The Day of the Double Agent: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Aug. 7
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Your birthday this year is highlighted by an interesting and somewhat intense first-quarter Moon. There’s a lot of energy about, though you’ll need to harness it and propel yourself forward, even if there’s a nice tailwind. One thing to be cautious of is making conclusive decisions too soon. Another is dispensing with ideas or resources you might perceive to be useless or wasteful, but could have hidden potential. One person’s weeds are another person’s sources of medicine.
— by Amy Elliott

Do you have a Leo Sun, rising sign or Moon? Your last couple years may have left you reeling trying to figure out which path forward is best. Hear Eric’s thoughts on expediting your post-eclipse process in your 2019-2020 Leo Astrology Studio reading.

Written in the Planets

Today, a trine with the Leo Sun looks like an infusion of greatly needed heart and soul — whether you’ve been struggling or have been coasting along okay. Jupiter-Sun trines usually spell good feelings, optimism, and not much motivation to trouble oneself with effort. Yet Jupiter is stationing direct in its home sign Sagittarius on Sunday. And with Jupiter currently slow, powerful, and pivoting conjunct the compelling signature of a deep-space phenomenon called the Great Attractor, you may find it worth motivating yourself to do a little more.

You can work this on the most basic, practical level by trying some new activity or area of study, or possibly a trip (Sagittarius loves a new adventure, and Leo is known for its courage, after all). Kicking things up a notch, maybe you’re reconnecting with a life-goal you’d let fall by the wayside, and can funnel some of this energy into pursuing it. If you’re picking up the pieces after a crisis — or you’re in the midst of one — you may find a way to catch a breather today.

Regardless, notice anything that seems to be showing you the larger patterns in your life. If the pattern only appears to be one of negativity, pain or loss, see if you can take another step back for a broader perspective. The whole picture is never just black or just white; and truly useful insights always shine some light on the path — even if they illuminate the need to climb over some boulders or double back a little to continue on your way.
— by Amanda Painter


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