Pisces 2016

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Moonshine Horoscope for Capricorn New Moon #1132 | By Len Wallick Don’t settle for less, especially from yourself. You don’t need to compensate for any deficiencies, because you don’t have any that pertain to what you are doing now. If for some reason you are tempted to over-correct or otherwise jump the proverbial shark, just […]

Moonshine Horoscope for Capricorn New Moon #1132 | By Len Wallick

Don’t settle for less, especially from yourself. You don’t need to compensate for any deficiencies, because you don’t have any that pertain to what you are doing now. If for some reason you are tempted to over-correct or otherwise jump the proverbial shark, just ask your friends if they think you can handle what you have taken on. Even though it may come as a surprise, it’s a reasonable bet that everybody who knows you well can discern that you are equal to finishing what you have started, in finer form than you had allowed yourself to even dream of. The reason some people sometimes fail on the verge of success is because they never let themselves believe they could get so far. You were born to follow through and take those last few steps up to the top of the mountain. And that mountain would have chosen you had you not the balls to choose it first. Everybody else can see that. Time for you to see it too.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 26, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Don’t fret that the world seems to be such a mess. It is, though what you’re witnessing is part of a necessary transition that was going to happen one way or another. You have your role in the process. Indeed you are intimately linked, both spiritually and structurally, to this next phase of developments. You have your purpose; now you need only to focus on making it work for you. Over the next few weeks you’ll have some opportunities to consider your sources of professional income. You might start with an assessment of where your financial support has come from in the past year. You will see some patterns, and you’ll be able to develop the ones that are working. Here’s the one thing you need to remember when considering your professional options. As a Pisces, your work must be spiritually compatible with who you are. You cannot go against your deepest values. Seen one way, that narrows your possibilities. Seen another, it vastly expands them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 19, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Desire is controversial. Merely allowing yourself to explore the idea of freedom, by which I mean freedom to feel, can provoke others. Yet you’re reaching for this like a plant’s leaves reach for sunlight, and like its roots reach for water. There’s no changing this fact about you, certainly not now. And it’s not as easy a path as many people make it out to be, because the freedom to feel implies taking responsibility for what you feel. And that, in turn, implies making choices and taking responsibility for them. Only you can determine what is right for you, and in the end, others may have little say as you respond to the truth of your heart. Do not be deceived by those committed to deception. Just remind yourself that you’re on your own journey, which will take you deeper into your healing process, your self-awareness and your creative passion. Go boldly.

Moonshine Horoscope for Gemini Full Moon #1130 | By Len Wallick

The world, if not the cosmos itself, is just as or more likely to be your oyster, socially speaking, compared to nearly anybody else right now. To maximize the probability of being a favored child of the schmooze universe, you must first know when to call it a day as regards to your work. Busy though you may be, you have a metaphorical wave to catch — and you won’t be able to do that unless you first go to the allegorical beach. In your case, the beach will be anyplace people are gathered for purposes that have nothing to do with productivity, achievement or status. Therefore, after an appropriately attenuated day at the office, give yourself a temporary break from following up with another form of drudgery. Hang out and let the good times roll.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 12, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You must bring all of your assets to whatever you’re doing. This includes your skills and your talents; what you’ve learned from negative experiences; and what you consider weaknesses as well as your strengths. Making your way in the world depends on bringing all of who you are to the challenges of your life. The more honest with yourself you are, the more confident you will be. The more you try to hide, the less confident you will be. In this way, you can turn any seeming debility to your advantage. The very best way to handle insecurities is to challenge them directly. Do the thing you’re the most afraid of. Speak to the person who makes you nervous. Take charge in a situation that you know needs to be sorted out and made right. One step will lead to another. With each mistake, you will learn how to get it right, and how to spot similar issues in advance.

Short Monthly Horoscope for December 2016, #1129 | By Eric Francis

You have excellent ideas and others have the means to make them real. This could result in a brilliant collaboration, and cultivating this will be worth your time and thought. Refine your presentation to something clear, beautiful and a bit idealistic. Show that you’re capable of managing your affairs, and that you make wise use of your resources. Treat everyone as a potential business partner, without saying a word about it to them at first. There are people who are more excited about your talent than you are. Pay careful attention and you’ll know them when you see them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 5, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You must make your definition of success. Once you do, you’ll know what you must do to get there. Make sure you have a definition that encompasses not just financial success (which is actually the easiest kind to attain), but things like peace of mind, and your ability to bring your true being into your work. Until you get there, I suggest you define success as covering the basic necessities of life, of art and of business. Do you have space to live and work? Do you have food to eat, and to feed your kids and critters? Do you have water for washing, drinking and tea? Do you have an internet connection? Can you get through the day? If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve made the top 10% of the human condition. Now, play your advantages. Use your ideas, your wits, your commitment and, most of all, your time.

Moonshine Horoscope for Sagittarius New Moon #1128 | By Len Wallick

What you’ve lived through is not unknown. There is no question about that. What is subject to examination is how busy you’ve been, especially over the last decade and a half. Time to catch up. If you can, dig out some photos taken of you back in the 20th century. Tell those images about who you are now, and imagine what they would say in reply.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 28, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

In the solar chart of a Pisces, Sagittarius is the sign of achievement, notoriety and success. Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter with his arrow pointed at its mark. Alternately, it’s the sign of Chiron the centaur, the morph of human and horse, whose distinction is to be the greatest teacher and mentor in all of Greek mythology. Once you tap into this fiery Sagittarian quality in yourself, you will connect with the experience of drive, intention and wholesome ambition like you’ve never felt it before. It’s funny, though; you never read about this in any description of Pisces; at least I never have. Tuesday there is a stunning New Moon in this area of your chart. This represents the beginning of a new cycle of achievement and success. Saturn, the planet of discipline and self-mastery, has been here for more than a year, opening the way. Keep your focus. Keep doing what you know to be right. Do not worry about what others are doing, or compare yourself to them. A revelation is at hand.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2016, #1127 | By Eric Francis

The coming year is the last full year of Chiron in your birth sign. That journey began in April 2010, and represents a series of initiations that you’ve been through. You are no longer an aspirant. You’ve had little choice other than to rise to the occasion of whatever Chiron has offered. This complex little planet has many facets; here are three of them. Perhaps the very essence of Chiron is training your ability to turn what has harmed you in the past into a source of strength and wisdom today. Talents and healing gifts can collect around these injured places, which can have a way of transforming your life and your sense of purpose. Second, Chiron has taught you that it’s necessary for you to be as different as you are. Continue the process of burning off any awkwardness or uncertainty about this. You simply must stand out and be who you actually are, even if there seems to be a price to pay for that. Last, perhaps the least acknowledged theme of Chiron, is that of mentorship. This is a form of teaching where the flame of knowledge and power is passed directly from one person to another. Note the few people in your life who have stayed with you through this journey. Note as well your own state of devotion to those who seek out your leadership and guidance one-on-one. You teach what you most need to learn.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 21, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Put your wheels on the ground, sit down in the driver’s seat and point yourself in the direction you want to go. Take leadership of your life and make the decisions you need to make. Don’t talk about it: begin taking steps, and get it done. You must aim your sights high, though. Draw upon the objectives and goals that you hold most dear, and select three of them that support one another. Do not waste time wondering whether you’re taken seriously. You are. Do not waste time with others who do not take themselves seriously; they are not your problem. Of all the signs, Pisces is the one that has the greatest blessing of aspiration. You also have a wide perspective, which can sometimes get in your way, because you know that everything is possible and that on one level, all things are equal. Now, indulge yourself in the art of setting priorities, and aligning yourself with specific goals that you allow to be more relevant than others. Then give it everything you’ve got.

Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 17, 2016, #1126 | By Amy Elliott

You need to banish any idea that the tranquility or the loving interactions you long for are somehow out of reach for you. If that trope is hanging around, it’s likely due to some early imposition by someone who should have known better. Really, you know well enough that when you receive kindness or affection you can trust its authenticity. You probably have far more well-wishers than you’re aware of. Be open to that idea; be utterly sincere and candid in your treatment of others; and continue to practice your unique brand of boundless goodwill.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 14, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are letting go of some old ideas about yourself, ideas that don’t work for you. Some could be called delusions, and others could be called illusions. Some were lies you were told about yourself and others are ones you made up. They’re all the same thing; pull the plug and drain the pool. A lot is said in supposed spiritual circles about how the past no longer exists and it’s an illusion and all that. If that’s true, how come the world is drowning in its own history? Why ever that may be, you can allow and cooperate with releasing your own history. Your desire and your willingness to do so are the catalysts. Then you must align yourself with the process at the same time you take concrete steps forward. You must be bold because this is a bold moment, and you are being summoned to leadership.

Short Monthly Horoscope for November 2016, #1125 | By Eric Francis

This year has been about making real gains on the career front. You’ve set your mind to this task, you’re committed and you’re making progress. Yet as a great poet once wrote, “Without love in the dream, it will never come true.” You want your dreams to come true, so include the people you care about in your aspirations. Get their views, involve them, and honor your collaborators like the vital life partners that they are. There’s something special in the air, a sense of abundance that is activated through mutual agreement. Take as your motto, “Let’s do something brilliant, together.”

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 7, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have an opening to take charge and make some significant professional strides. There are two parts to this process: how you feel inwardly, and what you do externally, and the order in which you take them. Start from the feeling, and only do what you truly feel aligned with. Then make your moves carefully, one by one. Choose selectively, and pay attention to what you do first. Preparation is essential, while you have the chance. While you’re busy doing this, you may notice that things seem to happen unrelated to what you’re doing: that you get results on projects started long ago or investments of effort that you forgot you made. In fact, you would be wise to consider projects you started and made progress on, and dust some of them off. The time has come for at least one of them to come to fruition.

Moonshine Horoscope for Scorpio New Moon, #1124 | By Len Wallick

Consider the term ‘quantum leap’. In essence, that often-used but less-often-understood phrase alludes to how electrons evidently move from one energy level to another without ever being in between. Pertinent astrological indicators imply that there is some sort of quantum leap in store for you when it comes to whatever you are trying to create or otherwise manifest at this time. But it almost certainly won’t happen by itself. You will need to participate. The good news is that your part will be simple. In essence, keep practicing consistently, and have faith that no effort will be wasted. If you can do just that, you will hasten the day when you wake up to find that you have suddenly left one metaphorical plateau behind for another one with a much nicer view

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 31, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

With the New Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in rare form, the world is leaning in your favor; the boughs with the fruit are reaching down to you. Now, you must reach back, by reaching for what you want and being willing to receive it. Some say that life is about fate; for you, life is about faith, though faith in the unseen must be met by your own choices and intention expressed as action. One thing that would help you significantly is to stop seeking approval. Rather, be a true artist and do what you are moved to do, because it’s the thing to do. Rather than those who approve of you, consider carefully with whom you might collaborate. Get the conversation going, and shift the discussion into some form of reality as soon as you can. This is not about pushing the river; rather, it’s about conducting real-time experiments and determining what works and what does not work. Needless to say, respond appropriately to that information.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2016, #1123 | By Eric Francis

You may have noticed that you have more traction than usual: you’re getting things done. You have respect and self-respect. Now it’s time to expand your mission. The past few years of Chiron in your sign (actually, back to 2010) have been a time of profound introspection, dealing with your insecurities and taking care of your healing agenda. The majority of that work is behind you. You have a better sense of who you are than at any time in the past (and you knew pretty well as a kid). I suggest you count those gains for what they are, and embrace the confidence that is available to you. A greater sense of purpose is calling you, though it’s vital that you take this on more than the generic level. Reflect carefully and get clear about what you want to accomplish. Then, without hesitating, move forward and let nothing stop you. The conditions of your chart are supporting you many different ways. The more you step up to the challenge, the more support you will feel and be able to take on board. In a world that is running out of control and that in many ways seems utterly insane, it’s easy to miss the fact that you have actual worthwhile ideas, and the ability to carry them out. Remind yourself every day.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 24, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

While you’re taking care of day-to-day business, keep some focus on your medium- and long-range plans. If you don’t have plans, come up with some ideas. You need a vision that you can grow into — one that’s either not limited by your current commitments, or which extends them to a totally new place. Then, it’ll help if you act on your ideas as soon as possible. Take some tangible step in the direction that you want to go. If you experience any resistance, keep going, a little each day if necessary. One of the themes of your chart for the foreseeable future is leadership, and the most important form of that is self-leadership. Think of this as a series of commitments that you make to yourself, and then you fulfill them. And keep going.

Weekly Horoscope for Oct. 20, 2016, #1122 | By Amy Elliott

Don’t get too distracted or lose sight of the inspiration you’ve had. I realize that in today’s environment this is easier said than done. However, it would probably be useful just now to ensure that you follow through with commitments as well as you can. There will be plenty of time to explore all the fascinating side paths you’re presently noticing, as long as you take steps not to get lost in them. Your long-term plan is much too important for you to get waylaid. I suggest you keep your notes in order and muster your powers of concentration.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 17, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Your astrology continues to be high-impact; that is, your impact on the world around you. You have a lot of responsibility focused on you. It’s therefore vital that you maintain your spin control. You are visible, even if you’re not a public person. Your example is being taken as a form of leadership even if you don’t say a word. It may seem that with so much going on, you must neglect something — though I propose you take a different approach. Know your priorities, and invest in all of them, but give your top-ranked agenda items more energy. Make sure that among those items on top of your list include things that are for work, and things entirely for pleasure. Most importantly, make sure that every day you make some investment in the future. It might be jotting down a thought, expanding an idea, reading about something you want to do, or making contacts in a new field of interest. We live in wildly unbalanced times. Respond by maintaining a balance and, as the saying goes in the game Monopoly, building evenly.

Moonshine Horoscope for Aries Full Moon, #1121 | By Len Wallick

You have the ability at this moment to expand your sphere of influence exponentially, and to take a big step forward in your personal journey. Do not underestimate the authority others may invest in you, or the potency of your example. Therefore, be gentle during every encounter. Offer encouragement generously, and validate those who have earned it. Above all, act as responsibly as if you are truly in the public eye. Nobody is perfect — and you may be well aware of your imperfections — but you also know you have a vision for your growth. How you handle yourself in the coming weeks could actually illuminate the way for people you may never meet.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 10, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Pluck up every drop of your confidence and get ready to meet the world. The laid-back, ‘whatever happens’ attitude of Pisces is officially retired. You’re discovering that you’re a person of considerable determination and ambition. You’re discovering that you have ideas and plans and that it’s time to put them into action. That time is not in the future. It’s now. You must make friends with your own power, and with people you perceive to be powerful, without compromising your integrity. What that means is being a whole person, and being who you are, all the time, in every circumstance. Not everyone will like that, though it’s not actually your problem. If you cut through the fog and bullshit, which you seem to be doing brilliantly, you will connect with the people who want to work with you, who can help you and to whom you can be an asset and a resource. This is a moment of forming bonds and partnerships that can last a lifetime. Yet that comes from one quality only, which is being real.

Short Monthly Horoscope for October 2016, #1120 | By Eric Francis

Life is about an exchange. Trees absorb what humans exhale, and turn it into wood. Dogs and people have followed one another around for tens of thousands of years, to great mutual benefit. Cats protect our food supplies by eating the vermin that threaten our health. Your existence is now the very model of this quality, which is called symbiosis. Your relationships have the potential to be mutually profitable, more so than ever. Offer yourself fully to them, and accept and embrace the gifts that the people around you are offering. This is a rare moment that will nourish you for many years.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 3, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s time to make your presence known: to announce your existence and your ideas to whom it may concern or, for that matter, to whom it may not concern. You’ve certainly not been lying idle these past seasons, but you would benefit from being considerably more assertive about what you’re doing. By that I mean to the public, whatever you consider that to be: beyond your immediate circle of friends and clients. Do not be in any way daunted by naysayers, complainers or those who judge. It’s easy for you to take people’s negativity on board. That’s their problem, not yours. Assert who you are and what you do. Consciously seek out collaborators; people who helped you in the past may be available to help you again. Those who may have had less interest in the past may take an active interest now. This is one of those times in your life when it’s really worth having another try at things you wanted to do but could not quite break through.

Moonshine Horoscope for Libra New Moon, #1119 | By Len Wallick

It is in some way likely that your interactions with the world at this time are taking place in an environment that favors your natural talents and tendencies. You might even have found a very supportive and productive niche for the time being. If that’s not how life is working out for you now, it could very well be that one or two relatively small adaptations on your part would turn things around and put you in hog heaven. The best sources of information regarding what adjustments would work best to promote your good fortune are people who have known you for a long while, rather than recent acquaintances. Be proactive and ask any and all such confidantes about what you should do to thrive, rather than just survive, where you currently live, work and play.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 26, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The past month or so has presented some significant challenges in your relationships. There have been great moments of promise, which have been interlaced with misunderstandings. Yet you must admit that the ground beneath you has shifted in a positive and helpful direction, thanks in part to your recent intimate encounters. What it will help to remember is that relationships and partnerships of all kinds are built on common values, desires and interests. Yes, to some extent, opposites attract — though there’s only so far that goes; even opposition contains elements of mutual contact that make it workable. It’s essential now that you spend time with the people around whom you feel good. Though it’s easy to build relationships on commitment, obligation and continuity with the past, you’re beyond the point where you can accept anyone in your life besides those you know and feel in your heart you want, and to whom you are willing to offer yourself.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for October 2016, #1118 | By Eric Francis

You must be discerning about your ideas, your talents and your possessions. It’s true that you’re in a time of changing fortunes, and you don’t really know what each day will bring. Yet you have plenty to work with. Even so, you need to sift through your resources carefully and select the gems. Regarding your talents: it’s time to get an understanding of both what is worth the most — that is, what you can get paid for, which also aligns the most closely with your values — and what gives you the most pleasure. There are all kinds of things you can do, and might do, though it’s now necessary that you have a better match than ever before. When you come into that alignment, you will notice that others respond by coming into harmony with you. But, as every musician must tune his or her instrument to be in tune with the orchestra, you must maintain focus on yourself, which means feeling and listening to the notes that you play. To use another musical metaphor, there’s a big difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic one. An electric instrument can express more sounds with less effort, and tap into the power grid to shake the stadium or wake your neighbors. That’s the instrument you’re playing right now. Therefore, slow down, center yourself and allow the music (and art, money, love and sex) to flow through you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 19, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s up to you to set a positive tone in your relationships. More than anything that includes leaving the past behind. Humanity is in the unfortunate state of seeming to drown in its own karma. Many people cannot seem to get out of the past long enough to catch a glimpse of the light of day. You cannot allow this to dictate the course of your life, or of your relationships. Yet this is not a matter of wishful thinking, of hope, or of optimism. Rather, it’s about calling yourself to be fully present and maintaining your awareness of the present. Along the way, you must let go of many insults and injuries that have been cast about, which date back as long and as far as you remember. If you can do this for a little while, the return of happiness, shared space and productivity will demonstrate that it’s the best way to live.

Pisces Full Moon Moonshine for Sept. 15, 2016, #1117 | By Len Wallick

Cutting corners does not become you. Show good faith and others will be faithful in kind. Neither is it necessary for you to be menacing or intimidating, especially given how formidable and impressive you already are. You have nothing to prove. Instead, you are a living proof. Just be who you are with those you love. Just be who you are with those you feel safe with. That will be enough to sweep others off their feet in devotion, and eliminate any need to bring others to their knees in defeat. Yes, you may have been hurt by the untrustworthy in your past, but that does not mean you should abandon trust altogether. If others know you have their back, there is nothing they will not do to protect yours.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 12, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week Jupiter moves into Libra, your 8th house of shared finances, passionate sex and deep commitment. (The three are directly related in astrology.) This placement will last for the next year, and it’s an invitation to success. On the most basic level, this opens up a world of resources for you. You have the fully activated potential for your collaborations to be more mutually profitable than ever. Here is the catch: you must select those people with whom you feel the open flow of energy; people who offer themselves and their ideas to you. To gain the best benefits of this transit, that would exclude anyone to whom you have to plead or even ask for what you want. Focus on the people who know what you want, and who want a mutually beneficial relationship. Focus on those who understand that working together and playing together is the way to get there. Love, beauty, intelligence and Eros: let them flow.

Short Monthly Horoscope for September 2016, #1116 | By Eric Francis

Your success this month will come from a blend of unusual ambition (for a Pisces anyway) and a newfound ability to negotiate for what you want. In the civilized world, these are the two factors that usually get the job done. Yet you would be wise to distance yourself from any need for approval from authority figures. In fact you must become your own boss in every respect: manager, cheerleader and creative consultant. And remember that cooperation, not competition, is necessary for any truly beneficial progress. So take charge of yourself, and boldly foster an environment of cooperation.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 5, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Keep challenging yourself to do more relevant, creative things. Remember your highest goals, the ones that seemed out of your reach, and get them into your plan of action. To do this, bear in mind that you depend on both structure and creativity to succeed. The two often contradict one another, but the true artist or engineer or self-visionary gets them working together. Beyond balancing the two, you have the ability to form a whole new substance that incorporates and accentuates both. You are in a truly unusual phase of life; one that may be pushing you to your limits, only to discover that it was time to exceed them. However, you must be cool about this. Despite your passion and ability, you must keep a cool head and err on the side of humility. This isn’t something one usually has to tell a Pisces, but it’s clear from your charts. Be a collaborator first and boss second.

Virgo New Moon Moonshine for Sept. 1, 2016, #1115 | By Len Wallick

Relationships with other individuals differ from those you have with groups, institutions or the world as a whole. If it’s just a question of what goes on between you and another consenting adult, the two of you are accorded a great deal of freedom. Even so, many pairs, partners and other types of couples never even think to explore that freedom. Many pairings are mediated, formed, shaped and finally determined by expectations and rules taken in from the outside. There is now the distinct possibility that at least one of your one-to-one relationships can be among the few that do things differently. Of course in order to refresh, renew or re-balance a partnership entirely from scratch requires that one of you start the conversation. If you see a chance to open negotiations aimed at creating a brave, new private world of thoroughly mutual satisfaction, start slowly and gently, but at least start.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 29, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Amidst all that’s going on in your life, and the many people who surround you, one specific situation stands out as especially meaningful. Whatever it represents is an actual transition in your life. It includes an ending and a beginning. There is a review of the past, and an opportunity to explore the future. Take things one step at a time, though be aware that one step may come on the heels of another. It’s essential that you keep your focus and not lose yourself in anyone or anything. It will help if you give people plenty of room to make their own decisions, with as little attachment as possible to the choices they make. You may feel like you’re in a position only to respond, rather than be proactive. What’s emerging is the result of your being proactive in the past. Keep responding in a creative way, focus on collaboration, and be as patient with people as you can.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2016, #1114 | By Eric Francis

This month ends a long cycle in your relationships and begins another. We might be talking about something that dates back eight to 10 years. That’s quite a while, especially with time speeding along in dog years. Plenty has happened to you; and as you take a step forward, it’s time for a review of what this past decade of relationships has been about. Consider the people, consider the patterns, and consider how your expectations have evolved over time. One hint I can offer you is that as time has gone on, you’ve made peace with what a quirky individual you are. You’ve figured out that your priorities are different, your values are different, and that your drive to be your individual self — almost at all costs — is genuinely unique. This discovery may have come gradually, or it may have come all at once (of course, after building up for a while). Now comes a kind of summation of all your progress and experience. If you feel like you’re heading into unknown and uncertain territory, you’re in the right place. Yet, despite some sense of intensity and living on the edge, you have every reason to be confident. I would sum it up simply in a few words: you’ve reached a stage of life where a real exchange is possible. That translates to: give consciously, and receive graciously.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 22, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You know where you stand with yourself. Don’t forget. You know what you want to accomplish. Remember that every day, from hour to hour. The only way anyone can fool you is if you deceive yourself; therefore, be clear and real about your intentions and do not hesitate or doubt yourself. This is a moment that requires leadership — and in your life, you’re the one who’s going to provide that. No matter who may be involved, or how many people may be involved, the central organizing principle of your existence is your ability to keep your focus. This is a gentle process. People can feel the intensity and drive that you’re carrying now. Pay attention to who notices; observe who intuitively is drawn to what you’re doing and the way you’re doing it. Develop collaborations with those to whom you need to explain the least: those who already feel the rhythm and follow the melody.

Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope for Aug. 18, 2016, #1113 | By Len Wallick

There are times to think your way through a situation. There are other times when it’s more appropriate to go by feel. More than most people, you are likely to encounter both types of circumstances over the next four weeks or so. Therefore, whenever possible, respond slowly rather than react quickly. Let yourself experiment to determine whether an intellectual or emotional approach will bring about the most efficacious solution to any given problem. When in doubt, put on your thinking cap first; but don’t be afraid to discard it so you can reach deep down inside for sheer inspiration.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 15, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You might have the feeling that you’ve found the perfect relationship or the perfect person. You’re certainly being drawn in that direction. At the same time, you are being bold about focusing your purpose and your mission. It’s essential that these two seemingly different aspects of your life not conflict. That would be a waste of a phenomenal opportunity to create harmony between your personal involvements and your most important missions in life. Those missions all require cooperation with others; nearly everything does, though this particular fact is emphasized in your current solar chart. Yet you’re also in the position of setting your own agenda, rather than following what others think is the right thing to do. You must trust your own sense of mission; though remember that you need to reevaluate your goals constantly. There are certain items that have been on your to-do list for a while, and among them are a few that deserve a real investment of your time and your energy.

Weekly Horoscope for Aug. 11, 2016, #1112 | By Amy Elliott

If you’re interested in developing your cultural or artistic knowledge, someone in your life may offer you an opportunity to do precisely that. It’s said we all have a touch of the divine within us. Notice who around you is expressing theirs particularly strongly, and follow where they lead; even if it’s down the rabbit hole, the destination will probably make the journey worthwhile. In fact, what you learn now could serve as an important foundation for future endeavors.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 8, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Stick to your most important goals. Pause what you’re doing, take a survey of what you’ve been up to for the past six months, and prioritize. Mars has returned to Sagittarius, which is your house of ambition and reputation. It will help if you remember that both of those count: you are in an excellent position to strive for unusually bold goals, and you must do so with integrity and a clear sense of mission. By mission, I mean be clear about what your service is. You are being called to work in service, though at the same time, you can and must make it work for you. Emphasize collaboration and include as many points of view as you can; at the same time maintain a position of leadership over your own affairs. When the time comes to connect with people you identify as working on a high level, or as an authority figure of some kind, handle that communication yourself.

Short Monthly Horoscope for August 2016, #1111 | By Eric Francis

Give people you care about the chance to cross the distance and come to you. You are used to reaching out, traveling and going out of your way to offer what is in the best interest of others. You don’t have to do that. If you relax and tune into your environment, you will notice that there are key individuals who are willing to meet you where you are, and to share what they have to offer. Your role is to be available: to keep your eyes and ears open, and to be willing to receive graciously. For you that may be the challenging part.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 1, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are ready to take on a goal that you had to set aside because you didn’t have the energy or the cooperation. Now you have both. Of the two I suggest you rely on cooperation first. A partnership or collaboration that has been on/off at different times now seems to have matured to the degree where you can get results. This may involve several people, and you’re likely to have additional decisions to make. In order to work with people, you must emphasize communication, which means understanding where people are coming from. Listen to what they say and track their behavior. Where the two seem to conflict will give you the clues that you need. If you find yourself getting defensive about anything, slow down the movie and make an inquiry. What you’re looking for is not just peace and harmony but rather those who can share a commitment to accomplishing something useful and beautiful.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2016, #1110 | By Eric Francis

Now you must do all the things that no astrology book ever said a Pisces was good at: exert strong leadership skills, be practical, and focus on clear objectives. It’s time for you to be a taskmaster, which means a master of tasks. And you must do all the things for which we know and love those born under your sign: express empathy, take everyone’s needs into account and, most of all, be artful in everything that you do. This combination of factors will help you get to a new place in life, one that you’ve been reaching towards for many seasons running. Certain factors might lead you to be impatient; work with that as a resource, like fuel that you burn slowly and carefully rather than all at once. At other times you might get pushy; turn that down to the smallest, most invisible flame that you use to prod people gently rather than aggressively. What you must always remember is that your efforts to shape ‘the world’ or your life are really all experiments in self-becoming. You are, above all other factors, in a profound phase of character formation. It’s therefore essential that you focus on being rather than on doing. Keep your life in order and in balance. Make time for what you love, and learn to come from that place all the time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

There’s an interesting scenario in your relationships — maybe you’ve noticed it. You’re in a beautiful position to love people as equals, yet at the same time you end up in the role of mentor or teacher. Perhaps a therapist might not agree that this is possible, much less a good idea, though it’s the role of any true mentor to see the people learning from them not only as equals, but as people who have more potential than they do. That gesture, of seeing the possibilities, has a way of leveling things out. So too does the fact that in any true gesture of teaching, the teacher learns as much as the student. So, be happy that knowledge is being exchanged and created in your relationships. Be willing to teach those you care about what you know. Thoughts increase by being given away, so make them creative and loving thoughts and we’ll all benefit.

Weekly Horoscope for July 21, 2016, #1109 | By Amy Elliott

The extraordinary journey of development you’ve been on lately may receive a nice boost this week. Make sure you grasp any opportunity with the firmness it deserves. This could involve, for example, a revision of old habits that seem to be holding back progress — if that’s true, now is probably a good time to jettison them and pursue more productive methods. Additionally, try to maintain focus and don’t allow yourself to be led off into tangent land. You need to preserve your energy, especially emotional, so that you leave enough space in your head for the Muse to enter.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If Pisces needs one thing, it’s fire. Yours is the wateriest of the water signs and Neptune, the planet of water (and of Pisces), is right in your neighborhood. There are many other water placements in the sky at the moment. You might be up to your ears in inspiration, or you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of, well, of everything in your life. Jupiter in Virgo is helping you out: that’s about cooperation, and you’re in a rare moment for that. Take advantage of everyone who shows up to help you, and help them as you can. Yet you need fire — and some has just arrived. This has come in the form of two planets in fire sign Leo: Mercury and Venus. For you, Leo is the sign of work and wellbeing. This is putting some fire in your heart, motivating you to accomplish great things. Just remember to use that energy for work, and for your wellbeing, in approximately equal proportions. In other words: get stuff done, and take good care of yourself as well.

Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope for July 14, 2016, #1108 | By Len Wallick

In a gift economy there is no buying and selling. With the exception of freedom from money, however, neither is anything free. A gift economy demands that each participant bring their best and give it away, trusting all others participating to do the same. The ideal result is prosperity in common. The objective is to realize the true nature of equality and an actual experience of authentic freedom. To participate in such a seemingly Utopian scenario, you must first have enough faith in other people to believe that it is a practical possibility. Then, you must find a way to have an equal amount of faith in yourself. Now is the time to begin with you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

There is so much moving so quickly, you may feel that it’s impossible to keep up with yourself, much less the world. Yet despite all of that, keep your focus on the pleasure principle. This does not need to contradict being productive or creative; in fact it will facilitate bringing out the best of who you are. Be disciplined about making sure that after work, fun begins. Be just as devoted to finding ways to make your work enjoyable. Find the creative way to do what must be done. Use your gift of flexibility to do tasks when you feel like doing them (that will require being a few steps ahead of yourself). Notice one beautiful thing that’s happening: the more you let go of old tendencies, the more room you will make in your life for the loving relationships you want the most. Make space, feel your presence in the world, and from there, offer yourself generously to others.

Short Monthly Horoscope for July 2016, #1107 | by Eric Francis

You’re embarking on the summer when you discover your true talent as an artist, as a lover and — most of all — as someone who trusts yourself as these things. Pisces is the sign that’s designed for pleasure, though it’s easy to get distracted from that because you place such a high value on serving others. Yet it’s clear that you need an extended opportunity to soak in the beauty to which you are so sensitive. No matter how busy you may be tempted to be, indulge in what you know are the finer things in life. The result will be flowering into a new phase of your life.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This is a beginning for you, the kind which you long for the most. There’s passion in your chart; there is personal expression, lavish creativity and a sense of daring. It’s even fair to say you have the potential for some new dimension of love. At the same time, there is the unusual pressure to be sober and realistic. There is you, a sensitive person, and there is the world you live in, the wider world, which is straining for any peace or sanity at all. You live your life as if straddled between the two realities. You might wish that you could dive into the love and the creativity without having to bother addressing the insanity and pain of the world around you. However, the two seemingly separate realities form a polarity, which like a battery is the true source of your energy. Responding effectively to the paradox that you must stretch yourself across both is the essence of your life. The result is what you’ll create and then take with you the rest of your days.

New Moon Moonshine Horoscope for June 30, 2016, #1106 | by Len Wallick

Are you having fun yet? Whether you know it or not, the Sun, Moon and planets recently have been moving to maximize the chances of making whatever forms of whoopee you like best. Whether you care or not, that trend will continue for at least a fortnight and possibly even two months more. If you want to get some good, healthy jollies in this year, now is the prime time to do it. This does not mean that the rest of the year will be dreary — other forms of felicity will soon be coming over the horizon for you. If, however, you do relish the opportunity to get out and get it on with frantic frivolity (especially in the company of a friend or friends similarly inclined) the next couple of weeks practically have your name on them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 27, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It is often said that we create our own reality. Yet is that true, as an independent statement? Or is it closer to actuality that we drive our lives in various ways, and are also in a complex relationship with our environment, and with many forces outside of our control? Let’s presume the second one is true. We live in a world of cars, and of roads. To drive the car effectively, it’s necessary to understand the roads. You have a creative opportunity in your hands; something unusual, and something that could truly enhance your life. For this to come to fruition, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to what you’re doing, and to pay even closer attention to your environment. One of the most vital factors of environment is belief. You have your beliefs, and you swim in an ocean of the beliefs of others. Notice how the two interrelate and you will have much more fun.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2016, #1105 | by Eric Francis

In many ways, the river of life is flowing. Mars is returning to direct motion on June 29 in your fellow water sign Scorpio (after a long retrograde, dating back to mid-April). Planets are gathering in your fellow aquatic sign Cancer. There already was plenty happening in your sign. Planets in water signs are good for Pisces, which otherwise can feel like, well, a fish out of water. Now, the thing to do is swim. Send out your dolphin sonar and listen for the return signal. Yes, the oceans are large and potentially perilous, though you have the power to get wherever you want to be. In addition to all this water energy, there is the picture of some form of direct contact in your solar chart (illustrated by Jupiter in Virgo), which feels like empathy and the ability to identify with the experience of another person. You don’t have to worry about ‘losing’ your identity; rather, you can only gain from this situation, because you’ll be exposed to ideas and experiences that will compliment what you already have going on. Life is a creative experiment, or it’s very little at all. Circumstances this month will call you out of your old routines, into new ways of expressing yourself. Take the time to explore. Take the time to remember who you are and what you want. Let one good thing lead to another.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 20, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You seem to be making some important adjustments around money: how you think about it, how you handle it, and what you can do with it. This would be an especially helpful time to conduct some long-term planning, such as sketching out your one-year plan and your five-year plan. Granted, the world is going so fast that most people don’t even dare to think about the future. Though the opportunity you now have is so good you don’t want to miss it. So, be brave and really consider what you want, what you want to accomplish and where, geographically, you might want to be. You won’t be held to any of these plans; you’re not setting anything in concrete and steel. You’re merely writing a rough draft that you will revise a number of times. More than anything, this is about getting your ideas going and beginning a creative process that will teach you something helpful.

Moonshine Horoscope for June 16, 2016, #1104 | by Len Wallick

One of the best products of human civilization might very well be the road. Open roads, especially, do more than create a means of connection from one place to another. In practical fact, highways are a place unto themselves. It appears high time for you to consider a road trip so that you can reacquaint yourself with the unintentional potentials to be found while traversing vast stretches of pavement for their own sake. The season beginning with the Sun’s ingress to Cancer this year is all but a written invitation to travel at least far enough to rediscover where the flow of traffic ends and the flow of life begins. Allow yourself to wander, if only to reassure yourself that you are not lost — even after all the detours your life’s aspirations and efforts have taken since the last time you found some privacy on a public thoroughfare. You just might find yourself more at home on the road right now than anyplace else.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 13, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Currently you have two sources of strength that you can tap into. One is an unusual form of focus for a Pisces, which is the power of Saturn: structure, discipline and leadership. Clearly you’re at a stage of your life where it’s essential to build this, and you seem to be succeeding against all odds. Yet at the moment there is something else. You have available a direct tap into a spiritual reservoir, which you can access at any time. This takes a shift in perspective from the “I must get it done” state of mind, to or into working with a specific energy available to you. The difference is like rowing a boat versus hoisting a sail and riding the wind. Either way, you have the boat and the desire to get somewhere. You have oars, you have a sail and there is definitely a gust blowing. Here’s the catch: using your sail requires that you surrender to the elements, and apply another level of skill. Your mind becomes more relevant than brute force.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 6, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Don’t take the pressure so seriously. Most of it is based on abstract thought. It’s true that you’re being called to greater things in every facet of your life simultaneously. What you’re experiencing as stress is actually energy, which can work for you or against you: that’s your choice. Therefore, it will help if you connect everything to your motivation, by which I mean take inspiration from anything in your environment. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. It’s amazing how that can foster the efficient use of time. In that spirit, I suggest you invest no precious time waiting. Rather, make conscious choices and take action. Look at your limits and decide what to do with them, rather than merely living with them passively. Everything — by which I mean every problem or scenario — has a workaround. Learn how to identify your options and choose from among them. You have plenty.

Short Monthly Horoscope for June 2016, #1103 | By Eric Francis

Keep aiming high. This is one of your most ambitious times in many years, though you are the one who chooses the goals. You set the agenda. You must be the CEO of your own life. If you can get the hang of this now, you will learn a skill that you take with you for all your days. The challenges include seeing your options clearly, making conscious decisions and proceeding with firm commitment. You must also see the financial angle of anything you do. The potential is enormous, if you take charge and run your life with a bold and courageous heart.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 30, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If you feel like you’re at a turning point, then keep turning. Your astrology reveals that you have more leverage than you think, though at times you may feel like you’re mysteriously stuck. Actually, you’re surpassing one limit after the next, though they may be subtle limits, many of them mental. As you do this, it’s important to be aware of your significant gains. Pay less attention to the day-to-day ups and downs and more attention to the longer scenario. Where were you at a year ago? What about two years? Make a list of every challenge and obstacle you’ve successfully navigated. Consider what you’ve built, made or created, and give yourself extra credit because it’s so challenging to be enthusiastic about anything these days. Yet if you want to get your life onto the next level, it will help if you think of yourself — not your life — differently. Your life is not about what you do. It’s about who you are, and what you do follows from that.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2016, #1102 | By Eric Francis

Keep giving yourself permission to have fun, then go and do it. This month is the perfect storm of opportunity. Mars turning to direct motion in Scorpio is about leaving all of your hang-ups behind. The Sun and Venus heading for your fellow water sign Cancer will open many doors; it’s up to you to walk through them and to keep your emphasis on the grand creative experiment that is life. You can afford to be less picky about who you associate with. Ideally you would find a little something nourishing or inspiring in everyone. If you come from that place of appreciation, you will emit positive vibes and find it easier to move around various social circles. You would be wise to pause and consider the possibility that people are intimidated by you. There continues to be an alignment of slow-moving, deep and evocative planets in your sign. One response people might have to you is that things get real fast when you’re in the room. This is not your problem; don’t take it on. It’s been a long time since people in Western civilization have been this frightened of their shadow. You will get the best results if you consciously choose not to be frightened by anyone or anything, and hang out where art, love and celebration are made. If nothing comes up immediately, be persistent. You will break through.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 23, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If there’s such a thing as ‘sacred space’, it would be your home. You might think of this as the space that you recognize and accept as an extension of yourself. It’s not where you are; rather, it’s who you are. This is a vital principle of inclusion that, in the end, welcomes you anywhere in the world, and allows you to feel comfortable with anyone. There’s some beautiful astrology developing in the home angle of your chart. The Sun has just entered Gemini, which describes where you live and how you like your home to feel: in a few words, sunny, breezy and light. So push open the windows and let in the spring air. Tidy up and reclaim your inner space. More than anything, stretch out your awareness, relax and feel at home in the world. Speak your mind. You might do something else: if you’ve had a writing project you’ve wanted to get to, it’s beckoning you right now.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 19, 2016, #1101 | By Len Wallick

Itemizing how your current abode does (and does not) differ from whatever home or homes were provided for you as a child is an excellent way to begin getting clear about what, if any, changes you want to make in your personal surroundings. The same principle and protocol would almost certainly allow you to take an inventory of the intangibles that constitute your inner life. That way you can get a better idea of both who and what you now are (or are not), as well as what you might (or might not) want to become. Finally, and most importantly, remember that even if there are constraints regarding the extent to which you can change the physical world, the power you have to make changes on the inside are truly unlimited — even if you might need some guidance from the outside in making them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 16, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are learning the benefit of keeping your viewpoint moving. This is a real moment of clarity for you, especially where the grand experiment of following your true calling is concerned. Yet you don’t want too much clarity. I suggest you avoid the mistake of thinking you see things ‘as they are’, remembering how much you’ve gained from taking a circumspect approach to reality. Therefore, explore as many points of observation as you can, and make sure you view your activities or your goal from many perspectives. You will still have the power to focus yourself and to make decisions, but they will be smarter decisions that embrace more of your potential. As a Pisces, you are blessed with the gift of seeing how everything relates to everything else. Use that generously. See the interplay of all things, of all ideas, of all people, and it will be easy to spot your various best roles within the planetary symphony.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2016, #1100 | By Len Wallick

Behave as though you are the proud owner of the world, and what you want from the world will be more likely to come your way. When you are with somebody else, show off that tree and those clouds as if you have made them yourself. In a very real way, you do possess and have created all you see, taste, smell, hear and feel. Just as real is the fact that at least some others would absolutely love it if you shared those possessions with them. All you have to do to manifest those realities is to be alert for those moments when somebody asks about your day, and be ready to give them a small but tasty piece of it. Sooner or later what you receive in return will be precisely what you were looking for.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 9, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are about to get the boost that you need. In many areas of your life, balances are shifting in your favor. You might say that your star is rising: Jupiter has just turned to direct movement and is heading toward the top of your chart. In many other areas you can make note of improvements and of a solid quality that has gradually entered your life. Yet there’s still an awkward feeling in the air, something you cannot pin down, or have not been able to put a name to. Be with that for a while. Notice that there are things you want to do, there are things you need to do, and there are others that you absolutely must do for some reason you may not understand. Honoring that, I suggest you do something that is perhaps out of character for your sign, which is to work with specific goals. Choose one from each category, carefully, making sure you write in pencil so that you can change your mind. Very soon, you will have a clear agenda, and that makes success infinitely easier.

Moonshine Horoscope for May 5, 2016, #1099 | By Len Wallick

Some sort of fellowship may just be starting to appear on your horizon. In all likelihood it is a form of association you have not previously experienced — not quite social, and not exactly familial either. The question is whether you will be comfortable with what you will be expected to offer in return. What do you owe for the support, encouragement and even collaboration you might receive from what amounts to a collegiate enterprise? On the upside, there is a distinct chance your life could become more fulfilling than ever before by throwing in with a small but dynamic group of people who bring out the best in you. That said, you may be asked to make compromises in order to fit in; not a bad thing necessarily, but heed your feelings on this matter. Do not be the only one to compromise. If you are not allowed to make your mark, don’t make a commitment.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 2, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have accomplished a lot in recent months, which is likely to be the result of a year or more of concentrated effort. It’s time to slow down, catch your breath, and reflect on what you’ve done. Though comparisons to others are rarely helpful, consider what you were doing, and how you were feeling, exactly one year ago, and note the contrast. Remember that your thought, your intentions, your actions and your investment in yourself have gotten you to where you are today. You have great things to accomplish, though to make the most of your future investment of resources, you need perspective. That means a clear survey of your life, and real consideration of what your most important priorities are. As for relationships, I suggest reaching out to people you’ve lost contact with in the recent past. Say hello, find out what they’re up to, and perhaps make plans to meet up. Listen to what you hear — and to what you say.

Short Monthly Horoscope for May 2016, #1098 | By Eric Francis

You live on your reputation, but this has to come from the inside out. Ultimately you must bank on being known for who you really are. Current challenges related to your calling are pushing you to access all your talent, all the time. What should be amazing to you is how much you can do, and how resourceful you are. This time in your life will teach you more about your own gifts than perhaps any other so far. You have a lot to discover. As Hunter S. Thompson said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Your life at the moment is about mind over matter. Your imagination can get more done than any amount of effort, making it your most effective labor saving device. If you see a problem, start by reminding yourself that it has a solution. If you see a need, remind yourself you can meet any requirement you have for existence, and more. In other words, the first thing to do is not to talk yourself out of trusting your creativity and ingenuity, and the second thing to do is to affirm and most of all experiment with them. If you have an ability you don’t use, you’re not as likely to trust it, and neither will you have as easy access when you need it. This week’s alignment of the Sun in Taurus with your guiding planet Neptune will give you many opportunities to test, and stretch, what you may have thought were limitations on your ability to manifest. There is one requirement that turns the key to this process: knowing, and admitting, what you want.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2016, #1097 | By Eric Francis

Pause and assess the progress you’ve made the past year. Slow down on your quest to take new territory, and develop what you’ve already begun, and begun well. Mars and Saturn continue to emphasize the theme of leadership, which means taking responsibility for your own life. As part of this pattern, you are doing some challenging work of integrating who you are as a person with the mission you came here to fulfill. This is integration on the level of total synthesis: there can no longer be a distinction between ‘you’ and ‘your mission’ or you and your message. Yet to do this well requires a level of self-awareness for which there are few examples to follow. This is why I’m suggesting a review phase, which would include filling in some gaps you may have left in your development process, organizing your physical space, evaluating your resources and getting a little rest. You need enough distance on your situation to get a fresh perspective or two. Remember that the thing you’re doing now is combining long-range commitment with the knack for discipline in the moment. These are two of the most essential factors for success; the third is vision, which for you means revision. Mars retrograde through late June is taking that to a deep level: connecting emotionally with your deepest commitment to your chosen purpose.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

As I’ve been hinting for months, you’re in an extended leadership-training program. This involves planetary movement in Sagittarius, which for you is the sign of aspiration, reputation and responsibility. It’s true there is plenty else going on in the sky, but this is the undeniable focus of your life. Leadership starts with yourself: being accountable to yourself and able to meet the responsibilities you’ve taken on with both a sense of duty and with original vision. At the same time, you’re setting an example for others, and are likely to be drawing people to something about your mission that requires some collective or collaborative effort. I suggest you aspire to impeccability and be satisfied with nothing less than being real. Be strong and at the same time, be ready to meet people on mutual territory. What you learn in these weeks and months will last you for a lifetime –- so learn well.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for April 14, 2016, #1096 | By Len Wallick

You probably don’t need anybody lighting a fire under you. It appears as though you are doing a pretty darn good job of motivating yourself already. Therefore, rather than getting further wrapped up in being the dynamo you already are, look for ways to both unwind and relax into being more than just determined and driven. Think about where in your life letting up can be just as (or even more) productive as bearing down. Keep restraint on top of your tool bench right next to action, and choose between them with reflection rather than reflex. Your diligence and focus will indeed make a difference for the better in some ways. At least a few matters, however, might be better off left alone.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One of the deeper (and prevalent) struggles associated with your sign is self-esteem. And you have the opportunity to blow that apart right now, and to be born into the world with rare confidence. Yet this is not some transient phase; you are finally figuring out that there’s no reason at all not to feel entirely faithful in yourself, your abilities and your place in the world. This comes down to two things: valuing yourself and what you have to offer, and your natural leadership ability. The two are closely related. Honoring the gift that you have to offer is a form of leadership, but there’s something more happening right now. When it’s time to take charge of something, do so with clarity and with focus. Learn the trick of self-respect and you will master the art of respect in all other forms. And that will get you far.

Moonshine Horoscope for April 7, 2016 #1095 | By Len Wallick

In some way, you hold the key to the entire theater of your life — which means you have more power than nearly anybody (perhaps even you) can readily see. Yet all that influence will not make you happy by itself. One important factor that will determine whether your power will ultimately serve to please you is whether or not you can delegate when you need to. If you are currently expected to be both star and producer (or even if you think you need or desire to be both), you may need to decide whether you have a preference, or whether some of your tasks can be shifted. This will help you maintain a healthy workload, so that you can shine with your full brightness and beauty.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The theme of finances has been on your mind lately. Rather than being optimistic, I suggest you work on your confidence. The ups and downs of your personal economy have taught you a lot the past few years. You have learned how to stand on your own feet, and you’ve learned how to take leadership. And now you have a mission. What’s interesting is that this may be an old mission into which new life is being breathed; something you’ve worked at for a while and have discovered the value of. As a Pisces, it can be difficult for you to feel bold and strong every day. But now your sensitivity is your greatest asset. Your understanding that the world and many people in it are struggling for sanity is your secret power. Your role is to rise above the emotional level of the struggle, to rise above the problem and see your role in the solution. Feel, be clear about what you’re feeling, and remember that emotion is energy in motion. So keep moving.

Short Monthly Horoscope for April 2016, #1094 | By Eric Francis

For the foreseeable future, we could sum up the theme of your life in one word: leadership. That’s not the typical thing you see associated with Pisces, but it is now, on many accounts. You may have to push people a little harder than you normally like to; I suggest you think of it as being direct. State what you need. Describe the way you want things to work. Express your vision for any task or project. Assert yourself. Most significantly, do not ask whether this approach is legitimate. Rise to the calling and don’t waste your time with questions you’ve long ago answered.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 28, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Venus is in your sign for another week or so, which means good times for Pisces. Take advantage of this astrology and go for what you want, without any delay. Be open with people. Allow your face to reflect your inner feelings. When you meet someone, proceed with the trust of a child. It’s true that there is plenty going on in your house of career and ambition, but let that take second place to the purely personal dimension. One thing your charts are suggesting strongly is that now is the time to claim what was yours in the past. Remember the gains you’ve made, remember who you’ve known and who you’ve loved, and even more importantly, remember what you’ve learned. Most of all, claim dominion over your own life. It is, after all, your life to live. Claim all of it as your own, which makes it yours to share, because that’s what you love to do.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April, 2016, #1093 | By Eric Francis

You have before you a brilliant moment of inventiveness with money and other resources. While I’m always careful to include finances as one among many types of assets you can work with, money is the one deserving of your attention and creativity right now. This is mainly because you can get results beyond what you typically think are possible. Many factors in your chart reveal an unusual drive for success and numerable opportunities available to you. You are in rare form now, taking control of your affairs and removing needless obstacles. Yet at the heart of every business plan are the financials. The numbers have to add up, and when you need money to do a certain job, that’s the thing that does the trick. You’re someone who usually avoids being associated with a drive for wealth, though I suggest you try on this identity for a while. Try relating to your desire to be well funded, and to have enough to go around. Wash your hands and clear your mind of any notion that there’s something unholy about money, and remember that the meaning of any tool is about what you do with it. There is plenty that you want to do, and plenty that you can do; one distinction of Pisces is taking the long, slow route, which is now evolving into the faster, more direct way.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 21, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Events around the time of the solar eclipse in your sign two weeks ago are now starting to show results. Things are building to a crescendo, but one thing is clear: your life is moving, and it’s moving in some interesting directions. Even though the Sun is now in Aries, there are many planets remaining in your sign. These represent personal resources that you can use for anything you want. You have every reason to be self-confident now; so, therefore, you can take those chances and opportunities that require self-esteem. Having faith in yourself does not mean you have a perfect life or are a ‘better’ person. What it means is that you have the courage to face the challenges that arise and to take the opportunities that you see. One topic that’s opening up now involves money. The planets are encouraging you to be as self-sufficient as possible. You don’t have to depend on others. You have what you need, or you can get it.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for March 17, 2016 #1092 | By Len Wallick

What your eyes have seen and what your ears have heard are likely more special than you know. It’s important for you to realize that even some of the most mundane elements of your daily experience would probably serve as the revelation or missing piece that some others are looking for. What you consider to be common knowledge probably isn’t. Therefore, seek to go beyond common ways of expressing yourself. If you are not already doing so, choose and begin developing a means of broadcasting all you have accumulated on the inside that will allow you to reach and be welcomed by the greatest possible number of people on the outside.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 14, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Venus, the planet of love, abundance and attraction, has joined the impressive lineup of planets in your sign (more than nine in all). This is adding what, for you, is the essential ingredient in your life, and I suggest you milk this moment for all it’s worth. Once you know what you want, it will be easy to seek it out, or to draw it to you. Here is the catch: When you get what you want, be grateful for what the universe is offering, rather than resentful. For example you might think, “I wish I’d had this before.” Yet that would be missing the point entirely. Instead, try something like, “I’m so happy this (experience, person, object) has come into my life, and if I feel good in receiving it, I’ll draw more to me and be even happier.” A way to say this simply is that you’re responsible for all the good that you draw to you.

Moonshine Horoscope for March 10, 2016 #1091 | By Len Wallick

When in doubt, say you can. Assume you can do anything unless proven otherwise. To do so is not overconfidence; rather, it is understanding. Where your limits have in fact been proven, take them as benefits of experience that serve to define both who you are and what you might want to overcome. The more clearly you can define yourself, the more easily you can both appreciate and demonstrate all the qualities that make you both valuable and special. The better your perception of what you might want or need to overcome, the more realistically and efficiently you can apply yourself to improve and make progress. So think twice before saying that you can’t, and if it is indeed necessary to do so today, leave the door open to saying you can tomorrow.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 7, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

On Tuesday, March 8, there is a total solar eclipse in your birth sign. These are rare, happening perhaps once or twice every decade. They tend to be ‘before and after’ moments: that is, in retrospect, you were living one kind of life before an eclipse, and another kind of life in the months and years after. Now would be an excellent time to tune in and make some adjustments. How would you characterize your existence for the past few years, or for however long it’s been the way it is now? What do you want to change? Then, imagine your life the way that you want it to be. What is it that you want, what do you need, and most significantly, what is your vision for yourself? How does your life actually look, and feel, when it’s the life that you want? Be bold, and be clear. Keep your vision in mind, so you can make the decisions that will lead you there, one choice at a time.

Short Monthly Horoscope for March 2016, #1090 | By Eric Francis

Go beyond the need for a reason to believe in yourself and just have faith. Skipping any rationalizing is essential. This really is a case of damn the critics, the mosquitoes and the traffic jams, remember your most important goal and blaze ahead. You’ll be accessing skill sets and talents you’ve already developed, though you’ll be using them in entirely new ways. The role of collaborators is now crucial, but select only those who share your vision closely enough to help you grow and develop it. Remember: you don’t need to be original; you are an original.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2016, #1089 | By Eric Francis

You will live a year or two this month. It’s as if you’re entering an acceleration chamber, where you will be taken from where you are now, through many changes, to a new place and time. It’s therefore essential that you know the direction you’re headed, and have some idea where you want to go. This means focusing goals in tangible language. Work from your highest priorities, and put some thought into what they are. Eliminate goals that are no longer actually on your agenda. Then you might revisit certain desires, ambitions and objectives that you let go of in the past, whether because they seemed impossible or because you were not ready. You will find that some of those things seem much more practical and attainable now. The whole world is in a phase of acceleration, moving so fast that people don’t have time to think. You, however, must take the time, and consider where you’ve been, where you are, and what you want. This will invariably lead to considering who you were, who you are and who you want to be. Remember that the feeling tone of those destinations is as vital as the specific facts: tones and shades such as relaxed, loving, spacious, creative, erotic, exciting, alive, engaged, successful — mix and match your favorites, then feel your way there.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 22, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You don’t need to do much to get the results you want. Let the momentum of your life carry you; allow the things you’ve already set in motion to take their course. This may take some trust, but you can at least give yourself some space to work a little less, and put less emphasis on outcomes. This is especially true if they involve other people. Ease back and let them make their decisions. If there is some unresolved matter, know that the ball is in their court, and be ready and available to listen. One thing that’s clear is that if you don’t get the exact results you want, there are other, better possibilities that could easily manifest for you. Invest your energy in going with the flow and doing some of what Pisces is best at: enjoying the good things in life.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 18, 2016, #1088 | By Len Wallick

Let the love shine in so that it may also shine out. For every person who takes exception to what is authentically and genuinely you, there are sure to be at least two (and probably more) who want to express their attraction for what you have made yourself to be. For anybody with functional eyes and ears, it should be clear that you, more than most people, have found a way to be true to both yourself and your personal aspirations. That is no small accomplishment, and you need not waste your energy defending yourself against those who are either too blind to perceive what they are looking at, or too deaf to understand what they are hearing. Rather, devote that energy to returning all the affection you deservedly receive.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 15, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Later this week, the Sun enters your birth sign. So many other planets are currently in Pisces that you may feel a little overwhelmed or disorganized. The Sun’s one-month presence in your home corner of the sky will provide a unifying influence. It’s time to come back to your astrological roots: you’re a creative, pleasure-seeking person. This is true even given the responsibilities you have, and your desire to be an authentic success. Your creativity and desire to feel good can guide and motivate you. Ultimately, you will only be happy succeeding at what is truly right for you, so those are healthy guides. Working well, and intelligently, are essential to honor. Your sense of devotion and commitment are as well. Focus on feeling good and those things will come as naturally to you as sunshine and water.

Moonshine Horoscope for Feb. 11, 2016, #1087 | By Len Wallick

Golf is a game within a game. All of the mindsets, reflexes, postures, practices, disciplines and tools that combine to get you from the tee to the green within the requisite number of strokes are no longer of any value once it is time for you to putt. Upon occasion, life can be like golf in that way. Indications are that this may be just such a time for you. It could very well be that you have successfully made it to the point where you need to change the strategies, methods and tactics that have propelled you this far. In order to follow through and complete your triumph-in-the-making, consider how a delicate approach to circumstances might be more appropriate than striking with all your might.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 8, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If there seems to be some mysterious new source of energy powering your goals, be grateful for that, and keep doing what you’re doing. We might call this phase of your life a period of achievement. This is working two ways. You have more freedom to establish yourself in the world around you. Your clarity and sense of purpose will have a way of clearing obstacles. Yet at the same time, these activities are squeezing the best of your talents and skills from you. You’re discovering both abilities and confidence that you may not known you had, or which you lacked in the past. Stay a few steps ahead of yourself, and dream big. Gaze out toward the horizon, from as high a vantage point as you can find, and look where you want to be.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 4, 2016, #1086 | By Eric Francis

Monday’s Aquarius New Moon offers you unusual insight into your own inner workings, as if you can peer into your unconscious mind. If you can do that, it must be something other than unconscious — awareness is a choice, though sometimes it rises like the tide. And this tide will indeed lift all ships, as you clear away beliefs that have outdone their use. This will open the way to your making contact with new communities, new friends, and new possibilities. Most of your astrology is focused on your vocational activities, and how working toward your goals is bringing out the best in you. That still holds, perhaps more than ever. Yet now your social sphere merges with your creative ambitions in an especially potent way. It’s true that the world has grown stuffier, more resistant to change and more prone to obsessing over appearances. You get to go beyond all of that, as if it’s your personal destiny. It isn’t really; you are choosing to follow an inner calling, and you have things to do and things to say — and the time is ripe.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 1, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Do your best to stay visible this week. Make sure people know what you’ve been up to, and make sure they can actually see and feel your best work. Whatever you’re doing is now starting to rise above its foundations and show real results. But you must do your part, and stay available and make sure that your accomplishments are known. Therefore, do not be modest. Your idea of bragging is closer to everyone else’s idea of modesty, so you can push things. You are likely to make some unusual contacts, so pay attention, and know who you’re talking to at any time. Get a real conversation going, even if you’ve known someone for five minutes. Your old friends will be even more valuable. You might reach out to people you’ve known for a lifetime, if only to say hello and ask what’s up.

Short Monthly Horoscope for February 2016, #1085 | By Eric Francis

You’re now able to collect on everything you’ve been learning for so long. It’s as if all of your knowledge and experience are concentrated in one place, easy to access and ready to use. Yet you’re also connected to people in a way that you’ve never been before, as if you already know everyone you meet. Use these powers wisely.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You are looking right at the potential for some unusual success, whether professional or financial, though you must be shrewd. By that I mean: first, recognize the power that you currently have; see the advantages of your position. Recognize how much influence you have on others. It’s far more than you imagine, but don’t let on about that. Invest your energy into figuring out where people are coming from. Gently probe their point of view, and understand what evidence they have to support it. You don’t only want to know what people believe; you also want to know how they got to their conclusion. This will help to craft any message that you have to deliver to a broad audience over the next week or two. Just remember: you have more impact and influence than you know.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February, 2016, #1084 | By Eric Francis

A constellation of forces is now aligning in your favor. If you can keep your focus from day to day, get enough rest and eat actual food, you’ll be able to make great strides assembling the many parts of the whole you’ve been designing. This will call on you to be at your best in every skill you have, as well as to attend to both one-on-one and group relationships. You have everything you need, you have momentum and you have some significant cooperation. Using your resources wisely has two parts — the wisdom piece and the actual use piece. Put it all to work intelligently, and remember who is doing the coordinating. Yet one interesting fact of your charts is the extent to which the scenario is directed toward the exterior world rather than your inner experience. Therefore, take the time, care and effort to maintain your inner focus. Know how you feel at all times. Pause and assess your inner weather. Track your currents, your tides, your appetite, your libido and your dreams. Pay attention to yourself. The more that’s happening in ‘the world’, the more urgent that is — especially for a Pisces. One other thing: hang out with people who nourish you. If depleting people are buzzing around, put out the Do Not Disturb sign, and stick to the people who show up with food, love and music.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Have faith. Have faith in the process of your life, in your friends, in your perseverance — and most of all, have faith in yourself. I don’t mean hope or idle wishes — I mean the quiet, inner confidence that you are doing the right thing, and that you’re in the right place and time. If nothing else, this will relieve your mind of needless worry, which will in turn open up your creative flow. Be mindful of how you direct your energy. I know it’s often easier said than done, but keep your thoughts, actions and expectations positive. Whatever you do, affirm the beauty of life. Think of this as a kind of yoga practice. This is the state of mind you will want to be in for some life-changing discovery that you’re about to make.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Jan. 14, 2016, #1083 | By Len Wallick

Just as you have finally mastered seeing your own responsibilities through to completion, along comes another challenge: seeing through the nonsense that gets a pass from so many because it’s what they want to believe. The nature of this challenge for you is largely to test the boundaries of your perception, while willingly risking your ego. You have relatively little trouble (compared to many others) releasing attachments to previously untested beliefs, but accepting that your own insights have limits will be more difficult. It means taking some chances. On the one hand, you will need to indulge some speculative alternatives to conventional wisdom. On the other hand, you will have to do so with a sure and certain knowledge that sometimes you will be proven wrong — and be obliged to admit it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Let your accomplishments speak for themselves, at least for the next week or so. You have plenty to be proud of, and you’re doing something that is rare enough to find these days: you’re taking responsibility for your own life. In the ‘new paradigm’ of leadership that is emerging with the new generation, this is the essential missing element that must be included, and you at least are convinced this is true. If you want to have power, it helps considerably if you don’t give yours away. You are remarkably close to finding the winning formula that has eluded you for a long time. Listen to people who have specific knowledge, and don’t waste time trying to sell yourself. Rather, be yourself, and do what you do best.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Jan. 7, 2016, #1082 | By Len Wallick

If you can figure out a way build a castle in the sky (which you just might be able to do), more power to you. Most castles, however, need a foundation. That foundation, in turn, needs to be laid in a place where it will endure, so that the time and effort you put into construction will be worth your while. Fortunately, you temporally have the ability to read both nature and time with the ease of reading a newspaper. The only thing that could trip you up is doubt in your ability to do so. For that reason, you will want to work on becoming more comfortable with taking risks. This does not mean becoming more reckless, or even more courageous. Instead, you need to trust and continuously develop your ability to see how all the possible outcomes the future holds will eventually collapse into a single reality — one that you could see from the beginning.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You can go a long way toward enhancing both your income and your standing with clients and higher-ups this week. Yet you need to listen to what people are saying. Listening does not mean doing what others want; it means taking their viewpoint under advisement. This is a bottom-line requirement of authentic power and influence. Deeper than that, it’s essential to be mindful of your agenda at all times. You’re now in a position where you must balance many interests, and coordinate the efforts of more than just yourself. Start with understanding your goal, and knowing why you have that objective. The coming weeks will offer many opportunities to get clear, which will be time well spent. To use that old adage from carpentry, it’s better to measure twice and cut once.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2016, #1081 | By Eric Francis

The emotional details of your relationships are of the essence now. Your success engaging with your fellow humans, and your advancement in the world, are intimately dependent on one another. You must make that delicate move from an orientation on the past to emphasis on the present. Rare and unusual aspects describe the narrow path you must walk in order to be responsive and patient with the sleepy condition of the world. You must tread the way between avoidance, to one side, and cynicism, to the other. If you can do this, you will establish a refuge from some of the worst human failings. You’ll also facilitate your own process of building something designed to last. It had better be, given how long it’s taken you to get where you are, and to have learned what you’ve learned. You’re going beyond the usual description of spiritual, in that everything you do must accomplish both loving intent and practical use. It’s not enough to ‘be a better person’ or to ‘have integrity’. You are here to participate, and to innovate. You have been charged with the responsibility of making actual improvements to your wider environment. And no matter how you may feel about it, this includes exerting actual leadership in a time of profound moral crisis. Yet this is nothing less than what you’ve prepared for all your days.

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