Debate to Nowhere

Posted by Amanda Painter

By Jen Sorensen

Remember back in 1945 when it seemed Western countries had defeated Fascism once and for all? Cartoonist Jen Sorensen wonders if bad ideas ever manage to die.

By Jen Sorensen

By Jen Sorensen


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One thought on “Debate to Nowhere

  1. Glen Young

    Yes Amanda, papa does got a brand new bag, and secret loves (twelfth house). As for the corporate/government health care, and without Eric’s amazing skills in group blending, I can’t really gather the data necessary to reveal the waste that is being forced to take place. Its a mega billion operation, and if not the 70% that Mitch McConnell (turtle) says that eating up the budget (Social Security is another one), because we can’t managed our own expenses in a intimidating dominating environmental patriarchy; that has a hidden agenda.

    Yes Jen, ever since Lincoln’s assassination did this debate get seeded to come back again; to haunt us. A Dream Deferred.

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