Success or Excess? Mars Opposite Jupiter

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Amanda Painter sees Mars opposite Jupiter as the poster children for this week between Christmas and New Year’s. For some, it’s easy to coast in a mode of excess, though the astrology cautions being aware of that. Taken consciously, this aspect could help you start your resolutions early.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s can be a kind of ‘no man’s land’ until the next year’s resolutions are tangibly invoked. If you’ve been overindulging in food and drink, it may seem pointless to rein that in when there’s a fridge full of leftovers, cookies from the neighbors, and a big, boozy celebration on the horizon (should that kind of gathering be on your agenda). The post-Christmas sales don’t exactly encourage retail austerity, either.

Photo by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo are basically poster boys for that description, as they move toward an opposition exact at 2:49 pm EST (19:49 UT) Jan. 1. The aspect has its positive side, too, but let’s face it: this can be a tough week to get motivated on ‘the hard stuff’ of setting goals and readying the mind for change that will stick.

Add in that it’s been a tough news year (when has it not, in recent memory?) what with the Uranus-Pluto square still in full effect. It’s normal to want a little psychic or sensory vacation, even if you don’t get the week off from work.

Thing is, Mars opposite Jupiter is not known for moderation — especially where pleasure, alcohol and food are concerned. The aspect can also lack good financial judgment; and according to Isabel Hickey, in fixed signs (which Aquarius and Leo are, as are Taurus and Scorpio, “fixing” the middle of each season), one can be especially biased by one’s strong opinions.

I’m not wagging a finger at you to diet, or to avoid a truly great deal. You don’t need to side-step conversations about war or religion (related to Mars and Jupiter, respectively) any more than usual. (Although the NYPD demonstrated how to take ideology too far at a fallen officer’s funeral Saturday.) The idea is simply to keep some self-awareness about you as you make your decisions, since the line between ‘just enough’ and ‘too much’ might be a little fuzzy coming off of last week’s excesses.

When the Moon enters Taurus at 5:56 am EST (10:56 UT) Dec. 30, we get another factor amplifying the urge toward buying and consuming whatever looks good, feels good, tastes good, smells good and ‘sounded good at the time’. The Moon ties this sensual/material theme to our emotions. Exactly what void are you trying to fill, and does it truly exist in the present, or is it some vestige from childhood stirred up by holiday nostalgia (or triggers)?

That said, you might be someone for whom these days leading up to New Year’s Eve are very clear and intentional. Everyone knows it’s a traditional time to reflect on the challenges, successes and lessons of the past year and indentify a few goals and desires for the next one. What most people don’t know is that with a good dose of self-awareness (particularly of your physical limitations, given Mars’ involvement), Mars-Jupiter this week could offer you some real success.

Robert Hand writes, “This transit represents the culmination of your efforts to expand the domain of your activities.” He cautions that to do so necessitates being conscious enough of what you’re doing that you “work effectively with enlightened self-interest as opposed to pure selfishness.”

Hand underscores the need to estimate accurately your abilities and situation to be successful. Mars in Aquarius cautions against over-thinking your physical capabilities; Jupiter in Leo suggests being sure your pride isn’t driving you. The Taurus Moon may not be prone to sudden movements, but it is known to keep going once it gets started. Choose your task consciously.

3 thoughts on “Success or Excess? Mars Opposite Jupiter

  1. Kelly Karalis

    Well, I threw out all the left overs. That’s the food part! Amanda, I wish you had this piece ready two days ago. I have driven myself nuts, unable to ground the energy and going hard on the physical front: gardening ( it’s summer in Australia), window cleaning, cleaning.. cleaning..anything that needs
    Forewarned is forearmed. I am going to slow down

    Happy New Year :)

  2. Barbara Koehler

    You’re a good woman Amanda, to remind us of the pull of these two energies and what damage we can heap upon ourselves if not consciously aware of their presence. A little while ago I was working on my checkbook (and budget) with the TV on. As the program changed from news to an interview of Timothy Geithner (huh?) and oddly I didn’t immediately change channels. After a few minutes I even ceased to work on my finances and quickly grabbed the chart for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, the one with Chiron 15 arc minutes behind them. It was very revealing – set in May 27, 2009 – as it took place at the time Mr. Geithner was describing as the barest of turning points in the financial crisis our country was experiencing back then.

    One of the (many) salient points Geithner made was how the length of time between the financial crisis some 75 years previously and “now” (2008-9) was how we humans had forgotten (or in this case hadn’t even experienced) how painful it can be to overextend our resources. (He wasn’t blaming the “people” but just pointing humanity’s inclination to over-indulge.)

    I wanted to see other aspects that the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction (that was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon-Pallas) had set in play with the U.S. financial (and housing and employment) crisis in mind. Lo and behold, there was Eris conjunct Venus at 21+ Aries sextile the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini! The two goddesses (desire and discord) were squared by that chart’s Moon (the People, emotion, home, etc.) at 22+ Cancer who sextiled the U.S. Neptune (can be deceiving) at 22+ Virgo (which is square U.S. Mars/lust and was quincunx, meaning adjustment required, by Venus and Eris in this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction chart).

    Also of interest was the fact the progressed US Sibly Osiris was approaching his opposition to the U.S. Sibly Sun which became exact in 2012. It was Osiris that was restored (for the most part) by his loving partner Isis who had patiently gathered the scattered parts of his body, somewhat the worse for wear.

    It’s a lesson that apparently needs to be re-emphasized from time to time. Thank you!

  3. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

    kelly: sounds like the insight has come in the nick of time! that said, i have a feeling going “overboard” with cleaning can have its advantages (as long as you don’t strain your back or anything! listen when the little voice says, “rest!”).

    barbara: thank you again for extrapolating the current sky’s movements out to the sibly chart. it’s always an interesting read.


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