Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016

By Sarah Taylor

“We cannot just keep on as we have gone before, but must radically change our ways.”

According to writer and tarot expert Rachel Pollack in her book, The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana, this is one of the meanings of the card at the centre of this week’s reading, Aeon. I take it to be the primary meaning for the purpose of this spread, and one that has far-reaching implications, both personally and collectively.


Prince of Stones, Aeon, Three of Swords from the Haindl Tarot, created by Hermann Haindl. Click on the image for a larger version.

Card XX in the tarot’s Major Arcana, Aeon is the Haindl Tarot’s version of Judgement in the Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck.

It holds a similar essence to the RWS variant, but here I feel a sense of something that has an urgency in the way that Judgement does not. Or maybe it’s simply that the urgency in Judgement is softened by the more human presence of the fiery-headed angel.

Here, the angel has become a mysterious eye in the sky. There are still those snow-capped mountains in the distance, but unlike the single body of water in Judgement on which the figures of men, women, and children rise from their coffins, here there are no human figures, and the sea is now riven into one river of water on the left, and one of blood on the right. Above them, a foetus lies curled in an egg, ready to be born.

Each separate river is further associated with the card next to it: the water corresponds to the Prince of Stones (the Knight of Disks in the RWS deck), and the blood to the Three of Swords. How fitting.

The Prince of Stones, as Pollack points out, is the only Court Card in the Haindl deck that depicts a real person: Chief Seattle, a Pacific Northwest leader who strove for peace and accord, but who was part of a nation that was cheated, subjugated, and driven from its land. The orca at the top of the card would have held a vital place in the hearts, minds, and creativity of the Native Americans who bordered its marine habitat.

In the same way that Native Americans were hunted and displaced, so the orcas were, and continue to be, subjected to the harpoons of those who care little for the implications of their actions.

Rivers of blood indeed.

The Three of Swords drives this home: broken accords; allegiances (and alliances) torn apart; the debasement of the heart in favour of a war of words, where tears and blood are spilled.


Take this to a personal level; apply it to what’s going on in your life. Where is there a battle over some kind of ‘real estate’, whether literal or figurative? Where has the balance between heart and mind faltered to the point where no-one emerges with what they wanted? Where are there tears on contracts?

Where are you being called to pay attention to a toll exacted on something that holds, nurtures, provides life? Where is the voice of natural authority being drowned out by an agenda that will stop at little or nothing to exact its price?

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Now zoom out and take it collective. Where can you apply the same questions to what’s happening in your community, your country, the world? As Eric often writes on this site, “The personal is political.” One does not exist without the other, and this is particularly visible in a reading where there is one Major Arcana card (the collective/archetypal), one Minor Arcana card (how that archetype manifests in the physical world), and one Court Card (an aspect of personality that becomes the instrument of the archetype and how it manifests).

You see, it lies with you. And it lies with all of us. This is Pluto we’re talking about here. But we also have Saturn, the great limiter; that can work against us, and it can also work for us. No birth can be rushed, but it can’t be held back indefinitely either. Something will be born; something will die to make way for it. The eye seems to proclaim this from its all-seeing position.

A new age is imminent. Our actions are determining whether it will be defined by rivers that flow with blood, or with water.

Can we make different choices this time around? Can you?

“Although the picture appears dire, it is, in fact, suffused with hope.”
~ Rachel Pollack, The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana


Astrology/Elemental correspondences: Son of Stones in the West (the airy aspect of earth), Aeon (Pluto), Three of Swords (Saturn in Libra)

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016

  1. P. Sophia

    Interesting, “a time of ‘mourning'” I wrote in my comments to this week’s Tuesday night, podcast. 

    Sarah thank you for another incredible reading and moving intrepretation, which i find so mirrors the feelings of the current energy. I hope you don’t mind I mention, visually I am finding the court cards of this deck a bit difficult in drawing an association to. Without having your personal intrepretation, I would be at a total loss. But the Major Arcana, so far I find visually creatively amazing. In particular is the Aeon card.

    Such a feeling of earthly planetary evolution. The scene so beautifully encapsulates spirit with all the elements beautifully working together, in unity. In their vertical ascention, as well as you explain also working from both sides, are the cards of past and future on the horizontal,  perpendicular I see create and accentuates the meaning of the XX, the moving Cross.

    As the water flows down from heaven to the earthly river, I recognized they are the same tear shapes that fall from the III of Swords. Heart pain ..the blessing in desguise.

    The blood you mention in motion, also looks to me like fire. The spirit rising up, from blood stained rock.

    Up, to burn away the ropes, (or may be chains? .. have a closer look) that seemed to be holding down what I see as the face of a great lion in the clouds. Now freed in, and of his own releasing is his very archetype; inner strength. It is, and was always his divine nature, but now is claimed looking out in the light. Of this time, now releases, in it’s essence seed. The seed of new life.

    1. Sarah Taylor Post author

      Thank you so much, P. Sophia! Lions are everywhere at the moment. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to be symbolically rife.

      I love your interpretations, and I get what you mean about the Court Cards. But I also think that that ‘reaching’ in terms of trying to relate to them, is the same sense of striving towards understanding and feeling an archetypal force moving through us: it can be as slippery as grappling with a bar of wet soap. As it should be 🙂

  2. DivaCarla Sanders

    Water or blood. Both are inevitable, and which may be a matter of perspective. That which must die must bleed, or draw blood in desperation. That being born is born of water, and purifies the water of life. We may not know which we have chosen or which we are witnessing till it comes through the wash. Ask Chief Seattle.

    1. Sarah Taylor Post author

      Thank you, Carla! I was also thinking that both are necessary for birth, but favouring one over the other will invariably see one flowing far too much, and the other a dominating influence in the Shadow.

      1. DivaCarla Sanders

        We tend to be more alarmed by and avoidant of blood, which elevates water as the good liquid. I have learned from my Tarot readings with you that those bloody horrid 3s, 5s and 7s are ultimately good and necessary. I could also spend some time on that Aeon card and learn something new about water and blood.

  3. Dorothy Rodriguez

    As much as I love Sarah’s readings and interpretations, I also get so much from reading everyone’s comments – makes for a great Sunday into Monday moment!

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