Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, April 6, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Pisces monthly for April 8, 2008


The time has come to push the boundaries of purity. You’re under several influences urging you to play an extremely clean game, and to express yourself in only the most refined ways. It’s like you feel you owe it to the world to be nothing but a perfectly efficient blue flame. There are advantages to this, true. But at the moment, you may need to be something else, or to take that focused ray of fire and set that torch wherever you feel it needs to go. Remember, this is not something you owe anyone. The only debt you have is to yourself, and it’s just about paid off. Right about now, your life starts to be about reaping the profits of existence, and making choices that remind you how authentic you are. This is to say, forget purity and do what you want.

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One thought on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, April 6, 2015

  1. marie hawthorne

    Dear Oracle

    My favourite technology – paper. or is it technologies? oil pastels and paper? or is it just what i can do with the technologies that i cant easily achieve without them? or perhaps the aqueduct, just because it was formed out of such a brilliant idea? or percussion instruments – dried skins over hollow containers? a hollow container with strings? two sticks and a piece of wood? the technologies of my kitchen rituals? pestle and mortar, calabash, knives and chopping boards, wooden spoons and mixing bowls, and a fire-making mechanism/devices at the centre? as has been said many times, many ways, ‘enough is enough – always’; so why would i want more [technology] than i need? and does technology do things independently of how people do things with technologies?

    Of the many memories that arose re 1996 the one that surprised me the most was my decision that i would know i liked myself when i had an electric dishwasher. it took me a few years but i got there in the end. i don’t have one now, but there was a time when it made a difference to the daily round, saving labour [mine], but i liked it most because it hid the washing-up from sight until i was ready to deal with it. my piece of kitchen equipment dedicated to clear-space keeping to enhance kitchen creativity (and maintain efficiency).

    Out of the eclipse my internal world is feeling like the shed, attic and basement all opened up at the same time. And i’m practicing ‘patience’ with all the questions that are coming up, taking notes, and remembering that finding and forming the questions is often the hardest part. Keeping company with a two-year old has been very helpful.

    While i’m here…two lines in a newspaper yesterday put together for me the link between two ‘aspects of being’ that have at various times on the road have been in the ‘obsessional’ category. Apparently it was in the aftermath of the Morant Bay ‘uprising’ (Jamaica – as British colony) 150 years ago this year that the first ‘national’ public education system was established.

    The event was the consequence of the pressures to pay taxes to the British crown that were being put on the then recently ‘freed’ slaves, as the crown attempted to extract revenue from the colony to support the financing of the independence wars being waged in ‘American’ colonies. As well as some personal ancestral material i’m reading this as Neptune and Uranus/Pluto uprooting and dissolving illusions of separateness and a reminder of how partial (illusory, mythic, fictive, fictional) are the ‘histories’ we have been given.

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