Star of the Sea: Venus Enters Pisces

Posted by Amy Elliott


Venus moves into Pisces for an extended stay tomorrow morning. In Pisces, Venus is what’s traditionally known as ‘exalted’ — which is another way of saying ‘very much at home’. Amy Elliott suggests that with a little faith and willingness, Venus in Pisces could offer deep healing and seeds of fresh growth.

The Advantages of Uncertainty

Posted by Amy Elliott


The approaching New Year commences under the auspices of a Capricorn New Moon, which takes place Thursday morning conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars in Pisces. Amy Elliott suggests this indicates change and possible uncertainty; yet adaptability to change and questioning is the essence of evolution.

Reflection: Mars in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis


This morning sees two events of interest happening almost simultaneously. First, at 4:23 am EST (09:22:54 UTC), Mars enters Pisces. Then, 93 minutes later, Mercury stations retrograde in mid-Capricorn. These are two seemingly separate events related by this unusual synchronicity. What they have in common is the theme of honesty.

Open Outcome: Gemini Full Moon

Posted by Amanda Painter


Tuesday is the last Full Moon of 2016. This calendar year has been anything but dull, and a general mood of questioning and uncertainty seems to prevail. Yet, as Amanda Painter writes, where there are questions, there is opportunity for new solutions.

Universal Sisterhood: Venus in Aquarius

Posted by Amy Elliott


On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius. Amy Elliott suggests that Venus in Aquarius highlights the obsession our culture has with romantic (and to a certain extent filial) love. Instead, it speaks of the kind of love that is universal, unconditional and impartial; what the Greeks named agape.

Spirit in the Sky: Sun in Sagittarius

Posted by Amy Elliott


This week we’re on an amended schedule due to it being a holiday week in the U.S. We will have Planet Waves FM on Tuesday and your monthly horoscope on Wednesday. Meanwhile, today the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is the sign of mutable fire; it’s light, airy, bouncy and adventurous. The Sagittarians we know and love are likely to have at least a smidge of that energy about them, carrying it like a refreshing breeze.

The Night Between the Worlds

Posted by Eric Francis


Something about these nights of the year shifts our relationship to death and decay. While you’re alive, that means growth, evolution and transformation. Yet then there’s the reality of the ultimate fate of everyone incarnate. Nobody can live fully without a conscious relationship to death. It serves as an essential anchor to one’s maturity.

Scorpionic Tripping

Posted by Amy Elliott


We’re approaching that moment when the veil between the worlds grows thin; the Sun is now fairly in Scorpio and Mercury is soon to follow, and Halloween is not far away. The magic of the Old Gods and the mysteries of the Earth are beginning to soak into the atmosphere.

Step Back From Power Struggles

Posted by Eric Francis

Remember this? Last year's NASA New Horizons image of Pluto.

Mars has been big news all year, as it went through its retrograde in Scorpio and Sagittarius. Now Mars is well beyond those signs, in mid-Capricorn, and it’s about to meet up with Pluto — the longtime dweller and agent of change. Eric writes that this may encourage some people around you to go on a wee power trip.

Mercury, the Galaxy and the Centaurs

Posted by Eric Francis


As I write, Mercury is working its way out of late Virgo as it completes its second shadow phase. That relates to the recent retrograde (Aug. 30 through Sept. 22). It’s still covering the same ground as when it was retrograde, and making similar aspects. There was something special about this past Mercury retrograde, and now we’re getting it in replay.