Two-Stage Solstice

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Solar prominence (mid-level flare) photographed in May of 2013. We are experiencing similar flares now.

Sunday, June 21, is the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, the Sun ingressed the sign Cancer at 12:38 pm (16:38 UTC) EDT Sunday. The Moon then ingressed Virgo a few minutes later. This is an interesting, even spectacular chart, and much in the planetary landscape has changed the […]

Sunday, June 21, is the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, the Sun ingressed the sign Cancer at 12:38 pm (16:38 UTC) EDT Sunday. The Moon then ingressed Virgo a few minutes later.

Solar prominence (mid-level flare) photographed in May of 2013. We are experiencing similar flares now.

Solar prominence (mid-level flare) photographed in May of 2013. We are experiencing similar flares now, cascading the Earth.

This is an interesting, even spectacular chart, and much in the planetary landscape has changed the past week or so. Saturn has retrograded back for its Scorpio encore. Venus and Jupiter are making a glorious visible conjunction in the sky (check it out).

And the recent Mercury retrograde is finally wriggling itself out of the mental and emotional bog. You have half a chance to gain some clarity this week, at long last.

There is more astrology yet to come. As mentioned, Mars remains in Gemini, where it’s been since May 11 (well before Mercury retrograde began).

It’s now fewer than two degrees away from Cancer, which means it’s both making a sign change and a square to the Aries Point; Mars arrives there Tuesday. So this solstice will occur in two stages — today’s Ingress of the Sun into a new sign, a new quadrant and an aspect to the Aries Point; and then Mars doing the same thing in less than two days.

When Mars makes its move, the Mercury-Neptune square is also exact, and begins to separate. That, too, will come with a surge of energy and the sensation of slipping out of something, waking up or some drug wearing off — one you didn’t know you took.

So we get an extended experience of solstice, one that will come in a couple of distinct stages, the first of which we are in now, and the second of which takes hold as Mars slips out of Gemini and into its new sign. Mars and the Sun will be in a few-degree conjunction for a while, which will offer a surge of wake-up energy. That will come as a relief to the ongoing soporific of Mercury-Neptune.

Gather your momentum gradually and steadily. No need to lurch into new territory — just point yourself there and and guide yourself in the direction you want to go. If you’re going for something especially challenging, help is indeed on the way.

Also of note, we are currently experiencing solar eruptions. My colleague, mentor and comrade-de-plume Carol van Strum informs me of these things whenever they happen, though I have not been able to get a reading on them as they influence the psyche. I’ve heard different effects described, and I’m curious if you’ve noticed anything over time when these eruptions happen.

You may read Obscured by Clouds, last week’s article about the solstice. I’ve opened up access to all readers, no registration required. I’ve also done an edition of Planet Waves TV that sums up the solstice, and Mercury square Neptune.


25 thoughts on “Two-Stage Solstice

  1. Rob MooreRobert Moore

    For what it’s worth, Eric, I’d like to throw out there I’ve noticed many, many people being quite prickly lately. Notably since last Monday.

    I was leaning toward commenting on this last week when you pointed out the Sun and Mars are opposite the Galactic Core. Your mention of solar disruptions here prompted me to follow through.

    And I must say, with so many in my midst seemingly ready to pounce, it takes all I’ve got at times to refrain from climbing aboard.

  2. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    I saw the Venus- Jupiter conjunction Friday night, with the sliver of peachy-colored crescent Moon just below Venus (similar Thursday night, too). With some soft color and wisps of clouds still in the Western sky, it really was a truly stunning sight.

    And I’ll be relieved when Mercury is fully out of shadow — which, for me, has bee more laden with “typical” Mercury Rx SNAFUS than the actual retrograde was. The Rx itself was harder to pin down; with both Rx Mercury and Mars in my 12th, I noticed that the emotions tied to the hard-to-see thoughts were kind of coming out sideways in ways that might be described as “self-undoing” (a 12th house theme). Still trying to get that picture into focus…

    Of course, realizing on Wednesday that I’d lost my prescription sunglasses outdoors on Sunday (when Mercury stationed), makes me think that the metaphor of “getting things into focus” might take some Mars-type action. As in, buying a new pair of prescription sunglasses — with my updated prescription. The pair I lost was 15 years old.

    Sometimes the metaphors astrology points us to are just too cute.

      1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

        Yeah, I know I’m pretty unusual in that regard. :) What can I say? I’m a Taurus — I really like to keep my stuff! Especially the expensive stuff I actually need to function safely on a regular basis.

  3. Geoff Marsh

    Am I right in thinking the solar winds from these flares take two days to reach Earth, provided they’re plasmoding in our direction? If so, it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on what’s going down on the day the flare is reported and when the aurorae go Imax.

    I agree, Amanda, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction was stunning Friday night. It was the one beautiful moment of the day for me which was otherwise scarred by the hideous Charleston massacre. Get rid of the f***ing guns.

    Love your new photo!

  4. Caterina Ragusa

    Yes, I noticed when I traveled via greyhound from Florida to Massachusetts just how universal the disruptive energy was affecting people. It was between Thursday to Saturday. Constant delays, mishaps, conflicts, confusions, and total frantic business. Even as I was waiting for 8 hours at Port Authority to transfer buses, every single bus ride i witnessed people waiting for, was delayed at least an hour. And the funny part is that all of them had the same reason of the bus drivers just straight-up not showing up. Super strange. It wasn’t just me interacting with the chaos in the least.

  5. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Saturday I saw some longer held secrets being both confronted, and unveiled in as well as in others surrounding me. Interestingly, they were easily communicated, courageously spoken, accepted, and released. Today continues on in an easy way. ;)

  6. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Eric, when you say eruptions, are you referring to solar flares? If so, yes I am sensitive to these. Well physically anyway I have become aware of when they spike experiencing flu like symptoms and I get really tired.. And yes, I have been feeling both these symptoms the last 2-3 days.

  7. Brian

    Unfortunately I’m a human solar flare conduit. My nervous system is highly over-sensitive (empath) and I always go to when I a get that old jangled nerves/panic attack/nervous break down feeling. And I always find that there is solar flare activity. It’s a signature feeling. I have an 8th house Pisces Moon, Mercury-Psyche in Cancer trine Neptune in the 3rd.

  8. LizzyLizzy

    “I have become aware of when they spike experiencing flu like symptoms and I get really tired.. And yes, I have been feeling both these symptoms the last 2-3 days.”” me too – and have also been feeling extremely dizzy (dizzy Lizzy), as well as anxiety, like Brian. Thanks for this Eric, and for great piece.

  9. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Yesterday I debated with a cop/ex-marine on facebook.
    A little backstory: An LMPD FOP president (Dave Mutchler) wrote a threatening letter to the public. You can read it here:
    A young journalist I respect, Philip M. Bailey, posted on his news team’s facebook page a video of Mutchler’s 27 minute defense of his letter. During which he talks a lot about “honesty”, how his letter was an “honest” declaration of how the officers he represents, and “99% of the community” “honestly feels”.
    So, I made a comment on Philip’s post that there was a lot of rhetoric about “honesty”, but that I question Mutchler’s honesty about how he really feels, saying that “in other words, he’s probably “honestly” a fucking racist piece of shit.” Right after my comment, one of the brightest, most respected voices in the black activist community, Profesor Ricky L. Jones, wrote simply “Bull Connor”.
    Well, yesterday I awoke to a couple comments on the thread asking me why I’m not a police officer if it’s not such a dangerous job, why I’m not part of the solution, I probably never volunteer, yada, yada. So, the debate ensued. Some jabs were thrown, and it was a heated thread, albeit via ‘robots’.
    That’s my solar flare story.

    1. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan


      I saw that post on the internet as part of my research for today’s 9-11. Its the us v. them siege mentality. But you engaged with courage, which is exactly what allies for the struggle need to do to counter the racial insularity hurting all of us.

  10. DanielHugging Scorpio

    I have noticed some similarities between a prolonged meditation session practice (either yidham or Guru Yoga) and solar storms/flares. The body’s energetic system and chakras extends above the earth and so we absorb the sun’s particles as an organism, like the Earth is an organism.

    The principle is the same. On a molecular level, our cells absorb these oncoming highly charged particles. They combine with our energetic intention, a deep aspect of ourselves that strives for more and reaches further in the universe and in multiple dimensions.

    The similarity to meditation is in our nervous system. These are highly potent moments for energetic integration and evolution on a cellular level. Often after my practice, I need to lie down and have a nap. Sometimes I can’t even sleep properly. Once, after an empowerment for a wrathful yidham, I got really sick and couldn’t stop throwing up. Purging and energetic detox can happen in different ways as we make space for new incoming energy.

    What occurs is beyond words and intellect. One is simply advancing and rising above mundane awareness which can get tangled in our involvements with the momentum of other people’s influence and past conditioning. I was taught that during these times, one’s life can change dramatically and that one must have the courage of a warrior to continue to the end.

    I don’t know if I have any courage. But I love my sun meditations very much.

  11. Cowboyiam

    Well as to the solar flares maybe that explains my complete lack of energy yesterday. I was a zombie all day.
    Where it comes to the honest theme of late, yes I am subconsciously determined to be the free beautiful truth of me and Saturday night I inadvertently out-ed myself to my 21 year old sun. He has been playing the role of father figure for a while so I did not have much to lose but still I am amazed how easily it went by and how happy I am about it. There is nothing more devastating to soul than living a lie. Shame is the tool used to control me but I am farther from shame than I have ever been – and naturally – that feels so good!

    1. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan

      Beautiful Cowboyjam, and congrats on your release!

      I too felt totally motivated to stay IN this weekend, even though the weather in the Bay Area was beautiful. It was a good weekend to nap, take local walks in the neighborhood, and do some writing in our neighborhood cafes, particularly after absorbing the shock of Charleston. I felt as though I needed the solidity of my community around me to keep me afloat, and the quiet of my home to envelope me, all of which I am extremely grateful I have.

    2. Geoff Marsh

      Congratulations from me, too, Cowboyiam. It takes such courage to build up to, yet it frees you from your own fear of exposure for the rest of your life. Happy New Era.

      Congratulations to your son, too. It’s been so long since I was that age that I often forget how naturally liberated young people can be. My only fear is that they take all our hard-won social victories for granted and think they are eternal rights that don’t need vigorously defending.

      1. Cowboyiam

        Geoff Marsh I wish it was true that my son understood and approved but its pretty clear I just dropped another few degrees on his respect meter. I hope he will let it go and accept but either way I feel free and now don’t have to worry how he finds out. I really just have to be hiding nothing to feel safe. God it was difficult to fit into the box that was cutout for me and it is clear I don’t.

        1. Geoff Marsh

          Sorry to read that your son is not treating you with the respect you deserve, Cowboyiam. I must have got hold of the wrong end of the stick somewhere along the line there.

          Like you, my reason for outing myself – and it’s by no means a trouble-free road – was that I was not prepared to live a lie. There’s enough bullshit in the world already, and one of my great joys is in never knowing who may have taken courage and benefitted from my honesty.

          Hopefully, in time, your son will understand what a brave, if unintentional, act of yours this was and will realise that he can talk with you in confidence and expect the truth about any matter that may arise in his life. He may even come to appreciate what a very special father he has.

          If not, he’s a fascist bastard and you should have strangled him at birth.

          Love and peace.

        2. LizzyLizzy

          I really feel for you, Cowboyiam. Have lived a similar thing indirectly, through my father, and the pain he experiences with my twin brother, who has estranged himself from the family – and is constantly hostile towards him. As Geoff said so beautifully, “(…) will realise that he can talk with you in confidence and expect the truth about any matter that may arise in his life. He may even come to appreciate what a very special father he has.” Think the way through could be compassion – loads of it, for yourself and for your son.

  12. robcorreia

    Eric, I definitely feel the solar flares, not when they reach the Earth, but as they happen. I am usually awakened in the night by a surge of Kundalini energy, which is very palpable and pleasant. I’m curious to hear if anyone feels that too. I also find myself needing more hours of sleep, and getting headaches. Space as someone mentioned above, is where I go for info on solar eruptions. They never fail to cause a stirrup, but they are aiding in our evolution as cosmic beings. I love the Sun!

    The Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the sky has been stunning…

  13. Barbara

    Even as I write this….I don’t know where to begin……tired…..sleep issues…..the murders in a church…..Numbing……the volume on the “PAY ATTENTION” message experienced a boost…..
    still shaking out…………
    Amanda…..I’m with you on the “glasses” theme……Stirs up some memories…..”PAY ATTENTION”…..Thank you everyone….Be well….Stay strong………..

  14. Geoff Marsh

    I’ve certainly had trouble sleeping in the last few weeks but until the solar flare post I had assumed it was due to the short nights at this time of year in the northern hemisphere. Normally I can stay up until 1 or 2am without undue problems, but in mid-summer this reduces darkness to a span of about three hours which is probably not sufficient for the body’s systems to recuperate.

    Sleeping pills don’t seem to make any difference – they just make me feel muzzy next morning. My best remedy is to go to bed early every other night at around 10pm as the sun sets. If it is solar flare syndrome, however, there’s only one thing for it – the invention of solar flare tablets. I shall be in the laboratory all night if anyone wants to reach me.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      Of course, it might also be due to hay fever. There will be a very high pollen count from grasses at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere if the weather is warm and there’s a little breeze. It’s something I never considered I suffered from until a few years ago when I undertook some fairly rigorous analysis about how I felt and why. Now I recognise the relatively mild symptoms for what they are every year about this time.

      I don’t mean to discount the value of anyone’s observations, I just want astrology to be as scientifically accurate and as verifiable as possible.

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