3 thoughts on “The Whiteness Fairy!

  1. Jere

    Any lawyers out there? In my community you can get ticketed, if not arrested (if you play your cards right), for giving food to homeless people.

    Is that even legal? Can someone actually prevent another person from giving food away?

    I shake my head and call myself a criminal.

  2. Pisces Sun

    Yes, Jere, so it seems that some cities have made feeding homeless people on public places and illegal act! Mother Earth News has a good article on this issue where cities have been passing ordinances against feeding homeless persons in city parks, for example, well worth the read! They argue that it encourages homeless folks to stay homeless! (really?) and that folks may get sick from the food (really again?). We all know that theses cities are run by folks pandering to their business interests and who do not want to deal with their social issues. Once again, it comes down to exercising your voting rights, as I often post here.

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