Will and Ways

Somewhere along the way, the amazing phenomenon of will, along with the many ways people can relate with each other and the cosmos, got into a narrow rut. Will became something either to break or assert in connection with power. Equality in relationships went by the wayside in favor of roles. Options and alternatives were either forgotten or prohibited.


Cooperation, probably the single trait that contributed most to humans being able to survive and prosper on Earth, was distorted into a scheme where the will of many serves the way of a few.

Community turned into hierarchy. Relationships between people and to the universe became one-sided. Our previous solid connection to Earth, sky and each other was diminished.

There are exceptions to the rule of being in a rut. There are ways to get out of a rut of being ruled. The Society of Friends (Quakers) is but one example of how people can relate to each other and the universe in gentle ways without need for a willful few to dominate a submissive many.

Yet, in literal spite of the Quaker’s grounded model of participation, few seek to become one. Perhaps because being a Quaker is no way to get ahead of others. Maybe because Quakers most often employ will to pull with each other creatively (which is challenging) rather than push against each other destructively (which is easy).

Issues of will and ways are turning up in the astrology even as you read this. Yet, like the gentle Quakers, many of those issues are being dominated by images of easy power, which promise much and deliver nothing — except an ever more narrow and deeper rut, which betrays your humanity rather than nourishing your highest potential.

Witness all those who are infatuated with pushing the manufactured (and ill-defined) idea of a “super Moon.” Even more sobering is how easily the implicitly divine phenomenon of a total lunar eclipse is being corrupted by a distasteful, dubious and explicitly profane advertising campaign to promote and sell what is called a “blood Moon.”

Haven’t you had enough of violent motion pictures and video games? Haven’t bullies and the brutalities behind the euphemism “power politics” worn out their welcome with you at long last? Are our connections to the Earth, sky and each other beyond repair? Is your will only capable of argument and dispute? Is there not yet a way to be both human and humane?

Perhaps when willful Mars finally leaves the fiery ways of Leo behind and enters grounded Virgo shortly before 10:18 pm EDT tonight (02:17:29 UTC tomorrow), we will finally be able to begin experiencing our current astrology for what it is.

For it is as if the astrology of the entire year thus far has been compressed like a software file, to be efficiently downloaded into your consciousness during the final two weeks of September. The third of three Mercury retrogrades in air signs reiterates. The second of two paired eclipses elevates. Saturn finally getting off the dime and leaving its past behind substantiates.

The second of two equinoxes re-relates the year’s theme of transition — not as a destiny, but as an option and an alternative to being in a rut. But only if you will yourself to defy all the ways of intimidation and intoxication that will otherwise keep you in it.  

It is has been a year in which your life has been confronted with a choice between the difficult ways of transition and the easy rut of denial. That’s especially true as regards to how you see your own personal will and your own daily ways in relationship to the rest of the universe.

As with any compressed file however, the information from this brief and amazing period of astrology can be distorted or lost if it is not opened properly. As it always is with astrology, the will to open yourself to it and the ways in which you do will make all the difference.

You can make a difference in what remains of this month. If you will it, there is a way out of the rut — for you, and for all of us together.

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