Let Your Body Talk — and Then Listen

Posted by Amanda Painter


We’re now in the last several days of solar Taurus. Fittingly, this week’s more prominent astrology is keeping some focus on the body; specifically, as Amanda Painter notes, the role your body has in keeping you informed of the less tangible facets of your being — and your body’s ability to point you in the direction of healing and growth.

Scorpio Full Moon: Amnesty for Sexual Honesty

Posted by Amanda Painter


With the Moon building toward full phase on Wednesday, it’s possible that you’re feeling something regarding physical pleasures and the emotions that go with them building to a head. This may take the form of a question: if you’re craving a specific type of physical or sexual contact, what is standing in your way of reaching out to initiate it?

Artemis on the Rise

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes in this week’s Astrology Diary, the question that many people are wondering and that everyone should be wondering is: will enough potentially conscious, loving people wake up to facilitate society taking action? The new Uranus-Eris cycle has just begun. What will we do with this potential?

Venus Retrograde, in Pisces, Approaching Chiron

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes in this week’s Astrology Diary, Venus is one of the more palpable planets. Much of what we struggle with comes back to Venus, particularly our perception and experience of women, of beauty, of the attractive force, and most of all, of values. Values means priorities; the basis by which we decide what is important.

Aries New Moon: The Adventure Continues

Posted by Eric Francis

Fractal. Credit: pixabay.com.

Monday night we experience the Aries New Moon, the latest of a series of conjunctions in the energetic first sign of the zodiac. Late last week was the Venus-Sun conjunction; Sunday Mercury passed by the Uranus-Eris conjunction; and now the Moon and the Sun will form their first conjunction of the astrological year.

Welcome to the Vernal Freaquinox!

Posted by Eric Francis


As Eric writes, among many interesting features of the Equinox chart is that the Moon is conjunct Saturn and the Galactic Core to the degree. This is a reminder to stay strong on your spiritual footing, and not to let your mind be seized by prejudice, greed or uninformed opinions.

Monday Morning Astrology

Posted by Eric Francis


This is an extraordinary week. There are two conjunctions, both distinctive, though on Friday we experience the extremely rare conjunction of Uranus and Eris. As Eric notes, this is the third and last Uranus-Eris meeting before the two begin to separate. They will not form another conjunction until April 28, 2106.

Feel the Momentum: Venus Retrograde, Full Moon

Posted by Eric Francis


Venus is now retrograde, which shifts the emotional momentum of our moment in one gesture. The retrograde lasts through April 15. And at the same time the Moon is heading into full phase; the Virgo Full Moon happens March 12, a week from now, but this one is going to gather energy and go off like a clap of thunder.

The Essential Message of Pisces

Posted by Eric Francis


With the move from Aquarius to Pisces, the Sun has left the energy field of fixed and focused mental patterns, and entered the environment of flexibility, feeling and flow. As Eric writes, Pisces is here to draw you into your inner life, even as the world appears to be in a state of benighted mayhem.