A Nice Pair: Two Conjunctions at Once

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Our current astrology involves two near-simultaneous conjunctions. Sunday at 1:53 pm EDT (17:53 UTC), the Sun conjoined Mercury. This is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde, which will last until April 15. The second conjunction takes place Monday at 11:44 am EDT (15:44 UTC), which is Mars aligning with Saturn in Capricorn.

Venus Passes through the Uranus-Eris Conjunction

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Tonight’s top story — apart from millions of people rising up against the NRA, the criminal politicians who support them, and gun violence in general, and apart from Stormy Daniels appearing on 60 Minutes — is that Venus is passing through the Uranus-Eris conjunction. Let’s take a step back and review: currently there is a […]

The Rites of Spring

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


When the Sun reaches the vernal equinox, it’s directly aligned with the Aries Point, the “reset” point in the astrological year. It’s like a long day ends at midnight, and a new day begins. The Aries Point has a special quality that seems to be dominating our lives now, which is that we’re standing in this frantic crossroads between the individual and the collective.

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Integrity

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


The outstanding aspect today is Mars square Chiron. This aspect happens just once a year in some form, and it’s about your relationship to the idea of integrity. We could say that about all Mars-Chiron meetings, though the square is one of the more significant aspects describing structure and strength.

Initiative, Review, and You

Posted by Amanda Painter


Although there’s a significant concentration of bodies in Pisces this week, the focus shifts to other signs for the main events — specifically, Aries (planets changing sign) and Scorpio (Jupiter’s retrograde). As Amanda Painter notes, you may notice a shift in tone, tempo or orientation as a result.

The Virgo Full Moon and the Fierce Feminine

Posted by Amanda Painter


This week’s astrology peaks with the Virgo Full Moon on Thursday. This is the first Full Moon after the Aquarius New Moon eclipse, and therefore carries that event’s signature in some way — although it does so with a slightly different flavor, as Amanda Painter writes, thanks to the Sun and Moon being in new signs.

Rediscovering Buoyancy

Posted by Amanda Painter


The Sun entered Pisces today, joining Mercury (which entered Pisces yesterday), Venus, Neptune and Chiron. On Friday, the asteroid Juno will join the pool party. Amanda Painter suggests you may be noticing that last week’s edginess is softening, or feel a sensation like pressure has finally equalized.

Opening the Door for an Aquarian Eclipse

Posted by Amanda Painter

Door of the Hermitage, Omega Institute. Photo by Eric.

This week we get the second in our pair of current eclipses: a partial solar eclipse during the Aquarius New Moon on Thursday, Feb. 15. There’s been a lot on Planet Waves lately about interrupting old patterns to allow new ones to form — patterns that will better suit who you’re in the process of becoming.