Taurus 2012

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Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis You have expanded your horizons many ways this year. How do you feel, compared to where you were at this time in 2011? Your charts suggest that most of this expansion has involved changing your relationship to what you think is possible. You’re […]

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis
You have expanded your horizons many ways this year. How do you feel, compared to where you were at this time in 2011? Your charts suggest that most of this expansion has involved changing your relationship to what you think is possible. You’re not done with this. The next phase of the process is what you think is possible — without connecting it to an intimate relationship. While your sign is notorious for its themes of attachment and possessiveness, you’re starting to figure out the way that this rigs the whole game of life against you. Your view of love, of relationships and yes, of money, is more global than you may imagine. If you emphasize your broad and portable perspective rather than camping out in any one point of view, you increase the odds of success and happiness exponentially. Measure potential based on what you have never done rather than what you have tried to do. Think of the world as comprising all the places you have not been, rather than the ones you know well.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 #929

How much of how you conduct yourself in relationships is a reaction to the past, and how much is a response to what is available in the present moment? To sort out this question, you’ll need to slow down and live from thought to thought — that’s where the information is contained. It may often seem that the story arc of your life bends around the weight of history, and that what happens today is strictly the consequence of what happened in the past. It may seem that the results of prior choices intervene in your life from moment to moment. Yet if this is true, please consider that you’re being reminded of the need to step outside of that reality. This is not merely ‘escaping’ the effects of the past. It’s about an orientation on existence, and an orientation on your journey through time. You may be caught in the perception that time is linear. That is a compelling illusion. If you pay attention over the next few days, you may notice that each moment is a gateway to many dimensions of time, extending in every direction — and offering possibilities you had not considered.

Planet Waves Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for December

You seem to be invested in a relationship as if your life depended on it, yet with the feeling that you don’t really have a choice. The thing to be careful of is rooting your self-esteem in the feelings of another person (whether positive or negative). In an intimate relationship this will almost always happen — relating closely to another person changes us, and there is always some overlay of self-image. Yet whatever may be happening in the relationship aspect of your life, it would be wise of you to draw your self-esteem from a diversity of sources, including and especially from your own sense of who you are rather than who anyone reminds you that you are. This is a delicate balance for you right now, and I suggest you take your steps consciously.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 #928

Belief is the central theme of your life — what you believe, why you believe it, and the origins of your point of view. Ideally, it would help to go ‘beyond belief’ entirely, because the concept is so flimsy. But at first it helps to sort out what you think is true, and why you think so. Once you get there, an investigation of what’s actually true is the next step. This is partly a matter of learning, and partly a matter of direct experience. Information or an idea is obviously not wrong by default when it comes from someone else, though you can go deeper into the truth when you have your own experience to illustrate or modify your perception. This is another way of saying that meaning is only truly meaningful in context, and one context you now have is a relationship or close interpersonal situation. You seem to be in a situation where someone else’s beliefs are good as far as they go. Be grateful when you reach that limit, because that’s the point when your deeper learning begins.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December | By Eric Francis
Standing in for Weekly Horoscope #927

It’s easy to turn relationships into a religion. It’s also easy to group with others based on a structured belief system. Having the two in the same place is a hazard to your growth. Intimate relationships do not need to be grounded in materialized form, in ideology or in commitments that extend far into the unforeseeable future. If humanity is to proceed in a way that could vaguely be called progressive, enlightened or honoring of human potential, relationships need to be a flexible meeting of individuals who support one another in getting to understand themselves. Please don’t underestimate the extent to which relationships as we’re taught to think of them are designed to undermine that very process. The problem you may face is that stepping into actual individuality is so daunting. The reasons for this go back as far as the first person who declared himself king, and demanded the loyalty of others; they extend into the present day, when most people fully expect to be punished for authenticity. I don’t think that either of these are the real issue. For you, it’s about diving into the unknown, and by that, I mean consciously entering the space within yourself where you actually don’t know who you are, and where nothing can substitute. If you can embrace what you don’t know about yourself, you may catch a glimpse of how much you have to discover, and what beauty the mere willingness to meet yourself would release into the world.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 #926

Your charts continue to emphasize your current relationship situation(s), a fact that’s not going to change for a while. Immediate factors suggest that it’s time for a careful review of the past, including the way that mental habits have influenced your choices and in particular, the words you have spoken and the impact they have had. One choice you have is to build your new encounters on the heap of what has happened in the past. Another is to seek understanding about what has happened, and to re-evaluate your role, and that of everyone else. If you choose to camp out in a fixed point of view, you will miss the subtleties and indeed miss the many opportunities for nourishment that come from true understanding. It’s worth considering the history of all the ways you orient your existence on relationships and in particular, your concepts about them. Life when actually lived is not scripted, the end is not pre-determined and it’s not a role play. It’s something different, indeed, something much easier.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 #925

You are encountering the mystical aspect of sexuality — likely through a partner or partners. Yes, you also have a direct connection, though currently your experience involves what you might think of as transcending yourself through someone else and your experience of him or her. If this doesn’t have a specifically erotic feeling, you might notice it in other relational experiences that involve deep bonding. Yet with so much happening in your opposite sign Scorpio right now, sexuality is on the radar. One theme to watch is ‘what you cannot have’ or ‘what you’re denied’ or possibly ‘what you deny yourself’. This is the very thing that may be acting as the enticement or portal for you to go further. It’s essential that you explore your relationship to withholding or denying, because through doing that you will better understand your willingness to give, to share and to offer. You have it in you right now to discover just how unlimited you are.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 #924

You may feel like you’re caught in something much larger than you are, dealing with forces more powerful than yourself — and with no obvious way out. Take this as an opportunity to figure out just where your true strength is seated: that would be in your initial choice to respond, and specifically how you respond. If you have faith in your ability to make decisions, and if you remain open-minded enough to do so, you will feel stronger and learn a constructive life lesson. There is an idea you’re being challenged to dismantle: that you are subject to life, rather than being a participant in it. I suggest that you proceed through this experience consciously, and slowly, not making snap judgments or saying anything that you cannot take back. You’re not being asked to break a commitment, but rather to evaluate it carefully — in particular, to see whether it supports your growth and is expressive of your true values. There is a denial factor you’re working through; this may involve an exception to a rule that you now have a valuable opportunity to reconsider.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2012 #923

Whatever else may be going on in your life — and there is plenty — I suggest you keep your emphasis on your wellbeing, such as maintaining a balance between your work and your personal life. The most intimate aspects of your existence are likely to be compelling, as you rethink your involvement in a certain agreement based on factors you’re unlikely to have considered before. The practical aspect may seem to compete against the emotional aspect, though you’re making progress when you see them as the same thing. It’s essential that you become a highly conscious decision maker, which may be challenging amongst so many unusual factors, events that somehow seem fated, and doubts about your past choices. I suggest you develop the skill of knowing when you’re in denial. Each time you figure it out, consider that a moment of awakening. From there, your first objective would be to remain awake, so you can use your awareness to help you guide your life in a wholly positive direction. One additional challenge is the sense of mystery that may be pervading everything. There are the usual questions, such as where am I and how did I get here? These have answers. The most pressing questions involve you and what you want. You’ve taken some strides on this particular issue; you’ve figured out some of what you don’t want and discovered a few things that make you happy. Yet you remain the most persistent mystery in the room. Sit with that one; don’t rush yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 #922

The Sun ingresses your opposite sign Scorpio on Monday, which indicates a shift of tone in your relationship life. Things could go one of two ways from here: toward greater depth and understanding, or toward separation. My impression is that events will proceed along a path that seems organic; emotions, like water, tend to flow with the psychic landscape. There’s a larger story involved, however, and it involves your longterm needs for clarity in your relationships. Clarity is a form of understanding, and in our current version of the world, it’s natural to experience that as vulnerability. There is also something about the nature of exchange. I believe that many people withhold generosity because to give to someone is to set up the conditions for loving them; I’ve seen over and over that we love who and what we take care of. I know it’s supposed to go the other way, and sometimes it does. The question is no longer what you can get, but what you can give. It’s no longer who belongs in your life, or not; the question is why or why not.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 #921

It would appear as though someone wants to marry you, and I suggest you pause and reflect before deciding whether you want to marry them. This may be literal or figurative; the ‘marriage’ in question could be a business partnership, a spiritual partnership, the merging of an idea — or actual nuptials. One of the first things to investigate is whether everyone involved in the situation is being real with themselves, and with others involved. Check the theme of ‘availability’ from every angle you can think of. Then I suggest you account for any exaggeration on your part — whether this involves your feelings, or overlooking certain key details because you’re having so much fun. There is one other factor. While you obviously cannot respond to what you don’t know about, you can make room for the potential that you’re working with incomplete facts. Over the next week or so you’re going to learn a lot, and what emerges will be useful information.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 #920

Your solar chart suggests that you’re taking a relationship situation more seriously while someone close to you seems to be playing fast and loose. If you can see this contrast, it will prove to be a useful learning tool. You’re at a stage in life when you really need to think things through, more than you need to talk them through. You cannot know what will work the best in a relationship when you don’t know what will work the best for you. I suggest that this is a situation that calls for about at least five parts thought for every one part conversation. You seem to know the truth; beware of how the false confidence or self-delusion of others might knock you out of center. Beware of a tendency to second-guess yourself, especially if you have a strong hunch. And be conscious of when you’re fearing the worst. It rarely happens, though in truth there’s a potent energy source in you that could just as well manifest as creativity as it does anxiety.

Monthly horoscope for October 2012 standing in for Weekly Horoscope #919

Saturn enters your opposite sign Scorpio this month, and that’s a dependable cue that you’re entering an extended phase of housekeeping in your relationships. As with many things Saturn, this is a study in boundaries, which is another way of saying agreements. Part of this experience will be practical: who in your life belongs there? With whom do you have wholesome and healthy connections, and with whom do you have unhealthy or destructive attachments? What are you going to do about them? You may notice that you’re attracting older, ‘more serious’ people who you may recognize have something to teach you about yourself and about life. They will hold up a mirror to the aging process, through which you will be invited to make some decisions about how you want to grow older. Another aspect is conceptual, and even philosophical. What does commitment mean to you? What is bonding? What is the nature of attachment? What does jealousy have to do with any of this? Perhaps most significantly, what role do you allow others to have in your life? One of the most beneficial things you’ll gain from the experience of Saturn in your opposite sign is that of learning how not to give away your power. You may feel like the universe is taking some extreme measures to keep you in alignment with yourself, though remember how challenging it is for you to change in response to any factor besides your own will — and even that can take a miracle.

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope for October 2012

There is such a thing as a mature relationship, though it’s not what most people think it is. I can leave out the definition, not because it isn’t essential but rather because it takes care of itself when an essential element of authenticity is present: and that is trust. Trust does not take care of itself; it needs to be cultivated and maintained as a conscious act, usually from day to day. I suggest you do a trust inventory of your relationships, and include looking at the ways in which you extend trust to others and signal that you’ve done so, as well as the ways that the people you’re in any way partnered with extend trust back to you. Then, consider the ways that any given relationship reaches out into the social environment. Is anything missing? Now is the time to address it.

Friday, September 21, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #918

Beware of emotional pitfalls, particularly ones that have been a big problem in the past. It’s your destiny to outgrow and resolve these issues, not to be bound by them. Here is what the aspect structure is describing. You are in close proximity to a spot in your emotional body that feels like an injury to your self-respect. Whatever it was, it has roots in (Northern Hemisphere) summers of 1999 and 2001, though you may not connect those two dates. You may fear that you’re in the same place, or still carrying some residual tendencies — though I suggest you note that feeling and keep going forward. There is something else going on, and it involves your relationship to this elusive thing called ‘maleness’. Much has been said about the alleged differences between male and female desire, though at least for you right now, there is something of a role reversal going on. You can regard any experiences you have of men over the next few days as a form of inner exploration. You’ve skipped over this territory before; I suggest that this time around, you go in deep.

Friday, September 14, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #917

You seem to be invested in a situation that’s approaching a moment of truth. Said another way, that’s a checkpoint where you reconcile with yourself and someone else involved in the scenario, and clear up any factors of denial or deception that may be present. The reason that these are so popular is really a matter of convenience, in the short-run, anyway. One of the first things to check is whose conduct in the situation is self-serving rather than mutually supportive. This is another way of asking whose agenda is dominating? Who benefits, and who pays? Ideally, those things would be distributed more or less evenly, and if they’re not, it’s time to figure out why. This includes a number of emotional dimensions to the situation. When it comes to hidden material and motives, however, you’re the one in the best condition to investigate what’s going on for you — and I suggest you do precisely that. If you do, you’ll learn quite a bit about yourself.

Friday, September 7, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #916

It’s about time you made that decision to feel good about yourself, which translates to feeling like you actually belong on the planet. To do this, you’ve had to take a chance on something, though you’ve also had to be honest with yourself about some darkness that you’re struggling with. From the look of your charts, the moment you made contact with that honesty, you felt the potential to meet — or actually did meet — someone who was willing to match your energy, which has led to an experience of what seems like your real potential. If you keep doing this, which will feel like opening up a little more every day, you will see that the path you’re on is leading you in the direction of your true potential. Yet as you experience that, keep looping back around into the awareness of your deepest fears, your most distasteful attitudes and that part of you that just refuses to let go. The more you look right at these things, the more power you will have over them, and the less you’ll feel like a victim, whether of yourself or of anyone else.

Inner Space Horoscopes for September 2012

If you eliminate what is not true, you will be likelier to focus on what is true. The first thing to remember is that there’s a difference. The second thing to remember is that that difference exists whether or not you like it; though I think you’re far more likely to value and appreciate what is authentic once you have acknowledged its existence. For the next few weeks you’re likely to experience something approaching actual self-esteem, which is a rare psychological condition. I suggest you make a conscious effort to remember how this feels. Much of what you learn through the rest of this year and into 2013 is focused on this theme. There is no taking it for granted if you want to live a grounded, sane and content life.

Friday, August 31, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #915

If you want more fulfilling relationship experiences, you need to be less rigid. That’s to say, loosen up and dare to experiment with what you don’t know. Opportunities to do this look like they’re arriving in abundance. You may be noticing how different other people are, and the diversity of possibilities. Yet what you may be feeling is precisely your way of adhering to what’s familiar. Think of this as being confronted by your own boundaries. It may make you nervous to even think of going past those self-imposed limits, though the first step in doing so is finding out what they are. While you’re doing that, I suggest you observe any self-critical or self-judgmental thoughts, particularly if they come in the form of concern over anything within you that you think is dark. Now for the expert-level spiritual maneuver: If you have a negative reaction to anyone or anything, can you see how it’s an extension of your fear of being that same thing? If you can acknowledge that much, you might notice that your fear is really desire.

Moonshine Horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway, standing in for Planet Waves Weekly 914 for Friday, August 17, 2012. Edited by Eric.

An old-growth tree can withstand storms because the roots extend deep into the soil. But it also remains standing because it’s flexible. You’ve spent time cultivating your own grounding point — inner resources that run deep and can hold up under even the most difficult situations. Think of your emotional grounding as self-worth, confidence in your skills, and an unwavering sense of feeling good being you. These, of course, are ideals to reach for, which you will grasp with greater confidence as time goes on. That brings up the flexibility question, which is your ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the world, including your inner conditions. You tend to place your security in the material world — your home, your car, the status of your bank account. Instead, I propose a question — what would be your greatest assets if you lost all worldly possessions and financial reserves? What would you use to rebuild yourself? These are your true resources. Begin with your work ethic and your carefully crafted network of people. That one is particularly valuable. In some ways, your network is your net worth. Opportunities will arise this month to improve your web of personal connections, coming in the form of something in which you have a mutual investment. Focus more on the quality of the relationship and less on who has the upper hand in the situation. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, August 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #913

You may be getting the message that the time has come to focus your mind. One peculiar property of Taurus is that your intellectual talents often find themselves under the water of your powerful emotions. Resolving this is more a matter of maturity than it is of having (or not having) some innate gift. Over the next few days, you may feel what it’s like to be a mature thinker. It’s different from the usual tidal flow of your mind, or the cyclical ebb and flood of your ideas that you live with. Many factors over the past few years have guided you in the direction of the skills necessary to steer your mind a bit like how someone can use the wind and currents to guide a sailboat almost effortlessly. Remember that you actually possess the abilities that seem to manifest over the next few days, and you can access them at any time. The one thing you have to remember is that this doesn’t work as long as you let your emotions overwhelm your mind — and your mind being in charge is the point of maturity for which nothing else can substitute.

Friday, August 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #912

You seem to be trying to work out the details of a decision, with no obvious options and a very high ideal in mind. I suggest you simplify matters, and focus your most basic goal. Then ask yourself what, exactly, you need to do in order to meet that goal. Once you have an understanding of this, it’ll be a lot more obvious how to proceed. If you find yourself bouncing back and forth between possibilities, or plans, that’s a sign that you need to focus your goals. There seems to be an overload of emotional energy clouding your mind, and for the next week or so you will need to sidestep this. The way to do this is by making step-by-step plans toward your minimal objective — not your ideal destination or the grand plan. Clarity is going to be key to this process. You will know you’re moving in the right direction when you start to feel a little insecure or outside of your comfort zone. That’s the feeling of energy moving into manifestation. Keep going.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2012

You seem to be preoccupied with the theme of authority or power. Currently you’re less directly subject to power, and are dancing with its various influences. I suggest you bear in mind the ways that your internal emotional state may be distorting your perceptions. It’s always true that our mind and our senses filter what we perceive; that’s what they’re for. Now the key is to use your intelligence to observe and correct those distortions. One question that may be percolating is: did you feel safe in your father’s home? This question comes with another — what was your reference point for safety? How exactly do you define the concept of ‘secure’? If you’re asking this question well, it’s going to lead to more questions before you start to arrive at coherent information — though it will, if you’re patient.

Friday, July 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #911

You may be feeling the desire to cut loose — to do all the things you might not ordinarily do, because your boundaries are too firm (or said less politely, because you’re wound a bit too tight to try). Remember that this is an emotional impulse rather than, say, an intellectual one. Tapping into it will require that you let go of one of your ideas about what it means to be safe — or rather, one of your false ideas. People make up a lot of ritualistic notions about what protects them, ranging from their lucky T-shirt to not having sex before the third date. Try to be mindful of when you’re leaning on something like this. There’s also something about the fear of consequences based on a past situation that seemed similar. Yet does it really apply? And were the consequences that bad? Anyway — all of this may end up being academic, as you follow an impulse to set yourself free. Remember to keep some condoms and the number of a taxicab company in your pocket.

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #910

Over the next week you may get a taste of how complex an emotional situation is, though the outer circumstances are truly the superficial layer. When you start asking yourself the right questions, you will discover that the real subject involves your self-esteem. A central question is not how much someone else values you — rather, it’s how much do you value yourself, and are you able to live and breathe that value? As you move through the events of the next week, quietly ask yourself that question over and over again. You can also inquire whether you feel like you’re associating with people who really do honor the best things about you. While you’re doing that, it would be healthy to inquire whether you notice and appreciate the qualities that others offer you. Sincere and openly expressed gratitude is a remarkably accurate measure of self-esteem.

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #909

You now have access to a truly unusual quality of communication, where you can be direct without being pushy. That’s coming from a deeper place than your feelings or your mind; you have available a level of confidence that comes from taking ownership of what you’re learning. Let me say that another way. You’re starting to feel intelligent in a new way, like you have deeper knowledge available to you. That’s the direct product of self-knowledge. It’s also the product of getting some relief from your age-old conflict about what you want, and what is true for you. Now you can explore based on your increased depth of knowledge and confidence. The next few days offer you an experiment to explore what you want, regardless of any hesitation you may have felt in the past. You can go a little (or a lot) further out on a limb, particularly with what you open up and allow yourself to feel. As you do, keep your focus. You’re in an excellent position to use what you know — and you’ll benefit from doing so.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for July 2012

Focus your financial priorities. Even if you’re in a state of relative abundance, now is the time to plan carefully for the future. I suggest you take two lines of approach. One is to get clear about what’s important. There are a lot of ways your money could be directed, and some are clearly more important than others. Some of the most expensive things are entirely meaningless, particularly if you have them only for show. Second is I suggest you look for (and work with) non-cash forms of resources. This includes everything from ideas to people willing to help you to repurposing what you already have. Be bold about asking for what people don’t seem to need; bartering and other forms of exchange will be mutually profitable.

Friday, June 29, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #908

Your ruling planet Venus has stationed direct in Gemini, which is another way of saying that information is forthcoming about what in life is most important to you. That, in turn, will lead to your ability to make better decisions about what to do about that significance; to use what you know. One characteristic of the recent Venus retrograde phase has been an experiment in values. By this I mean that you’ve been able to explore aspects of life that may in some way go against your usual ethics, habits or morals. Seen one way, these parallel values systems are equally valid. Seen another way, you cannot be sure what is important to you unless you experience something different, in physical reality. It’s crucial to be able to experiment without the looming threat of failure or disaster, and you’ve come a long way in setting your worst fears aside. That alone has been worth the experiment, though you’ve gained a lot more than that.

Friday, June 15, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #907

An unstoppable, primal force deep in your psyche is having its way with a concept of relationship that you think of as an immovable object. For example, perhaps your concept of being married or in a committed partnership is getting a taste of the rest of your sex drive. This in turn is ‘threatening’ to crack open the relationship concept, which in turn is shaking up your whole identity structure. Though this seems to involve a kind of battle between sex and repression, in fact the energy source is deeper than sex and the structure is deeper than your concept of relationship. But these make viable metaphors and you will learn a lot working on that level. Remember that both of these forces are in your mind and/or emotions, and the whole matter is coming up for healing first and recreation second. This is about something you’re working out — so for now, keep your focus of change directed inwardly. This is what will get you the results you want.

Friday, June 8, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #906

Don’t try to judge your own progress. There are too many wheels in spin for you to predict where you’re going to emerge from your current adventure, or is it odyssey? Meanwhile, you can learn plenty from studying people’s reactions to you. They might be stronger than you’re accustomed to; if some people express adulation and others extreme irritation, taking the average won’t help you determine the truth — rather, experiment with not taking opinions so seriously. You could find yourself diving into situations beyond what you think of as your better judgment, perhaps inspired by someone who lacks your usual resistance to risk. You tend to overthink things, something you may find yourself bypassing these days. You can afford to live in a way that, for you, seems daring — your luck is better than you think, as long as you stay in the moment and don’t make any promises.

Friday, June 1, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #905

It is often said that the basis of love is selflove. Yet selflove is often confused with vanity, arrogance and self-obsession, and has a way of being put down as such. While many are busy doing this, the world is crumbling under the weight of the self-esteem problems that many people face, which come disguised in a thousand forms, most of which are not seen for what they are. Let’s come back to our starting point, which was selflove. This is not generally related to sex, which is presumed to come from other people — the sex we give ourselves isn’t usually regarded as ‘the real thing’. I would propose the idea that not only is masturbation real sex, it’s the basis of all sexual awareness and hence sexuality — and that it plays as meaningful a role in your relationship to yourself as sexual contact plays within any couple. Next week’s transit of Venus is pumping energy into your relationship with yourself — in its sexual aspect and many others. Explore this dynamic and you’ll discover that you can go deeper with yourself than you ever expected. Within your own inner space, you can work out anything that’s interfering with your relationships with others, and prepare yourself to go deeper than ever before.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for June 2012

You don’t have to be in as much conflict as you are. You don’t need to accept what other people say is right for you, or the rules that they impose on you, which might seem to be the source of your inner tension. It’s easy to go there by default when your own inner guidance conflicts, or when you’re uncertain about what you want. This thing we call religion, by the way, is about people giving up their power of choice, then imposing that on others, and that seems to be a quickly fading influence right now. This is the moment when you take control of your desires. That means not letting them run you, not feeling guilty and most of all, resolving any conflicting values that might be present in your heart. As these weeks progress, you will find this more compelling, necessary and eminently possible.

Friday, May 18, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #904

It’s as if you’re split between two different existences right now — one in which you feel the emotional challenges and darkness that you want to work through, and another in which you can feel and experience your potential. I suggest you allow those two seemingly separate worlds to coexist, and feel the tension that creates. Hold open the space between them. Don’t let the two sides of the equation mush into one nondescript morass. If you can do that, you’ll see that you have a choice in the matter of how to experience your existence — and there is more in this choice than you may recognize. For example, emotional challenges almost always relate to the past. What role does the past play in what you’re doing now? Expressing your potential is about making contact with yourself, and that can only happen in this very moment. What is stopping you? Don’t worry about how to resolve this issue. I suggest you work with the various dichotomies as long as you can.

Friday, May 11, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #903

This weekend is the Sun’s annual conjunction to Jupiter — the only one in Taurus for the next 11 years. That’s the astrological picture of a rare gift coming to you (and the image of a very, very special birthday). Yet there are those moments when the astrology looks brilliant yet there seems to be some underlying issue. One thing to be careful of is the sensation that nothing is ever good enough. This may seem like a peculiarity of our society, though it’s been an issue for so long that it’s recorded in mythology. Sometimes it’s the feeling of abundance coupled with imperfection; or it could be the feeling of having a strong presence in the world, yet you are trapped or isolated. The beauty of life can, at any time, be complicated by self-doubt. And if you feed it, that’s the emotion that’s sure to grow. If you emphasize and explore your life-affirming emotions they are the ones that will grow — in a spectacular way.

Friday, May 4, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #902

Take a practical approach to any situation or challenge in your life, particularly if you reach a point where you don’t know quite what to do. What appears to be an obstacle is not just an opportunity; it’s also the approach to a breakthrough point. While this is not merely a ‘trick of the mind’, how you think about matters profoundly influences how you perceive them, as well as how they develop. I suggest you be wary of any situation that involves a tease, seems out of reach or unavailable (an asteroid called Tantalus showing up vividly in your charts right now). I am not suggesting you avoid or run from any circumstance fitting that description, rather that you apply consciousness and the power of choice. Desire is a beautiful thing, though this is the time to ask yourself whether what you desire will bring you happiness, and if not, what you might choose to further that worthy cause.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for May 2012

Remember what is important to you. Remember, and at the same time, learn. There is a message in your chart about seeing the other side of something — a way of life, an idea about yourself, a basic value you hold. You’re not typically given to exploring what you think is precisely opposite what you might normally do, though this would be an exceptionally healthy thing to work into your routines. You’re about to see how valuable it is when you can step out of your point of view and consider what you might have considered strange, threatening or irrelevant in the past. This is just one of many occasions you will have to reinvent yourself from the inside out. True freedom is based on your ability to adapt to your circumstances and your desires.

Friday, April 27, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #901

Having a healthy relationship with your community is vital to having a fulfilled existence. But how many people have that? Who even considers the issue? Your solar charts suggest that you’ve adjusted your behavior with the people around you to fit in with their expectations. This has brought you the illusion of stability because your group structures did not change like they would, had you asserted your creativity, passion or authentic self. Eventually illusions crack, and yours is doing so as you re-evaluate what is truly nurturing your highest needs. As your personal identity shifts in relation to your network, the community around you will change. I suggest you see this less as a disruption to your inner state of calm and more as a sign of progress toward a more authentic life. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, April 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #900

If you’re feeling some unusual tension within yourself, I suggest you consider what will be the central theme of this birthday season for you: making sure you understand your motives. That’s to say, I suggest you constantly refer back to why you want whatever it is you want. What is driving you to make choices, to favor certain people, or to desire certain experiences? Why do you feel about yourself the way that you do? These questions have answers — in fact, they may have two answers each. So the decisions you make are less about the outer expressions of things and more about connecting with what is driving you. Pay special attention to when those motives conflict, and note this as a potential source of any paralysis. A related theme of this spring is taking a trip back to the past, and while you’re there, disconnecting from the values you once acquired that no longer serve you. You’ll find plenty — and you’ll be happier without them.

Friday, April 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #899

Not everyone is blessed with curiosity about themselves. Though some people are, that curiosity is often fragile and can be thwarted by everything from external distractions to the fear of what one might discover inwardly to an odd kind of shame about getting to know oneself as a conscious act. For the past few months, it’s as if you’ve been dragged inward, and have felt compelled to explore territory that you might have avoided otherwise. Yet as you’ve moved through these regions in yourself, you’ve noticed all the things you want that exist there. You’ve also come within sight of a truly significant personal goal, this despite some protest along the way. And you’ve opened up inner territory that until now was truly unfamiliar. Remember, as you enter a new phase of experience, how challenging it was, and what you had to go through to learn what you did. Never take that for granted; what was strange to you yesterday or two months ago still deserves to be treated with the respect for the unknown — and that starts with curiosity.

Friday, April 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #898

You seem to be caught in something. From the look of your solar chart, it’s an idea. Elaborating further, it seems to be an old idea about yourself, which you don’t usually recognize — though you notice when you get caught in it from the feeling of being stuck. Its properties include the sensation of being of ‘two minds’ about something, which is another way of saying that your goals conflict. This roots more deeply either in not knowing your priorities, or having some attachment to an old idea and a new one that will not work together. Every now and then it’s a good idea to go through your goals and make sure they’re still valid for you. Notice what you do that’s not on your list, and what’s on the list that you haven’t done anything about in a long time. Don’t be brutal — simply be real. Then, update your files. You may need to do this three or four times over the next month.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for April 2012

The next couple of months contain many opportunities to shift your relationship to the past. At first it may seem like the past has an unusual amount of influence on you now, but what you’re seeing is something that’s always a factor. What is changing is an awareness factor — in particular, seeing how over-focus on the past divides your attention, as well as leads you to invest precious energy in circumstances that don’t exist. Yet it’s necessary to see this before you let it go. It’s necessary to see and notice any inner division before you can work it out. Where you go from there is another question entirely, but one thing is sure: if you’re honest and forgiving first with yourself and with others, many interesting options will open before you.

Friday, March 30, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #897

Venus is about to enter Gemini, where it will be until August. Plenty of history is going to go by between now and then, both for you personally and for the world around you. However, at the commencement of this trip, it’s as if you pass through a series of gateways. Think of them as pressurized chambers. The first one involves coming to terms with something you were in denial of, which may clue you in to your tendency to pretend certain things don’t exist. A corresponding discovery may come in the form of learning that you prefer the very thing you were in denial of. The next one involves the way you compensate for a past hurt by an excess of some kind. If you can tamp down the excess as an experiment, you may be able to reach the deeper material. This in turn will help you shift your relationship to pleasure, in essence helping you make it a more honest pursuit for its own sake rather than for an ulterior purpose.

Weekly Horoscope # 896 for March 23, 2012

There are things unfolding behind the scenes that you can’t quite make sense of. You may be wrestling secret fears that you can’t even fully articulate or voice or simply don’t dare talk about. You may not even be sure who you can trust. But as much as the unknown unnerves you and as risky as a situation may seem, remember the fear of the unknown is often far worse than your reality. Take the time to go inward this week and confront the subconscious veil of fear, rejection, anger, mistrust or other negative emotions that hold you back from discovering your core potential. You are being awakened to the greater reason behind your existence and the unique purpose you came to this planet with. Your intuition is blazing right now and there are new realms making themselves known to you. Follow a hunch and you might be pleasantly surprised. — by Priya Kale.

Friday, March 16, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #895

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I see a few possibilities. You may be in a cycle that you don’t know how to get out of. Or, you may be noticing some qualities of yourself that you wish you could change, but you’re not sure how to do it. These qualities might exist inside your idea of yourself as a ‘good person’ or ‘helpful person’ and may even lead you to wonder whether that’s really true. Be aware that you’re in the midst of a magnifying effect — certain elements of your psyche are under a lens right now, where you can see them and where you can, in fact, address your concerns. But that’s not all that’s happening; you’re making discoveries about the love that you have to offer, and you may be figuring out that the only thing you really can do with love is to give it away. Whatever else you may be working out — and there do seem to be a few deep issues — there’s a miracle waiting for you in the recognition that love is what you give.

Friday, March 9, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #894

You may be getting the message to be yourself; in fact it’s never been easier. Yet there’s a second theme coming through, which is the experience of being yourself and then experiencing some fear or backlash of guilt as a result. That’s unlikely to stop you, though you obviously would prefer that reaction not be there. Where it comes from is another question, and knowing the history may help you resolve the matter. However, it really comes down to a decision about what part of your mind you want running your psyche — and you do choose. Uncomfortable as this may be, I will say this. There are plenty of people who get cocooned into a crypt by that reaction of every surge of real self being met by some shadowy reaction. It’s enough to make most people stop proceeding in the direction of their reality just so they can avoid the discomfort of doing so. At the moment, anyway, you don’t need to have that problem. I think you’re discovering that opening up your options is better protection than shutting them down.

Friday, March 2, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #893

Maybe it’s my positive experience with Gestalt therapy speaking, but the notion of ‘unconscious’ has always seemed suspect to me. ‘I did that unconsciously’ or ‘that person has an unconscious motive’ sound more like denying consciousness than anything else. There does seem to be a level of information that at times percolates into the one to which we’re normally accustomed, such as remembering a dream that reveals something interesting. I suggest, however, that you’re fully responsible for knowing your motives and your goals, and that if there is any question or issue, it’s going to have a manifestation, for example, as some form of conflict or frustration. Another clue that something might be going on ‘beneath the surface’ is that you find yourself rationalizing, that is, making excuses for why something is a certain way, rather than investigating how it got to be that way. Yet none of this is beyond your ability to perceive it. Your mind is a light; I suggest you look directly at what it illuminates.

Inner Space Horoscope for March 2012

Take care of yourself. Take care of your mind, and take care of the place you hold in the world. Both are precious and deserve to be treated that way. You may be feeling on top of your game, however I would propose that your situation is more delicate than is obvious to you. If you’re not using your relationship experiences as a mirror and a template for growth, you may be missing some key opportunities that are not available on a regular basis. It’s true, you can make nearly any decision at nearly any time, but your experiences are offering you a perspective on ‘the other’ that can, if you pay attention, reveal a lot about what you want from life. If you’re obsessed over what you don’t want, I would propose taking another approach. Being affirmative will provide a more direct path.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope # 892, for Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

What did you dream your life would be like when you grew up? And has life lived up to your dreams? A situation is drawing you ever further into the unknown, but through this process, you are learning what it means to authentically trust yourself. When there is doubt, I would suggest you reach for the most fiery part of yourself. The part that gets angry, or rages when it feels unheard. It will tell you something about your deepest desires or why you have felt disillusioned before. Then you can let go of false ideas that have clouded your vision in the past, putting you back in touch with your reality. Your ideals some would say are rather unrealistic and untouchable at times. But still you know your abilities and potential and what you are capable of manifesting when you put your mind, heart and soul into it. If at anytime you feel lost, speak to someone you can trust implicitly with your soul. There are friends on hand, who’ve proven their worth to you and who can offer sage advice to a dilemma. Above all have faith in yourself and you can get closer to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, offering you the freedom you need to be wholly yourself. — By Priya Kale for Planet Waves

Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #891

Venus is now in Aries, and this may be taking you on a quest for your lost self. Your whole life may feel like a recovery mission that has you venturing into strange or unfamiliar territory. I suggest you stay in these regions of yourself until you gain some familiarity with the environment you’re uncovering. You might have a tendency to want to move on and have things get back to normal, but normal is not what you really want, as far as I can see, or what will really serve you. In fact becoming friendly with what you might otherwise decide is downright strange would be more the way to go. It’s time to throw away all of your prior notions of ‘normal’ and ‘proper’ and habitual in place of a recognition of what is so. Be mindful of your rituals and do things differently every chance you get. Experiment with your methods of working, relating and most of all the way you take risks (or struggle to do so). You’re going to learn a lot if you do, and the information will help you make some crucial decisions shortly after your birthday.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #890

There may be some vivid contrasts in what you’re feeling and what others are perceiving about you. They’re not incompatible, but they are different enough that you need to account for any potential contrast. While on the one hand you may be creatively lit up, and have an abundance of good ideas, other factors suggest you want to be extraordinarily careful where communications are concerned, particularly where anyone in a position of authority is involved. What you say matters, and you cannot take it back. Along a similar line, the quality of any idea is only as good as your ability to express it or put it into action in a useful way. This could be a genuinely fortunate time in your life, when actual opportunities are abundant. But you can take no chances on anything other than careful, honest effort, and sincere gestures to cooperate within any group environment.

Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #889

Do you have the guts to actually be the person you want the world to think you are? Or perhaps more to the point, the person you want to be? Projecting an image is relatively simple. Finding the truth of who you are can be complex and challenging. It takes less courage to create an image than it does to seek within yourself and identify the truth of what you are trying to weave for the world to see. Now is the time to dare and take that inner quest. It’s not neat or tidy; for example, the other side of appearing sexy is the truth of desire. The other side of external beauty is the psychological struggle associated with doubt. Concentrated exploration often precedes inspiration, and we often have to reckon with the inwardly violent aspects of our nature in order to experience the gentler ones. Embrace those contrasts as a sign of authentic exploration; as evidence that there is substance behind your image.

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #888

One of the most deeply ingrained patterns involves sex and — more significantly — how we think about sex. Mars making its retrograde in the angle of your chart associated with pleasure and experimentation is also involved in the Virgo dimension. If you’re looking for why, so often, you have to think about whether you’re going to think about something, rather than just trying it as an experiment — look no further. There’s something for you in Mars retrograde about being comfortable with taking risks, and most of those risks involve how you think of yourself as a sexual being. Many people spend their lives seemingly trying to impress others with their purity, which is another way of saying with their hangups. There’s an old expression: free your ass and your mind will follow. Or is it really free your mind and your ass will follow? Actually, you can do both at once.

Planet Waves Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #887

We each have a special role to play in this cosmic drama called life. Yet until you embrace and accept your individual talents, you’re likely to feel like a fish out of water, or worse, one swimming in a sea of endless comparison. Something you’ve been working towards is stabilizing this week, bringing you the recognition you’ve long deserved professionally. Along the way, events are asking you to move past subconscious limitations you carry regarding your success (baggage that may be related to your religious or moral beliefs) as you recognize your authority and power. You don’t need to impress anyone, nor do you need to worry about what others think. Even if others are impressed, I suggest you remain grounded in your self-awareness and a soul-truth of what you are working for and you won’t get carried away or lost in a crowd. You were born for greater things. Accept it.

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #886

Remember your negotiation skills. I only remind you because negotiation is not in vogue these days — making demands is, typically in the style of all or nothing. Given that nobody really needs it all, but nothing does not suffice, keep in mind that the essence of negotiation is making sure that everyone gets the basics covered. You can afford to think with a little more foresight than what you might want or need right now. Devise a way of consciously prioritizing. And you will have to be the one who rises above any atmosphere (or perceived intention) of less than pleasant psychology. Part of being a professional is contributing to reducing tensions rather than escalating them. The question to ask is, ‘What if everyone acted this way?’ Many people don’t realize it but they are waiting for someone else to set a good example — you’re the one who would be that example.

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