The Sacredness of Love

Posted by Amy Elliott

Photo by Amanda Painter

Venus and Mars conjoined very early this morning — the second of their third conjunctions this year. This time, they’ve come together in Leo, which means fun is on the agenda, but the story will continue to develop after Venus turns direct and meets Mars again in November.

Love has reasons which reason cannot understand. — Blaise Pascal

Venus and Mars today formed their second conjunction of this calendar year. The first was on Feb. 22, right by the Aries Point. There will be a third (in Virgo), after Venus has turned direct, on Nov. 2 (early Nov. 3 in some time zones).

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Venus, Mars and the Moon in conjunction back in February. Photo by Amanda Painter.

It’s quite common in astrology for these connections to occur three times, direct then retrograde then direct. When it happens, the exact dates of contact often align with significant events; but equally, the whole story plays out during the entire period.

Venus and Mars getting together is basically a cosmic romance. At their simplest, Venus is love and Mars is desire. This time, they’ve come together in Leo, which means fun is on the agenda. No matter where in your life this love story is unfolding — whether it’s in significant relationships, friendships, creative endeavors or elsewhere — today is an opportunity for enjoyment. It’s also a chance to experience love as a spiritual force.

In May, Eric wrote about the Venus-Mars conjunctions that, “This is the story of a relationship. It describes a series of phases that an encounter with someone is going through, on the way to arriving in a place of mutual understanding.”

For a take on Venus and Mars with a little more attitude, try Madame Zolonga’s Astrological Guide to Drinking Your Way Through 2015, originally posted as part of Cosmophilia’s featured articles. She writes, in part:

Thoughts on technique: Typically Venus and Mars pairings in one sign lack subtlety, a couple of one-note Johnny-and-Janies who love to bicker, and then bump like bunnies in heat. In fire signs Aries and Leo, Venus and Mars will be pimply, horny, happy, handsy teens. And OMG, the drama. By November I expect they’ll apply actual thought to the relationship, but the couple’s square to Pholus situ warns a lesson might be too little, too late. Pholus always guarantees a long fuse detonation somewhere down the line. This looks a lot like our lovers forgot the condoms over the summer, and now the pee stick’s come back positive.

Or, as Kim Wilde put it, “Love is sexy; love is sacred.” Longtime readers of Planet Waves will know these terms are not mutually exclusive. The most deep-seated physical impulses are also the most ethereal, profound and beautiful. We all have the chance to embrace that in ourselves today.

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3 thoughts on “The Sacredness of Love

  1. Leilani Curry

    Yesterday I read a message on that peak awareness moments happen during orgasm, tantric practise, meditation, pranayama, moments of mergence with nature and so on.

    As it was the day of sacred love, amazingly, my partner and I had his busy home to ourselves, and after enjoying a simple dinner and snuggling to watch a movie on the couch, we continued to our room for more physical love. During orgasm, I consciously sent out this love to anyone open to receiving relationship love, while trying to tap into the awareness of this Mars-Venus conjunction.

    The gift is love – pure and simple. It wasn’t the most passionate night of our lives, but it was just such a gift to have time alone, to have no where to be or no one to entertain, where the two of us could just be ourselves and comfortable where we are at with each other, talking, laughing, conversing about the rather serious movie we watched, touching, but not clinging to each other, loving and just be-ing. It couldn’t have been more simple, yet so profoundly beautiful…..

    It felt like we fell in love with each other again, but where we are at now, a couple where the passion of first love of last year has simmered into a mature love – the glowing embers of a fire that keeps the house warm all night, and only needs a bit of stoking and topping up, to keep the home warm all winter….heavenly and definitely sacred.

    Thanks, Amy and Amanda xx

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      “During orgasm, I consciously sent out this love to anyone open to receiving relationship love, while trying to tap into the awareness of this Mars-Venus conjunction.”

      What a beautiful gift, Leilani! Thank you for sharing that energy and intention with the world, and for sharing your experience with us here.

      And I’ll add a thank you to Amy for getting the bulk of this post ready yesterday.

  2. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and intimate story, Leilani, but even more so, sending out to the universe your gift of love during a moment of bliss, what a gift of selfless intentions and expression!

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