The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, October 12, 2014

By Sarah Taylor

I think what I’m most proud of is being able to recognise opportunities, when they happen, when they’re in front of me. It’s a kind of instinct.

— Dominic Miller, musician

When I look at the Knight of Sword’s crown (that is, the crown of his head — though, like a regal crown, this is also the seat of his power), I tend to see what I have come to understand as an eclipsed Sun.


Knight of Swords, The Judgement, The Chariot from the Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

This feels all the more significant, given we have just emerged from a lunar eclipse on Oct. 8, and are heading into a partial solar eclipse on Oct. 23. Something that was set in motion last Wednesday is now coalescing in preparation for an emergence in the next 11 days — and it has a particular quality to it.

The appearance of a Court Card in a tarot reading refers to an aspect of the personality that is in active expression. It may well also refer to this particular aspect as it is reflected through the presence of someone else in your world (in other words, it heralds the appearance of someone who exhibits its qualities), although my approach is to start with the person for whom I’m doing the reading — you — and then extend the card’s presence to other/s if it feels relevant.

The Knight of Swords — which is the King of Swords in this deck — is the “yang masculine”: the Swords suit is masculine in nature, and the King is the masculine aspect of his suit. We all have the yang masculine; it is not limited to 50% of the population. When he is active, what you experience is the ability to direct your mental faculties in a way that can be both productive and transformative. Look at some of the words on the card:

passion,” “ambition,” “flexible thinking,” “straightness concerning aims“.

This implies a clarity to the way you perceive something that may not have been present beforehand. In the context of the Knight’s eclipsed Sun, which from a psychological perspective speaks of the Shadow (an aspect of psyche whose illumination is obscured), it is a clarity or new understanding about yourself. This then translates into your vision, and a singular movement towards a particular goal.

The fog has lifted; the Knight is in action; it is his piercing sight that causes the shift into the next two cards.

The penultimate card in the tarot deck, The Judgement is a trumpet blast that reanimates you. It is revelation; it is the ending of a particular way of life and the beginning of liberation. Some decks depict Judgement as a phoenix rising from the ashes — the implication being that you have been through the fires of transformation of late. Now it is time to emerge and account for yourself under the eyes of a watchful part of your own divinity.

You are accountable to that force that lies within that is there to wake you up, no matter what. You can ignore the trumpet blast if you so choose. However, the events that it heralds simply reappear in another form. Look into the eyes of the figure in The Judgement. She is The High Priestess who has now come to consciousness in a particular respect; the second card in the Major Arcana has now become the second-to-last card — and what a change in the interim!

So now that you are able to dust yourself off, newly emerged, and look around you, where is that yang masculine aspect of you coming into force in a way that is helpful for you to make your next move? Because move you will, if the next card is anything to go by. Something, or someone, is heading towards you, and you are heading towards them. Are you ready? It is not going to be wasting any time — this, that has you in its sights as much as you are directed towards it.

There is a meeting on the horizon, and it promises motion. Now is the time to apply your powers of organisation, flexible thinking and, yes, passion, to align yourself with what it is that has just been birthed in you. You came through the fires for something, and to remember something. Hold that remembrance in mind; it has taught you about holding to yourself — and holding to your Self — in a way that was heretofore unfamiliar, or impossible, to you.

Get your ducks lined up, listen to the wisdom inside you, and await the mystery of a new way. It is what you’ve been preparing for; you know what to do.

Astrology/Elemental correspondences: Knight of Swords (the fiery aspect of air), Judgement (Pluto), The Chariot (Cancer)

If you want to experiment with tarot cards and don’t have any, we provide a free tarot spread generator using the Celtic Wings spread, which is based on the traditional Celtic Cross spread.This article explains how to use the spread.

9 thoughts on “The Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, October 12, 2014

  1. Lea

    In 1985 I began a thread, from my heart, that was picked up and woven with another thread in 2001, and then with other threads over the years. and so, today, after many years of weaving and re-threading, of picking it up and putting it down, of trying this and then trying that, and pulling it apart and starting again….this weekend, and now this very day TODAY it happened ,

    My Alternative Wellness business came together. I know what I am doing, I know where I am going and I mow know just how it is going to roll out. The ideas kept flowing this week and weekend concerning what I want to do and how I want to do it just flowed,

    When I arrived home I Knew this is a really good day, The cards confirm it so beautifully. I am so heartened and so appreciative of your reading of this spread. Isn’t that amazing?!

    1. Danyelle

      Hi Sarah,
      I couldn’t have said your words in a better way. Its so wonderful to see and read someone is benefiting from the wonderful and enlightening words Eric provides us with. Thank you for sharing the Great news with us. We look forward to hearing updates of your business. Xoxo Danyelle (staff @ planetwaves)

  2. Deborah Koval

    That was just a awesome Sarah! I cannot begin to tell you how many parallels there are between this reading and my life. It feels synchronistic to be reading this. So many things resonated as I am currently working on developing my yang side while refashioning my life and relationships, all while envisioning myself as a Phoenix rising from the ashes. To top it off, I have felt that movement had begun but was feeling a bit impatient with its speed. Oh well… Should I hold onto my hat?!

  3. Sarah Taylor Post author

    Thank you so much, all!

    Lea – I am very happy to hear that something decades in the making is really starting to flow. Mercury Retrograde and the pipeline between the two eclipses feel perfect in this case.

    Deborah — Try to work with the emerging speed so that your hat does a little dance in the air currents, but doesn’t fly off 🙂

  4. Jan Rosgen

    Yes, those fires I came through; they had to have been for a reason—and which I do know—and that meeting coming up, of what I’m heading towards and what’s heading to me, I’ve been feeling it getting ever closer. A dream come true and yet—-how will I handle it?—-WELL, of course—by being simply who I am, in Heart—and also aware.

  5. valerie ervin

    Thank you Sarah! “You have come through the fire for something.” Indeed. You have been a bright light for me as I await every weekend your reading. I am inspired by what the cards are saying and am grateful for the role that you play here in Planet Waves land! Ase.

  6. Sarah Taylor Post author

    “A dream come true and yet—-how will I handle it?—-WELL, of course—by being simply who I am, in Heart—and also aware.”

    You can’t do much better than that, Jan! All the best to you 🙂

    And thank you so much, Valerie!

  7. Lea

    Thank you for the Merc Rx/eclipse book-ends visual for me to see the positioning of this “finally coming together”. Yes—that is really what it feels like, especially with my special relationship to Mercury as a Gemini (so as it retrogrades its going back now to pick up all those “loose ends”). Great vortex energy—and I am loving the ride! (((Sarah))))

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