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Seasons are a function of Earth’s relationship with the Sun. That’s the truth, and today Len Wallick guides you in a brief exploration of how that truth forms the backbone of astrology. Of course, you don’t have to take Len’s word for it. You can see the truth for yourself, but only if you choose to do so.

Nobody can credibly deny the reality of seasons. Likewise, there is no disputing how seasons are driven by the Sun’s relationship with the Earth. Yet, you are constantly challenged by practices and convictions in direct conflict with those two facts. It need not be so, however. Intrinsic to astrology is an alternative point of view: the truth.


When the Sun enters a cardinal sign on astrology’s zodiac, a new season is simultaneously initiated and recognizable by what you experience of the Sun — no matter where on Earth you are. That’s the truth.

Today, shortly after 4 pm EDT (20:01:42 UTC) the Sun enters the cardinal sign Libra. At the same time, it will be one of two days in the entire year when the Sun is directly overhead at the equator. That’s the truth too.

In addition, everybody on Earth is receiving an equal portion of sunlight today. What’s more, sunsets are now taking place precisely in the west, and the Sun is rising exactly in the east, regardless of your location. Taken all together, these simple facts do more than constitute an equinox.

The basic solar data evident today (all of which you can apprehend and confirm for yourself) separates truth from fiction.

Revealed as an (admittedly convenient) fiction is the human construct of time zones. Regardless of what your clock reads at the time of today’s Libra equinox, you will experience it at precisely the same moment as anybody and everybody else. In other words, at least one (and implicitly all) of the artifices which divide rather than unite us in our individual experiences are basically lies.

Those lies, as it turns out, serve to empower and enrich only a comparative few while perniciously yoking the minds and lives of many. Just like monetary currencies, and nations, and war.

It’s enough to make an open mind wonder how anybody can be convinced to kill and/or die for such plainly manufactured falsehoods which are, at best, inconsistent with the seasons and the Sun. Yet, vast numbers of people are so convinced.

Some even say that such clearly contrived and unnatural predilections are somehow “hard wired” or even fated. Yet, even cursory observations of the seasons and the Sun reveal such a dim view of humanity to be the biggest lie of all. Conflict, bigotry, hatred and separation are choices which are (but need not be) constantly remade.

On the other hand, the ancient (and now, often disparaged ) discipline of astrology is in perfect synchrony with the Sun, the seasons, and their self-evident truths.

Take for example, the famous (and often discredited) fact that we are all created equal. Witness the frequently contested certainty that all of us are endowed by our very existence (regardless of what brought you to exist) with certain inalienable rights.

On an equinox, those self-evident certainties are verified by the Sun, and not just symbolically. Nobody can conceal the Sun’s support of those truths from anybody who bothers to simply look. Furthermore, every occasion of an equinox implies a new start which gives you and everybody else a chance to begin living in better harmony with veracity.

So, today of all days, look. See the truth of the seasons, and their connection with the Sun as what they are: the backbone of astrology.

Look too, and see the lies, especially those which keep much of the world angry or worried. Your purpose here is not to experience or inflict pain and fear. Anybody who says so is a liar.

There are other reasons for your existence. Just as with equality and inalienable rights, they should be self-evident. Up to now, those reasons have frequently been concealed by no small amount of stubborn attachment to pernicious conditioning which does only a few any good. But periodically (such as now), the truth is brought to you by the Sun – provided you will simply have it.

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