Four Winds Report for June 23, 2017

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What do you want, emotionally speaking? And what does a partner in a relationship (not necessarily romantic) seem to need? If one of you wants to cycle and flow freely while the other seems to need security and stability, know that you can find a meeting place.


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Today is Friday, June 23, 2017
Hebrew date is 29 Sivan 5777
Islamic date is 28 Ramadan 1438

Mayan Tzolk’in Day is 11 Chikchan
Mayan Long Count is
Julian Day is 2457928

Today’s Birthdays: Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468), Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), James Meade (1907-1995), Jean Anouilh (1910-1987), Alan Turing (1912-1954), Irene Worth (1916-2002), June Carter Cash (1929-2003), Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994), Frances McDormand (1957), Joss Whedon (1964), Yann Tiersen (1970), Selma Blair (1972), KT Tunstall (1975), Mizchif (1976-2014), Jason Mraz (1977), Memphis Bleek (1978), Becky Cloonan (1980), Duffy (1984).

“As long as sex is dealt with in the current confusion of ignorance and sophistication, denial and indulgence, suppression and stimulation, punishment and exploitation, secrecy and display, it will be associated with a duplicity and indecency that lead neither to intellectual honesty nor human dignity.”
— Alfred Kinsey

You Are Wearing a Gray Suit

Dear Friend and Reader:

A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a training program for women as a male model and actor. The essence of the class was teaching women to be in their power, and how to treat men as people.

Kasia Urbaniak, headmistress of The Academy.

The exercise I took part in was late in the weekend, Sunday evening for a class that had started Friday night. The instructions were simple. One of the five men who was serving as a “model male” would sit in a chair. One of the students would approach him, with the instruction of making three observable statements of fact, for example, “You are wearing a gray suit.”

The effect was profound. For many of the women, it seemed like one of the most challenging things they had ever done. Some could barely speak. One was moved to tears, and the class had to pause so she could be consoled.

Leading the class was Kasia Urbaniak, former dominatrix with 17 years’ full-time experience, who had during those years also spent enough time in Daoist monasteries to come within four days of being ordained a nun.

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Moon Phase: Moon is in Balsamic (waning crescent) phase and enters New phase tonight at 7:30 pm PDT / 10:30 pm EDT (02:30:38 UTC).
Next Full Moon is in Capricorn on July 8-9 at 9:06 pm PDT / 12:06 am EDT (04:06:30 UTC).
Next New Moon is in Leo on July 23 at 2:45 am PDT / 5:45 am PDT (09:45:30 UTC).
Moon Sign: Moon is in Gemini and enters Cancer today at 3:06 pm PDT / 6:06 pm EDT (22:06:33 UTC).
Sun Degree: 2-3 Cancer.

Planetary Stations and Sign Changes
Borasisi stations retrograde at 10:58 pm June 22 PDT / 1:58 am EDT (05:58:10 UTC).
Moon enters Cancer at 3:06 pm PDT / 6:06 pm EDT (22:06:33 UTC).

Interesting Selected Aspects | Data by Serennu
— Sun square Salacia at 6:26 am PDT / 9:26 am EDT (13:26:15 UTC).
— Mars sextile Echeclus at 12:47 pm PDT / 3:47 pm EDT (19:46:56 UTC).
— Mars opposite Juno at 6:18 pm PDT / 9:18 pm EDT (01:17:41 June 24 UTC).

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If Your Birthday is June 23
(The Day of Interpersonal Enchantment) | Cancer Birthday Reading | All Other Signs
You’ve reached a point in your life where you know you must make real changes, and fortunately just about every factor is working in your favor. First, identify what you know must end, and work to resolve it. Then, focus on what you know you want to begin, and with your newly liberated energy, invest generously in your most cherished goals.

Written in the Planets
What do you want, emotionally speaking? And what does a partner in a relationship (not necessarily romantic) seem to need? If one of you wants to cycle and flow freely while the other seems to need security and stability, know that you can find a meeting place. Along with today’s New Moon in Cancer, an opposition between Mars in Cancer and Juno in Capricorn is highlighting the false dichotomy between ‘movement’ and ‘stability’. There is a point of negotiation between the two, and it looks like it might be focusing on what remains constant within and between each of you, in the midst what’s shifting. If an emotional habit or attachment is holding you back from allowing some flow, or from allowing yourself to demonstrate how much you care, use today’s New Moon energy. It’s perfect for gently, consciously bringing one thing to an end, and then setting new intentions with the rising tide.


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