At Last: Mars Stations Direct

Posted by Amanda Painter


By the time you read this, the Pisces Full Moon will have already peaked earlier in the day. Yet even if you can feel a situation resolving or softening in one regard, you might still be experiencing a little agitation: tomorrow, at 10:05 am EDT (14:04:52 UTC), Mars finally stations direct after having been retrograde for two full months.

Approaching Solar Virgo and Mars Direct

Posted by Amanda Painter


You might think of this week under the header of “transition.” Of course, we’re always in some kind of transition or another. But consider this: Mercury just stationed direct early this morning; we’re entering the final week of Mars retrograde, which has characterized the entire season; and on Thursday, the Sun enters Virgo.

Mercury Stationing Direct, Mars Still Retrograde

Posted by Amy Elliott


We’re in the final week of the present Mercury retrograde, which has been almost concealed under the other unusual astrology surrounding it — the eclipses, which are now over; and Mars retrograde. The period when Mercury prepares to station direct is usually a time of revelations: of hidden truths emerging, and patterns coming together.

New Challenges Need New Solutions

Posted by Amanda Painter


Hopefully you’ve felt a sense of last week’s pressure easing some, now that the Full Moon and lunar eclipse has dissipated and Mercury is firmly retrograde in Leo. That said, this week’s astrology brings its own energetic peak — one that might give you a boost as you try to initiate any new patterns.

The Moon, the Sun and (134340) Pluto

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Thursday, in the midst of Mars retrograde, we’ll experience the first of three eclipses that will occur over the next six weeks. The order will be a solar eclipse in Cancer, followed by a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, and then a solar eclipse in Leo. The lunar nodes (which indicate the approximate location of eclipses) […]