Mercury Direct: The Key to the Puzzle

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


The Sun has moved into Aquarius and Mercury is stationing direct while very close to Pluto. Eric Francis provides clues to this week’s astrological puzzle to help you crack the code.

THIS WEEK — Mercury retrograde ends Monday. That can come as a sense of relief, as if someone finally turned off the chaos generator. Yet this can feel like the water churning as a ferry pulls into the slip and the pilot throws the engine into reverse.


Virginia Woolf, Aquarius, born Jan. 25, 1882; author of “A Room of One’s Own” and other famed works.

The best thing about this event (technically called Mercury stationing direct) is that it can bring out information that solves mysteries.

You might get the missing piece of data, the clue, something someone says offhand, and you suddenly figure it out. Remember, the more you know, the more knowledge comes to you.

The Sun is now in Aquarius, the sign of cool, brilliant types, inventors, sci-fi fans and people who tend to believe in mind over matter.

If your birthday is this week, you can count on a highly motivated time in your life, when you have the energy and persuasive power to accomplish anything you set out to do. A close relationship partner could also be a tremendous asset to your professional ambitions.

Note — We covered Mercury stationing direct in more detail in a mailing Saturday. Here is that article if you missed it.

4 thoughts on “Mercury Direct: The Key to the Puzzle

  1. LizzyLizzy

    Beautiful choice of Aquarian, Eric. I saw a wonderful exhibition of her life and work at the National Portrait Gallery in London, about a couple of years ago.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      Glad you approve, Lizzy! I was trying to decide between Woolf and Etta James, and Eric leaned toward Woolf (I kind of was, too). I’ve been sorting through my books the last couple weeks, and I think I might have to revisit some of hers soon.

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