Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Apr. 5, 2015

Posted by Sarah Taylor

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Another three major arcana cards in five weeks. Do you know how statistically improbable that is? Sarah Taylor looks at today’s cards and picks up where this particular story left off at the beginning of last month. Perhaps you’ll be able to see the parallels taking shape in your life.

By Sarah Taylor

On Sunday, March 1, it was pointed out to me by a self-described “math head” commenter that there is a .022% chance of getting three Major Arcana cards in a three-card reading; and I’m taking her word for it.

Today, the reading has defied the odds again in the form of another three Major Arcana cards. Not only that but, whereas last time it featured sequential neighbours The Star (XVII) and The Moon (XVIII), today it features the next card in the sequence, The Sun (XIX). Further, there are also another two sequential neighbours in The Wheel of Fortune (X) and Justice (XI).


The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Sun from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

Last time, I wrote that “an all-majors reading can have a ‘behind-the-scenes’ quality to it — as if you can feel that there’s definitely something going down but, like a roll of thunder, its origin and direction may not be entirely clear. Although the thunder itself is both heard and felt in your body.”

Baby, that thunder is getting louder. That thunder is rolling outside your door. When it knocks, and you open (and if you don’t, be aware that it comes bearing a compassionate battering ram) be prepared for it to roll through your comfy little home, shaking the dust from the curtains, the spiders from the ceilings, and the shadows from the corners.

That “light of consciousness” that was “temporarily, deliberately, obscured,” which I wrote about in that article five weeks ago? It’s moving into town at high noon and it’s asking you to meet it on Main Street.

But you’re not going to be facing off against some guy in a black Stetson — not literally, anyway. You’re going to be meeting you. All that beauty that you’ve kept hidden in the darkness from yourself and others. You’ll both be standing there, under the Sun, in a divine meeting that has been engineered through the momentum of destiny (The Wheel of Fortune) and the rebalancing of karma (Justice).

There are no baddies. There are no goodies. There are no guns and there is no fight. There is, at its most simple, liberation: in that meeting, under The Sun, an aspect of the Self is revealed. It is a triumph of illumination.

Let’s go back and have a look at the journey you’ve been taking in some area of your life to get here.

The foundation of this shift is shift itself: The Wheel of Fortune. Corresponding to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and protection, The Wheel, too, speaks of expansion. It is the expansion that happens when there is a change in your outer (and, very probably, inner) world, which has the result of thrusting you into something new. And so your horizons widen. The thing to look out for here is — much like Jupiter — the idea of too much. Too much movement can be the result of a lack of centring. And when the wheel turns, it tends to serve us better — or, at the very least, to feel better — if we remain close to the centre.

From the position of The Wheel of Fortune, it’s likely that this shift has already taken place. You might still be a little dizzy from it, but you’re now into the territory of Justice. With those first rolls of thunder as the wheel rolled forward, you have been brought before the blindfolded figure of Justice herself. Her lightsabre is neither drawn nor active, but used to steady her arm so that she can balance the scales accurately.

This is not a moment where you are found wanting and asked to pay the price. A much misunderstood card, Justice does not pronounce you either guilty or innocent. Not at all.

Justice is a recalibration of karma based on the movement you have just experienced. What is discarded is associated with what you have left behind; what is added is what you are moving into; what remains is the bridge between the two. And, as this happens, so there is an unveiling of more light: the distant stars constellated behind the Wheel become light-edged waves behind the head of Justice. The torn-out notepaper — nearly a full back-drop in the Wheel — drops lower, resting under the arms of Justice.

And then, finally, that paper drops further, and further still, as the Sun breaks through in the third card.

The Sun interests me today because of the drawings on the two pieces of notepaper. On the first, we have the Sun from the Rider-Waite Smith version of the card, and on the second we have, very faintly, the child riding the horse from that same version. However, going back to the first piece of paper, we also have two figures, both of whom are reaching out to each other. I feel that this ties in with the previous card, Justice, which is associated with Libra, the sign of relatedness.

Just as the two scales are brought into balance in Justice, so the two child-like figures have a visual correspondence in The Sun. Blood rains down from the Sun’s rays. This is life-blood. The illuminating force of this celestial body revivifies and unites everything in its light. And so there is a reuniting of one person with another, one aspect of the Self with another, one aspect of the inner-child with another.

As adjustments are being made, can you feel that light starting to reverberate? It might get a little hot and sweaty out there at high noon, for sure, but it’s the one show-down you probably won’t want to miss. Those rays are reaching out to you. Maybe you can see what happens when you reach back.

Astrology/Elemental correspondences: The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter), Justice (Libra), The Sun (Sun)

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Apr. 5, 2015

  1. JereJere

    That’s a pathway pull right there man.

    The Ten and Eleven have an imposing feel to them (gotta hope to doG I wasn’t too much of a prick this last time around).

    The Sun feels to me as a more participatory pathway card. In this spread it feels like an illumination through ‘rising’ capacity, in that it seems seperate and anew from its previous partners.

    The whole feels as a hand-washing, and an open invitation toward self awareness of ones entire path,.. past, present, and perhaps future? (I do take liberty with all sorts of time.)

    I’ll bust out a deck and throw some cards around the setup, just to see if I can’t pull some Minor/practical method/s of working with the insight from the Majors.

    You are a pleasure to feel my friend (yeah, I gotta say weird shit like that ’cause it’s funny as all hell!, and I’d be a miserable fuck if I couldn’t laugh).

    Peace, Love, (and all the other fine salutations),


    1. JereJere

      So I went and pulled cards from “The Enchanted Tarot” deck, one which I’ve had for close to 25 years.

      My intent was to pull two cards for each Major in your spread, just to give a dichotomous thought-frame. Turns out as I shuffle, two cards jump to the floor: 20 and 21, Judgement and The World. Unsatisfied with that I pull another card: 1, The Magician. Still not happy, I pull yet another (while repeatedly shuffling): 10 of Hearts, success. I attribute these to the Wheel.

      Succesive shufflings give me the Princess of Swords, and the 9 of Pentacles, Abundance. Good enough to stop on regarding Judgement.

      Next shuffling I pull the 6 of Hearts, Joy. Going for my last pull for The Sun, I drop three cards on the ground, 5 of pentacles, anxiety, 10 of Pentacles, protection, and 3 of Wands, Oppurtunity.

      I gotta mill this over a bit but wanted to share anyway..


  2. Donna Boyle

    That “light of consciousness” that was “temporarily, deliberately, obscured,” which I wrote about in that article five weeks ago? It’s moving into town at high noon and it’s asking you to meet it on Main Street.

    Love this line. Most of the last 3 years I’ve experienced this “meeting on Main Street.” As I read this line from you, I REALLY feel the ticking of the clock. Surprising, because I don’t have a concept of time these days, but do feel high noon approaching and I see the people gathering on the porch of the tavern and the general store!

    Thanks for a great visual…

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