

    Have been feeling fragility/grief/sadness pretty intensely in these days, and after almost a week away from the Internet found this lovely Oracle, and Amanda P’s wonderful piece (and crab photo!), and was greatly comforted and uplifted. Thank you! xxx

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