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If Your Birthday is June 16
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Today’s meeting of the Moon and Jupiter offers many signs of hope and encouragement, though don’t put your eggs in anyone else’s basket but your own. You must find the guts to have confidence in yourself — enough confidence to take action, whether you think you will succeed or fail. The result is not the point, so much as whether you rise above the malaise of the world and challenge yourself to take action, no matter what else anyone says, does or thinks is right.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino
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Written in the Planets

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sagittarius peaks in the morning (4:31 am EDT / 8:31 UTC), which means it’s at full strength today. Do you feel like you’re in the midst of a fertile meeting of mind and spirit — one where you have the opportunity to transmute some karma? Or something more like a chaotic confusion that’s grown from what you’ve been telling yourself to feel better, even if those ideas are not based in fact? Are you seeing signals that suggest a need for more fairness or honesty in a relationship? Wherever you are along the spectrum this Full Moon, you might want to consider documenting (especially visually) whatever is illuminated now.

Today Mercury in Cancer joins Mars in opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and also makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. If you’ve been struggling with anyone, Mercury’s presence could help you to focus on what’s really going on beyond personality clashes and power struggles — in the sense that you may be able to combine a practical train of thought with an imaginative approach. However, it’s also possible to get drawn into some emotional over-focusing on your troubles. That, in turn, could prompt an urge to escape your sensitivities through fantasy — though consulting an older and wiser friend or mentor would be a fitting option.

If you can, notice which way you’re leaning, so you can adjust your attitude if necessary. You may feel as though you’re being challenged to demonstrate the relevancy and practicality of your ideals; whether that’s true or just your perception, remember that going through the process of walking your talk will likely be beneficial in the long run: either you prove your point, or else you discover the areas you need to strengthen.
— by Amanda Painter

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