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Sun is conjunct the Galactic Core

Posted by Eric Francis


Before we get to Genevieve’s horoscope, first a note. Today the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Core. This happens once a year, in our era, always around this day. We live in a galaxy; we share the space with many other stars. That galaxy is held together by a supermassive black hole, and around that object is a cluster of stars and radio sources that, together, make up the Galactic Core.

Onward, Inward, and the Unseen Guide

Posted by Eric Francis


I have been boycotting the news lately, devoting myself entirely to the study of psychological and spiritual astrology for LISTEN, the 2013 annual. I have been studying my annotated 2013 charts, about 100 of them, since early July, and now is when I pull many planets and aspects together into a series of coherent narratives that offer some guidance for growth and living.

Deeper than Confetti: An Introspective Year

Posted by Eric Francis


I’ve been watching the news the past few weeks for signs and symbols of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which ended Monday. This and the surrounding astrology (covered in Tuesday’s edition featuring Twin Peaks) caps off a deeply introspective year. I feel confident saying everyone learned a lot about themselves. Yet it was also a truly intriguing moment for personal-meets-political.