Assessment and Reassessment

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Among those of you fortunate enough to own real property (buildings and/or land), many are required to pay taxes on that property. In many cases, the municipal subdivision that levies the property tax calculates the amount due based on the assessed value of the property in question. Sometimes the property owner and taxpayer has appropriate reason to pursue a reassessment of that value. 


A similar scenario comes to mind when assessing the astrological context of Venus’ first ingress to Virgo this year, shortly after 6:38 pm EDT (22:38:09 UTC) on Saturday.

Because of an impending retrograde, Venus will enter Virgo twice in 2015. The second time will be on Oct. 8 (or Oct. 9, depending on your time zone) after Venus is once again in direct motion, and back up to its usual speed of about one degree per day again.

Among the things distinguishing Saturday’s first Venusian ingress to Virgo is that the apparent motion of Venus will be unusually slow. Indeed, by the time Venus commences retrograde motion on July 25, it will have traveled less than one half of one degree into Virgo.

When any object or calculated point is all but stationary while in the process of changing the direction of its apparent motion, it has an implication. Implied is an appropriate time to take a closer look, review, and maybe even revise. Any planet at retrograde station in particular insinuates that it is appropriate to slow down and either evaluate or reevaluate its manifestations in the world.

Among the earthly expressions of Venus is the broad subject of values. The fact that Venus rules the fixed earth sign of Taurus clearly indicates that tangible property and its evaluation are well within the astrological jurisdiction of Venus. Libra is also ruled by Venus, however, and the values represented by Libra are very different.

As the cardinal air sign cryptically identified by a glyph representing balance-beam scales, Libra appropriately corresponds with intangible values. Among those intangible values are justice, fairness, balance and reciprocity. Just like tangible values, those which are intangible are sometimes appropriate to reassess.

The key word here is “appropriate.” As an adjective, it’s a word which necessarily implies a certain quality of understanding, maturity and judgment as regards to the context and specificity of a person, place, situation or action. Interestingly, as a transient verb “appropriate” can also mean taking or designating something of (usually tangible) value, often for a specific purpose.

Either way, the two-week period from Saturday’s Virgo ingress until Venus returns to Leo in retrograde, just after the Full Moon of July 31, implicitly supports either appropriate — or appropriated — assessment of all the values you now employ in making decisions and taking actions, while direct motion prevails. After retrograde motion commences, you may find reassessment of the same to be in order.

Some of those values might have been in place for you for a very long time. Some possibly even originated long before you were born. You may also have strong attachments to some of your values, even to the extent that the very prospect of assessment or reassessment feels like a threat to your very existence.

Nonetheless, that’s the idea — bringing yourself to assess and reassess everything and anything you value, while also learning that doing so will not have dire consequences. You even might think of Venus’ first ingress to Virgo as initiating a time when you have a chance to reevaluate (and even redefine) what “appropriate” (as well as “value”) means for you.

Indeed, if you can bring yourself to push the envelope of your own principles, boundaries and attachments, Venus’ first foray into Virgo this year could result in more personal evolution than some people experience in a lifetime.

So don’t feel threatened should you be provoked (or invoked) to move beyond custom or comfort zones for the remainder of this month. Rather, consider how you might learn something. After all, the very exercise of putting all of your values out there on the table does not obligate you to change or surrender anything. Experimenting with the idea that you could make such changes, on the other hand, can only result in new ideas.

And let’s face it, if ever there were a time when new ideas are at a premium, it’s got to be now.

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29 thoughts on “Assessment and Reassessment

  1. Amy Trafford

    Len Len Len

    Hell yeah!!!! Yeehaw! I’m in!
    Wow the libido energy in the suggestions you share is tremendous!!

    What an incredible time for growth, evolution, inner revolution!!
    And all the love and support we have right now from the planets themselves. Such a miracle, if we choose to say yes….
    Thank you so much

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Ms. Trafford: My apologies to you as well for not promptly acknowledging you kind comments last week. The last handful of days have been a handful.

  2. Amanda Painter

    Len — I shared your post with a Leo friend of mine who had mentioned on Facebook that, although she is often told that she moves at a slow pace through life, she is feeling the need to move even slower, because she feels she has been missing or overriding too many messages from her inner guidance lately.

    Somehow, her comment and the comment Hugging Scorpio made on my post about Venus square retrograde Saturn in Scorpio rang a little bell for me with your column today. My Leo friend is not very astrologically savvy (she finds it a little “complex”), but the essence of your message resonated with her.

    Just thought I’d let you know…

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Amanda: Thank you for being so kind as to share my offering in service with your Leo friend (and for sharing her response in turn)

  3. beleclaire

    Wonder full, wise and helpful words Len. You invariably teach me something with your magical and poetic posts.

    This one is especially pertinent to me and my process. I have a natal Venus at 29 Leo, conjunct Ceres at 0+ Virgo, both enveloped by Pluto and Mars.

    Its taken much of my life to explore and understand what this stellium is all about, and this time period will, I hope, be especially fruitful in the assessing and reassessing myself and the sorts of relationships I have had in this life and in previous incarnations.

    I am up for learning new ways


    1. Len Wallick Post author

      beleclaire: Please accept my thanks to you in turn, and please also accept my apology for being so late in expressing my gratitude.

  4. Robin

    Hi Len, I enjoy your writings. Thank you. I have been resonating lately with: “Indeed, if you can bring yourself to push the envelope of your own principles, boundaries and attachments, Venus’ first foray into Virgo this year could result in more personal evolution than some people experience in a lifetime.” I’m up for the transformation and challenge. Thanks again.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Robin: Your acknowledgement is deeply appreciated. Please do not think me rude for being tardy in thanking you. You and your comments are deeply appreciated here.

  5. marie hawthorne

    Thank you, Len

    The play of time (I love Venus)

    The light of love shines.
    May it shine from fruitful use.
    Give thanks.
    There is a certain peace.
    Still i wonder what this moment really holds.
    How time, how memory, plays with us, with our yearnings and feelings and sense of the future.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Marie: You have once again filled my heart with inspiration and gratitude for how you ae always so generous and kind. Please do not be offended by my delay in saying thank you.

      1. marie hawthorne

        Time plays with our sense of past and future, and present’s blessed presence.

        “How far we are willing to treat forgiveness as an internal issue of the constituted self guides how we perceive and understand forgiveness; and as this forgiveness is reflected back to us it helps to heal and strengthen those inner territories that affect our deepest integrity.

        From all possibilities we set our potentials; our potentials forming from where our will directs our emotional energies. And joined with others in the harmony of our individual and collective integrity are all potentials magnified as we sing, dance, sit, glide, walk, talk and breathe a formation of freedom.

        In inhabiting this orbit, we have many companions, even the earth itself, and within each and every encounter is a potential meeting place – home – eternal silence, pure awareness ever-unchanging as the world turns. ”

        Len, i am grateful that i am able to offer, likewise, i am appreciative that I am able to receive. Thank you in turn. ‘Inhabiting this orbit’ – it’s just so funny (to me) – the past is what we make of it, yes?

  6. Barbara Koehler

    I bet this “taking a closer look” has something to do with the Pluto pictures Len. Just realized that Venus will retreat back into creative Leo to the degree where she was quincunx Pluto in the June 21 Solstice, 14+ Leo. There’s a reason for that.

    It seems that transiting asteroid Photographica was at 4+ Sagittarius when the pictures started arriving and that’s the same degree where Saturn stationed retrograde in April before he came back to Scorpio. In June, Mercury stationed direct opposite that degree at 4+ Gemini, and Mercury/Gemini are also associated with visuals. Around that time Jupiter (many images) in Leo (dramatic) was trine Uranus (breakthroughs) in Aries (a first!).

    Then, the next day Neptune stationed retrograde at 9+ Pisces, where he remains today. That degree’s Sabian Symbol is: AN AVIATOR PURSUES HIS JOURNEY, FLYING THROUGH GROUND-OBSCURING CLOUDS. (Man’s ability to develop power and skills which, by transcending natural limitations, allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms.) Neptune wants us to contemplate that visual of flying through obscuring clouds (the kind Neptune is associated with), as he remains steady at that 9+ Pisces for a total of 103 days.

    Looking once again at the June Solstice chart, Mercury (10 days after his station direct at 4+ Gemini), had reached the degree where the U.S. Uranus (in the Sibly version) is, 8+ Gemini. See, I’m thinking that Venus (being the lower octave of Neptune and all) wants us to know these outer planets in a new way. Reassessment you could call it. Photographica is telling us those Pluto photo’s are connected to reality focused Saturn’s station retrograde, as much as Mercury’s station direct opposite it. All this Spring we will be reminded of the U.S. Uranus in Gemini and his gift of sight. thanks to the Solstice Mercury.

    With Venus returning to the point where she was quincunx (adjusting to) Pluto, the visual planets (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn at least) are connecting us to the invisible planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) and making them more comprehensible. How could this be such a solemn occasion as well as an awesome and exciting occasion? Are we really moving forward? Are we still in Kansas? I believe we are and we are!

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Additionally, Barbara, you were spot on about Pluto (as was Eric in his Planet Waves Weekly edition from last Wednesday). Without going into detail, i have recently found from personal experience that your interpretation or Pluto (and that of Eric) is quite valid and deeply cogent.

    2. Cowboyiam

      Be you said ” Neptune stationed retrograde at 9+ Pisces, where he remains today. That degree’s Sabian Symbol is: AN AVIATOR PURSUES HIS JOURNEY, FLYING THROUGH GROUND-OBSCURING CLOUDS. (Man’s ability to develop power and skills which, by transcending natural limitations, allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms.) Neptune wants us to contemplate that visual of flying through obscuring clouds (the kind Neptune is associated with), as he remains steady at that 9+ Pisces for a total of 103 days”.

      Thanks for that observation because it opens up something for me. You see – My natal Neptune is at 9+ Scorpio and Neptune has been hovering over this exact trine for many months already with many more to go. It suddenly strikes me that I rather feel like the spirit of St. Louis. Ready to reach fearlessly for the new possibilities but my ground obscuring clouds often darkness with flashes of lightening the only illumination. Its a terrifying, beautiful trip I am on with no absolute clarity. But today I feel fine and the sky is clear a and beautiful blue…. 🙂 .

      1. Barbara Koehler

        My goodness Cowboy, what a remarkable testimony for a Neptune transit! Stay the course it appears you are on and let us know of any clear visions you receive. You can always touch down here if necessary, okay?

        1. Cowboyiam

          I think I do touch down here a lot, be, sometimes I seem to be crash landing too, but this PW place has helped me very much for the past year or two. I want to make the very most of the changes I am going through and staying surrounded by people who are awake and aware is truly a blessing.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Where are you Len? I meant to say “All this Summer”, not Spring.
    Don’t have the exact time, but apparently a little after 11 AM today the Cuban Embassy was opened (flag was raised) and the Sun was trine Saturn as Venus entered Virgo, still direct – barely. Cool, huh?

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: i’m here. Apologies. The last five days or so have been a challenge for me as regards to my time and energy due to my going through some sorrow and some shame. In addition to the aspects you have noted (re: the new Cuban embassy) please see the link below to the chart Eric published back on December 18, 2014. Note how today’s Virgo Moon has been and will be transiting that chart to oppose Chiron and the ascendant (as well as conjoin the Vertex – which i interpret as a turning point) from the relationship sector of the chart.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Well, I WAS a little worried about you Len. Hope things are under control and improving for you dear man, and many thanks for the link to the chart for Cuba. Was just getting ready to look for one! Love and light. . . . . . . . .

    2. Barbara Koehler

      my mistake. Cuba’s birth chart has 0 Virgo rising for 12 noon time on May 20, 1902, Havana, with Sun at 28+ Taurus (opposite the transiting Saturn recently returned to Scorpio, preparing to station direct), and transiting Uranus (20 Aries) trines the Cuban natal Uranus at 20+ Sagittarius!!! (we can’t make this stuff up)

      1. Len Wallick Post author

        be: Not your mistake, actually. i should have been more clear that the chart i linked and referred to earlier today (from the December 18, 2014 edition of Planet Waves) was for the December 17, 2014 announcement that the US and Cuba would be normalizing relations.

  9. Lizzy

    So sorry to hear that, dear Len. Take good care of yourself. Give as much love to yourself as you do to all of us – sometimes we forget that part of the equation (((()))

  10. Barbara

    Hey Len……….hope you are well…………been moved out of comfort zones……….EYE OPENING………… Be well……….thanks again…………..

  11. Pisces Sun

    Len, I read your post having been out-of-pocket for the past week or so and without connection. I also wanted to see what the hell was going on on Saturday given the personal things that happened in my own world. I am sorry to hear of the sorrow and shame in yours. I note that the Sun was on the Sabian Symbol of Cancer 26 and 27 for this time frame all very personal actually– Guests reading in the library of a home and a storm in the canyon of valuable homes. I know I had to weather some storms myself very unsurprised and personal and I also felt confined.

    Your posting here explaining the retrograde, assessing and reassessing and choosing to act or react is quite empowering. I chose to sit out the storm, sort of speak but am considering how I will react the next time the storm hits, as it was clear to me that it will come again. Very surprising since the storm came from a source that I had though occurred nearly a life time ago…

    BE- so interesting, your take on Pluto and the unseen planets that we are now “seeing” thanks to technolology, an interesting time to live in Kansas, it hasn’t moved, the planets haven’t moved, only our awareness of what’s there…

    Thanks to all for continuing to expand my awareness.

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