The Essential Message of Pisces

Posted by Eric Francis


With the move from Aquarius to Pisces, the Sun has left the energy field of fixed and focused mental patterns, and entered the environment of flexibility, feeling and flow. As Eric writes, Pisces is here to draw you into your inner life, even as the world appears to be in a state of benighted mayhem.

When You Know, and When You Don’t

Posted by Eric Francis


As of Monday, Mercury is in late Capricorn, on the way to entering Aquarius Tuesday morning. From early Aquarius, Mercury will aspect Venus and Mars in Aries, and Ceres in Taurus. Before it gets there, though, Mercury must clear the final degrees of Capricorn, which has both private and public implications, and a caution to beware of glamour and guide yourself to sincerity.

Nessus on the Nodes: the buck stops now

Posted by Amy Elliott


Tuesday at 10:25 am EST (15:24:45 UTC), an aspect takes place that got Amy Elliott’s attention: the centaur Nessus will be exactly conjunct the lunar South Node. Melanie Reinhart’s catchphrase for Nessus is “the buck stops here”; Nessus passing the South Node could well be “the buck stops now.”

Remembering What You Might Forget

Posted by Eric Francis


“We need to remember that we have cosmic origins, even if we don’t remember what they are.” Sunday morning, Mercury stationed direct in Sagittarius in a conjunction to the Galactic Core. Eric Francis explains how we can work with this energy to keep a sense of meaning.

Star of the Sea: Venus Enters Pisces

Posted by Amy Elliott


Venus moves into Pisces for an extended stay tomorrow morning. In Pisces, Venus is what’s traditionally known as ‘exalted’ — which is another way of saying ‘very much at home’. Amy Elliott suggests that with a little faith and willingness, Venus in Pisces could offer deep healing and seeds of fresh growth.

The Advantages of Uncertainty

Posted by Amy Elliott


The approaching New Year commences under the auspices of a Capricorn New Moon, which takes place Thursday morning conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars in Pisces. Amy Elliott suggests this indicates change and possible uncertainty; yet adaptability to change and questioning is the essence of evolution.

Reflection: Mars in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis


This morning sees two events of interest happening almost simultaneously. First, at 4:23 am EST (09:22:54 UTC), Mars enters Pisces. Then, 93 minutes later, Mercury stations retrograde in mid-Capricorn. These are two seemingly separate events related by this unusual synchronicity. What they have in common is the theme of honesty.

Open Outcome: Gemini Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


Tuesday is the last Full Moon of 2016. This calendar year has been anything but dull, and a general mood of questioning and uncertainty seems to prevail. Yet, as Amanda Painter writes, where there are questions, there is opportunity for new solutions.

Universal Sisterhood: Venus in Aquarius

Posted by Amy Elliott


On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius. Amy Elliott suggests that Venus in Aquarius highlights the obsession our culture has with romantic (and to a certain extent filial) love. Instead, it speaks of the kind of love that is universal, unconditional and impartial; what the Greeks named agape.