Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Posted by Amanda Painter


This week’s astrology features Mercury and Mars in Cancer making a series of aspects throughout the week. Mercury in Cancer, particularly, can indicate a mind that’s very sensitive to others — to people’s moods, to what they say, to what they seem to leave unsaid. Which means, as Amanda Painter writes, that it becomes extra important to say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Energy Surge: Bring on the Solstice

Posted by Eric Francis


Somewhat astonishingly, we’ve nearly arrived at summer solstice. On Wednesday, within hours of one another, the Sun and Mercury ingress the sign Cancer. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the week when the days are longest and the nights are shortest. The Sun seems to be at stasis.

Dharma 101: Assertive Caring and Emotional Accessibility

Posted by Amanda Painter


We begin this week with three personal planets on the move that represent some of our most palpable facets of personality. Broadly speaking, this is a reminder to notice what’s shifting — particularly within you, or in terms of your responses to your immediate environment. Yet it’s how things are shifting that really matters.

Small Meets Large: A Week of Culmination

Posted by Eric Francis


You or others might be feeling internal pressure, impatience, or resolve to finally make some progress, try something new, or even conduct a wild experiment or two. The most important thing is that you not assume everything is done moving and shaking; we’re in the midst of a long series of shifts that persists for nearly two weeks.

Looking Into Parallel Realities: Gemini New Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


Having the Sun and Moon meeting in Gemini highlights the potential to take two (or more) approaches to solving a problem; it could offer an especially poignant or introspective look at your own hypocrisy or double standards. You might suddenly notice the shadow to the light you were focused on, or the sliver lining to what had appeared as a cloud.

Let Your Body Talk — and Then Listen

Posted by Amanda Painter


We’re now in the last several days of solar Taurus. Fittingly, this week’s more prominent astrology is keeping some focus on the body; specifically, as Amanda Painter notes, the role your body has in keeping you informed of the less tangible facets of your being — and your body’s ability to point you in the direction of healing and growth.

Scorpio Full Moon: Amnesty for Sexual Honesty

Posted by Amanda Painter


With the Moon building toward full phase on Wednesday, it’s possible that you’re feeling something regarding physical pleasures and the emotions that go with them building to a head. This may take the form of a question: if you’re craving a specific type of physical or sexual contact, what is standing in your way of reaching out to initiate it?

Artemis on the Rise

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes in this week’s Astrology Diary, the question that many people are wondering and that everyone should be wondering is: will enough potentially conscious, loving people wake up to facilitate society taking action? The new Uranus-Eris cycle has just begun. What will we do with this potential?

Venus Retrograde, in Pisces, Approaching Chiron

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes in this week’s Astrology Diary, Venus is one of the more palpable planets. Much of what we struggle with comes back to Venus, particularly our perception and experience of women, of beauty, of the attractive force, and most of all, of values. Values means priorities; the basis by which we decide what is important.