Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aquarius weekly for Oct. 19, 2012


Is there a mystery to success? There certainly seems so. Intelligence, a good plan and hard work are sometimes enough, though often there’s a necessary missing factor. I suggest you contemplate what that factor might be over the next few days, as the Sun gets ready to cross the midheaven of your solar chart. There is an answer to the riddle, and it’s pretty easy. It will be a lot more meaningful coming from you than from me, so I’m going to wait a week before telling you my theory. I will give you a clue, though — it involves something about the supposedly inherent nature of your zodiac sign, perhaps the quality most often noted by astrologers. Meanwhile, you seem to be confronting some issues about whether you’re a ‘popular’ person or not. There’s some actual fear involved in this equation, and I suggest you keep the discussion with yourself on that level, rather than the popularity level. It’s clear, though, that if you’re in harmony with yourself, others will feel much more in harmony with you — or you will simply move on when they are not.

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