Aries New Moon: The Adventure Continues

Posted by Eric Francis

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Monday night we experience the Aries New Moon, the latest of a series of conjunctions in the energetic first sign of the zodiac. Late last week was the Venus-Sun conjunction; Sunday Mercury passed by the Uranus-Eris conjunction; and now the Moon and the Sun will form their first conjunction of the astrological year.

Monday night we experience the Aries New Moon, the latest of a series of conjunctions in the energetic first sign of the zodiac. Late last week was the Venus-Sun conjunction; Sunday Mercury passed by the Uranus-Eris conjunction; and now the Moon and the Sun will form their first conjunction of the astrological year.


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Aries is about initiation; that is, beginnings. It’s the ignition of the zodiac, the start of the astrological year, and the Sun in this sign arrives with the surge of energy that pushes life up out of the ground during the Northern Hemisphere spring. Now this is being fully activated by the Aries New Moon.

The world around us is restless, and you may be feeling that within yourself. This is well-described by the Uranus-Eris conjunction, the beginning of a new 90-year cycle that’s just begun.

There’s a sensation of rising chaos, and the sense that we live in revolutionary times. The question is, whose revolution? A revolution of what? Much of the strangeness and even chaos that we’re seeing, feeling and experiencing is the result of having our identities and self-concept up-ended by the onslaught of digital technology that’s come on like a hurricane. But it’s so pervasive we can barely see it for what it is.

Consider this, though. The internet is an external factor. Aries and everything happening there points to each of us as individuals. Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries is really about the revolution within.

If you follow this underneath appearances, and into the feeling of what it means to be alive, you might notice that you really do have an inner life. This is described by the many planets still in Pisces: Chiron, Neptune, Nessus, Pallas Athene, and soon-to-be Venus.


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As the sign of “I am,” Aries comes with the assignment to identify ourselves; that is, choosing who we are and what we want to do with our time on Earth. For some, this is about tapping into their original instructions. For others, it’s about taking hold of their free will and making choices.

Both potentials, and many in between, imply taking up the power of decision and implementing that in your actual life. The ability to make decisions is the one actual freedom that you have available at all times. Mental paralaysis always involves some kind of block to one’s ability to decide. You can practice overcoming this in ways large and small. Every single decision counts; the more consciously made, the better.

It’s one thing to plot and scheme. It’s another thing to feel your need to grow and make changes, and to guide your life that way. Yes, with all of the uncertainty of the world, that seems especially risky now. It’s possible to tap into the uncertainty factor as a source of energy, motivation and strength.

All of the activity in Aries points to Mars, the Aries ruling planet, which is now in Taurus, a sign that describes physical reality. This indicates beautifully one useful way we can get out of all this disorientation: by orienting consciousness on your physical body.

I am aware of the spiritual traditions that say the key to enlightenment is to push your consciousness out of your body. That, however, is being taken care of for us by the internet, which has induced a society-wide astral experience. We were promised an ascension in 2012, and we got it: to the astral-internet plane. The fantasy world induced, created and cultivated by the internet may seem appealing, as a source of hyperstimulation seemingly without risk.


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Consider that one of the actual risks and greatest fears of the internet is identity theft. People are having their supposedly secure data stolen all the time. Yet the internet, by its very existence, has already stolen our identity — not on the level of one’s credit rating, but spiritually. Borrowing a line from Bono, you can steal yourself back.

It’s unlikely that there will be some mass movement to reclaim who we are. That would be great — though events seem to be moving in the other direction. You, however, can claim who you are. You assign your purpose to yourself and to your life. You decide what your mind is for, and what your body is for.

Monday’s Aries New Moon, exact at 10:47 pm EDT (02:47 UTC) is a bold invitation to do just that.

6 thoughts on “Aries New Moon: The Adventure Continues

  1. Sus'n

    Your, “We were promised an ascension in 2012 […] we got it: to the astral-internet plane,” when ‘coupled’ with images of fractals ‘pings my sonar.’ The spiraling fractal we are ascending has our solar system in an ever-expansive ‘loop’ — and location — within one ever-expansive multi-verse.

    This tiny grain of sand we call Earth is ‘barely outa diapers’ — one of the newbies ‘on the block’ –albeit, since her inception, she’s ‘done’ this 26K year cycle a ‘time or few,’ her ‘earthlings’ haven’t (’til now ;-) Millions have chosen to Be Here Now TO ‘go where no human has ever gone before.’

    However bat-sh*t-crazy it may seem when ‘not into’ quantum physics (or epigenetics), I envision our sun as also having its ‘sun’ — as also has its ‘sun’ — into infinity — as fractal patterns replicate. All species have multiple varieties — our ‘variety’ of hominid has a ‘unique marker’ others lacked.

    For other species/varieties to have 24 pairs of chromosomes (yet we have 23 pairs) is ‘unique’ — unique to our ‘variety’ and our ‘species.’ Being an ‘experimental’ planet, no way are we ‘alone’ — nor is interference allowed (sans our direct-or-implied personal consent). One ‘experiment’ has blessed this unique ‘Mother Ship’ (aka Earth/Gaia) to irrevocably BE (our) free-will-choice planet.

    With 2012’s precession of the equinoxes, a cosmic ‘ascension’ (from eons in dark/dense oblivion) began. Year One (2013) was a reset FOR our ‘human suits’ to adapt/re-calibrate/adjust to ‘wholly unfamiliar’ environs. Four years later (at our free-will-choice option), we’re continuing to reset, ‘a globally-evolutionary-paradigm-shift-into-higher-human-consciousness quantum leap at a time.’

    Yup, I see this cosmic centrifuge we’ve been in as (mostly) winnowing the ‘whet’ from the ‘chafe.’ Our ‘human suits’ compost. Our ‘spirits’ recycle. Too, as we ‘judge’ ourselves I’ve been shown to: Lose the Fear. Bless the Gifts (esp as it’s humanly impossible to Fear and Bless at the same time).

  2. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan

    Went to a performance/installation work in downtown Oakland yesterday afternoon called “Black Women Dreaming…”

    Not knowing what to expect, my friends and I witnessed something truly remarkable. It was a community ceremony, attended predominately by Black women and women of color. Twenty-five women volunteered to be part of a “sleep ceremony”, where these women were given a space to rest and dream in serenity and safety in a secret installation space a ways from the gallery where we were.

    In preparation for the ceremony, the women and all of us who witnessed, were blessed with an invocation by a Native healer. She spoke of how there are rarely any pictures in our popular media that portray Black women and women of color resting. In fact, quite the opposite has been true for over 500 years. The colonization of work infects our minds through the culture and society as a whole. Be “productive”. Don’t rest. You must work-work-work until you drop dead from exhaustion. The concept of leisure time is antithetical to our “purpose” over the centuries.

    And the deep reason for that — proven by history — made me burst out in tears, even while closing my eyes for a brief nap, which was allowed in the lead up to the ceremony. The emotions I felt came from that understanding of how our mothers, grandmothers were worked to death. No time for rest. Women had to always DO to be accepted by society. It was profound.

    While giving myself some rest, voices of over 90 or more of the community hummed in the background. Some of us were from overlapping artistic circles in our community. I felt as if I was back in my own family’s house, taking a cozy nap in the afternoon as a child while overheard in the background was the sound of mahjong tiles clacking on the table, uncles talking about baseball in the living room, and the sound of gossiping by my great aunts and cousins in the backyard. I was among people I’m mostly acquainted with from my artistic life, but don’t know intimately. Yet, even with that lack of complete familiarity I still felt as though I was surrounded by family. I felt safe.

    The women who were going to rest were given a blessing of oils on their Third Eye — lavender to relax and open, and rosemary to encourage memory. The community surrounding them supported them with a group lullaby of sounds and notes that hit heart, back of the head (pineal gland) and 1st and second chakras. It was a sound envelope of relaxation.

    And that was the purpose – to give women the right to rest and to be. To give women the experience of a sanctified dream time so that they could experience breathing inside their own spirit instead of suppressing it in order to function and survive in modern society with all its distractions in virtual and real time. Lack of a good night’s rest is what kills us. High blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes is triggered by lack of adequate rest. Our bodies need time to repair and sleep is where that happens. It was a holy way to be introduced back into my body.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      Fe — This speak so directly to something a friend of mine was just writing about — that she calculated all the time scheduled for “must do” tasks, and there is almost *nothing* left over “for herself — I may send her the link to your comment. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights around the event.

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