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When the lunar cycle is renewing with a New Moon, the Moon itself is never outwardly visible. As Len Wallick notes, however, the astrology surrounding last night’s New Moon in Aries implies you have access to what might be called insight — especially if you are willing do some self-examination, and make some adjustments based on what you find.

During every New Moon, Luna is hidden from sight. It’s when the Moon is traveling through the daytime sky in parallel with the Sun, which is illuminating the side which does not face Earth. With astrology, though, it is possible to unveil some of what is implied for the rest of the monthly lunar cycle (or ‘lunation’), even if the Moon appears lost in the dark.


The luminaries (Sun and Moon) briefly shared the same degree of Aries shortly before 11 pm EDT (02:57:09 UTC) last night. Sure enough, there was no Moon to be seen at the time. Even so, at least one astrological message was revealed. Interestingly, it is a memo you are likely to read only within yourself.

Briefly speaking, the entire zodiac ring in which the Aries New Moon was set suggested adjustment. Specifically, any conscious effort on your part to make appropriate inner adjustments will go a long way towards making things easier over the next four weeks or so. That discovery, in turn, could be a turning point in your entire year.

Usually it takes a prolonged and taxing effort to find what you did not know you had in you. That’s how perseverance in unpromising situations is often proven to be good practice. Even so, a very small change in how you approach the beginning of an endeavor can sometimes result in saving you a lot of work. Based on last night’s merger of the Sun and Moon,┬ásometimes is now.

A New Moon in the very first sign of the zodiac implies both luminaries are off to a new start together. This year, however, the Aries New Moon takes place while both Venus (also in Aries) and Jupiter (in Libra) are in retrograde. As result, external realities surrounding initiatives might appear discouraging — but only at first. What the world brings to you is only one part of the equation. Given how astrological indications often apply to both the inner and outer in simultaneous parallel, adjusting what you bring to the world could make all the difference.

Before you subject yourself to the proverbial good fight this week, consider whether or not it’s necessary to fight at all. The key (especially with combative Mars a bit out of its element in Taurus) is to take a moment for self-examination before you reflexively take anything or anybody head-on. Note your inner reaction to any task or challenge first. Then, ask yourself if there is something in your reflexive responses that needs adjusting to make things less difficult.

If you need an example of how to conduct your inner examination, think of the difference between driving and parking an automobile. It’s good to engage the parking brake if you want your vehicle to remain stationary. It’s not so good if you neglect to release the brake before getting underway again. The same principle looks as though it will apply to your life over the next month or so. Just a small adjustment before moving ahead with your plans will probably be quite helpful.

With Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all joining Venus and Jupiter in retrograde next month, any effort to make progress during the lunation just initiating is implicitly going to need some help. Assuming you want to make headway of your own, at least some of that assistance will have to come from you.

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  1. Barbara Koehler

    Thanks for good advice Len. I must say what with all that energy in Aries, even though Venus is retrograde, there is a lot of encouragement to get going on something. Oddly enough, the New Moon’s Mars in Taurus was trine New Moon’s Juno in Capricorn so maybe enlisting someone to share the burden with you, or just recognizing that someone else is in the same good fight as you and is right there ready to help.

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