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Mars Meets the Uranus-Pluto Square

Posted by Eric Francis


The beauty of astrology is that the same planets are involved in the biggest developments of society as are involved in the movements in our personal lives. Sometimes this is particularly true, especially when planets concentrate in the cardinal signs. And that describes the micro-phase of astrology that we’re in right now. In this edition Eric considers how that is unfolding, and includes the monthly horoscopes.

Mercury Direct: Notice What You’re Learning, Use It

Posted by Eric Francis


This week on Planet Waves we have a special exclusive audio broadcast of the talk Eric gave over the weekend at the first-ever Queer Astrology Conference. On the blog, we have today’s Daily Astrology column. Having just gotten through Mercury’s station direct on Saturday and yesterday’s Aquarius Full Moon, this week looks a little quieter astrologically.

A Little More of Everything

Posted by Eric Francis


We are in one of those concentrated moments that’s in tune with the 2012-era theme of everything all at once. In truth, it’s a spectacular moment, featuring some of the most passionate astrology I’ve ever seen. At the same time, the next few days call for proceeding with awareness and precision, doing your best not to over-react, and being clear with others. Don’t assume they understand you, or that your message has come across.

Manifesting Lilith, and Mercury conjunct the Sun

Posted by Eric Francis


It’s a perfect follow-up to yesterday’s New Moon in Cancer, which was conjunct the asteroid Atlantis — as fitting a symbol of our times as you’ll find. If you were busy with holiday travel or other activities over the weekend, today would be a great time to review the horoscopes Eric wrote for the week in this edition.

The Atlantis New Moon

Posted by Eric Francis


There’s an especially interesting feature to this New Moon, which is that it’s exactly (to the degree) conjunct the asteroid Atlantis. This is a beautiful asteroid that’s emblematic of the times in which we live. Atlantis was the perhaps-mythical society (it’s a very persistent myth) that was swallowed by its inability to handle its own technology. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s telling of the story, the society fell to a spiritual crisis of its materialism combined with its lust for immortality.

Moonshine Horoscopes — Cancer New Moon Edition

Posted by Eric Francis


At first glance, this looks like a fairly simple New Moon compared to some of the New and Full Moons we’ve had this year, where everything but the kitchen sink was involved. In terms of major planets, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct retrograde Mercury within couple degrees or so. A quick look at a minor planet listing, however, shows there are some rarely used objects hanging out on the cardinal cross with the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Your Moonshine Horoscopes — and the U.S. Birth Chart

Posted by Eric Francis


Monday, July 8 brings the New Moon in Cancer and we bring the Moonshine horoscopes from Genevieve Hathaway to you. Tonight’s installment of Planet Waves FM features Eric’s take on the Supreme Court’s rulings on same-sex marriage last week. Plus, in honor of Independence Day, he’ll take an in-depth look at the Sibly chart — one of the most often used natal charts for the U.S.