Leo 2014

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, #1029 | By Eric Francis You may feel like you have to hold up the sky in a partnership or marriage. Your role is indeed integral to the situation, though leave the work of supporting heaven to the gods. You have plenty of ordinary human work to get […]

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, #1029 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like you have to hold up the sky in a partnership or marriage. Your role is indeed integral to the situation, though leave the work of supporting heaven to the gods. You have plenty of ordinary human work to get done, though you would benefit by applying various techniques of coordination, cooperation and delegation. Yet you need to be the organizing principle, supplying the core intelligence that will get the job done. Think of the delegation of authority as something you give to someone, and then take back when the task is complete. As long as the task is delegated and not complete, you’re still on the hook. Hence follow-through is essential to that ‘core intelligence’ role. So too is structure, and the conscious use of time. Just don’t make the error of feeling like you’re in this alone. There is plenty of support around you; you just need to ask.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, #1028 | By Eric Francis

Once you contact the creative force within you, you won’t be able to stop it. You might be inclined to take other approaches to the current task at hand — such as labor, toil, effort, time applied to the situation and old-fashioned thoroughness, which all have their moments. Currently though, the force to be reckoned with is the power of an idea, indeed of many ideas. Take up the motto that there is a creative solution to everything. To use this method takes awareness, and a constant dialog with yourself about what you are doing, and why, and the nature of your reality. It requires seeing everything as a new possibility, all the time. That takes more discipline than doing anything the same way every time. Soon enough you will need to develop and apply the ideas that you’re having, and as the planets move over the next few weeks that will develop naturally. Just keep that inner dialog going.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, #1027 | By Eric Francis

Pride is the last feeling that you want to stoke right now. There are others that will work much better — like cooperation. I was going to say “group integration” but that’s a term better used in the Aquarius horoscope. This astrology is coming from Aquarius by the way — in the form of Mars entering your opposite sign. As for pride, I know the temptation may be there, though it will come off to others as confrontational, and that’s unlikely to be what you want to do. At the same time, you may be noticing that others are asserting themselves to you, that is, asserting their will and their ideas. The key is to meet them without resistance. Imagine the encounter as more like dancing and less like wrestling. When dancing you have to apply some strength and firmness and yet be flexible and flow. Then imagine a group of people doing this dance, without choreography — just music. Listen for the music.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2014, #1026 | By Eric Francis

Get ready for an adventure — artistic, creative, erotic, childish, challenging, risky — and remember to pace yourself. You can be as bold an adventurer as you want, as long as you remember to sleep at night and eat real food. I know that what often seems like the most fun involves being up 24 hours a day, neglecting one’s health and otherwise going over the deep end. You may be inclined to do that, though I am looking ahead to the charts after you come back down to the ground, and they are suggesting a conscious approach to whatever bold thing you do. In essence I am saying to take a balanced approach when you will have lots of opportunities not to do that. Perhaps as encouragement I can offer the idea that you will go deeper, learn more and get more accomplished if you do the food/water/sleep thing than if you don’t. The kinds of edgy adventures, experiments and thought excursions indicated by your charts will benefit from presence of mind. Much of what you learn will come across in subtle ways, in hints and in cues. Plus, in anything risky there is at least some potential danger, and the way to mitigate that is to be present in your own mind and body. That said, your astrology really is calling for a bold and fearless approach to it all.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, #1025 | By Eric Francis

Right now it’s easier to work out any emotional blocks or tension through creative activities than it is through other forms of ‘sorting yourself out’ or ‘getting to the bottom of things’. You may think this is cheating — painting your troubles away, or working it out on drums, or maybe even in bed. Well, on the art studio couch would be better. Art serves a purpose to humanity, and it’s not a luxury. It’s an absolute, bottom-line psychic necessity, and by the way it’s entirely unrelated to how creative you supposedly are or are not. The blank canvas or page, the silent space into which you can make sound, represent a more than symbolic encounter with total potential when you allow yourself a moment of anything at all being possible. Then you dare to do something, anything. The result is an effect that can soak through your entire being and inform every aspect of who you are.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, #1024 | By Eric Francis

Recent events have compelled you to consider what you really mean when you say words like ‘safe’, ‘secure’, and ‘confident’. Indeed you have had the opportunity to question the very ground you walk on; the ground on which your house is built. This may not have been easy but it will have positive results. One of them is the reminder that there are certain things you need to take less seriously, and certain other things you need to take more seriously. If you are going through a sorting-out process, that would be right on time with your astrology. This will naturally extend to all matters of family and may take you on an unusual journey into your tribal and genetic lineage. There are things you can learn now that have never been available before, and may never be available again. Please treat this moment as what it is: one of a kind.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, #1023 | By Eric Francis

Clearly you must take charge, which means mustering your confidence and making intelligent decisions. But it also means coming from a place of oversight — a place with a view, where you can take in the whole scene, and also consider what is going on under the ground. Now and for the foreseeable future, you will need to have this perspective, which translates to the ability to see into the distance and to pay attention to what you observe. It will then be necessary to communicate what you know to others, particularly under the influence of astrology that may have you inclined to keep secrets or at least keep quiet. From many standpoints this would be unadvisable. Your position is specifically that of making sure key people know what you know, and making sure they understand your interpretation of circumstances and events. Think that through carefully.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for November, 2014, #1022 By Eric Francis

What is it that creates confidence? Some people are born with it; but for most people, it’s cultivated through experience. If you were to say to a young person, all the things you would prefer to avoid are the ones that will give you the most confidence, that might not sound so appealing. I am here to tell you that you’ve already built up that particular strength, and any challenges you might experience over the next month or so are things you’ve already been through in some form. As such you can draw on your wisdom and strength and come out feeling like you are indeed strong and wise. Note that when authentic, mixed with that will often be a touch of insecurity, which is designed to keep you on your toes.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2014, #1021 | By Eric Francis

It’s not as complicated as it seems. It will be, if you try to analyze your emotions, and re-analyze them, and expect everything to add up to the same thing every time. To me, your solar chart says the place to start is to set limits, including limits on yourself. If you feel any competitive or jealous vibes, that is the place to start. If you feel resentful that you cannot express some deeply held need or even a basic feeling, that’s the place to set a limit, in the form of knowing that such cannot persist. If there is a need for leadership in your environment, everyone must play their role in a cooperative way. The challenge of your astrology seems to be finding a balance between being the center of your own world, and being part of the wider world. That balancing point involves being clear what you have to give. You are in an excellent position to offer support and affirmation, even though it’s clear that you are facing certain distinct emotional challenges. Yet as you acknowledge and work out these matters, you must stay a few levels above them, and a few steps ahead of them. Your planning must involve your probable emotional and physical state if certain conditions emerge, and include a plan to avoid those conditions. Be clear, especially with yourself. Be professional, including and especially in your own home.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014, #1020 | By Eric Francis

Be clear in what you communicate. That means read what you write before you send it, and consider what you say before you say it. The planetary setup suggests that small misunderstandings could get blown out of proportion. When you’re evaluating what you are relating to others, remember the idea of evil genius Frank Luntz: It’s not what you say, it’s what other people hear. That means consider and listen for potential interpretations of your message other than what you intend, and account for them. Understand what biases people have, and more than anything tune into where they are coming from emotionally. If you do, it will be easy to see that you must tailor your message not so much for your audience but rather for the environment that surrounds them. We live in tense times, and this is a moment of especially high anxiety. Be soothing, and work consciously to solve problems.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, #1019 | By Eric Francis

Learn to speak clearly in language that expresses your emotional needs and you will find that people treat you more fairly. This may be a setup, stacking the deck in your own favor. It may also bring on a shift of perspective. If you are feeling like someone is out to cheat you, cheat on you or take something from you, step back and slow down. You may be looking right at someone’s supposed motives, though if they seem sinister or complicated, consider that there is a simpler way to solve the puzzle. Ask yourself one question — where does accountability fit the picture? For yourself first, and for them second? By accountability I don’t mean blame, I mean individuals willing to take responsibility for what is so, and having the strength to make necessary adjustments. This is a two-part process.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, #1018 | By Eric Francis

Now is the time to think about your long-term plans — from a high perspective that allows you to see for miles. For as bold as you are, you can be a bit near-sighted, and what you need now is a point of view that allows you to consider some possibilities that you’ve never considered. Even if you think you’re onto something big, climb a little higher and look around. Then look up and consider whether there isn’t another level from which to look and see. I’m not talking about ambition — I’m talking about a vantage point. You may have to struggle against some emotional insecurity or a touch of agoraphobia as you do this. Yes, you might want to actually get out of the house and take a little trip — or a long one, and look at the various scenarios of your life and notice what you learn about them. I am sure you’ll be surprised.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for October 2014, #1017 | By Eric Francis

Most people are constrained by what they believe is possible, or rather, what they believe is impossible. Over the next few weeks, all of that is about to go pop. Things you never imagined in the realm of possibility will emerge as something you can do right now. Embrace the idea that in truth, anything is possible. You don’t even need to ‘believe’ it, or see how you could get there. You must only get out of your own way, and refrain from trying to convince yourself that something cannot be done. Along those lines, it would help if you elected not to subject yourself to the influences of anyone who is telling you what is not possible, particularly if you know they are coming from the place of their own injury. This can be challenging, since so many people think they have a vested interest in convincing others what cannot be done, or protecting them from the possibility that their dreams won’t come true. Be mindful of this and learn to recognize this viewpoint when you hear it. Your world is opening up. Your horizons of space and time are widening. Your sense of who you are is arising before your eyes. You need not debate this with yourself; rather, step into the future with calm confidence and you will see that you’re standing on solid ground.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, #1016 | By Eric Francis

Presentation counts for everything right now. The details matter less. You must be aware of them, but don’t bog down your message with too much information. You might be inclined to do this in the spirit of integrity, though your integrity will shine through. Therefore, focus on appeal, and on your ability to translate into a language that many people understand. Make sure you convey some excitement about what you’re creating, and your sense of adventure. Whether you’re involved in a business project or directing your energy into a personal relationship, the approach is the same. Know that any encounter or enterprise has the ability to take you to a depth that you’re not expecting. This could be depth of contact, commitment, or expressing your passion in a tangible way. If you encounter resistance, persist gently. Rather than sailing directly into the wind and current, take a diagonal route (in sailing terms, tack a few times) and keep your destination in mind as you do.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, #1015 | By Eric Francis

Creativity is delusional. That’s the whole idea. It’s not supposed to make perfect sense or be practical. It’s a kind of impassioned fantasy, or journey begun with an unknown destination. One vital element of creative exploration is that you allow it to be pointless, seemingly for its own sake, or for a diversion. Then refinement comes later; that requires a different kind of discipline, a shift in viewpoint and ongoing review. Yet that is not the heart of the matter, the thing with no substitute. The core is allowing yourself that space of freedom from some worldly intention other than to allow your ideas to flow. It’s true that some artists and musicians get lost in this aspect of the work, and never get to the refinement stage. For now, don’t worry about that. Other aspects suggest you will focus that level of activity, and that you will be able to connect this to your vocational or business plan.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 4, #1014 | By Eric Francis

Go beyond secrecy and taboo in any form. The more secrets you let out of the bag, the more fun you will have. There are two reasons for this. One is that keeping information to yourself is like wearing a brick around your neck. The other reason is that all of the really enticing stuff we have to share is usually kept behind the veil of secrecy, where it doesn’t get a chance to flourish. The Pisces Full Moon takes place in one of the most intimate angles of your chart. You will get a chance to see that intimacy means openness and transparency. To get the benefits of this event, it would be helpful to lean into the side of revealing more rather than revealing less. If you find yourself revealing one fact or feeling, that is the one to reveal. You will feel better, and unplug those places where your energy has been getting blocked.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2014, #1013 | By Eric Francis

Though the Sun has moved on to Virgo, he has very courteously left Jupiter in Leo for the next 11 months. Going back years, there have hardly been any slow-moving planets visiting your sign (Saturn was the most recent one, and that was between 2005 and 2007). You now no longer need to feel like you must make something from nothing. You now have your own little solar system to play in, a planet 1,200 times the size of Earth, with 67 confirmed natural satellites. Jupiter is opening up a profound source of knowledge for you, though rather than being some form of abstract information, I mean direct wisdom. The idea is not to learn this wisdom but rather to become it. This may seem like a stretch for you, but this is the specialty of Jupiter — to broaden your horizons, to widen your mind and to open up a field of potential that you never knew existed. But this is more than wide; there is depth and a concentrated flow of energy revealed by the aspect pattern that Jupiter is making. That is depth you can access, and energy that will flow directly to you. There is no skill you cannot learn or apply. There is no problem you cannot solve. It is essential that you remain open and as free from negative thought patterns as you can.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, August 22, 2014, #1012 | By Eric Francis

Life is a game of truth or dare, or rather, truth and dare. When you admit the truth, you’re more likely to dare. This is an emotional level of alchemy. The reason the truth is so daring is because it demands action. The way this shows up in your chart, the first bold step is admitting how you feel. That will take a lot of pressure off of you, especially if you feel like the walls are closing in, or if you have no space to admit to your desire. It seems as if decisions made long ago, especially those related to your home life, are confining you. And that alone may be frightening. Yet it would be less frightening if you would practice some emotional flexibility. Here is a clue — that would feel like losing control. It’s not, exactly; what you would be losing is the illusion of control, and gaining access to a connection to flow and movement that allows you to actually steer your boat down the river.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, August 14, 2014, #1011 | By Eric Francis

You don’t have to push yourself so hard, especially around financial or family issues. And you don’t have to worry, even though that would seem to be one of your ‘natural’ inclinations. Worry is like driving with the brakes on; energy that could go into momentum is put into heat and unnecessary wear and tear. Focus on your resources, and on your ability to manifest more if you need them. Focus on the fact that people care about you, which has a magnetic and otherwise attractive quality. But that won’t work if you have yourself under undue pressure. If you want to use your mind, focus on ideas and putting them into action. Once you get past the thin, barely existent layer of self-critique, you will find that you are a wealth of ideas, which will go well with having the drive and the energy to put into using them well.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, August 7, 2014, #1010 | By Eric Francis

Your life seems to be hanging in the balance, and you may be experiencing some situations as being unusually polarized. This might be showing up as a ‘me versus them’ scenario. You also seem incredibly restless, which is why you may feel like you have interests that are different from those of others, who themselves may be feeling restless and counting on you for stability. Sussing out the full equation, I suggest that the thing, the idea or the necessity that everything is teetering on is nourishment. There are many other manifestations of the astrology, though they appear to be superficial. The nourishment factor is the deepest level. You need it every way, such as food, space to yourself, space with others, and sex. Space and sex intersect with the presence of Vesta in Scorpio — though this may be tricky, because there may be so many people around, sex will happen when there is space for it to happen. This is a core element of nourishment, though most would pretend otherwise.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 31, 2014, #1009 | By Eric Francis

Jupiter has been welcomed into your sign by a spectacular New Moon. Mars in Scorpio is lighting a fire underneath you and looks like it’s challenging you to get free of your emotional comfort zones or discomfort zones — whichever the case may be. In any event, be aware of the fear that might hold you back from fully expressing yourself or from taking advantage of the fact that you carry immense protection right now, as well as charm, charisma and a sense of potential. The only thing that could stop you is being afraid or wanting to exert control over what does not need to be controlled. Part of the scenario involves what happened to certain relatives if they started to feel ‘too good’ or as if life was going ‘too well’. This is an old story that you’ve wanted to end for a while, and you can now write its last chapter.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2014, #1008 | By Eric Francis

You have every advantage leaning in your favor, yet you may still feel insecure. In the past you might have worried about bad things happening, not having enough or whether you could take care of the people you’re responsible for. Insecurity 2.0 is about wondering whether you have what it takes to live up to your own potential. You may feel a sense of promise that life is offering, but you don’t know how to manifest it. You may have so many options available that you don’t know what to choose — and you know that if you choose them all, you may be spread too thin. Let’s go back to the beginning — all those factors working for you, described by the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in your sign (and a spectacular New Moon beginning the Sun’s run through Leo). That all points to something new, though I would ask if you’re carrying some regret or sense of loss from the past. Are you thinking, “life cannot be as good as it might have been”? That would fit the scenario. I assure you that it can be, though it will be necessary to call forth some passion and courage from within. This cannot be applied from the outside. It’s the part of a goal that has nothing to do with the goal — it has everything to do with you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 17, 2014, #1007 | By Eric Francis

You may be concerned that you have some unknown or undetected weakness or vulnerability, which is persisting even with Jupiter in your birth sign. It’s true that there is something concealed, that you’re concerned about revealing or don’t want known about you. But that is not necessarily a disadvantage. If you work with this feeling, you may discover that it contains power. You can, for example, consider that something you perceive as fearful may play to your advantage. Whatever you’re sensing has the power to go both ways. That much is clear. But that does not mean that it’s a random factor. On one level you’re experiencing a test of your expectations, or of what you presume in the face of missing information. Life is holding out some unusual promises for you now. That is sometimes a little edgy. Keep your thoughts positive. In the end, you will be glad you saved yourself needless anxiety, and fostered the skill of positive thinking.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 10, 2014, #1006 | By Eric Francis

If you are concerned about a matter of health, I suggest you guide yourself away from worst-case scenarios, and keep a focus on taking care of yourself. Self-care is the theme of your life these days, which comes with many different dimensions. One of them is finding that space where your work is integrated in a healthy way with the rest of your existence. For a while it may seem like you’re resolving a paradox, which is true. You may have to experiment with one end of the equation for a while, then the other, in order to find not only the right balance but also the point of integration you’re looking for. Jupiter ingressing your sign next week will give you more energy and better ideas to work with. You will have a bolder idea of what success is, and what it means to you. That will give you a goal you can work toward, and that you can feel good about. In healing, in work and in every facet of life, motivation is everything.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 3, 2014, #1005 | By Eric Francis

Don’t fall for the sensation of being lost. Choose any one point of orientation and that feeling will disappear. That might be work. It might be your health. It might be your family. If you have one focused motive or intention, your other priorities will fall into their correct place. You cannot sort them all out at once, or take care of everything at once. It will be simple enough to put things in order, once you know your first priority. In reality, all of the subjects I’ve described are related; it’s really a matter of emphasis what you call it. While you’re prioritizing, I suggest you comb through the events of the past six months and notice whether you’re still responding to life in ways that may have been appropriate much earlier in the year. Many things are about to change in your life, and it will help immensely if you keep your focus on the present and the future. You may not know it yet, but the past really is gone.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2014, #1004 | By Eric Francis

You seem to have a choice of responsibility in name only, or responsibility without a name. Either way, you’re being asked to step up to something larger; you are hearing a calling, though it’s complex and not easy to translate. What happens comes down to how you interpret that calling, and how you choose to respond. There’s considerable tension involved in the whole situation, and you may be feeling it pull on you, perhaps threatening to pull you apart, without recognizing it’s there, much less knowing what exactly it is. If so, I suggest you carefully review any situations that seem to compete with one another, and any elements of your life where factors within them seem to compete. As you do this, notice what you determine is not subject to change or to movement, and what you determine is. Your assessment may or may not be correct, though it will help if, for example, when you determine something cannot change, you ask yourself why it cannot change. If you determine something can change, notice what you do about that — whether you invest energy in making the change. Back to my original premise. Responsibility in name only is easy to control and requires no flexibility. Responsibility without a name requires your full commitment both to flexibility and exchanging the concept of control for something much more productive, which is influence.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 19, 2014, #1003 | By Eric Francis

Saturday the Sun changes signs into Cancer and this should help set you free from the idea that you have a lot of options, none of which seem to count for much. In fact, all of your options count, and they count for more if you see them as working together rather than as against one another. The sensation may be like settling an argument with yourself where both sides come out winners. Or you may get to the place where you know you didn’t make any sense before, then suddenly you do — a development that may actually describe slipping into your senses and having the world appear in a more vivid way. I would remind you, personally, that within you is the source of all healing. The conscious and willing focus of intent on something or someone calling out for healing can and often does have an influence that could only be ascribed to a miracle, which in fact it is.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 12, 2014, #1002 | By Eric Francis

Some of the most interesting stuff in the world is right in plain sight. It may be peering out from the other side of the mirror or one step off of the main drag into a little alley, but it’s right there. Nearly all of it, in fact. Most people aren’t nearly as sly as they seem. Indeed, they are rather transparent, and just good at turning one aspect of their nature in the direction of most who can see them. You seem to have plunged into another dimension of your world as a spy among the familiar, who are now turning up in all kinds of interesting colors and shades. Can anyone else see this? Look around for who can. You may not want to say anything if you see the gleam in their eye. As for yourself, this would be a fine time to put out for all to see something you’ve wanted to show off for a while.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, June 6, 2014, #1001 | By Eric Francis

Public discussion of private issues can be extremely distorted. Rather than avoid it outright, I suggest you observe the twists and compare them to what you know. There’s a pattern to the way sensitive matters are twisted; there is an agenda, and if you see that agenda for what it is, you will be doing yourself and the men in your life a huge favor. There is something that desperately needs to be understood for what it is. What’s complicating matters is that the issue has two distinct sides, and it’s wrapped up in some of the most taboo subject matter of our culture. You have a distinct line in on whatever this is — you can see and feel it for what it is, and can see through the apparent split or controversy over right and wrong. If there seems to be a paradox involved, you’re the person most likely to be able to see right through it. This will come as a benefit to everyone.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 30, 2014, #1000 | By Eric Francis

You need to get out more — and not just for social purposes, but also for business purposes. You can walk the line between them just fine and have fun in any event, though it’s clear that you need a wider conversation than you normally get to have. This will serve two purposes — one is that you’ll be able to consider more diverse points of view, which I suggest you instigate by engaging people in conversation. Second is that you will get to overcome certain insecurities that have become more noticeable in the past year or so. What seems to be happening is that your viewpoint is being confined to a smaller place, thus, it cannot stretch out like it might otherwise. When you do get out and among others, make sure you converse with people about anything and everything, no matter how weird, questionably appropriate or taboo. Listen to what others say about their existence and you will learn a lot about yours.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2014, #999 | By Eric Francis

You play a unique role in the culture, and this month your charts are describing that as a publicist for something weird, intriguing or that goes against the normal grain of society. It could be your project, it could involve someone close to you and it might also be that you’re going to be taken on a tour of all that dances to the tune of its own drummer. You’re likely to make some big scores or turn up a few gems in your process of exploring and experimenting with some aspect of culture. But you may not know what they are, so the idea is to be very observant and to treat everything as a potential gem. Doing this involves being more than a consumer or passive participant in the world around you. Think of yourself more as a cosmic talent scout, someone surveying new artistic or business territory, or going to unusual places and finding the most creative people. In these weeks you have the potential to cultivate or discover ways to increase your income, but there are two caveats. One is that you must be following your true calling. The second is that you need to be flexible enough to adjust and adapt to a continually changing environment. As it turns out, this aspect of life is one of your most adaptable, and where you have the most natural curiosity.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 16, 2014, #998 | By Eric Francis

The Sun’s entry into Gemini will make it easier for you to catch up with all the changes that have been going on around you. You haven’t exactly been left in the dust, but progress does seem to be moving a little faster than you prefer to go. Your solar chart suggests that the most meaningful thing you can do is be available and visible. Take every opportunity to engage and converse with others well beyond your home office, your cubicle or the cafe where you usually work. You’re the one who must bring the initiative and reach out to others. Make the call, send the email, start the conversation. Gemini is the 11th house of your solar chart — the house that brings the greatest benefit, the income rewards of your work. Gemini says this will happen through human contact, and the Sun says that starts with visibility. So freshen up and take every opportunity to be seen and heard.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, May 2, 2014, #997 | By Eric Francis

You don’t need to hold up the sky. You only need to keep your feet on the ground. If you can do that, you will know which way is up, and you will feel the Earth supporting you where you stand, and as you walk. Keeping a connection to the ground will help you keep your perception in your senses rather than in the more abstract parts of your mind. Time will slow down a little. You will be able to feel more clearly, and as a result, have clearer ideas about what to do when you feel you must take action of some kind. This weekend’s astrology is offering you a chance to gradually find your center. From there, all the swirling will seem to be going on around you rather than within you. Your own stability is central to your success; your ability to hold to a steady course, to lead by example and to be proactive on the issue of fairness. Yes, I can see that at times you may be experiencing some profound emotional insecurity, but that is what can happen when you choose to remove the past as a basis for what happens in the future.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for May 2014, #996 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to assess your relationship to the technology that surrounds you. There are days when you love it and days when you want to throw it all in the nearest swimming pool. I believe that the ‘technology issue’ currently represents the most critical turning point of the human race, and you may be feeling this in spades right now. You are more susceptible to its influences than many other people. I suggest you investigate how your use of devices has influenced your existence. Has interconnectivity connected you or isolated you? How much more time do you spend inside versus outside as contrasted to earlier in your life? When you think back 10 or 20 years, how was your social life different, in particular your group involvements? What about your one-on-one intimacies? Do you trust people more or less? One last thought: where do you think the infiltration of humanity by technology is headed, on the largest scale you can imagine? These questions are more complex than they may seem; they are the stuff that sociologists will be looking at for many decades to come. Yet within the emotional and spiritual levels of your life, the answers are accessible to you, and they will be meaningful. If there is something you’re concerned about on your behalf or that of your children, I suggest you make adjustments now.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 18, 2014, #995 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be facing the ongoing challenge of mental clarity and organizing what may feel like an overwhelming workload. The key to simplifying your scenario is systems design. There are always simpler, more efficient and more effective ways to do things. Success often involves accomplishing more, so the methods you used when you were less successful (or had more modest plans) need rethinking and revision. Begin with a blank template and make an inventory of all you want to get done, all that’s demanded of you by your situation and the resources you have to work with. You can include assets that you would like to be working with but don’t have available yet; one of the most important concepts of the new design is flexibility, and another is the prerogative — clearly stated and kept right in the front of your mind — of creating options. If a system is to be flexible, it has to be designed as such from the beginning. Perceived limits need to be accounted for, and addressed directly as variables — not as mandates. You’re accustomed to being the most flexible aspect of any scenario. Now the time has come to bring everyone and everything else up to that same standard.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 11, 2014, #994 | By Eric Francis

Focus your vision. By vision, I mean your visioning process, and keeping your eyes peeled on what is the most significant factor. I know a lot is happening, and there are plenty of distractions in your environment. Think of your vision as a wide-angle lens. You’re going to come in super close and focus a macro kind of shot, yet everything else will still be visible, but blurry. This will help you see your subject in context. That is critical — that you leave what you’re observing in the framework of its environment, rather than “zooming in” on it, taking out everything that’s around it. Note that the momentum of your charts is catapulting you beyond some previous concept, idea, plan or way of doing things. You will land where you are looking, which is why you want to look right at where you’re intending to be, and to keep that set within its environment. Remember that you are part of your environment. Always see yourself in that context as well.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, April 4, 2014, #993 | By Eric Francis

You need some new ideas, and your solar chart suggests that one place to look is old ideas that were forgotten, were not fully tested or never really given a chance. The byways of time are strewn with these abandoned concepts, well-thought-out solutions that were not applied to their corresponding problems, and lessons learned that were then set aside. If something has persisted, look for the lapses of awareness that may have led to that situation. You want to wake up before anyone else does. You want to be the one to take responsibility and solve any past issues before anyone else does, and you will need to be assertive. Meanwhile, back to my original premise of some of the best solutions having already been come up with — that is worth investigating and developing. Think of it like digging deeper in a mine to find the gold. Any time you’re confronted with a problem, before you try to solve it, ask yourself whether you’ve already solved it. When you need a new brilliant idea, ask yourself whether you’ve already come up with it.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, March 28, 2014, #992 | By Eric Francis

There’s no such thing as perfect faith, but there is such a thing as very powerful old-fashioned ordinary faith. And that, you have plenty of. Here is the thing: Faith might work so well that it would shock you. It might compel you to reorganize your whole belief system around what is actually possible that you didn’t think was possible. Note that you may find yourself in some kind of dialog or interchange with someone close to you about whether something is possible. The image glaring out of your chart is of you doing what is right for you no matter what anyone else believes or refuses to believe. So you don’t need to lose any sleep over that small matter, nor do you need to distract yourself with anyone else’s doubts. Nor do you need to convince anyone of anything — just act on the best intuition that you have. Then when your environment starts to provide feedback, adjust your beliefs accordingly. Then be ready to adjust them again.

Planet Waves Monthly for April 2014, #991| By Eric Francis

It is time to step up and take leadership whether or not you think you are ready. For this to work, your idea of leadership needs to evolve. It’s not a supporting or coordinating role; those are the people that leaders need around them, and I suggest you get a few supporters and coordinators onto your team. Leadership is making sure the right thing happens at the right time. That will take cooperation, and so right up top of the concepts of leadership is the one who focuses a group effort. I know this is a quality more typically assigned to Aquarius, and I have noticed that many Leos have a heck of a time with the whole recruiting and delegating thing. However, putting that skill to work will be necessary if you want to use this extraordinary moment and achieve at least a few truly unusual things, even as the world seems to go mad. I recognize the extent to which this type of leadership may seem to involve a profound shift of orientation for you. Maybe it will seem more within reach if you think of it like how you want your family to run — as a fully cooperative entity. Teach young people all the time. Shift your emphasis from doing things personally to making sure that others do them as well as, or better than, you.

Horoscope #990 Unavailable

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, #989| By Eric Francis

Authentic relationship is a form of alchemy. It changes both people involved; there is something new, some previously unknown element, created when people get together and do something real. That quality is gleaming out of your charts right now. Contrary to the popular belief that relationships are about staying the same, it seems more accurate to say that they are about changing and growing together, especially for you. That evokes many mysteries, especially about outcomes — which are entirely uncertain under this way of life. Actual human relating and bonding work under entirely different laws than those of the world, which is concerned with predictable and guaranteed outcomes. Adapting to such a flexible way of existence and an orientation that is about now and not the future presents challenges to many people — though at the moment your charts suggest you are wide open to any or all of this, no matter how new, unfamiliar or well-established it is for you. Leo is a fixed sign; this is a gloriously mutable moment.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2014, #988 | By Eric Francis

Your most intimate relationships are in transition, which means you’re being called upon to be especially flexible and resilient. One particular idea comes under the microscope — that of ‘the perfect marriage’. I believe there is such a thing, indeed I have evidence that there is. The perfection comes not from the static quality of the relationship but rather from its ability to grow, to change and to transform with the people involved. There must be a mutual commitment to healing; mutual respect for each person’s physical and psychic integrity. With that includes recognition of free choice in all matters, especially relating to the partnership itself. I recognize this violates most of the commonplace definitions and concepts of marriage, which seem to be focused around rigid concepts and presumption of ownership. That model is not going to survive the onslaught of the 21st century, and your life is too full and too rich to be constrained by any factor not of your choosing. Here is the challenge: when established structures change, there needs to be a new set of ideas and guidelines to replace them. Those are best if driven by what the people involved agree to as their bottom-line, most essential values. Any relationship between two people will either be based on a dominant-submissive model, or based on consensus. Consensus is based on mutual values. That is the starting point and that is the destination.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, #987 | By Eric Francis

Avoid doom and gloom, worst-case scenario thinking — or at least be aware if such thoughts are dancing through your mind. That will help you choose something else. You are picking up on something larger than you, much larger, something present on a planetary scale. This is true no matter how personal it may feel. Yet on the personal level there is plenty you can do, in addition to monitoring your own mind and addressing any boundary breaches (whether by someone else, or by you) as soon as possible. Maintain your personal integrity, for one thing, both setting an example to others and holding them to a basic minimum. At the same time, be conscious of your use of technology, remembering that all these gadgets that surround us are sold as toys but in fact are tools that can do harm as well as good. Remember that as you use them and you will be doing your part to solve a much larger problem.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, #986 | By Eric Francis

The financial news I’ve related in the Cancer horoscope applies to you as well, only sooner rather than later. This is not a good time to be negotiating, but it’s a great time to figure out where people are coming from, what they have to offer and how you can mutually benefit. However, that information will come out in layers rather than all at once. People will tip their hand a little at a time, though you can be certain that you will find out what you need to know, under a couple of conditions. One is that you use your “sixth sense” or intuition — however you prefer to think about it. Most people feel the hankering of their intuition but few actually respond. I suggest you focus on careful listening — to yourself, and to others. People will give you the clues you need in order to understand their point of view. Indeed, most will state it outright, usually toward the beginning of any interchange; the question is whether you’re paying attention.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, #985 | By Eric Francis

The recent New Moon in your relationship house opens up the potential for a previously closed or strained connection to be re-opened. Check whether people close to you are suddenly more in the mood to negotiate and exchange — though never underestimate the value of your own willingness to have a real conversation. Use that resolve wisely; many others do not possess it in the abundance that you do. Start the conversation. When in doubt, listen for a while. Let the ideas that people express turn over in your mind until you have a grasp of where they’re coming from. That is likely to feel like a breakthrough. The more taboo the subject, the better. This is the time to say what was impossible before. Yes, this involves a risk and yes, these exchanges will change you and shape you and also your relationship. That’s the whole idea; that is what it means to relate in an open way.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for February 2014, #984 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be seeking a compromise on a matter involving shared finances, or perhaps more accurately, a question about sexual values in an intimate relationship. The scenario seems to be going in the direction of someone’s fantasy of how things can be, though leaving out some of the more obvious practicalities. This is definitely a scenario that deserves to have logic, data or some form of science prevail, rather than any form of make-believe or let’s see what happens. And logic will indeed prevail, so I suggest you hold the line and be patient while the planets shuffle around in a pattern that describes the renegotiation of the relationship in a more holistic way. In other words, the discussion is likely to start on one topic, and then expand into other topics that are related on the level of shared values. This comes down to understanding the values you have in common, and those that you do not. I would remind you here that you’re in a somewhat vulnerable position when it comes to others overpowering you. It will not work so well to resist forcefully, so instead, I suggest you use persistence. Time is on your side. What is obvious to you will become obvious to others as the discussion moves along, and the result will be a new understanding of your relationship, built on level ground.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, #983 | By Eric Francis

My friend Greg, a Gemini moonboy, had a most interesting experience recently. Quite by surprise, his own reflection called to him from a mirror, and a kind of dimension shift happened. After a while, his reflection started speaking to him, representing the mind beyond his normal waking consciousness — what some call the higher self or superconscious: “I don’t understand you any better than you understand me,” is what it said. And then: “You are one of the more interesting ones.” And finally, the promise that his self-beyond-self would always be there with him, no matter how close he got to the edge, watching and protecting him through his journey in this strange world.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, #982 | By Eric Francis

You’re getting more accomplished than you may think; I know it’s difficult to discern whether you’re actually making progress, treading water, sliding backwards or some combination of the above. The phrase ‘getting more accomplished’ is a pun — you’re indeed getting better at what you do, though mastery is not always evident to the perception of the one who is developing the skill. Your astrology suggests that you’re re-learning something you had already developed long ago, or going to a new depth of cultivating a talent that you usually take for granted. Part of the story involves how you structure your time, and how you work within an organization. Go back to the roots of the story, remind yourself the total history and see what you discover.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — January 2014, #981 | By Eric Francis

Focus on your health, which will mainly require managing your work responsibilities and your stress level differently than you currently do. You need to make some structural changes, including to your schedule and possibly to your physical work space. This is a quality-of-life issue, and you have the focusing power and determination to make real, lasting changes that help you and will improve your efficiency. If you’re facing puzzles or questions, most of the solutions or answers seem to be hiding in plain sight. One thing that may not be so obvious is addressing certain issues that are still hanging out in your life from early childhood. This may include insecurities that you’ve never quite been able to get a handle on, as well as the residual conditioning of being burdened with more than was appropriate for a child. These matters have a way of hanging on and sometimes become more challenging to address as time goes on, though the astrology of this time in your life is centered on making a clean sweep emotionally, as well as making sure your physical space is up to the task of supporting your life. It would be simpler to say take a holistic approach, where every aspect of your life, and every person in your life, is supportive of all the others.

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