Aquarius 2015

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 17, 2015, #1080 | By Len Wallick

It does not suck to be you. Don’t go to that dark place except to laugh at it. You should not measure yourself according to conventional standards when, in fact, you have been unconventional. Neither is it in any way right or appropriate to upbraid yourself for having practiced your idiosyncratic ways even if others cannot or will not understand. As much as you have had to endure the pain of losing who and what you have lost to be who and what you are, you have almost certainly gained even more. At the moment those gains are probably not apparent. Rather, the accumulated stores of what your originality has built up are hidden, and not from you. There are unprecedented and (as of yet) untapped reserves of creative genius inside you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way to access that genius without resorting to drugs, alcohol or other forms of self-destruction.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 10, 2015, #1079 | By Len Wallick

Answer the bell. Regardless of any difficulties you are confronted with, keep coming out of your corner until you have gone the full distance allotted to you. Now is no time to yield to weariness or pain. However discouraging others may be, and no matter what challenges are yet to come, roll with them so as to conserve yourself — but also maintain a steadfast resolve to stay on your feet. Just as important, continue to keep your own style fair and clean even if others are not fair to you. Good effort and good form are never wasted. In fact, the only way you can truly lose now is to give up; for, a turning point is about to take place. What good you have done is slowly but surely adding up to more than your stumbles and errors. You need not resign yourself to accepting a moral victory, either. As long as you persist without breaking faith, you will continue to have a fighting chance to both prevail and be distinguished for it.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Dec. 3, 2015, #1078 | By Len Wallick

Yes, some might be judging you unfairly right now. If you are fair to them, however, you probably must admit you have given others some small reason to judge you. This does not mean there is anything wrong with you, so don’t compound your situation by judging yourself. Neither, in all probability, do you need fixing. It might do simply to be more transparent about your situation. Admittedly, revealing more of your circumstances and taking responsibility for them could mean swallowing your pride, or even risking embarrassment. Even so, it is almost certainly better to take a chance that depends on the understanding and compassion of others than to maintain the unsustainable, doing damage to yourself or your cause in the bargain. Give the truth a chance to set you free, and it probably will.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2015, #1077 | By Eric Francis

You are trying to establish yourself in the world, and you seem to be making some significant progress, though it may not feel that way. You might want to pause measuring your failures and successes and instead devote your energy to understanding something about yourself. That something involves the relationship between who you are and what society is. Your mind is a microcosm of the world that you’re wanting to establish yourself in. That raises the value on self-knowledge at this time in your life. Self-knowledge means going deeper into your motives and your learning process, and into seeing the way that patterns from your personal history manifest for you. If you are seeking change, and seeking progress, then seek self-understanding. You may be tempted to put all your effort into understanding the world, but even if you succeeded in doing that, the information would be of little value without the one-and-only necessary context of your life — you. The more transparent you become to yourself, the more transparent the world will become. The more flexible you become, the more flexible the world will seem. The more alert you are, the easier it will be to spot other alert people and engage them collaboratively. Yet you will need to suspend judgment as much as you can, and observe yourself carefully nearly all the time.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, #1076 | By Len Wallick

One of the best ways of showing respect for others is to adopt their values or emulate their behavior. If there is somebody whose physical fitness you respect, ask them to share the details of their regimen. Then, with respect for your own limits and after consulting with your own healthcare provider, give whatever parts of their practice seem both safe and appropriate for you a chance to show similar results. Should you come across a good example of self-regulation, ask that person how they got that way, then look into what it would require of you to learn their skills. By the same token, allow anybody whose spiritual development impresses you to at least inform you of their source of inspiration. It’s not that you are unworthy of respect just the way you are, but if you do find yourself looking up to somebody, wouldn’t it make sense to move so that you can look them in the eye?

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, #1075 | By Len Wallick

First impressions tend to last a long time. They are the seeds of reputation. Whether you know it or not, you are now moving into a position to take advantage of how first impressions work. That’s because there are new people and relationships on your horizon. Those people yet unmet have the potential to bring on what amounts to an era of reformation for you and your life. But first you must find them. In all likelihood you will not come across what you are looking for one person at a time. Rather, it will probably be a group activity of some sort through which you’ll encounter others who are looking for new communities with a common objective. So even if you are not religious or a good singer, give choirs a look. Even if you are not an athlete be alert for a team or a league where simply being a body can lead to being somebody. Find a place to practice teamwork in the presence of others, and endeavor to be for them what you want them to be for you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015, #1074 | By Len Wallick

Regardless of what you think or how you feel about how others perceive you, you might want to at least try some of those perceptions on for size before allowing anybody to convince you that you should buy into them. If what you try on does not fit or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, put it back on the rack. The perceptions others have of you are shaped partly by their own experiences, fears and incomplete understanding of you, in addition to what you present to them; still, it cannot hurt to consider how your actions my have influenced their conclusions. On the other hand, if trying on somebody else’s perception of you makes you think ‘this is me’ or ‘I could rock this’, then you can proceed to contemplate how to tailor it. Calculate the price of owning it. If you do choose to own a perception you’ve received, wear it with pride and confidence while also remembering that at any time you can also choose to change into something you have conceived on your own.

Marie Claire Horoscope for November 2015, #1073 | By Eric Francis

You’re being called to fulfill your mission — not just in your mind, not just on your resume, but in the wide and wild world, where it matters the most. You only need to be a little confident that there is a place for you and your talent; then be just a bit pushy, and that space will open up.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2015, #1072 | By Eric Francis

The Sun, and soon enough Mercury, will be in your 10th solar house of getting things done. Whether you use your solar chart (as I’m doing here) or your natal chart, it’s helpful to follow the Sun’s journey through the various seasons of your year. The 10th house is about visibility. It’s about being seen but, moreover, making sure you’re known for what you want to be known for. Reputations, properly established, take time to be built. The returns can seem minimal, even over long years. But you are starting to accrue some experience, and to make some progress on the issue of personal power and influence. Still, I suggest you seek to establish yourself with your good work rather than try to collect. The world is in an extremely confused state right now; the wars and violence seem never to stop, and we get very little in the way of pleasure that doesn’t come with corporate sponsorship or a high-priced admission ticket. Therefore, keep your focus on what is right. Remind yourself that you’ve cleared out enough psychological baggage from your internal space to have a clue who you actually are. Not everyone has made this investment; most people have kept filling their attic while you were busy cleaning up yours. You are therefore in a distinct position of leadership. You can actually see, feel and breathe.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 #1071 | By Eric Francis

You may be wondering whether the right thing to do is to act grown up and fulfill your worldly responsibilities, or to cut loose and do whatever you want to do. Think of the responsibility thing (Saturn) as being about holding together the basic structure of your life. If you can do that, you have lots of freedom to experiment with this new role you’re developing for yourself in the world (represented by many other planets currently close to Saturn). While you have to keep a basic plan in place, you simply must experiment, with the passion of a child. Your prior ways of being are not going to work; they are obsolete in the sense that they have lost their distinction. In order to be who you are, you must be distinct — not only from your own history but also in the environment around you — and that means a continuous journey of exploration, trial and error, and invention. Think of yourself as a scientist using society as your laboratory. Or think of yourself as an artist living in a chaotic world who is developing a way to make some sense out of things, or at least respond to the madness in an appropriate way. Just remember, you are what you seek to change.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 #1070 | By Eric Francis

You may not adhere to any religion, preferring your own version of the cosmic order, based on your own inquiry into life. That is a sign of intelligence; you don’t need to run your body and soul on someone else’s operating system when you can write your own. Here is the place where anyone who is really thinking falls off the wagon of the dot-org, ism-obsessed version of spiritual reality: it almost always prioritizes an abstract relationship (with a seemingly non-incarnated entity) above the connections we have with one another. True, religion pays lip service to ‘love thy neighbor’, but we see how well that works in the corporate version of spiritual life. You seek connection with the divine through connection to humans and other critters, to society and through self-awareness. Nearly all religion is set up to deny the obvious benefits of living in actual contact with yourself and your world. It’s designed to drive people’s lives through guilt into a state of desperation, leading them to seek something ‘greater than themselves’. As part of living your own way, the most vital clue from your chart involves cultivating your own ideas about relationship, on your own terms. For you, that is the message of this Mercury station direct.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 #1069 | By Eric Francis

Were this 30 years ago, your weekly horoscope would say, “Look for news from abroad.” The thing is that those old formulas can give surprisingly good results. So definitely look for that news from far away — but while you’re doing that you might want to make some of your own. Reach out to your friends who live out of the country, including ones you have not seen or heard from in a while. Since we live in the digital age, you might consider chatting up the people you’re connected to who live in other countries. In sum, do anything you can to make the concept of ‘foreign’ real to you. That might mean reaching for some expansion of your message or business to a faraway place, and it might mean getting on an airplane and going there. Any such activities come with unusual manifesting power now. In fact, any travel at all, of at least a few hours’ distance, will have the same activating effect on your activities — and you will learn a good bit as well.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2015 #1068 | By Eric Francis

There is a place for you in the world. There’s a place for everyone who wants one. The reason why is that the world is constantly changing, if for no other reason than people die and are born every day. What seems to remain consistent are the patterns of society, but even those change, if ever so slowly. Your role is to establish patterns that are consistent with your ideas and your approach to life, recognizing the imminent necessities of our moment — and to do this in the public forum known as the culture. As you proceed, there are two things to be mindful of. One is that the most essential patterns to observe and work with are in your own mind. The mind truly is a microcosm of family, of society and of the global condition, all of which are in upheaval now. Second is that rather than innovating something new, you’re more likely to be updating something traditional, something well-established or time-honored. You are taking something that has already existed and modifying it for a new context. Originality is not an actual value, since nearly everything is derivative. Yet the retrieval of something functional, something that works, in a new context, is original enough for anyone whose goal is to get the job done rather than to make a splash. There is work to do. Do it well, and work joyfully.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 #1067 | By Eric Francis

Many factors are hinting that it’s time to widen your horizons. That might start with taking a journey in some unusual direction and noticing what you discover. What your chart is calling for is perspective — of time, of distance, of ideas that give you a different way to think about your existence. For a long time you’ve been seeking your special place in the world — one that works for both you and the world. You know this is possible; you know that your vision at its very best matches what the world needs the most right now. It always takes a combination of practice, effort and whatever luck is to make this happen. Right now you have the benefits of all three of these factors. Yet more vital to any or all of them is that you feed your life with a vision. That requires imagination and a deftness with ideas; it requires flexibility; and more than anything you must maintain a sense of perspective. Always know that you’re looking at the world from a point of view, and notice what that line of vision is. Notice how different the world looks when you shift your point of view. Remember.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015 #1066 | By Eric Francis

I am sure you could use some relief from the many responsibilities that have been placed on your shoulders the past three years, and the ones that you’ve taken on as a matter of choice. You did this because it was the thing to do, and I reckon that it actually was. In my reading of the charts, that condition is shifting. Your concept of responsibility is shifting, as is the pressure to achieve and perform. Now you have the option of doing, of living, of exploring, for its own sake. The thing to remember is that you’re someone with an emotionally-rooted sense of duty. I know there’s a psychological dimension and a powerful social one, I would just note that the anchor of your sense of responsibility is in your feeling-body. And this has been emphasized profoundly the past two years, with much else going on at the same time. If I had to sum up the sign change of Saturn for you, it’s about engaging your potential in a new way — what you can do rather than what you must do. What you want rather than what you need. This certainly comes with its own challenges, though I think you’ll like them better.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 #1065 | By Eric Francis

You seem to have put certain relationship matters on hold, or to be proceeding on a wait-and-see basis. Whatever is revealed this week, as Venus stations direct in your opposite sign Leo, you might well be done waiting and ready to start seeing. So what do you see? Who do you see? Look carefully and better still, listen attentively. The one matter you may be ready to fully engage or indeed confront is what happens to your autonomy when you enter into a close relationship with someone else. You are long past the time when you can give up your individuality and personal volition for the sake of companionship. It’s likely you would rather be ‘alone’ than give up who you really are, what you really want to do, or to have to shut down some aspect of yourself. For you, the thing to do is stay open and available at the same time you exchange love and affirmation with others. The story of your life for the next two years of Saturn in Sagittarius is to stand in your own personal space of who you are. Easier said than done, but easier done than not done.

Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2015, #1064 | By Eric Francis

There’s plenty of talk in the world about right livelihood, and even some that’s sincere. You’re now fully engaging the challenges of doing what is right for you, as a participant in society. The compromises of the past, and of past generations, are behind you. You can no longer divide your life or your character in half; you are deep into the work of integrating your entire reality. This can consume plenty of energy at first, as you’ve been seeing. You’re being compelled by your choices and your circumstances to stand fully in who you are, right now, rather than pretending that you’ll be something in the future. I suggest you do this gently, persistently and a little at a time. Small, steady steps count more than attempts at major changes. As you experience this process, remember how much of the world’s ideas are negotiated on the basis of belief. You have an idea what is true for you, though most others merely believe what they want to believe without regard for verification. You would be wise to avoid controversies that play into this difference. Work with what others believe, and don’t attempt to prove your point. Rather, demonstrate what’s true for you, and let that serve as a practical expression of what is possible. This is a universe apart from proof, and indeed sidesteps the whole issue rather neatly.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 #1063 | By Eric Francis

You will benefit from some real cooperation, though this will come in the form of someone with specialized intelligence. Look around and pay attention, and don’t settle for anyone who seems to know less than they claim. The puzzle you seem to be facing is how to let go of certain responsibilities that weigh you down — yet doing so in a fully responsible way. This will take some ingenuity, and very likely from a viewpoint not colored by your emotional attachments. In other words, you need some applied intelligence, to a specific situation. One of my favorite lessons in A Course in Miracles is about recognizing the problem so that it can be solved. State whatever you’re trying to address in a way that can in fact be resolved, so you’re that many steps closer to actually having that happen. If a situation is resisting being worked out, I suggest you state it in a different way. Turn it backwards, upside down or inside out. Imagine what your life would be like were everything in perfect order. That vision will be truly informative. Really, stop and consider how things would be.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015 #1062 | By Eric Francis

Now is an excellent time to check in with the people who were important to you in the past, and to notice how strongly you still may feel about them. The rules of supposedly monogamous engagement force us to abandon people all too often, which serves another dark purpose of leaving many unresolved situations behind. It’s time to shine some light on this aspect of your life. Choose a few people who you truly miss, or to whom you have something to say, and look them up. Don’t worry about whether they’re happy to hear from you — allow curiosity to guide you. You may rekindle some beautiful, old flames, and you’ll also learn something about your tendencies in relationships that will help you light the way forward. One of your projects for the next two years is making the most of your own individualistic tendencies. Aquarius is at once a social sign and a reclusive one. You need to have your actual place among those you know, and care about, and within any groups or collaborations. Remember that, and experiment with the idea that the world around you will welcome this the moment that you do.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015 #1061 | By Len Wallick

The very heavens know that you are well aware what you are about. The question is whether you are still clearly seeing the vision you set out to pursue, and are fully present to it. While things may not have gone according to your original plan, you also know that much of life is what happens while those plans are being made. You also know that going through changes is not the same as going through defeat. Only your choice to give up can result in failure for you at this point, and you don’t want that. What you have already accomplished stands on its own as a legitimate success, even though you are entirely right to have even higher aspirations. Additionally, the opportunities you have rightfully earned are too good to simply squander. Therefore, even if you continue to err here and drop a stitch there, do everything you can to persevere, for doing so will indeed serve to further you.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 30, 2015 #1060 | By Eric Francis

Friday’s magnificent Full Moon in your birth sign is offering you some unusual ability to spark or initiate events, with very little effort on your part. You might say you live in a moment of the small cause with the big effect. Therefore, be conscious, and a little cautious. Understand your intentions and consider the law of unintended consequences. By all of this, I mean apply your power gently, including the power of thought and of reasoning. A little goes a long way. Rely on the power of suggestion rather than of persuasion. Assume others know you’re right without having to say so yourself. Politely inquire what others know rather than telling them what you know. Remind others of the authority they have rather than the authority you have. You can afford to do this, as you hold considerable sway over the situations in your life. Though many things are moving around you, you remain stable, and it would be wise to remind yourself of that fact.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2015, #1059 | By Eric Francis

Is everything in the world really about contracts and agreements? From the highest courts in the land to the most intimate encounters, we’re told this again and again — and I’ve said it a few times myself. Yet we seem to live in a time when people tend to honor only those agreements that they want to honor. If someone wants to worm out of something, they usually do. I cannot speak with authority on the longterm karmic consequences of this, though I think that for the sake of sanity and overall spiritual health it’s better to keep your promises or make a conscious agreement to get out of them, and I imagine you do as well. Presently you’re in a review phase regarding your relationships and the various ways that commitments have been kept or not kept. Notice that on the social level, people tend to do what they want to do, and this is an entitlement that seems only to be gaining momentum. You would be wise to work with this principle, and surround yourself with people who want you, and who want to be of service to you. This will work brilliantly the other way — make sure the people you devote time, energy and money to are the ones you really and truly want to support. Your review of various past scenarios is likely to demonstrate the validity of this idea.

Weekly Horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2015 #1058 | By Eric Francis

You are forming bonds now that may last a lifetime, and that certainly are influencing your world right now. Remember that any real connection is a form of collaboration. I know there’s some skepticism about working with people you love, but the truth is that any loving relationship that is based on something real is indeed a form of working together. You in particular need close bonds with your colleagues. Aquarius is not as chilly a sign as astrology books make it out to be. Far from it, in fact; but you need, in many situations, to express your affections in practical ways. Pay special attention to the people you work with. Reach for, and feel, the undercurrent of trust that is essential to any productive encounter with other humans. While you’re doing that, in all ways seek to improve your life, and those of your friends (which to you often amount to the same thing). Be bold about this. You are at a vital, potent point of beginning on all of these subjects.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 9th, 2015 #1057 | By Eric Francis

You may feel like you need to regain authority or a position in your professional life that you somehow lost due to circumstances outside your control. Yet it would make much more sense to work in the moment, with your new opportunities, rather than referencing your idea of success in the past. You must have figured out that the past is nothing to aspire to. You’ve come through many struggles that you really need to leave behind. The one point of resolution, the one thing it would really help if you do, is to claim authority over yourself. This is not about others. If anything, people around you are holding out many opportunities and forms of support that you actually have available to you. But if you’re not your own master (which translates to, if you’re not the one making your own decisions on your own terms), then what you’re being offered won’t amount to much of anything. Live day to day, taking each stretch of road as it comes. What is available will manifest for you clearly and visibly. Then, open up to receive.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 #1056 | By Eric Francis

Life is holding out many gifts and options right now, as long as you’re open to them. Even as you receive I suggest you remain open and honoring of your own freedom to choose, to give and to receive. People and communities often set a trap when it comes to receiving — once you have someone or something, you’re supposed to fold up, cling to that person or situation, and refuse to want or accept more. I suggest you take another approach: the more that’s offered, the more open you remain. One great invitation can lead to the next. One amorous encounter can open the way to another, with the same person, or someone else. Let one creative or business opportunity establish your viability for another — and be willing to receive them as a form of abundance. To sum up, the more you’re offered, the more I suggest you stay open to receive. Keep your flow going.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2015, #1055 | By Eric Francis

You have some unusual relationship opportunities available to you. This is true even if you’re in a committed partnership. You might, however, begin by assessing the extent to which your idea of commitment is a hedge against allowing unscripted events to unfold. The very thing you want is what’s unplanned and unpredictable. I know that kind of thing can send waves of panic through people these days. You can look at that and see how ridiculous it is — or you can play along. In any event, if you’re wondering where any energy blocks are lurking, it’s around the necessity for expected outcomes. Hold open your possibilities and you will see your life begin to flow in new directions. Enter every situation with a sense of adventure, and appreciate the fact that you have no idea how it’s going to turn out. That’s your best friend right now. This is especially true in some situation that is calling for your leadership. It’s probable that this scenario goes back about two years. You now have to wrap up the final steps in a process, which must be completed before you’re really free to move on. You have your work cut out for you, but make sure you’re specific about what needs to be done, for whom, and by when. You are not in an open-ended commitment; to the contrary, you are now embarking on the real work of completion.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 18th, 2015 #1054 | By Len Wallick

Show up. If your presence is required by those in authority, be there. Once you are there, you need not actually be something other than yourself unless that is what you choose. But at least show up. If you don’t, you will make it possible for others to believe or say you are something that you are not. Even more important, show up for obligations you create for yourself. That way, you will dispel doubts — and widen cracks through which the bright light of opportunity shines. Perhaps most vital, always show up in such a way that you do not show others up. Apple polishing and brown-nosing do not become you, least of all now. There is no need to make yourself look better by making others look bad. Rather, show up and make it your purpose to make others either glad you are there, or more truly aware of who you are.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 11th, 2015 #1053 | By Eric Francis

You will have a lot more fun with sex if you remember that all sex begins with you and comes back to you — that it’s your experience. True, it’s an experience you share, though first you must claim it as your own. As part of that, a long overdue conversation looks like its time has arrived. The astrology here involves Mercury changing directions (which happened earlier Thursday). The chart for that event describes two things. One is that information, ideas and a real exchange are likely to come out in layers. Try to set aside the idea that everything is going to be resolved instantly, or that your desires will be met instantly. The two processes will develop together. I suggest you work closely with any uncertainty you may be experiencing, and count it as a resource. The unknown is a source of energy, of power and of strength, if you can work with it patiently.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 4, 2015 #1052 | By Eric Francis

For the next few months you may need to tidy up residual matters from business of the past two years. If you were to make a chronology of that timeframe, you would see how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if you are called upon to be extra vigilant and make sure that everything is resolved; that you understand all of the developments and what prompted them; and that you’re fully committed to understanding the details when necessary. On that note, I suggest you lean in the direction of micromanaging whatever resolution of the past you need to involve yourself with — and make sure you have learned everything you need to have learned from what you witnessed and experienced. The bottom line here is that you are responsible for your own life, and for the decisions that are made on your behalf. In truth this is a happy lesson, because it holds the key to much future happiness and success. Therefore, sharpen your pencil and do what needs to be done over the next three months.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 28th, 2015 #1051 | By Eric Francis

You will be the ideal mediator if you see that there’s no conflict. Your role is to see the points of contact between seemingly opposing points of view, and explain that to anyone who is involved. It will help if you recognize that all the parts are elements or representatives of a larger whole. If you start from the whole and then look at the elements, you will work more efficiently than trying to assemble the parts of what in truth is a puzzle that’s already put together. One hint I can offer is that to do this, creativity is involved — creativity, that is, with your viewpoint. I know that’s not a concept you’ll typically see advertised, but in many ways viewpoint is everything. What lends originality is an idea such as: let’s go up on the roof and look around and see what’s visible. If I were a dog listening to this discussion, what would I hear? Is someone saying something over and over that makes no sense, and what do they really mean? Keep your viewpoint moving.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2015 #1050 | By Eric Francis

You may be wondering what kind of crazy romantic karma you have going on. What, exactly, is the purpose of your involvements? Where are they leading you? They seem to start off as one thing and end up as another. The current mix of Mercury retrograde plus Mars is a reminder to everyone that life is a creative experiment. That includes every dimension of eroticism, of art, of pleasure-seeking and for you, of that place where minds meet and reveal to you something about yourself. Though I’m not certain of this, my current theory is that every encounter of this kind is designed as a self-revelation. Following that theory, you may be discovering that your relationship to yourself is presently the most complicated one in your life. Doubts about what you stand for, questions about your priorities, and a need to truly honor your healing process are swimming around your deepest feelings. The sensation of having no solid ground on which to stand is one of the most relevant themes of our time in history, and you can embody it fully. It would seem a scary place to be, except for the fact that it’s got so much to offer you. You might say that if life right now is governed by the uncertainty principle, then you are a master of the game.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 14th, 2015 #1049 | By Eric Francis

The next few weeks will take you on a tour of the zone where your creativity, your sexuality and your self-esteem intersect. It’s a rich place, which you might describe as the crossroads of all your potential. Most people resist this idea, I know — the notion that their sexuality is somehow integral to their creativity and all other forms of expression. I suggest you embrace it fully, and apply the full strength of your curiosity to the endeavor. There’s something about bringing your language skills into your self-exploration process — that is, finding the words for things, no matter how imprecise they may feel. You may revise your ideas on a daily basis, though that would seem to be the whole point. And in retrospect, you will have discovered something essential about who you are and what it takes to tap your deepest curiosity — oops I meant creativity. Same idea!

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, May 7th, 2015 #1048 | By Eric Francis

Take some time out for R and R this weekend — the real thing. It will help you beyond measure right now. Think of it this way. There’s an approach that says every hour of sleep you get before midnight counts for two hours after midnight. Right now, every day of rest and reprieve from the daily grind that you get counts for several days under other circumstances. Going into next week, the same counts for slowing down, ending your work days earlier, and getting into a place where you can actually disconnect and relax. This may or may not be your usual style, though it’s vital to admit that we are all working way too hard. This is especially ironic considering we’re surrounded by allegedly labor saving devices. You still need contact with the outer world, but you can safely afford to put a few gadgets in the freezer for a while.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 30th, 2015 #1047 | By Eric Francis

You may need to keep your balance in a relationship situation. If you’re finding that’s true, notice where you’ve been left out of the equation. You may have left yourself out, or there may be some setup that somehow includes the viewpoint or needs of everyone else but which omits you. Therefore, notice whether that’s true, and write yourself back into the script of your own life. There seems to be some question of public opinion involved in this whole topic, such as whether you fit in, whether your ideas are acceptable, or what people perceive as your image. I can offer you a clue. There’s something you are saying or doing that is in fact daring, and which as an indirect result calls out the lack of courage of others. It’s not that you’re trying to do this; it’s a matter of perception. It would be wise of you not to pay too much attention to the stuck viewpoints of others; rather stick to your idea or your message.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2015 #1046 | By Eric Francis

Keep scratching out your niche in the world, the one where you belong. If it often seems more difficult than necessary, remember that you’re doing something original. You may also be doing something that contradicts the many prevailing beliefs of our time. But what it doesn’t contradict are the prevailing needs of our time. Rather than focusing on beliefs or on what is supposedly acceptable (or not), stay close to the necessities you’re responding to. Know what they are, and when in doubt, come back to the egg. That’s the thing to speak to. Remember that people are hurting, that they often feel dispossessed of the world, and that they have less energy and often less ability to reason than you do. Plus, very often you’re willing to take chances they are not willing to take. Therefore, don’t try to convince anyone of anything. Rather, speak directly to their needs, and demonstrate what you can do for them. It’s true that this puts you in a nurturing role, though in truth that is what’s required for both your own progress and for that of the planet we all share. Remember too that the solution to any problem is most often born of creativity. That in turn requires an experiment, which is exactly how your chart is describing your life at the moment. So keep at it, one day at a time.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 16th, 2015 #1045 | By Eric Francis

You may have the feeling that the universe is expecting you to give and give, and get very little in return. If that’s true, it’s a testament to how much you have. Rather than cutting back, I suggest you keep making yourself available — but only where you’re appreciated, or where you understand that you’re providing something even where you’re not fully appreciated. Over the next few days, the strength of your position will become more apparent. The truth is, you are more grounded than nearly anyone around you. You understand the foundation you’ve built your life on. And you know it’s necessary to be able to stay close to the edge in order to actually participate in a process of change. Right now people need your reassurance more than you need theirs, so remind them that you’re paying attention and participating in their lives.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 9, 2015 #1044 | By Eric Francis

It looks to me like there is something you want to put in writing, though you may be running into some issues. One of them is the feeling that it’s not possible to say this thing, exactly, and mean what you say. Get used to that — it’s probably not possible to fit exact meaning into words, and have that same exact meaning appear in someone else’s mind. Therefore, do your best and express yourself sincerely. Go for the feeling as much as the facts. Second, it would seem that what you have to say could pop someone’s mind — that is, it might be controversial. That’s the direction to go in. I don’t mean intentionally stirring people up but rather, inwardly, moving in the direction of not being afraid to do so. In other words, be mindful of when your inner censor says, ‘Don’t say that! You’ll get in trouble!’ That’s the thing you most likely want, and need, to say.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, April 2, 2015 #1043 | By Eric Francis

You’re still in a position where you must be strong for others, even if they don’t see it that way. To do this, you’re having to juggle and shuffle a diversity of self-interests, set them aside, get them out of the way or put them on hold. This is temporary, though you’re learning something interesting, which is how resilient you are. There’s always enough food to go around, enough resources, enough of you. Remember that. What you’re able to offer is largely the result of what you’ve been through over a very long stretch of your life where you seemed to experience everything there was to experience. So you know what others are going through. But more significantly, you have sufficient experience to give you confidence that you can handle anything. The energy you don’t waste worrying whether you can stand up to your current challenges, you’re able to invest in the world around you. Think of your life and all the people in it as a farm that you’re tending. Hard work — but worth it.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2015 #1042 | By Eric Francis

Keep grounded, by which I mean stay focused and eat good food. If you were to bounce between concentrated work and keeping your kitchen a productive place, you would feel excellent, and you would nurture the explosion of ideas that seems to be an ongoing phenomenon within you. To say food is another way of saying respecting yourself as a biological entity. The weather is finally getting warmer and you can take advantage of that by getting involved in some physical activity that may have been impossible through the long, dark winter. Your charts are favoring something aggressive, like martial arts or pounding balls in a batting range. Anything you do to this effect will help get you out of your head, which must be an extremely busy place. By relieving that pressure, you will become more productive and better able to focus your ideas into the concentrated form that they want to take. Just remember that while you’re in a body, your mind is in a close relationship to your biology, which brings me back to the topic of food. I suggest you plan a dinner party or other food-based event this month, and re-integrate the idea of nourishment with the idea of a social experience. This relationship needs some cultivation in our current era of history, and you’re just the person to make that happen.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 19, 2015 #1041 | By Eric Francis

You are an original. It’s true that Aquarius is the very emblem of ‘weird and proud of it’, though I am really talking about being innovative. This is as much the product of Aries in your chart as it is of anything else. Though you seem to have memorized all of tradition, you are rather determined to do something new with your mind and with your life. It’s not that the past is boring; it’s just that it’s the past, and we’ve done it all before. What has not been done grabs your sense of adventure and of the unknown, which at times can become an obsession for you. Now would be such a time, as the Sun gets ready to join a fiery group of planets in the idea zone of your chart. Just remember that ideas are made of imagination, and that’s something that has a life and a light of its own. That light is burning hot and bright at the moment, and you are a well of glowing stuff in every color.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 12, 2015 #1040 | By Eric Francis

You will need to make an effort not to judge yourself over the next few days. That may prove to be more of a challenge than in the past, though the reward will be greater than usual. The problem with judgment is not that it’s wrong, but rather that it’s incorrect. The issue with that is that it can (and usually does) obscure the truth behind the illusion. If there is one theme associated with your quest for self-esteem, it involves what you’re really responsible for. In the most child-like terms, that translates to the question ‘what is your fault?’ In adult terms, it translates to ‘what are you responsible for changing?’ This kind of question needs to hang in the air for a while. There are many possible answers and not all of them are applicable to you. We could start by saying that you’re not responsible for changing other people, simply because you cannot. And that certainly narrows down the possibilities.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, March 5, 2015 #1039 | By Len Wallick

You might be tempted to think that your best days are behind you. You could feel as though it’s time to pass the torch. It is not so. In fact, a very old torch is on its way into your hands. It is nearly extinguished, but still holds a spark so vital as to defy description. To become the proper custodian of that spark you must first rekindle and nurture the inner fire you know and, frankly, love. It won’t be simple. Indeed, the rest of this year may very well either hold setbacks or show your best efforts only to break even. So long as you are not broken, however, the fire you love will ultimately reward you with love received in return. — by Len Wallick

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 #1038 | By Len Wallick

Some tough-guy types might tell you trying is lying. Don’t believe them. In your heart, you know every earnest effort makes a difference. Every exertion also makes you better. So, why not avail yourself of the chance astrology apparently now affords you to rehearse? First, think about how to practice without risk. For instance, instead of asking your boss for a raise, begin by asking for more time when you need it. That way, you can practice stating your needs without being so shy. As you get better at stating your needs, you can go on to either higher stakes or subtly honing another skill. — by Len Wallick

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2015 #1037 | By Eric Francis

Be sure you have identified the center of your life, then tend to that center. This may be something requiring you to offer yourself fully to the service of someone or something. It may seem to distract you from other goals, though those goals are alive and well and simmering along. There is a higher purpose involved to what you’re experiencing, and in that you can have faith. You ‘re likely to be feeling this on some level. It may be subtle, and you may go through having faith in this service you’re providing, then forgetting that you have it, then remembering again. That is natural enough, though you would benefit greatly from focusing on this thing, what I am calling your center-focus. The process you’re going through is putting you in contact with an aspect of your nature that has always been present, always been part of who you are, but which has not always been accessible in lived reality. The part of this experience that’s really serving your growth is precisely gaining that access to one of your most valuable inner resources. I can see from your chart that you have big plans that go beyond this particular scenario. Notice that you may actually have the space and time to nudge those along. There is a lot you can get done with little more than a notebook and pencil.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015 #1036 | By Eric Francis

Wednesday, there will be the second New Moon in Aquarius within just four weeks. This is one of the most unusual New Moons I’ve ever seen — happening 1/60th of one degree away from Pisces. If there was ever an event that happened in Aquarius and Pisces simultaneously, this is it. How to interpret this? You are very, very close to accomplishing something, though that something is deeply personal. It’s all about your relationship to yourself. To me it looks like some profound misunderstanding that you’ve been carrying around is suddenly resolved. You have been holding yourself accountable, and then suddenly you may discover that you’re off the hook. This has some positive implications for you; the question is, what can you do, now that you’re free?

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 #1035 | By Eric Francis

Mercury is slowing to a station in your sign this week. It’s been retrograde since late January, and the whole process has been in Aquarius. Here’s how I would tell the story, based on the chart: You’ve been in search of something you may have forgotten or abandoned. That something is a way you used to relate to yourself, and it was a beautiful thing; well, not a thing, but a space where you could relate to yourself in a certain way. For example, it might have been the state of mind wherein you used to keep a journal. The journal was important, but the devotion to doing so, the ritual, the honoring of the inner space, was the real gift. It may have been a yoga practice, or a spiritual practice, or even reading. It is something done in a designated space, which served as a personal ashram. It looks more mental or intellectual than it does physical, though it could be either or both. You are very close to that space right now; you are right at the door or you may be standing inside.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 #1034 | By Eric Francis

You might consider saying the one thing you’re holding back. It’s getting in the way of so much else that you have to offer. Whether this is something you have to say to yourself or to someone else, I am not sure; in either circumstance it would require a full inner admission and deep consideration. I just suggest you not stop there, that is, stop short of actually speaking the words to someone who will hear them, or to whom they might matter. Your relationship to yourself and therefore to existence is going through a profound shift. While this has many subtle dimensions, the net effect is so tangible and immediate and real that it’s impossible to miss. You’re not going through a passing phase; you are going through a rite of passage into a new era of your journey.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February, 2015 #1033 | By Eric Francis

One of the most distinctive shifts from the old year to the new year is that of externalization. Saturn, the primary planet that serves as a reference for Aquarius, has changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius, in essence emerging into the light, and into a space where everyone can see you. Looked at another way, you’re being given a chance to learn a new method of leadership, one where it’s no longer lonely at the top. One where you lead by example rather than by authority. One where you are immersed in an environment where the thing being expressed and exchanged is meaning. It’s difficult to quantify the magnitude of this shift, though I recommend you explore the new territory you’re in with some eagerness. What I suggest you remember is that if you’re relating to people on the level of meaning, that meaning comes from you first. Where there is dedication to a purpose, that starts with you. The flame you radiate is your own inner fire. Therefore, tend to your hearth, and notice its warmth. More than tend to it, speak to it and listen to the response you get — as if you’re approaching the Oracle within yourself. Over the next few years, the scenario that develops involves the discovery (or confirmation) that your inner point of contact is reflected in the deeply significant role you play in the lives of others.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015 #1032 | By Eric Francis

The Sun ingresses your sign in a few days, followed by a rather spectacular New Moon, followed by Mercury stationing retrograde in your sign. That’s a lot of Aquarius and that suggests an unusual degree of activity for you, some unpredictable events, and a new phase of your inner journey. In fact the ‘inner journey’ has been the main theme of your charts for several years, and I suggest that you take a survey of where you’ve gone. Declare the Mercury retrograde that ends on Feb. 11 a kind of review period, where you tell yourself the story of what you’ve experienced the past six years. Start with a list of the major events, changes of location, career moves, relationship developments and your own creative plans. You will get an idea how much territory you’ve covered. That, in turn, will help you figure out what you want to do next. Clearly, something is brewing.

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 #1031 | By Eric Francis

Consider the potential repercussions of anything you do. If you focus on your most loving intentions and let them motivate you, you’ll feel safer and be more secure. The thing you want to look after now is your own best interests. They serve you, and they also serve the people you care about, so there’s no conflict there. It’s difficult to consider what is right for everyone else but it’s pretty easy to distinguish what is right for you, what works, what feels ethical, and most of all what seems intelligent. Remember that when you take action, there’s always the likelihood of reaction. Think that through in advance. Be aware of how you direct energy, especially if it involves focused assertion or aggression. Be as gentle as you can.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2015, #1030 | By Eric Francis

You are entering The Year of the Peak Experience. Such is the thing you want to do all the way; the full distance; scaling the actual mountain rather than riding on Space Mountain. A number of factors describe this, though one is letting go of an obsession with consequences that seems to have stalked you for a while. This has been an excellent exercise in accountability. You have, if you’ve been in tune with your astrology, learned how to think things through. You’ve figured out that what you do now influences what happens later. The whole time thing can be annoying, but at least it’s dependable and can be put to productive use. Even as you experiment with more daring people, places and experiences, you still have a diversity of safety devices in place that will keep you from running off the rails — and at times you may need to override them. For example, you may be more conservative than usual in financial and sexual matters, having a tendency to fear the worst. You may check your intuition regularly, seeking facts to support your hunches. In order to succeed at anything, you will need to take some risks. The good thing is that those can be conscious choices rather than involuntary reflexes. That and a modicum of intelligence is all anyone needs, and you have plenty more than that.

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