Anger and Desire

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Today's New York Times front page.

Yesterday’s federal election results in the United States demonstrate that most Americans who participated in elections are driven more by anger than by the desire to improve their lives. Handing the Republican party control over the senate after decades of disasters instigated by leaders of that party verges on insane. This election was under the […]

Yesterday’s federal election results in the United States demonstrate that most Americans who participated in elections are driven more by anger than by the desire to improve their lives. Handing the Republican party control over the senate after decades of disasters instigated by leaders of that party verges on insane.

This election was under the influence of all things Scorpio: Many planets and the Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, to name one large pattern. This is not the picture of the emotional state of abundance. With planets (particularly Venus) approaching Saturn, there is an illustration of the fear of scarcity. And it has an uptight flavor to it as well.

Today's New York Times front page.

Today’s New York Times front page.

But there was no shortage of money. This election was only the most recent and most vivid illustration of the world post Citizens’ United, a world dictated by the Supreme Court wherein money in politics is “free speech” — and billionaires have all the ink. NBC’s Luke Russert described the scenario: there were so many attack ads running some places that TV was “unwatchable.”

As Keith Olbermann said in his special comment on the Citizens’ United decision, “They can spend all the money they want. And if they can spend all the money they want — sooner, rather than later — they will implant the legislators of their choice in every office from President to head of the Visiting Nurse Service.”

With Mars approaching a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn in three days, to be followed by a square to Uranus, we have an image of rage and reaction. This rage was fed by political forces bent on winning at all costs, predominantly the truth, that elusive thing in politics.

Think back to just six years ago when Pres. Obama was elected and consider the unemployment rate, the catastrophe of the Wall Street banking ripoff consuming the world economy like a sinkhole with no bottom, millions of mortgage foreclosures happening, the bailouts, two nearly decade-long wars raging with no end in sight — and remember how you felt then.

Dick Cheney was injured shortly before the Obama inauguration because he was personally moving boxes out of his office. But what boxes would he personally be moving, that he could not trust to, say, a high-security moving company? Photo by Mike Theiler.

Dick Cheney was injured shortly before the Obama inauguration because he was personally moving boxes out of his office. But what boxes would he personally be moving, that he could not trust to, say, a high-security moving company? Photo by Mike Theiler.

While it’s true that the economic recovery has mostly benefited the rich, economic stabilization has benefited everyone, and our situation is not nearly as horrid as it was the day that Dick Cheney was carted to Barack Obama’s inauguration looking like Dr. Strangelove.

We are not living in utopia, though things are a lot better today. I have a long list of complaints about Pres. Obama, but at least he’s not suffering from psychosis and driving the world off of a cliff, smirking.

That conjunction of Mars and Pluto can work a different way besides anger and reaction — it can represent the passion and drive necessary to invoke change, where it has to happen — in our minds, and on the level of structure. That takes determination and discipline — and a vision — though there is plenty of energy available. Change is to some extent always a revolt against the status quo — it just depends on how you harness that energy, and what your motives are.

Believing some talking-point hype about Pres. Obama being the worst president since the days of Caligula, or the “government takeover of health care,” or Mexican ISIS immigrants with Ebola storming the border, is not what you would call positive motivation. Banning access to birth control is not positive motivation; it seems more designed to irritate free-thinking people than it does anything else.

But positive motivations require thought, creativity and discipline.

As for Saturn and all those planets in Scorpio, remember that Scorpio is the sign of shared resources. To make the most of those resources, there must be some semblance of order and balance. Saturn demands practicality. In Scorpio it is demanding a practical approach to all matters of partnership, which we know is not a specialty of humankind.

Humans tend to prefer dramas — and by all indications, American humans are about to get one. The Republican takeover of the Senate will continue what we have seen the past six years — one thing after another designed to obstruct any progress, and then blame Pres. Obama.

Nixon announces his resignation in the summer of 1974, just 40 years ago -- how quickly we forget.

Nixon announces his resignation in the summer of 1974, just 40 years ago — how quickly we forget.

Even if Obama were the Lyndon Johnson type willing to make hundreds of phone calls to senators and representatives to get his agenda through, I don’t think he would be getting too far. The country and indeed the Republicans themselves are too divided to get much done. The Republicans only exist today because they sold whatever fragments of their political soul remained (after Watergate, Iran-Contra, Abu Ghraib, the nonexistent WMD, etc., etc., etc., etc.) to the Tea Party.

And now they will have to deal with the mania of people driven by ‘God’, guns and repealing Griswold (ending free access to birth control) — and their lust for the presidency.

This has all happened right before the Full Moon. That is a reminder that the other boot has yet to hit the ground. There is more to come; the story line that took a big turn of events yesterday is not over. But we’re not going to have a coherent plot to this book until enough people decide what we want, and are willing to take action based on that desire.

This might call for all the ugly hashing out and negotiation that often attends sorting out of priorities, resources and power; but relationships are the thing that seem most subject to miraculous transformations. Whether anyone is open to that remains to be seen.

For now, the American public has rewarded a bunch of thugs, bullies and political mafiosi with control of our nation’s House of Lords which, now that I think about it, does have a certain poetic ring to it.

21 thoughts on “Anger and Desire

  1. Sarah

    Ouch. Used to be that we could be glad in the UK that we’re over here, but the illusion of separateness from US politics gets thinner and thinner (especially with our own clashes with the EU). I wish us all luck.

    1. RockhoundC Sawyer

      I echo your thoughts Sarah.

      Also in the UK and following the political story yesterday I arrive at the conclusion that I would be one naive puppy to think that something of this magnitude won’t overshadow us like an unwanted sunshade, blocking out the light. My heart feels sick at what’s going on in the US, the bullying, the corruption, the slight of hand. I stand in the shoes of the US citizen and I feel like a hostage; powerless.

      This cannot be a good feeling for our brothers and sisters across the water and maybe, just maybe, it is a feeling powerful enough to be the catalyst needed to provoke meaningful change.

      That is the space I will hold for them.

  2. sojourn

    Just how long will it take for the collective to wake up from the nightmare that is the Republican Party? I have plenty of ‘anger and desire’ today — not much of which is very practical.

  3. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    Alternating feelings of proverbial nausea with numbness given the election results, both nation-wide and for my state’s governor. I appreciate the insights about the Scorpio/Saturn/Mars energy. I’m hoping that second boot hitting the ground with the Full Moon turns out to be more like a fuzzy bunny slipper rather than something steel-toed and designed for combat.


  4. Rebecca

    It stinks… It just stinks. When a country allows elections to be bought by millionaires and billionaires who have only the acquisition of money and power as their motive and who hope to enslave the average person and minority, that country has lost their ethical foundations,, creating a sense of doom in the air. Here in Florida we have a Republican governor reelected who has a history of corruption and has done nothing to improve the economy, however he has spent multi millions on ads. He did win only marginally. The other factor is the religious right, who have neglected the teachings of Jesus whom they profess to love and serve. They are not concerned with his mandate of assisting the poor and healing the sick. Instead, they are driven but their latent fear of their own bisexuality and sexual drive, making them consumed by the idea of abortion and homosexuality. The republicans use the religious right’s inability to recognize that they are being used by evil forces to expand their power base. I, for one, am disgusted and sickened. I did not expect different results but I prayed for them. I can only hope that the future suffering that will occur as a result of this election will finally wake up those too brainwashed or apathetic to see it now.

  5. Phyllis Capanna

    Amanda, I think you and I are in the same state, eh? (The way life should be?) Anyway, I did expect different results, and seriously considered throwing in the towel on my insignificant activities – or so they seemed to me at midnight last night- writing, creating a business and various other healing pursuits. Then I woke up this morning determined to exert my influence and expend my energy on the things I can still effect: my home life, my relationships, and my community. What’s really sad to me is that the American people are so ignorant of the way things really work that they probably don’t know that they were played for their fears and robbed at the ballot boxes by corporate interests. In the context of yesterday’s elections, being an independent thinker and making my living by my wits and heart seem radical acts, and the only way to go.

  6. Phyllis Capanna

    And Eric, I for one remember where I was standing and who I was with the moment that Richard Nixon resigned from office. Interestingly, the (likely) Republican relatives we were visiting didn’t seem phased, whereas I, the frothing-at-the-mouth liberal, was beside myself with the enormity of it all. Reminds me of the lambs to the slaughter feel of yesterday’s voting.

  7. Barbara Koehler

    Dreadfully disappointing, I agree. The percentage balance between U.S. voters for Republicans who won and Democrats who lost isn’t a shocking 70 to 30 or even a 60 to 40 percent, it is in the 50’s to 40’s range from what I’ve gathered. Attrition is wearing away the old guard, but not fast enough for us. The youth by and large are receptive but don’t feel the pain of weariness middle age people have become so sick and tired of. We still have two more Pluto square Uranus episodes to deal with.

    When the 1st of 7 squares Uranus is making to Pluto took place on June 24, 2012, at 5:12 AM in Washington, D.C., Neptune was conjunct the MC and square Jupiter, the nodes and Venus (itself an aspect that symbolizes a shattering of illusions). The ruler of the chart’s Gemini ascendant, Mercury (mind) at 27+ Cancer was opposite the U.S. Sibly Pluto (reptilian fear) at 27+ Capricorn. The Sun in the 1st house at 3+ Cancer was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Venus while also trine the transiting Neptune. Eighteen days earlier, transiting Venus had made a very rare occultation of the transiting Sun. When considering this chart as the birth of the series of 7 squares between Pluto and Uranus over a 3 year period of time, you could draw the conclusion that it’s effects on the U.S. would be felt starting in the pocketbook and in re-prioritizing values.

    Although transiting Uranus at 8 Aries 23 was sextile the U.S. Sibly Uranus at 8 Gemini 55, and would provide encouragement for rebellion, transiting Pluto was quincunx the US Uranus, asking for adjustment. Transiting Venus, still retrograde from her occultation to the Sun earlier in the month, had just made a conjunction to the U.S. Uranus a day or so earlier. As I look back at it, I see the whole idea of what we desire and value going through an alchemical process that would arouse anger and fear in us before the needed changes were complete.

    The division between those who know and those who do not know why this is happening to us can be seen in the election results. Not 50-50 yet, but closing in on that divide. We are getting there but this process of alchemy has another 4 and a half months to go. I say we seek shelter for a while in our Chiron caves, lick our wounds and come out prepared to persevere in the transformation of human nature’s fear of change into a brave new world.

    The Moon in that 1st Pluto-Uranus square chart was at 28+ Leo, opposite the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius, halfway through a cycle. Neptune in that chart squared the nodes – a crossroad choice, while also trine the U.S. Venus, which that chart’s Sun was conjunct. This series of squares promises support from the Universe, but it will be painful to get to the greater love. Once we get there though, there’s no turning back from it.

  8. Eric Francis Post author

    Notably, most of what we think of “the Sixties” happened AFTER the exact contacts of Uranus and Pluto in 1965 and 1966. Indeed it was not until 1966 that people figured out that it was “the Sixties” though I doubt anyone called it that at the time. Most of what we think of as events of the Sixties (besides JFK’s murder and the Beatles’ arrival) happens 1967 through 1974, all as the Uranus-Pluto conjunction was SEPARATING.

    Personally I’ve been in my Chiron cave for six weeks, doing only what I can manage to get done at Planet Waves (I know, it seems like a lot, but I’m doing about half of what I normally do, which I am starting to like) nursing a knee injury, dealing with some emotional depletion and involved in big changes on the corporate side of Planet Waves — all in the midst of my Chiron return.

    Today is the first day in a long long time that I woke up, clicked on the NY Times homepage and wrote an 800 word article in 45 minutes, because I couldn’t not say it.

    BK as you say:

    “The youth by and large are receptive but don’t feel the pain of weariness middle age people have become so sick and tired of. We still have two more Pluto square Uranus episodes to deal with.”

    I remember feeling this come from my mentor, teacher and therapist Joseph Trusso when I emailed him after 9/11. He said something like, I’m really getting sick of this shit. It never seems to stop. Very unlike Joe, and he was at the time about 58 years old.

    I have been watching politics diligently since age 8 at the latest (I followed the 1972 re-election of Nixon and the subsequent developments in Watergate, and never stopped following politics). It has really worn me down. But I do want to say this.

    The ability to have astrology to use as a platform or analytical tool to review and consider these events makes it a little less tiresome, more meaningful, and easier to see in context.

  9. Fe BongolanFelirene Bongolan

    I had a feeling it was not going to go well last night, though not sure if I counted on it being as overwhelming. But such is the case when you gerrymander districts and lose tens of thousands of voter registration forms prior to the midterm elections.

    The fortunate thing is, even though Republicans have mastered the art of elections, they don’t know shit about governing. Which makes for an intriguing 2016, even though we’ll be straining at the bit to oust them from Congress with torches and pitchforks now. Right fucking now.

    As was once told to me: “The Patriarchy is indeed dying. But its a death where the patient is kicking and screaming all the way down.”

    We WOMEN need to show up. On the streets, on the ballot and in the chambers of politicians everywhere these next two years. Our job right now is to get the patient to settle down as we administer the knockout in drips, fed directly into their veins. Our first order of business: toss out the feeling of powerlessness, even in the face of what seems a landslide, HISTORIC election. Remember the people who write history are the ones who want to control it. Make our own history. Recover now, but start that soon.

  10. Nicolas Salinas

    Isn’t Saturn about to enter the U.S natal chart’s 12th house in a while? Any thoughts on that? And I also think in a few years the U.S. will have a Pluto return, maybe this will bring the U.S. back closer to its real spirit. I’m not sure whether I’m being accurate with this, it was a chart I saw a while back. In it I think I also saw that the U.S.’s 12th house ruler is Pluto in its natal 2nd house. I always remember that placement when I see trouble like GMO’s, plastic problems, oil, money fueled wars (Pluto in the 2nd, Mars in the 7th), government of the rich (Saturn in the tenth exalted as second house ruler,Pluto in the second, Venus in the eighth), etc imo. That placing makes me wonder because it’s opposite where Pluto would feel at home (8th house). Any thoughts? Thanks

  11. Nicolas Salinas

    Sorry, as I said , I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of these placements, I remembered Mars in the 7th but it’s the Sun in Cancer I think. Your reading for the NFL Eric, reminded me that Mars is placed entering the sixth if I recall correctly :-) . All this is just my forming vision, my apologies if I am mistaken. And thanks again

  12. Nicolas Salinas

    I just realized that my last comment added a Mars placement from the NFL chart, hahaha, sorry, I think Neptune is the one playing around with me today. Unrelated but maybe good could be if comments could be deleted or edited, just a suggestion and….. Thanks again! :-) If I can add some minor but yet important good news at least concerning yesterday is that Amendment 1 passed in Florida, which will provide millions of dollars to environment conservation.

  13. DebsKDeborah Koval

    I am still shell-shocked and seeing red. I need to “blow out” this anger so I can be the presence in the room for the change I want to see and be. I know that feeling discouraged does not serve anyone, least of all myself. I am going to bring as much acceptance to this situation as I can muster and move forward consciously and carefully, with passion and courage and authenticity, to do my part in transforming any aspect of my life, and the world, that I can influence productively. I have to remind myself not to come from that place of resistance. When I can accept what is, I will free up space for the best approach. I have actually been doing this very thing with my relationships, and the results have been miraculous. Thanks to this planet waves community, I still believe in the basic goodness of people!! After all, can we really blame others when they are totally unconscious?

  14. DivaCarla Sanders

    Phyllis, Amanda, here’s another report from “The Way Life Should Be except for the embarrassing governor (would that embarrassment were the only damage). The national scene is depressing, enraging, outrageous. Anger which is a form of fear, and the fear was bought and paid for Citizen’s United. You got that all right Eric.

    I managed to dig myself out from under a foot and a half of heavy wet snow so I could vote, then I had to drive three towns over to find a library with wifi to get some work done and charge my computer. Sunday, my part of Maine got slammed with a nor’easter that dumped snow and snapped trees and telephone poles like matchsticks. I just got electricity back today. All that to say that while I was driving around, I heard someone on the radio saying that we want to change the government, change policy, and change all that created the perfect storm of RED painting the country, we have to become activists again, like the 60s, like the labor movement, like the Tea Party. Somehow we have to inspire and back up the younger generation, because the ones who fought the war are still passionate (in my community) but don’t have the fight. We have a lot to offer young people though. It’s happening like that where I live. Multi-generational activism. it needs to spread and on the right side.

    Voting with the collective and individual uterus.

    A fuzzy pink slipper instead of a steel toed hobnail boot. Gloating Mitch McConnell turned my stomach, and felt like a swift kick.

    1. RockhoundC Sawyer

      Thank you DivaCarla, multi-generational activism – I agree!

      Having just posted a comment on this thread (responding to Sarah), I’m guided to more words and I’m sensing a need to trawl back through my editions of PW to scratch a new itch. I explore Pallas Athene and stay and have coffee with the amazingly devotional Vesta but my itch remains.

      My itch is around lioness and blood; prima materia; visceral uterine blood. The kind of blood a man has NO control over and which isn’t caused by his hand; the kind of blood which most men would run a mile from if it were presented to them on a bloodied towel; the kind of blood which has been written into history and religion as an evil darkness. This blood has power.

      My itch is around what happened when I heard my roar for the first time last month. The house shook and the man sitting in front of me looked agape, eyes wide saying nothing, just holding that space for me to walk in to. I shook. It was singularly the most powerful moment of my life and it’s only the beginning. We ALL have this voice, we just need to winkle it out and if we can’t winkle it out then we need to blow the bugger out with fucking dynamite!

      90 minutes after my search began I smile, bearing teeth. I find what I’ve been searching for (Thanks Amanda!) and for me, this says it all. These two beautifully written paragraphs flesh out the omission in society so well; the gaping vacuum where there should be calibration of and collaboration between, the masculine and the feminine self. Instead, there exists this grotesque counter projection of a divided separated soul, portrayed by the empty, hollow corporations who sit at the very top of society, controlling those (they deem to be) beneath them.

      Is it time for a primal roar? Is it time to do something practical? What would happen if 100 women learned and practiced kundalini yoga? What would happen if 100,000 women learned and practiced kundalini yoga?

      These are Amanda’s beautiful words:
      Ref: Coming into Power – Oct 12th 2014 – Amanda Painter

      …But it’s pretty amazing just to observe what that power feels like as I walk down the street. It’s femininity coming into form — and not pretty, harmonious, sweet femininity. It’s a raging, no-nonsense, unrepentant and utterly creative force that ‘I’ get to ‘control’. It’s woman-on-top, undulating and dominant energy….

      … And so as I walk down the street, I breathe deeply into that sense of power and confidence. And I think about how much we need a world where everyone — women first and foremost but everyone — needs to learn how to channel and deal with and express feminine power. The more she gets repressed, the more violent, insidious and uncontrollable the inevitable outburst is….
      With love
      C x

  15. Barbara Koehler

    With transiting Nessus conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon in Aquarius during this election period, I believe Nessus took the form of televised news, especially cable news, and especially Fox Cable News. If not Nessus himself then perhaps his bloody cloak. After being raped by him why would Deianera (obviously pretty naïve being a young woman and now a new bride) believe anything her rapist told her?

    We HAVE been raped (we as a whole) and if we choose to shoot the rapist we will risk spreading the toxic body fluids to those who would defend us. Instead, we should follow the suggestion of warrior strategist Pallas. Transiting wise Chiron is conjunct her in her PROGRESSED U.S. form, and Pallas may have suffered a wound but she knows that revenge is NOT the way to heal. Our brothers and sisters who have been deluded must see their error for themselves. There is all likelihood that the Republican party will implode in the coming months, exposing their greed and duplicity. Enough of those who chose them as their representatives will see they were lied to and realize this.

    If we can rise above our disappointments and desire for revenge there is a good chance we will be able to find the path forward sooner rather than later. Those who have put their faith in men and women who only want to tear down structures designed to protect the weak and defenseless, including the environment, must either experience loss because of that faith or see loved ones experience it.

    It is said there is safety in numbers but there is also strength in numbers and we are too few in number right now. Hard as it is right now, keep your hearts open to those whose fear of loss makes them blind to the truth. You can lead them to it if you are willing.

  16. aWord

    Be, the wisdom of the sages you have. My foremost “take away” from this election is that at least for the moment, this is still a democracy; we have voted. Our voice has been swayed not so much by the dollar but because of it., and we aren’t savvy enough to hear the betrayal that’s ringing loudly from all the watch towers.
    Coming implosion perhaps. Change for certain.

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