Subversive Mercury and the Leo Full Moon

By Amanda Painter

We’re in the midst of a few busy days astrologically speaking, with the Sun, Moon and Mercury central to pivotal events. For one thing, the Sun just entered Aquarius yesterday, on its way to a Full Moon this weekend.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

This puts the Sun in the sign of fixed air, and a sign curiously co-ruled by Saturn (fixed structures) and Uranus (spontaneous sparks or eruptions). So there’s an element of something new and seemingly fluid or ephemeral breaking out, and then crystallizing — like your breath on a below-freezing day. Or, think of how new electronic technology tends to burst on the scene, disrupting the way everyone is used to doing things, and then it quickly solidifies its place as the new norm.

This is the new tone of expression for the Sun, which represents your conscious awareness. Aquarius also introduces the question of individuality in the midst of group consciousness, and the way that elite or exclusive groups form — thereby affecting the dynamics of awareness and identity. Eric has often noted the difference between group consciousness (which occurs when several individuals are united), versus mob consciousness (when individual thought is abdicated and one gives over identity and individual power to a group). Sadly, the latter seems to be more common.

Just a few days after the Sun ingresses Aquarius, the Moon enters Leo (the opposite sign) for the Leo Full Moon. That Full Moon is exact at 8:46 pm EST on Saturday (1:46 UTC Sunday).

A Leo Moon relates to display and the dramatic (a desire for attention), pride, expression on the level of personality and leadership. A Leo Moon on a Saturday night is perfect for socializing out and about. Yet, contrasted with the group themes of Aquarius, it’s easy to see how this Full Moon might bring out tension in any situation where you’re trying to stand out from the crowd without actually breaking away from a group you identify with.

Layer on top of that the fact that Mercury stations direct on Monday at 5:50 pm EST (21:50 UTC) — while in a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn — and some very interesting communication situations could arise. From Friday through the middle of next week we’ll be in Mercury’s ‘storm’ phase, which is the two to three days or so on either side of Mercury stationing. Just as the word ‘storm’ implies, you can expect that anything Mercury related (thought processes, communication, transportation, technology) will require a deeper level of focus and patience from you.

In fact, with communication in particular, you might find that returning to ‘old’ modes and methods of getting your message across are particularly helpful. Mainly it’s Mercury’s presence in Capricorn that suggests this, with the presence of Pluto adding a potentially subversive twist.

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An NPR story Wednesday morning rang the bell on this theme for me: Despite the fact that there are reporters on the ground in war-torn Syria, frequent electricity cuts and dropped Internet connections make it incredibly difficult to broadcast news within the country to Syrian citizens.

But a German NGO called Media in Cooperation and Transition has figured out how to use “old-school, analog technology” like satellite and FM radio to get past the unreliable Internet. All Syrian citizens need to hear news being broadcast by nine “pocket transmitters” that have been smuggled in from Berlin is a transistor radio, a car radio or the FM receiver inside a cell phone — items most Syrians have access to.

Should things get wiggy, you can take this idea of using forms of communication that hail from the past, and apply it to subverting or getting under any difficulties you encounter as you try to express yourself this week. Go old-school — whether that means picking up the phone to call instead of texting, making up some paper leaflets to leave on car windshields or doors, writing your thoughts in a note-card rather than an email, or even knocking on someone’s door for the kind of face-to-face contact that has gotten so rare in this digital age.

Trying to make contact with several people at once? The asteroid Pallas conjunct the Sun during the Full Moon suggests you work with a strategy — one tailor-made to work effectively with the group you’re in (keeping in mind the individuals who make it up) to minimize drama.

What’s especially beautiful about this is that with Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto, you’re in a position to analyze how this has the potential to evolve how you think and communicate in general. When Mercury stations direct Monday evening, listen for the subtle ‘click’ of a new piece of information or understanding snapping into place.

3 thoughts on “Subversive Mercury and the Leo Full Moon

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Wow Amanda, the idea of a world without modern communication tools, as in Syria, made me check on the location of transiting Atlantis right now. Today it is at 21+ Aquarius but yesterday it was at 20+ Aquarius which is also where the U.S. Progressed Mercury is. Yesterday is probably when you wrote this piece I would guess.

    I’m expecting this Leo Full Moon with its Mercury rx-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that squares Uranus + Vesta in Aries (which is trine Saturn in Sagittarius) to reveal during the following 2 weeks some shocking major government corruption in the Flint Michigan story.

    With the transiting Sun having reached 1+ Aquarius it squares the Flint MI chart’s Pluto at 1+ Taurus which sextiles the Flint natal Nessus at 1+ Cancer that is part of a Yod (Finger of God) aspect pattern with Flint’s Juno (disgruntled partner) at 1+ Sagittarius. The trans. Sun in Aquarius sextile the Flint natal Juno in turn creates a 2nd Yod to the Flint Nessus in Cancer who is at the apex release point of this 2nd yod.

    Although transiting Nessus (use of poison) has now reached 1+ Pisces and is sextile Flint’s natal Pluto and trine Flint’s natal Nessus, it is also square Flint’s natal Juno which, combined with the double yod, could set off repercussions for the Michigan Governor. Perhaps something will be found in his email communications (retrograde Mercury) that will expose duplicitous action regarding the Flint poisoned water, and/or a disgruntled employee will come forward with damning evidence.

    This whole debacle is not just a Michigan story as it is tied to the U.S Sibly chart’s MC at 1+ Libra. With trans. Mars in Libra having been precisely quincunx transiting Nessus in Pisces when Nessus stationed direct in November, both at 00 degrees and 00 minutes of their respective signs, it served as a red flag alert. In being tied to the U.S Sibly chart, Flint’s natal Nessus at 1+ Cancer retrograde square the U.S. MC joins Flint’s natal Saturn at 8+ Gemini conjunct the U.S. Sibly Uranus at 8+ Gemini; both being squared by transiting Neptune at 8+ Pisces (and conjunct the U.S. Sibly Ceres also at 8+ Pisces). This is a U.S problem that is being exemplified by the story of Flint. The poisoning of America must be addressed.

    Transiting Neptune will exactly square Flint’s natal Venus at 9+ Pisces (one of several planets in Pisces that square the Flint Saturn in Gemini) in mid February, at the same time he conjuncts the U.S. Sibly Nessus at 9+ Pisces. At that time transiting retrograde Jupiter will return to the degree of the solar eclipse that took place in September, 20+ Virgo (health/Earth), which was opposed by Chiron in Pisces. About that time transiting Sun will conjunct transiting Nessus. Centaurs don’t let up until the problem is faced and addressed.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    I meant to say transiting Neptune will exactly conjunct Flint’s Venus (not square it).

    Also, I didn’t really make the point that when trans. Nessus was stationing direct and trans. Mars was quincunx Nessus, Mars at the time was conjunct the U.S. MC (public attention) in Libra. The birds were bugging me to feed them and I couldn’t concentrate!

    Also, I’m now thinking that Juno in the Flint chart at 1+ Sagittarius is acting as the spokesperson for the Flint residents. Here is what Demetra George says about Juno. . .
    “As the ruler of those who lack power in relationships, Juno acts as a universal symbol for the classes of powerless individuals – abused women and children, victims of seduction, rape and incest, minorities and the disabled. And because she never ceased to fight against injustice, Juno rules those who fight for the rights of the underdog (particularly women) in the political, economic, educational and judicial arenas.” (from book entitled Asteroid Goddesses, page 163)

    As Flint Michigan is tied to the U.S. astrologically, it is also tied to the cycle between Neptune and Pluto that began in 1891 at 8+ Gemini, where Flint’s Saturn is and where the U.S. Uranus is. That cycle’s chart has a Venus at 27+ Cancer square its Uranus at 27+ Libra which, when the U.S. Sibly chart’s Pluto at 27+ Capricorn is included, forms a T-square putting the Libra (partnership) Uranus (awakening) at the midpoint between U.S. Pluto and the Venus of the Neptune-Pluto cycle. A money vs. control thing wouldn’t you say?

    To add further interest, the cycle between Saturn and Neptune initiated in 1989 had Pholus in that chart at 8+ Gemini (conjunct the U.S Uranus and Flint’s Saturn); a (relatively) small cause with a big effect. It also had in its chart Nessus at 22+ Virgo, where the U.S. Neptune is and where transiting retrograde Jupiter is right now and as well the transiting North Node.

    So, two ongoing cycles, both having Neptune as a participant along with either Pluto or Saturn, is screaming bloody murder through poor Flint Michigan. Add to that the transiting Neptune conjunct U.S Ceres and square U.S Uranus, and transiting Jupiter and the North Node conjunct U.S. Neptune is as clear as a Neptune message can get. The U.S. has a problem that is only going to get bigger if compassion and fairness isn’t provided for its citizens posthaste.

  3. Amanda Painter Post author

    My goodness, you do pack a lot of info in, Be! 🙂 Thank you for the additional correlations between Flint and the Sibley chart. I don’t think I know anyone who knows that chart as well as you do.

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