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Len Wallick relates how releasing any emotional attachments to what you are now will facilitate taking action to transition into something else with Friday’s first quarter Moon. It all relates to breaking down the longer cycles of astrology into the small, personal-sized cycles. You can do it. It’s the reason you are here now.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
— William Blake (from “Auguries of Innocence”)

The big picture of astrology right now is that the big picture is changing. We are in a relatively long transitional phase for the sky, and probably for your life as well. The extended transition will consist of a succession of smaller tableaus and shorter periods. Each are somehow related to, even may possibly contain, the big picture on a smaller scale.


Implicitly then, one way to deal successfully with a larger issue or a longer period now is to break it down. The indicated protocol is to take one thing at a time, each at its appropriate time.

Fortunately, astrology appears to have emblematically broken things down for you, at least in time. Longer timeframes have recently defined themselves more clearly, and each contains a shorter transitional period within. 

Currently, one of the longest well-defined timeframes in astrology has to do with Uranus and Pluto. For years on end, Uranus in Aries alternated retrograde periods with Pluto in Capricorn so as to return to precisely 90 degrees of separation (the definition of a square aspect) seven times. This particular series of square aspects gets part of its meaning because it follows the conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto, which shared the same degree of Virgo three times about 50 years ago during the eventful transitions of the 1960s. 

Well before and between their seven exact squares over the last several years, the angular relationship from Uranus to Pluto remained close enough to precision to be considered functionally continuous. That continuity has been astrology’s big picture for this decade so far, manifested in the big picture of what has changed for you and how those changes have tracked with what has been going on in the world at the same time. 

As of today, the square from Uranus to Pluto is still exact to the degree, and will arguably remain functional for a couple years more. Nonetheless, a point of no return to any further precise square aspects has been reached. That is how it’s not the end of an era — not yet. It’s the beginning of a transition from one era to the next, a signal for you to commence in kind.

Within the transitional period from one era to the next implied by Uranus and Pluto, Saturn is now in the midst of taking months on end to transition from a long continuous time in Scorpio to a long continuous period in Sagittarius.

As was the case with Uranus and Pluto remaining in continuous square aspect for so long, Saturn’s change of sign is being prolonged by a retrograde. Even now, apparent reverse motion is taking Saturn back to Scorpio for a short visit after the first of two incursions into Sagittarius.

Since Saturn correlates with form, order and structure, there is the implication that the new historical era the world is transitioning into (following the last of the Uranus-Pluto squares) is in the process of defining itself while Saturn oscillates back and forth between signs. This indicates that redefining who you are is the key to transitioning from one era of your life to the next.

During the prolonged period Saturn will require to finally begin more than two continuous years of residence in Sagittarius, the Sun will move through several seasons, breaking the process of gradual transition down even more. You should therefore take each new season as a step toward redefinition.

Finally, concurrent with the most recent change of season (on March 20), you entered what will probably be an eventful transitional period for consciousness. It began with last Friday’s conjunction of Sun and Moon for a total solar eclipse, and ends with a total lunar eclipse when the Sun and Moon oppose on April 4. Hence, the first step toward redefining yourself should begin by somehow raising the level of your consciousness.

Breaking the journey between eclipses down further is what distinguishes this first week in that period. There are two astrological events this week bracketing what issues you should be dealing with now, so as to better grasp and deal with larger issues of longer duration. One event is near the beginning of the week, the other near the end.

Amanda Painter broke the first event down for you in her column yesterday: the Pisces conjunction of Mercury and Chiron.

As Amanda delineated, Mercury briefly sharing the same degree of Pisces with Chiron earlier this morning carries specific implications about what you believe about yourself and where those beliefs come from. Since Mercury’s apparent motion is relatively fast right now, it would be appropriate for you to be both mindful of what you have been conditioned to believe and willing to move on from it. Thus, rising to a new level of consciousness requires you to first let go of the old level.

The event near the end of the week — the lunar first quarter this coming Friday — symbolically illustrates what releasing any attachments to conditioning would entail.

Every first quarter Moon is the template for any separation of 90 degrees following a conjunction. That would include the currently transitioning square from Uranus to Pluto. Looking at things that way, you could fairly say that the lunar first quarter this coming Friday represents the proverbial grain of sand, in which you could find much of this entire decade broken down into one relatively small and more manageably scaled event.

As it has been since the season changed following the total solar eclipse last Friday, the Sun will be in Aries for this coming Friday’s lunar first quarter. The Sun in Aries (where it is exalted) implies all forms of conscious declaration that begin with the phrase “I am.”

The Moon, in turn, will be 90 degrees away in Cancer for the lunar first quarter as this week draws to a close. The Moon in Cancer (where it rules) represents all forms of emotional assertion that begin with the phrase “I feel.”

The separation of 90 degrees between a conscious declaration of what you are and an an emotional assertion of how you feel indicates tensions between the two. As is always the case with square aspects, that tension can only be resolved by action. In this case, that means acting to release any emotional attachments to what you are so as to transition to something else.

In other words, set yourself free. It’s a small thing. It’s a brief moment. Nonetheless, in such small things new worlds are conceived. In such brief moments eternity is found.

So there’s the gist of your astrology this week. To see heaven implied in the wild flowering of a new season and to realize (make real) the infinity a mortal hand can hold.

You can do it. It’s the reason you are here now. No action will be too small so long as it is conscious. No effort will be wasted so long as it is made anew.

Offered In Service                      

Len is available for astrology readings. You can contact him at lenwallick [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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Len Wallick

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18 thoughts on “Break It Down

  1. aWord

    A voice of creative reason. Or an enlightened romantic? If astrology itself is about “I feel” then your column for certain is about “I am”.
    Thank you for guiding me onward along the ever-shifting beach of life, Len. I appear to be following the coast on an “upward” journey. The sun and moon are appropriate guides (especially as Sun recently conjoined natal Sun and is now conjoining natal Moon/Eris) and the tension of the squares offers necessary support regardless of sometimes feeling like barriers.
    I’m glad Merc and Chiron are talking now; I’ve innocently planned the next leg of journey for the upcoming Merc Retro. But then this whole trip is a “retro” from 30 years ago.
    Perhaps I’ll take some grains of sand with me, just to remember how important each one is.

  2. aWord

    PS…when will Saturn be “back” in Scorpio–and then forward to Sagg? So curious how the timing correlates to my journey and upcoming return. Thank you!

  3. Sara Victoria

    Always so fluid and supportive, thank you Len! Pluto/Ur is in the picture big time in the lunar eclipse on the 4th, with Pluto the focal planet in a T-square btwn the Moon and Sun conj. Uranus.. This window between eclipses feels more intense than any I recall. In the Toltec tradition (as taught by Sergio Magana) an eclipse is the equivalent of a cosmic ‘lucid dream,’ when the waking self (the Sun) and the sleeping self (The Moon) merge – when our true creative power is accessed and powerful changes can be made. Here’s a short video where he explains that, towards the end:

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    aWord: Thank you for finding my grain of service adequate to contain some useful personal correlation for you. Your innocent decision to move further North during the Mercury retrograde in Gemini should not be cause for worry. Just please remember the usual Mercury retrograde protocols. As regards to your question: the itinerary for Saturn’s transition to Sagittarius is: (1) First ingress, December 23, 2014. (2) Station retrograde at 4+ Sagittarius: March 14, 2015. (3) Return to Scorpio, June 14, 2015. (4) Direct station at 28+ Scorpio August 1 or 2, 2015 – depending on time zone. (5) Second ingress to Sagittarius: September 17 or 18, 2015 – also depending on time zone. Please let me know if my answer was not satisfactory.

    Patricia: It is gratifying that you also find something of your world in my grain of service today. Thank you so very much for your comment.

    Sara Victoria; Thank you for your look ahead to the lunar eclipse. Thank you especially for the link. i have indeed experienced a lucid dream or two lately myself. Anybody else?

    Lizzy: My thanks to you in turn. As it so often is with great artists, Master Blake perceived and expressed the truth long before mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, or my own small grain of effort. i sincerely hope my service here today was adequate to honor the majesty and scope of his vision and his timeless expression of it.

  5. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Len- more than the details you provide, which are rich and plentiful, I am struck by your recognition and articulation of the patterns at play. To see this fractal playing out on different levels is an insight to our times that is personally useful, and evidence of your refined perception. Thank you, once again, for sharing your gift with us.

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Chief Niwot’s Son: Thank you so very much. Your own acute perception and the generous nature of your comments here are gratifying beyond words. Your understanding of my endeavors is deeply appreciated beyond description.

  6. Cowboyiam

    Len, you have become a trusted guide to me and I always appreciate your articles. As you break down the astrology today it is clear that so muck is going on but for me the Pluto opposition to my ascendant 14 Cancer seems to be the power point. It has just been spot on for so long and even now as the square separates Pluto is preparing to retro back across into my sixth for another exact opposition.

    Whatever I once thought myself to be (my limitations, my personality, my beliefs, my qualities) seems to be dissolving into some distant dream of a life I hardly identify with – and this evolving dissociation is rapidly overrunning any attempt my ego structure makes to hang on to what was. My discomfort with old patterns causes me to feel lost when the landscape shifts and I find old self thinking the thoughts. I guess I realize how impossible it is for my old baggage to cross the threshold of where I now know is at hand. I must let go of whatever it takes to make the transition I am making. I figure you grasp what I am trying to express.

    Pluto has been ripping pieces of old stubborn patterns of reactivity out of my way and I love that!! I have not suffered tragedy, so far, during this transition and hopefully my willingness to let go will allow this next transit to lightly prune some more without destruction.
    I don’t know, but for me Pluto is now the driving force determined to recreate me into something new. It is happening and what is left will be, and already is, someone with far fewer hang-ups.

    Just like the world reflects – the process is not fun sometimes – but what lies on the other side may be a beautiful new reality. Today I feel a confidence in that belief and I see the evidence of it solidly manifesting! And I know what you said – Break it down – and I do. Love.

  7. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Cowboyjam: Thank you from my heart for your comment here today. Pluto transits are no small thing. Both your perception of and response to transiting Pluto today is as inspiring as it it is cogent. i do indeed empathize. it too have a Cancer ascendant. One thing i would recommend you look into is transiting Neptune and/or transits to your natal Neptune. Part of what you describe “sounds” more Neptune than Pluto to me.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Len that may be a good call. My natal Pluto is at 8 Virgo and Natal sun at 9’39 Virgo. So Neptune is just now in opposition but ironically it is also trine my 9+ Neptune in Scorpio. What should I make of these transits?

      1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

        Cowboyjam: Thank you for your further question. In answer, it appears to me that what you wrote yesterday already tells you what to “make of” the transits you speak of. Of course, i do not have the essential benefit of seeing your chart as a whole, but you apparently do. Hence, please re-read what you wrote yesterday and see if you can distinguish the Neptune from the Pluto.

  8. GwenGwen

    Wow Len, you’ve done it again! This is my all time favorite poem…so much so, that I carved it into wet cement in front of a house I owned 20 years ago…there for posterity…seems like it was another lifetime! I AM certain that I FEEL eternally great-full for this continuing journey…as in all that you have described…for this moment in time…thank you, as always!

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Gwen: Please accept my thanks in turn for helping me to be assured that my service yesterday was at least somewhat worthy to stand alongside the profound words of Master Blake.

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      aWord: Yes, just a quick visit back to Scorpio for Saturn. Almost as if Saturn is compelled to pay off an obligation before being free to move on.

  9. beths

    Len, results from your wealth/dearth exercise back in early February are happening, I revisited the lists in early March (5th, full moon as recommended) and not much had shifted, but it did start to move on March 14th, while Saturn was conjunct my natal SN and Moon (3-30 and 4-14). It’s been a bit of a one step forward, two steps back dance since then, but today things really shifted direction and moved up, a turn around from early February that I could not have, and would not have anticipated. Reassuring, really. Blink and all has shifted.
    – “(2) Station retrograde at 4+ Sagittarius: March 14, 2015.”

    The change in the lists from early February, and the energy of, and grip the items on it have, are completely shifted. Shifting sands. The moving energy in seemingly solid matter, the fluidity of seemingly solid things.

    Len, you mention in the comments above, “Thank you for your look ahead to the lunar eclipse. Thank you especially for the link. i have indeed experienced a lucid dream or two lately myself. Anybody else?”

    I have as well, a feeling as if I am not living in linear time while it’s transpiring. But with other recent vivid dreams, that I remember in detail, I attempted to participate in the dream, but I couldn’t. The message of all of these instances was very clear. I can still see it in my mind. Though I still feel like I am screaming from the shock of being birthed into a new and foreign world. But I am up for the adventure.

    As usual you have given us amazing insight via your words. I look forward to reading it again to glean even more nuggets of information.

  10. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    beths: Thank you for the follow up regarding what i offered for service here in February. It’s gratifying to know my interpretation had “legs” (so to speak) that carried through for you. Thank you as well for sharing what seem to be the rather transcendent insights you gleaned from your lucid dreaming. May the events of your waking life continue to reassure you even as the events in your dreams continue to enlighten you.

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