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If you have the occasion to ask “September already?” try to catch yourself and turn that question around. As would befit the initiative implied by the Moon in Aries today, make a declaration instead. To liberate yourself a bit from slavery to the civil calendar, and get in the flow of the astrology, declare: “All ready, September!”


This will be no month to allow bemusement at the arrival of its first day to dictate the tone for the rest of its days. Instead, endeavor in some way, no matter how small, to go beyond the usual and set the tone of your choice. 

For in the terms of astrology, September 2015 is and will be what one might call the single most unusual month in an unusual year. Hence, this should be a month when you can foment unusual manifestations.

To begin with, consider what happened overnight. As August segued into September, another important (and unusual) aspect transpired besides the Virgo Sun’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which Eric has already covered so adroitly to set the tone for Planet Waves this week.

Less than two hours after the Sun opposed Neptune (and while many of you were sleeping), retrograde Venus briefly shared the same degree of Leo with Mars, forming what astrologers call a conjunction aspect. The usual thing is for Venus and Mars to come together once every other year. For example, prior to 2015, Venus and Mars last conjoined once in April of 2013; and before that, once in May of 2011.

This year, however, is unusual. Venus and Mars will merge in the same degree of the same sign three times before 2015 is over. The first such event took place in Aries overnight between Feb. 21 and 22. The next instance will take place in Virgo as Nov. 2 rolls over in its sleep to become Nov. 3. Hence, the timing of the Venus-Mars conjunction at approximately 1:04 am EDT (05:03:47 UTC) this morning sets an astrological tone for the month that is emblematic of what is to follow.

Events later in September will include what you might call the ‘big three’ of astrology: a new season (when the Sun enters a cardinal sign), Mercury beginning its next retrograde, and a pair of eclipses — all in one month, which is not business as usual at all. Normally, the Sun entering cardinal Libra (as it will on Sept. 23) to precipitate an equinox, and autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, is the focus of the entire month. Not this year, however.

This year, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Virgo (on Sept. 13 for most of you), will be more than just a New Moon. It will also be a solar eclipse.

Only days after the Solar eclipse (on Sept. 17), Mercury will begin its third and final air-sign retrograde of the year in in the middle of Libra.

Finally, overnight between Sept. 27 and 28, the Full Moon in Aries will complete the trifecta by also being a total lunar eclipse. And those are just the highlights.

In sum, September will be no month to begin with a hapless declaration. Rather, if there were only one time in all of 2015 to declare yourself ready for anything and everything no matter how unusual, it would be now. If you can simply say that and mean it, the rest of September will be yours for the taking so long as you take it one day at a time, just as you did today.

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15 thoughts on “Make Your Declaration

  1. Len Wallick Post author

    beleclaire: Thank you! i did consider the phrase “bring it on” when writing this, so i’m grateful you added that to provide an option for those who resonate more strongly with that phrase than i do.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara (be): Ah! Good point. But, on the other hand how many people know Neptune any better than you? And eclipses do tend to correlate to an unusual degree of focus (or, alternatively, culmination) more often that not. i, for one, have faith that you will be ready to make something extraordinary out of the experience.

  2. P. Sophia

    Beautiful. Arose this morning first thing noticing the beautiful reflective light, a golden glow. Filled by the declaration..Fall is in the air!

    During reading this recalled my night’s dream that must have occurred after Venus Mars continued their initiation, two of three in conjunction. I was taking a shower in public and it was not uncomfortable at all on fact the revealing, cleansing act was of pleasure as others watched me there. No dought Neptune in Pisces may have positively, ‘slipped’ in there.

    So many irons in the fire PRESENTLY, finally feeling great movement. You better believe I am ready for any and everything! It is exciting. It can lead me anywhere, each day. Looking forward to it all.

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    P. Sophia: Thank you for mentioning how the light is changing as the Sun rises and sets farther South each day. It is a stirring phenomenon, felt in the proverbial bones. Most of all, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm as you continue on your inspiring roll of personal evolution through the use and integration of astrology in your life.

  4. Leilani Curry

    Not only is all the above happening, Len, but Venus and Pluto both turn direct on the 6th and 25th September, and Jupiter opposes Neptune on the 17th September, so it truly is going to be a huge month. Bring it on!!!

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Leilani: Thank you for so cogently directing our notice to three additional events that will add to the rich and unusual astrology of September 2015. As you say, truly a huge month when most of us are highly unlikely to be bored.

  6. kathleen mcguiness

    “Let it roll..” another statement of the day! And even though I hardly ever comment I always am very deeply honored by your wisdom and inspiration during this very amazing time in our lives. Your service is indeed miraculous. I have no words that really express my gratitude. Thank you from my heart Len Life has been unbelievably difficult but day by day, agreed.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      kathleen: You have my sincere empathy as regards to how confounding it can be when things seem to be difficult beyond conceivable belief (much less reason). Please accept my gratitude in turn for taking time and energy in the midst of it all to comment with such kindness here.

  7. sojourn

    I was somewhere over the Atlantic during the timing of the Venus-Mars conjunction you have described (traveling to Paris then on to Italy). After sleeping for a bit, I awoke to beautiful dark sky punctuated by brightly lit jewels in the most amazing planetary configurations. Since I am not an astronomer, nor an astrologer, I spent the next few hours imagining what stories they might be trying to tell me. And as others have said, Bring it on! indeed!

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      sojourn: Thank you for sharing the celestial details of your trans-Atlantic flight. What you did (imagining, free from the confines of knowledge) is what brought humanity to knowledge in the first place. Probably also what will set us free from the constraints of knowledge and weight of power. May your own personal European sojourn be safe and fulfilling.

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