So Your Heart May Know

Venus will enter Gemini on Saturday at 11:28 am EDT (15:28 UTC) so your heart may begin to know what has eluded its understanding. That’s the implication. It has to do with both the relationship and recent history of Venus and Gemini. It’s also a matter of how this year’s ingress of Venus into Gemini is timed.


Venus and Gemini have a subtle relationship. The ascending (or “North”) heliocentric node of Venus is in Gemini. If you’ve read about the Moon’s North and South nodes, you have some familiarity with the term; I’ll explain more in a moment.

Venus is also the ruler of Gemini for the modality known as esoteric astrology. As its name implies, esoteric astrology is concerned with mysteries (such as the concept and condition of “soul”). Often such mysteries are best (or even only) grasped by feelings, intuitions and other sensitivities associated with the human heart. Interestingly, the interpretation of nodes in astrology also has an esoteric slant. 

The ascending heliocentric node of Venus is where its orbit rises above the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plane of reference defined by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun — or, from our perspective here on Earth, the Sun’s path across the sky.

According to Philip Sedgwick, the sign placement of the ascending node of any object orbiting the Sun speaks to that object’s “mission statement.” Hence, any defining aspirations associated with Venus are informed by Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury. As Amanda Painter averred in her blog earlier today, one of versatile Mercury’s primary correlations is with “your intellectual mind.” The air element, which contributes to define Gemini, likewise has a correspondence to intellect. The mutable quality, which also combines with symbolic air to further distinguish Gemini from other zodiac signs, reflects the “mercurial” (or changeable) nature of the sign.

But Venus is not Mercury. The nature of Venus is not intellectual. In the words of Robert Hand, “In its highest manifestation, Venus is love, the emotion that brings people together without force or compulsion.” In other words, Venus is of the heart, not the mind.

But the heart needs the mind (just as the mind needs the heart) to know what it cannot understand on its own. That’s what Venus finds in Gemini.

Venus and Gemini also have a powerful recent history. On June 8, 2004, and again on June 5 (or June 6, depending on your time zone) 2012, Venus was in Gemini when it transited across the face of the Sun from our perspective here on Earth. A Venus transit of the Sun is very rare. The next matched pair will not take place until Dec. 11, 2117, and Dec. 8, 2125.

The most recent pair of Venus transits took place just before Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn aligned into the first of seven exact square aspects (separations of 90 degrees) over three years. This era-defining series itself concluded only last month.

Finally, only days ago, we emerged from a two week-period between two exceptional eclipses, the combined like of which have not been seen in centuries, if ever.

Hence, the timing of Saturday’s Venusian ingress to Gemini follows on the heels of a series of seldom-seen (sometimes unprecedented) astrological landmarks. Each of those cosmic milestones have been repeatedly defined and quantified in intellectual terms like date and degree.

Yet, for many of us at least, our hearts have yet to grasp the enormity (much less the meaning) of it all. Especially with the conflation of equally momentous world events and tumultuous personal experience, the like of which no previous generations (or incarnations) have ever seen.

Hence, my suggestion of a reasonable (if slightly edgy and unconventional) way to anticipate and avail yourself of Venus moving through Gemini beginning Saturday and through until May 7. Make it a time for your heart to better know and more deeply understand what your mind has ascertained, so as to better qualify the whole of what you have become.

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21 thoughts on “So Your Heart May Know

  1. starsi howell

    Len, that was so beautiful. And such perfect timing for me. For some reason i’ve been finding hearts EVERYWHERE. It started with a rock shaped heart, then a coffee spill in the shape of a heart, a rumpled leaf, a torn piece of paper… you get the idea. A psychic reading revealed that my mother, who passed over a few years ago, was trying to get my attention. I had no idea, though, what she was trying to say to me. …And lately i’ve been reading a lot about heart energy. Today, you just brought it all home for me. I think I get it now.
    Thank you.
    In love and gratitude.

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    starsi: Thank you, and welcome to Planet Waves. Please take good care of your own beautiful heart so that we can know more of it (and its discoveries) here in the future.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    I’ve been wondering about the Venus retrograde-conjunct-Sun in the December 1,1898 chart for when Chiron and Uranus started the cycle they will close in 2042-43. It wasn’t one of the occult versions of that conjunction – Venus and Sun – but it was an important point in the Venus cycle. It took place at 9+ Sagittarius and on the day of the Chiron-Uranus conjunction it trined Mars at 8+ Leo and opposed the asteroid Magdalena at 8+ Gemini (conjunct the U.S. Sibly Uranus).

    I don’t want to read too much into it, but Chiron and Uranus at 4 Sagittarius 10 were about 5 degrees behind the Sun and Venus, who must have passed over Uranus and Chiron about that many days before the exact aspect (both conjunctions exact on the same day.)

    The thing is, we had known about Uranus for over 100 years by then, but not about Chiron. . . not even the astronomy world would have guessed he was there. That would suggest we humans weren’t ready for any enabling or “bridging” that Chiron would bring to the table, but Venus and the Sun and Uranus, all in Sagittarius, along with Saturn who was opposite Pluto (whom we hadn’t discovered yet either, but whose discovery also boasts a Venus-Sun conjunction – exact a few days earlier before his discovery – which was conjunct the U.S. Moon) must have been a thrilling time (trine Mars and all that it implies), especially in the USA.

    Does esoteric astrology tell us anything about Venus in Sagittarius, like she’s in her fall or something of that nature? I’m thinking that this might have been the REAL time of the turn of the century . . . .all those new inventions and what have you at the start of the 20th century, like the discovery of the electromagnetic spectrum for example.

    Anyway, Venus was defining an era at that time too but the ruler of Sagittarius was at 0+ Scorpio and playing all those Sadge cards close to his vest for the time being. Women’s voting rights had been an issue during the 1800’s but activists (Susan B. Anthony et al) for the cause didn’t have much success until 1900 and then, state by state throughout the country, women gained suffrage.

    Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun-Venus conjunction at the time of the Uranus-Chiron conjunction in 1898. . .
    Need I say more?

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: In answer to your question (and so far as i can tell) esoteric astrology does not attempt to mirror the polarized essential dignities of traditional western astrology. Esoteric astrology only appears to add two additional levels of sign rulership “esoteric” and “hierarchical”. There appears to be no esoteric version of “detriment” or “fall” – once again only so far as i can tell. If i need to be corrected on this point, i would welcome same from anybody reading this. Additionally, than you for your blast from astrology’s past as regards to Chiron and Uranus. Intuitively, one would not have expected it to be so long since their last conjunction. That’s what comes of Chiron’s steeply inclined and highly elliptical orbit. Quite a tidbit that.

  4. aWord

    Thank you, Len. I’ve no choice in life, really, than to be edgy–so that’s ok by me. And as natal Venus lives at 0AQ, she’s always in aspect to herself when she edges into a new sign. Really though, she and Merc are old friends for me; sharing space in AQ as they do, albeit different ends of the spectrum.
    I’ve no conclusions, only continuing experience that seems to be all about the epi-center of the astrology. Thanks for the reminder to look to my heart, that’s the center of it all.

  5. Yoniyoganidra

    All I can say is “Yippeeeee!”

    I have natal Sun and Venus in Gemini, both in the 7th house….let the collaborating begin.

    Thank Len.

    Does that mean I get extra ice cream, along with that extra helping of whipped cream?

    Keep the cherry. I have a Golden Apple to eat.

  6. P. Sophia

    I remember that time, in 2012 when Venus transited the Sun. Thanks for bringing that up and for letting us know it was in Gemini. I was just begining my study of astrology then, and had found planet waves, Eric, and your beautiful writing and teachings Len. That’s a love story I won’t forget.

    Also on that day I made a list i think prompted by two, of all the loves and goals of what I wanted to contribute, as well as bring to my life in love and expression to the world. I think it is now a good time for me to look at that list again to see how far I have come. Yet more so, remind me of where I was being inspired to move forward at that time.

    My natal Venus is in Gemini. I am feeling new horizons and new perspectives of understanding love, from different levels of observance..if that makes any sense. Also many of my loves passions I have been holding in my heart for so long are coming to the cusp of materialization now/just this week!

    I want to add in your speaking of Love and Venus and the timing, I noticed Venus happens to be on an incrediblly relative Sabian degree today.

    (TAURUS 28°):

    This degree speaks of renewing love in your life. In receptive conciousness of new begginings, rising above limitations. Of a deep understanding of, and an open mind to the passions and interests that are possible in your life.

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: Yes, your nativity does indeed place you at “ingress central” among other things, with a deep connection to transiting astrology. Just one reason why we love your comments here. By the way, transiting Venus trine natal Venus is “all good” but will require extra effort not to neglect your term papers for greener pastures.

    Yoniyoganidra: Yes, your Venus return (followed by your solar return later in the season) does come with all the fixin’s. Thanks for the “golden apple” cross-reference to remind us to read Eric’s lead piece for the week, updating Eris in time for its annual solar conjunction.

    P. Sophia: i remember as well your first comments here, your inspiring plunge into astrology and the spiritual evolution we have since followed through your generous words. It has been an honor to witness and share the journey with you (especially given your proficient application of Sabian symbols) as an integral part of the ebb and flow on Planet Waves. Thank you so very much once again.

  8. Jamie Beatty

    Oh Len! My fabulous love affair and sailing trip has broken up and I am financially in much less secure position and trust is missing. How telling your events are. The change has felt better and people are helpful. A learning mode for me. Thank you for context.

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    Jamie: If my service has been even a little bit useful for you during times of trial and/or learning, then my aspirations to be helpful with what is offered here to you and others will have been realized. May you rediscover the trust that has gone missing and regain security as well. Above all, please take care of your beautiful heart so as to better receive and show love with every passing day.

  10. pam

    Len it is of interest isn’t it to make a ‘return’ chart for Venus when venus reactivates the transit of the sun 2004 and 2012 degrees (17 53 53 (how do you choose the degree?) and 15 44 46 gemini?) and where these points energise your own natal chart this year.

    Happy sunday…!

  11. Pisces Sun

    How very beautiful this community space is. I am a bit challenged in understanding the true meanings behind all of the astrological discussions (it’s almost like a foreign language) but hope that within time, it will be acquired through osmosis and of course, through some independent research and empirical studies. I think what is richer still is the human-side of the discussion, especially the sharing of the feelings and emotions, bliss and agony. Thank you for the openness of expression to give a stronger meaning to the astrological experience.
    Without having read your article, I can tell you that I have felt the heart energy heightened this past week and had credited this to returning to my yoga practice (having had recently been cleared to return to it from my doctor after having surgery in January). Nothing like the camel pose to open your heart! But it seems that the cosmos have also ignited the flame and for that I am grateful.
    Thank you again Len and fellow contributors for your beautiful and meaningful writings. May we continue to look for heart signs as we try to find the meaning of what our minds are telling us (and vice versa).

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    pam: Please help me to understand your question. Please forgive me for being so dense. If i understand the numbers in your comment correctly (that is, if “17 53 53” means 17 degrees, 53 arc minutes, 53 arc seconds of Gemini) then that would be the 18th degree of Gemini. Likewise, if by “15 44 46” you mean 15 degrees, 44 arc minutes, 46 arc seconds Gemini, that would be the 16th degree. It works like birthdays. On your 16th birthday you were not only and undoubtedly sweet, you were entering your 17th year of life. As far as the significance. It’s like eclipses. After all, when Venus transited the Sun, it effectively eclipsed the Sun. And yes, the degree of of any solar eclipse (whether it is the Moon or Venus eclipsing the Sun) remans significant for a good while afterwards. That’s how i brought up the Venus transits of the Sun prior to Venus entering Gemini. Because every time Venus returns to the sign and degree of its previous eclipses of the Sun, there is an implicit correlation of some sort to events associated with the eclipse. It’s a “full circle” sort of thing. Of course, with time the correlation gradually fades. Please reply to let me know if i did not understand your questions correctly, or if my answer was not satisfactory.

    Pisces Sun: It is for me to thank you. Anytime you want to ask a question or seek clarification, please do so. It would be an honor to serve your understanding of astrology. Congratulations on returning to your yoga practice in such fine synchronicity with the sky – proof that you know and understand more of astrology than you give yourself credit for. Think of it this way, perhaps you only need to remember the astrology you already know.

  13. pam

    Thank you Len!

    I wasn’t very coherent – sorry! just wasn’t sure about the actual degrees for the 2004 transit of Venus across the sun and serennu doesn’t have the sun or venus as possibilities for finding aspects.

  14. Len Wallick Post author

    Pam: Thank you for clarifying. This is an excellent example of not getting too hung up on arc minutes (which, after all are only one-sixtieth of one degree) or arc seconds (one sixtieth of an arc minute).
    The link below from NASA shows a time of 08:19 UTC for the 2004 Venus transit. Others show 08:20, or 08:22. It varies because Venus took time to complete its crossing of the face of the Sun. Most times shown for the event represent the middle of the process (just like solar and lunar eclipse times usually show the middle of the process which actually takes minutes or hours – depending on how you want to look at it). If however, you take 08:19 (or 08:20 or 08:22) and plug those times into the serennu ephemeris generator for June 8, 2004, you will get the same degree: 17+ (or the 18th degree) of Venus. That’s close enough for astrology’s work. Every time Venus returns to the 18th degree of Gemini, it has returned to the spot on the zodiac where it transited the Sun on June 8, 2004. Simple as that. Please, does that now answer your question in a satisfactory manner?

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