A Bird Flew In

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This week, both Venus and Mars begin to pass through outer-planet squares. Venus is currently in late Sagittarius, and Mars is in late Aries. While the aspects come into full focus early next week, around the time of the Feb. 4 Aquarius New Moon, we can use the look-ahead ability of astrology.

How to Surf Like a Goat

Posted by Amanda Painter


We’ve entered The Eclipse Zone: the two weeks between eclipses that can be especially useful for releasing that which is no longer needed, and for initiating new patterns that support your growth, goals and desires. It may feel like a parallel universe, so be sure to look where you want to be.

Solstice, Full Moon, Mars Conjunct Chiron

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

Chiron and Achilles, ca. 1873, by Doukas Ioannis (1841-1916); National Gallery (Athens).

Right on the solstice and hours before the Full Moon, the U.S. federal government was shut down over whether $5 billion should go to “the wall” along the southern border. Just wondering — do we really need that much money for a wall, right now? This very minute, such that it’s worth closing dozens of departments and putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work?

Critical-Mass Point: The Big Effect

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


We’re about to experience a Full Moon on the Northern winter solstice. This is a lunation in aspect to the Aries Point (the first degree of the zodiac), and no matter what, that promises to deliver something unusual. The most ordinary Full Moon has a way of breaking deadlocks and getting the energy moving. This […]

Sagittarius New Moon on the Great Heaven

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This will be another week of unusual astrology, which will intensify over the next five or six days. I’m going to provide a rundown of the basics, with some practical ideas and philosophy. We all read a lot on the internet, and the stream of ‘content’ goes by so fast it’s difficult to remember what you learned. So, I’ll send this letter out again on Tuesday evening, as a reminder.