Aquarius Full Moon (and Friends)

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Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow phase this morning, freeing up thought patterns and communication just in time for today’s Full Moon in Aquarius. As Amanda Painter suggests, even as the Moon moves along, the Sun and Venus will still be offering warm, heartfelt social vibes for a few days while Mercury gets sparked up.

By Amanda Painter

Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow phase this morning, freeing up thought patterns and communication just in time for today’s Full Moon in Aquarius. The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun and Venus at 8:29 am EDT (12:29:08 UTC), which means the aspect will be separating and the energy beginning to dissipate during the day.

Photo by Amanda Painter

A sunflower demonstrates the Golden Ratio; photo by Amanda Painter

That could translate into any seemingly stuck situations starting to resolve — though this appears to be a Full Moon with less of a conflict/tension signature compared to many other Full Moons.

This one looks more social, with the energy peak having come Wednesday night. Yet even as the Moon moves along from this opposition, the Sun and Venus will still be closely aligned — offering warm, heartfelt social vibes for a few days. Mercury finally treading new ground in Leo describes lively and possibly even dramatic communication of ideas — the bigger the audience, the better.

That said, if you’re in a funk or not feeling as social as everyone around you seems to be, there are elements in the Full Moon chart suggesting that a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach could be worth trying. That would be the asteroids Achilles (false confidence or false lack of confidence) and Icarus (a desire to escape restrictions, exuberance of youth; also potentially reckless actions) conjunct the Moon in Aquarius.

Sometimes we feel limited in how expressive we can be with others, or in who exactly we’re able to connect with. And while that can speak to concrete circumstances, often it’s just a matter of perception (and specifically, self-perception) that’s based more on past or internal emotional habits than on the present moment’s opportunities. Opposite the Sun and Venus in Leo, I see an image of something internal being drawn out from its usual crystallized state so it can soften in the sunlight. Yes, the melting of Icarus’ wings was fatal, but we’re talking about a much less dangerous situation than what he embarked upon. The heart’s warmth can be more easily regulated — though many people have to learn how to receive it.

It’s possible to practice this; identifying spaces where this feels safe can be part of that process. Vesta in Taurus making a square to the Sun and Moon is the perfect image of this kind of space finding or space holding, in which to try giving or receiving some loving kindness. It also suggests a very tangible (rather than theoretical) form of this. That is, there’s an energetic component of setting the intention to witness and allow (when one is holding space for something to unfold, or for someone to experience something); added to that, Taurus speaks of the body’s senses and of material objects.

In other words, showing up bodily in a specific physical space where others are gathered may help you to find the leverage needed to rise above perceived limitations (or to hold space for others to do so), and let a little friendliness shine out. Yet you can offer this to yourself, as well, by setting aside some time and space to do something kind, creative or playful for yourself.

Whether solo or with others, these options are a form of love — ones that cost little to give, yet are priceless to receive. The sign Leo puts particular emphasis on the creativity and play part of this equation; as in, doing something fun and joyful for its own sake, with the curiosity and full focus that children bring to everything they do.

Looking ahead a little, Mercury is in a square to Uranus in Taurus (exact Friday). If you’re sensing a need for excitement, new ideas or fresh stimulation, this aspect describes that. It can also describe feeling nervous or overwhelmed by surprises and disruptions if you have your mind set on your plans for the day going a certain way. Can you hang a little looser, and use the unexpected as sparks to your imagination instead? Either way, consider taking notes on your ideas the next couple days, since they may move quickly and might benefit from a careful review once your train of thought slows down some.

Mercury and Uranus are actually in a T-square formation with the minor planets Eros and Typhon in Scorpio. This looks like a reminder not to let your erotic urges — and any ‘darker’ emotions associated with them — scare you. Sexual energy is just life force energy, and is nothing to be ashamed of. You can use it playfully and creatively rather than simply feeling helplessly drawn into its intensity; today and the next couple days could offer unusual insights or ‘ah-ha’ moments about how to do this.

On Sunday, Mars moves into Virgo at 1:18 am EDT (5:18:05 UTC). It’s beginning to pull away from its ongoing conjunction to Juno, which should indicate softening of any relational competitiveness or jealousy, though being in adjacent signs could describe a different sort of friction. Mars in Virgo tends to indicate an ability to work energetically and in the service of helping others, but with some potential to focus narrowly on non-essentials.

If you can keep the focus on helping others Golden Rule style (or better yet, helping them as they’d like to be helped), Mars here could make the beginning of next week productive. The Sun and Venus will still be hanging out close enough to each other to bring the heart and soul to the party — including parties of one.

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