You Are Having an Out-of-Body Experience Right Now

Today’s edition of Planet Waves TV dives into the mysteries of the Uranus-Eris conjunction, which I neglected to mention aligns for the first time since 1928 on June 9. This cycle is about the impact of broadcasting on the human psyche, self-concept and world view. In effect, the Internet has induced a full-time immersion in the astral plane. As “online” becomes everywhere, we are all having nearly nonstop out-of-body experiences. This is not your usual Planet Waves TV. I am interested in your feedback. More Tuesday on Planet Waves FM.

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7 thoughts on “You Are Having an Out-of-Body Experience Right Now

  1. Elizabeth Lopez

    Love this post 🙂 Thank you for addressing this subject so brilliantly and for such an awesome site! I now have a new set of questions to ask and hopefully shift my perspective. Media transforms us… and social media changed me in ways I don’t like to admit. I don’t want to participate online much and I’m unsure how to change the way I feel. I also work on software all day while multi-tasking online 8-10 hours everyday for my job. There are great resources online and I use these things. But I enjoy and use most of my free time off-line by reading, swimming, or resting in nature, and grateful to be able choose how I spend my time. Maybe this Uranus Eris conjunction we will see an sudden shift in consciousness with more people finding value in enjoying each other’s company (real life) and conversation or maybe a new way to bridge the physical, mental, and astral planes.

  2. Dorothy Rodriguez

    Thank you Eric! And it’s not as if you hadn’t already hit the ground running – you’ve been doing the master class for some time – but lately, you’ve been eating your organic wheaties yes? So happy to be a member and want to let you and the gang know you are awesome; I appreciate and enjoy, learn and stretch – good stuff!

  3. Mary

    Hey Eric,
    I’m witnessing the outrageousness of our legal system, all the laws that no one can understand keeps us bumping up against those dressed up as lawmen/women in ridiculous and sometimes fatal ways. Seems Baltimore has figured out that the way to deal with all the rage is to outfit all kinds of random (and untrained) folk in semi-official-looking police gear. With everyone and no one in charge, people are feeling the fury.

    My thoughts, please goddess(es), is that it is high time that we define the laws in ways that are not only just but understandable and readable. Pluto through Cap is doing its bit and it’s not pretty down here in “charm city”.

    Brilliant stuff, Eric. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to Saturday’s class.

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