Time to Get Practical: Venus in Capricorn

Posted by Amanda Painter


Mercury is beginning to shake out following its recent retrograde (which ended Friday night, but which might still be reverberating for you). Amanda Painter notes this should help you to unwind anything that got tightly wound recently. Continued new activity in Capricorn, a sign of initiative, should assist as well.

The Case of the Capricorn Solstice

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


This could be the most interesting week in quite a while — and that’s saying a lot. I guess “interesting” is a charitable way to describe the rise of tyranny by ignorance, chaos and pixels, and any possible resistance, and events that seem outside our control — but it’s the holiday season.

From Here to Saturn in Capricorn

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


It seems like we’ll experience a microcosm of history before Saturn enters Capricorn: of shuffling of developments and ideas, of changes, referrals in course, many little surprises and revelations, and a few big ones. World events have been so compressed lately that few might notice the difference.

What Are We Birthing?

Posted by Amanda Painter


If you feel like you’re not entirely sure what just happened, hang in there. Today (Sunday) featured some pivotal astrology. But as the energy from these events settles or changes direction, you might find that your perspective shifts, or that insights come through in a new form.

The World Is Better for Your Presence

Posted by Amanda Painter


Whether or not you live in the U.S., I hope that you discovered many reasons to feel thankful this past weekend despite the ongoing pain and chaos in the news. While we all experience moments of grief and fear, there is also an incredible amount of beauty and kindness and love in this world.

You Are an Adult

Posted by Amanda Painter


With Mercury approaching Saturn, we get an illustration of a parent-child dynamic. In other words, even though you may be an adult, you’ll want to notice when your interactions with others cause you to revert to childhood behaviors of the kind you had with your parents.

Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio: A Light on Truth

Posted by Amy Elliott

Sunset over Georgian Bay, Canada. Photo by Kellie Hastings.

Scorpio has been relatively quiet since the Mars retrograde in spring 2016; a time when, among other things, Donald Trump really emerged from the woodwork and began his rise to power. Yet now Jupiter is taking up residence for at least a year, and the Sun joins both Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio early Monday.

Exuberant Astrology, With a Note of Caution

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Screen Shot 2017-09-24

This week offers yet another interesting and complex round of astrology, all on the heels of the Libra equinox. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the scales of that sign have tipped in the direction of night being longer than day. This also begins a new season, with the attendant surge of power coming from the Earth, in all hemispheres.