Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading

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This is a space for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to tell us what you’d like to see in the air sign readings for Vision Quest, our 2016 annual edition. We also have a handy link to the Cosmophilia readings for your sign.


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Dear Gemini, Libra and Aquarius,

This is a space to offer your suggestions for what you’d like to see in your sign reading of the Vision Quest annual edition.

What is going on in your life that you’d like to see addressed? What do you most want out of 2016?

How was your experience of Cosmophilia, the 2015 annual? In case you have not yet seen your reading or would like to be reminded, Eric has now removed the password for that edition. Here are the direct links:


We invite you to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

With love,
the Planet Waves Editors


22 thoughts on “Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: Please Add Your Suggestions for the Vision Quest Annual Reading

  1. betsy davis

    THE biggest shift of my life in 2015- from a nebulous ongoing illness towards real empowerment and independence starting about now…11/15 with A TON of persistent work on myself- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…
    Past 5 years have been a real challenge-
    Will you address integration of a new and improved Aquarian soul back into society for 2016-
    especially in regards to work, relationships and geographics (travel, relocating?) I have so much more energy than I had at the beginning of the year, but I would like to know how (and WHEN) best to focus that energy for 2016. I hope this is not too general. Thank you, sir!!!!

  2. Winter Clark

    Your readings are always so insightful and their timing tends to unfold in a way that refers to a point that we may not have reached yet but will be experiencing soon (at least that’s how it has felt to me). I would love to see how the transits in 2016 are going to be affecting career/livelihood areas (I’m still trying to find an entry point where I can relate and stretch into a role wholeheartedly) and how this journey in healing my past might create a new canvas for love and how I relate to others around me. In 2016 I want to feel a balance and fulfillment in both of these areas.
    Thank you for listening and for your art which nourishes us all!

  3. Mary

    Ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, were caught in a t-square aspect with pluto. During that time I ended up feeling as if I’d imploded, pulled inside/out and felt completely unrecognizable. During this phase I could only breathe and connect with my innermost self …and listen/read eckhart tolle, and others of the spiritual questing. It occurs that Saturn, planet that signifies past, and Uranus, planet that signifies future, may have indeed impelled me to stay fixed in the present moment, revealing essence of truth. To fret too much about the future (Uranus) or fixate on how I’ve effed it all up (Saturn) resulted in nothing but suffering.

    Staying in the pocket (present moment) still requires focus, but I’m getting there. Saturn moved on from t-square, pluto and uranus remain locked in aspect. Fear of the future continues, Uranus in my 2nd (3rd in solar chart) and I resist urge to hyperventilate. Good news?? Money appears suddenly? That would be glorious … that and maybe some new friends in 11th (thank you pluto).


  4. tgarton

    This year was a very different year for me. I left a job I had loved before a very difficult person took a position over me. I am much better off where I am now – with tons of time to pursue other interests, a wonderful new relationship. Money is not as abundant as it was in my other position – a great trade off, but it has taken time to get a handle on it, and I’m not totally sure I’m there. Not sure how much of that is anxiety over past money problems, and how much is real, but there you go. A lot of the time this year, I felt stuck. I did have times in which things seemed to go forward, but there was also a lot of time I felt I was chipping away, but not making much progress – and at other times, I was just plain stuck. More recently, things seem to be coming together well. Hope that helps with planning for the 2016 reading!! I felt 2015 readings were helpful, for me, and for others. You reassured me about the money situation, and cautioned me about “co-dependency” with money – which did apply. This has been one of my most creative years ever, and am hoping to carry through some of this momentum, so some continued guidance about that would be great.

  5. Jocelyn Allton

    Aquarius with Gemini Ascendant…

    Saturn through Sagittarius looks like Relationship School. T Saturn through the 7th house and squaring t Neptune are emphasized by my natal Neptune/Descendant 7th house conjunction.

    For me personally, I will get the t Saturn conjunct n Neptune transit and the Neptune square. Really glad to be single right now while I do this important work. :)

    Career-wise, this last year brought a feast of work, where, in the past, it was a famine. I am working 60 to 70 hours a week and functioning at a base-line level of exhaustion. Determined to meet certain financial goals within this coming year, and then leave the world of Finance. The hardest part is reckoning with the feeling that I’m good at what I do, and I take hardcore Aquarian pride in that.

    Maybe in 2016… I will be able to make motions towards the pursuit of my Piscean 10th house dreams. My esoteric studies are my solace and my refuge. One day I hope to integrate them more fully into my life. For now, I am grateful to learn one new thing a day, every day,

    Also about to receive the last pass of my Pluto square… so there’s that.

    As for your 2015 Cosmophilia videos, the information is overwhelming… but, in a good way.

    Thank you for your important work, and for creating this space. :)

  6. astrodem

    So Eric, as you know, I bought a condo. I am typing this after a full day of packing — and exactly one week before the big move. I am excited about creating a space for myself where I can flourish and thrive. I want this home will be a foundation that will support the following goals. I want to…

    1) Create a warm, inviting and aesthetically pleasing space where I can nourish my own psychological and spiritual growth, entertain friends and occasionally host house guests;
    2) Find a long-term, stable job where I will be doing what I love with people that I like, while making enough money and striking a work-life balance that supports the lifestyle I want to lead;
    3) Adopt a lovable, charming and healthy dog — or maybe two — and for them to support the life I want to lead as much as I support them;
    4) Get back in shape and stay that way and start dating again;
    5) Find a partner who is hot, funny and brings out the best in me and who finds me as rewarding as I find him; and
    6) Become an influential, trusted and valued voice on the national political scene.

    Obviously, none of these things will happen overnight — and some of them could take many years to bring to fruition — but this is the direction I am heading. 2015 feels like the year the journey was conceived. It has been a kind of cosmophilia — a recognition that I do indeed exist and have the right to define my existence on my terms. 2016 feels like the year the journey begins.

  7. Helen HamadaHelen Hamada

    I “retired” from my day job in 2015 after 25 years as a high powered executive in a closely held corporation. The firm went from 3 employees to over 65 during my tenure. So, obviously, I’m struggling with what now? How do I find purpose, meaning and direction for the next phase of my journey on earth? I’m a photographer and have been working on the various projects that I’ve stored for several years awaiting the days when “I have more time.” But detoxing from the busy world of multi-tasking, high level decision making and managing people is a process to say the least. I want to know my purpose and how I can best be of service while pursuing all of my creative dreams. I have a Capricorn rising so I’m rooted in the practical while the Aquarian in me wants to always reach for the highest good for humanity. Not that these two aspects are necessarily at odds. So any guidance to help point the way would be really great. Love reading your work. It is always to the point and seems to be just what I need to hear at the time. Thank you.

  8. Tana

    Wow, I identified with all the air signs and definitely echo many of their comments. I’m Libra sun with Sagitarrius rising for better and forever!

    This weekend I am attending the Celebrate Your Life seminar in Phoenix. It’s terrific and many of the speakers resonate with me. I was encouraged to sign up for a Joe Dispensa seminar in 2016.

    As I have indicated in other responses on the web site, Eric, your articles and readings have helped guide me or at least direct me while I’ve held on through massive changes in 2015. Relationships ended, I was laid off after 31 years on the job, my mom died, and just everything else – health, wealth, all changed.

    As 2016 progresses guidance on moving forward with new creation — decluttering, downsizing, moving, charging forward, or more introspection, your thoughts on personal growth in any and all areas will be of tremendous assistance.

    Thanks, Eric for your guidance!!!


  9. Joanna Farina

    Wow is all I can say. The 2015 edition was so spot on to what I’ve walked through I was astounded. Short term/long term transits you addressed finally made sense of my experience over the last twenty years. I’m Aqua, aqua rising in the twelfth house, natally with a close (2 degree) conjunction of sun and chiron. This was the most perceptive take I’ve heard in years – thank you Eric. As at least one other shared, I too would like some reflection on stuckness…While it may be purposeful, it’s not always comfortable…how best to work with that? As with Helen, I too am still (2008) transitioning from what I did for money, to what I must do for meaning, though the clarity of what form it takes is lacking…. while treading water financially…so any perspective on that would be welcome. The descent into soul is quite purposeful to that end…but what’s going on if you remain there? Also a nod to astrodem who wants to ground into being….the practical is wonderful for grounding, but the peak experience you spoke of is always beckoning to break new ground for the next level of ‘becoming’…again advice for working with these energies would be much appreciated. Thank you EF and the PW team…so grateful for your work….

  10. Donna Baier

    Dear Eric,
    The first things that come to mind re this past year are disengagement, retirement and freedom. I have had to set structures for myself, for example, doing art every day and eating well without taking the easy way out, and exercising both my body and brain. (I may have gone to far physically because now I’m nursing a bad back.) Also I’ve been exploring my inner world without distraction. I often fear that my social disengagement may not be healthy but I feel very content. My immediate family have all passed within the past 5 years and I have faced long standing fears of being alone. The weird thing is that now I actually prefer it. I wonder to what extent my attitudes are simply age related.
    Looking back I have lived through many changes in the past few years but feel stronger for having made it relatively unscathed.
    Thank you Eric and team for the work that you do. I depend upon it.
    Donna B

  11. Mary

    Aquarius Sun, (Moon, Mercury) Scorpio ascendant
    I never gave sun sign astrology much credence until I opened myself to your readings. Thank you!
    The Uranus Pluto square has had the effect of destabilizing the structures I had come to depend on.
    The past year has been spent working on relationships to self, health, spouse, family, community, work and that ever elusive purpose. A work in progress, and yes finally there is progress after Saturn moved into Sagittarius.
    I am feeling that flow state again. Is this Saturn in the 11th house? Perhaps you can speak to the nature of the11th house, and it’s role in the square aspect to Neptune in the 2nd house.
    Lovingly, right back at you!

  12. alittlebird

    Hi Eric and all,

    I have a Virgo Sun, and am still listening to my 2015 Birthday Report and Cosmophilia Readings, as they continue to inspire and support. Thank you Eric and all for your talent and devotion in bringing us these reports.

    For Vision Quest 2016, I would love to hear you speak more about strategies dealing with Neptune in our 7th House, how to fully embrace Jupiter while still in Virgo, and also how to appreciate the North Node moving into Virgo.

    To be candid, I am only responding to try to be of support in YOUR process. I really have no expectations for the upcoming Vision Quest Reading. I trust you’all implicitly to speak about what is most important.

    Love, AmY

  13. Stephani Stephens

    Hi Eric,

    I love your writing, you are a sage of stars and souls and do your work honestly. I love that!
    I am really interested in how cosmic and astrological ancestors show up in a chart i.e. how much of our fate/path and choices are really what Jung referred to as completing the work that our ancestors left undone? Is this possible to see in a chart? Between the confluence of an ever increasingly complex world and the inner prompts that compel us to make our lives, how much is encouraged by living our ancestors’ deep questions left unanswered. This is what I’d like to hear about for 2016.
    The best for you and planetwaves this coming year.

  14. Fay

    I typically reread your insights at the end of the year or before my upcoming birthday. I find while I enjoy your thoughts when presented for the first time, I learn more from looking at them in retrospect.

    There was no doubt that this was one of those BIG years for me; your “Year of Peak Experience” was an appropriate title for us water-bearer folks. A brief look at my transits, progressions and my solar return and a “Oh My!” resounded off my cottage walls. The birthday reading highlighted many themes which came to pass. This reading was — for me at least — spot on.

    One theme in the first section lacked relevancy this year simply because I have had many decades to do my homework in that area. I try hard to pay attention to the whispers of the Universe, realizing in my early years that when one does not — the Giant Universal Mallet appears. Those hit you on the head because you aren’t listening close enough moments are ones I have worked to avoid in the last few decades.

    But everything else? Yep.

    And when you think about the themes involved and my place on the wheel of life, the LIKELIHOOD of that being true seems quite remote. Life can indeed surprise you. This year held more laughter and joy than most I can remember. A good dose of anger, frustration and sadness worked in that roller-coaster method to keep my balancing act skills intact. Fame and glory were in the forefront and jealousy and treachery lead to a need for difficult decisions. I feel I have navigated well this year in part thanks to you and your team’s insights.

    I definitely agree that many of the themes of this year have their echos in the 1990s. For me it was 1995 which reverberated again in 1999 (August 11th eclipse) and lead to a long journey of unveiling knowledge. I suspect strongly that 1978 plays into this pattern and for me, seeing the long range story is very helpful. That would be my personal wish for the 2016 reading. It seems obvious to me (no chart perusing needed) that some of the themes of 2015 will be in play in the upcoming year. If they had their roots in the past, knowing more about that would be helpful.

    We chatted in earnest many years back. Should you desire any more input, I am happy to share. Sure you can find me.

    Double 10th house Aquarius – Taurus rising

  15. Diana

    Sun and Venus in Libra, Saturn and Neptune conjunct my sun; Aries moon and Sag rising – whew!

    To echo others, my sun, moon and ascendant sign readings have been eerily accurate and I do listen several times, finding new material to work with each time – thank you so much for what you do, Eric, and for developing Planet Waves in the way you have! I find something that really speaks to me and the place I’m in every time I visit the website or read your emails.

    In the last five years, I’ve lost a long-term partner and a home and garden I cherished to divorce and then nursed my mom, dad and best friend through their last years on this planet. So much change, especially as I did identify so long and closely with being in partnership and friendship and a loving daughter to my parents. New experiences of loss and rebirth every time I turn around. This summer I bought a lovely old property, whose land touches me so deeply and on such a primal level. I’ve recently found the old home has significant termite damage that must be repaired soon, so the dreams of stability I’d been having once again have been shown to be an illusion (as if I haven’t had enough of that lesson in recent years!). Not sure where the funds will come from, but I’m embarking on the project anyway, as I long to make this place more beautiful and nurturing, for myself and all who come here.

    I’m toying with retirement…or taking a high-paying, structured job in government…or becoming a hermit (hah! like the planets will support that!). In my personal life, I’m a traditional herbalist and shamanic high priestess dedicated to the path of the wild witch; at work, I fit in seamlessly in a corporate environment, with no one the wiser that so little of me is allowed to show through. I’ve kept the job through all the rest of the changes and I’m committed to changing that in 2016. I have two prospects for early in the coming year that I am hoping will allow me to coast into my crone years, adding more priestess work and less work for pay. I also dream of helping to create a community in my local area supportive of alternative health, spirituality and ways of living, which would be breaking new ground.

    It has been right to not be in partnership during these last years, but my heart is finally stirring and I think I’m beginning to prepare myself for sharing my life with a companion (or two). The idea of someone new coming into my life who would be able to mirror me back to myself is…well, frightening and, yet, I’m starting to long for it. Without that connection, I feel like I’m growing invisible, learning to glide through groups of people, not making a stir or being seen.

    In any event, 2016 feels like a year of more changes, and with the help of your insight, Eric, perhaps I’ll navigate them more gracefully!

  16. Eric Francis


    Not sure what type of input you are looking for since I am fairly new to your site.

    I have been listening to your libra reading in 2015. I am in love with it and listen to it calm myself down. My self identity and values is being reshaped and it’s quite uncomfortable and unsettling and scary.

    I do have a lot of anxiety with losing my job and losing my identity. I am definitely dealing with self worth issues lately since I don’t have a job and also meeting and dealing with people I have absolutely have nothing in common with.

    I definitely need to go deeper to communicate which is not always easy because I hate conflict and I often want to avoid this uncomfortable situations and people.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    I am a definitely a libra and I am big fan of your work.


  17. zlatka sirakova

    Planetwaves readings have always been exceptional, illuminating my interior landscape. They provide ongoing inspiration for those times throughout the year when I feel curious about circumstances of the moment. Bless you. Eric.
    It is true that my life as I knew it began dissolving in the mid ’90s and 2008 certainly was a pivotal year. My heart opened up and there was no turning back. For five years I was virtually living with my mother at her nursing home protecting and providing love and inspiration in her final years. When she died in 2013, the transformations I experienced began applying to the way I saw my path through life and that led to a decision at this years solar return to commit to long term artisanal projects where outcomes are structured around the pleasure that I can provide to those special people who inspire me.
    It is also true that there is a mysterious inner terrain to my psyche. I pose questions to that space and I accept the emptiness that I find there for I now understand it is the source of my guidance and knowledge to be. I thank you Eric for giving me the insight to interact consciously with the reality of that inner space. It is a sublime gift.
    I hope to grow my new modus operandi into a wonderful, mysterious future where those I love will receive inspiration that enriches their everyday.
    With love and in gratitude,

  18. Keira McArthur

    Hello Eric and thank you for your most valuable service to us. I’ve been one of the many grateful beneficiaries of your enormous investment into insightful, compassionate Planet Waves work since 2009. There is an intuitive ‘rightness’ to your work that I hear and respect.

    I have a feeling about next year. I’m not sure how much is hope (I’ve learned to distrust this after three extremely tough years), and how much is intuition, but I do feel called to ‘make ready’ to somehow harvest or manifest the deep internal changes that have occurred for me. Perhaps a little like a Bilbo Baggins who leaves his cosy, safe house to go on a journey that will connect him to powerful people, great monsters and shadows, and teach him without a doubt the meaning of what is valuable (as opposed to comfortable). I have a sense that what is personal for us now is very much playing out in Macrocosm as well- witness the great swelling of collective joy that is Canada now that newly elected Justin Trudeau is treating himself, our country, our first nations partners, and the planet with respect. It’s been a dark ten years, but the light is coming back on, & rather swiftly. I feel the same way about my life: new clarity, but with it a deep realization that there is a great deal of work to do if the promise is to be met. A ‘now or never’.

    I think we will all be in quite a different space this time next year. Perhaps, metaphorically you could help me pack my ‘essentials’. What kind of compass will I need? What kind of light shines through the darkness of chaos? What kind of food is most efficiently nourishing? Bare feet, or Doc Martins?

    Thank you for being who you are, Eric. I am not in a position to do so at the moment, but I have promised myself that I shall invest in a personal reading from you when the time is right. Hopefully you still do those. I’m happy to hear that you have developed a connection with Andrew McLuhan – I played and sang at his wedding with Kyria this summer, and know his father well.

    All my best to you,
    Keira (Libra Sun & Venus; Moon Pisces)

  19. Rochelle Leal

    Your reports are always so comprehensive and illuminating. In one, you encouraged Librans to consider writing; I began writing my ideas about astrology, and am on the brink of starting a column on my teacher’s website. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. I am a Libra with Leo rising and Aquarius moon. For the Vision Quest edition, I would like to understand what effect Sedna, Black Moon Lilith and Ceres have on our lives in 2016.
    All the best,

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