Small Meets Large: A Week of Culmination

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


You or others might be feeling internal pressure, impatience, or resolve to finally make some progress, try something new, or even conduct a wild experiment or two. The most important thing is that you not assume everything is done moving and shaking; we’re in the midst of a long series of shifts that persists for nearly two weeks.

The theme of this week is about intimate inner planets (Venus, Mars and Mercury) encountering slow-moving mighty outer planets (Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Eris).

Even when just one of the local, personal planets (such as Venus) encounters one of the “gods of change” (as they’re sometimes called), it’s noticeable, and there can be a personal revelation: a limit reached, a phase begun, a decision made, a turning point arrived at.


Fractals by Barbara Lane.

From Sunday, through the Memorial Day (U.S.) holiday and well into the week, this happens dependably and repeatedly, so you can expect actual movement in the human realm: lots of shuffling, feelings expressed, people to respond to, and resolving to finally do what you want to do.

Then soon after, Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs. In the most personal realms of life, there are finally some changes coming, and how you handle them can shape your experience of the next few weeks.

You or others might be feeling internal pressure, impatience, or resolve to finally make some progress, try something new, or even conduct a wild experiment or two. The most important thing is that you not assume everything is done moving and shaking; we’re in the midst of a long series of shifts that persists for nearly two weeks.

Consider this pattern.

Today into Monday Mars opposes Saturn, which looks like reaching an outer limit. Mars is still approaching a square to Chiron and opposition to Pholus that peaks Friday, June 2. This looks like the limit is discovered to be internal, and then there’s a release point. While Chiron and Pholus are not physically large, they are potent on the level of Saturn.


Fractals by Barbara Lane.

Also Sunday, Mercury is sextile Neptune, suggesting that you must decide what’s true for you, on your own terms. While this aspect is now separating (it was exact earlier in the day), Neptune has the widest orb of influence of all the planets, and will be influential through midweek. Consider what you believe carefully; and moreover, consider why you believe it.

Finally, Venus is about to move through the Uranus-Eris conjunction — this is radical. Venus is now in Aries, and on Tuesday, May 30, makes an exact conjunction to Eris; then Saturday, June 3, it makes a conjunction to Uranus. Distinctly physical Venus is already in bold and assertive form in Aries, and is about to encounter the wild and unpredictable Uranus-Eris conjunction (more mental than physical).

One way to look at this whole pattern is that your feelings are being modified by your environment and your relationships. Another way to see it is that your feelings are encountering powerful forces within your psyche, and that your own growth process is driving you to change and become.


Fractals by Barbara Lane.

One aspect pattern describes this beautifully. Today, Mars is opposite Saturn, which can come with a sense of finally having reached a limit, such as being done with trying to convince someone of something (to change or change their opinion, to feel you, or something like that).

Mars then moves into a square with Chiron, revealing an internal struggle to change, to let go, or to let yourself have fun. Mars square Chiron can describe needing to be “forced” into what you already want to do.

At the same time, Mars is opposite Pholus, which is about a sudden and potentially total release: once you figure out that your resistance is about you, letting go of that resistance is a lot easier.

I’ll have much more on Tuesday’s Planet Waves FM, featuring Faithless.

19 thoughts on “Small Meets Large: A Week of Culmination

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Wow, it does feel like everything is coming to a peak right now, thank goodness for astrology and astrologers! I’m most curious to see how the Mars-Chiron-Pholus T-square expresses on any and all levels.

    Recently I became fascinated with a setup of cycles that happened at the same time transiting Uranus and Pluto made their conjunctions in the 60’s. Specifically, in April, 1966, Uranus and Pluto were exactly conjunct at 16+ Virgo on the 4th and transiting Chiron and Saturn were exactly conjunct at 23+ Pisces on the 12th. Chiron and Saturn were also accompanied by Pallas (24+ Pisces) and Mercury at 26+ Pisces, meaning there were 6 separate cycles all beginning with a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in their charts. Transiting Chiron returned to 23+ Pisces in the Spring of 2016, also in August-September 2016 in retrograde, and in Feb-March this year. Transiting Saturn returned to 23+ Pisces in ’95-’96 and was opposite transiting Chiron in ’95.

    I’m thinking that this present T-square with Mars-Chiron-Pholus (in late Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius) is igniting those energies of the ’60’s, along with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius for a couple of reasons.

    Going back further to a cycle that began before any of us were born, there is likely a connection between today’s astrology, and the Sixties astrology and that of the Neptune-Pluto conjunctions in 1891-2 as well. That Pluto-Neptune conjunction is the cycle that began in the same degree as the U.S. Sibly chart’s Uranus, at 8+ Gemini.

    In the 2nd of the 3 conjunctions made by Uranus and Pluto in the 60’s they met at 16+ Virgo. At the time of the 1st Neptune Pluto conjunction in 1891 there was an opposition between Jupiter at 16+ Pisces and Saturn at 15+ Virgo which I believe the ’60’s Uranus-Pluto conjunctions reignited because they were on or near 16+ degree of Virgo. At that time (1891) the Moon at 16+ Cancer was sextile Saturn in Virgo and trine Jupiter in Pisces. Transiting Mars will reach 16+ Cancer at the end of June. (note that the presently transiting Pluto will station-direct, opposite that Moon in Cancer, at 16+ Capricorn in late September, just as trans. Jupiter opposes trans. Uranus for the 3rd and last time.)

    With the presently transiting centaurs Chiron, Pholus, and specifically transiting Mars (today at 26+ Gemini) activating the Chiron-Saturn cycle (which began at the same time as the Uranus- Pluto cycle) it is also synchronous with Jupiter’s placement in the Chiron-Saturn conjunction chart (April 12, 1966) which was also at 26+ Gemini and square Mercury at 26+ Pisces. (Jupiter was at 24+ Gemini in the April 4 Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart).

    Jupiter in the Chiron-Saturn chart was also sextile Mars at 26+ Aries (where transiting Uranus is right now) and they formed a Yod to the South Node at 25+ Scorpio which, when the North Node at 25+ Taurus is added became a Boomerang. This Boomerang was also in the Uranus-Pluto chart but not as tight.

    Therefore, the now transiting Mars is where Jupiter was in the 1966 Chiron Saturn chart and the now transiting Uranus is where the Chiron-Saturn chart’s Mars was. That means right now Mars and Uranus are activating the North and South Nodes of the 1966 Chiron-Saturn cycle and those nodes are conjunct the present U.S. President’s MC and IC.

    There are more connections but this is already more than I can handle alone Do you or does anyone out there have some thoughts on these synchronicities? Am I making a mountain out of a mole-hill?

  2. Barbara Koehler

    For what it’s worth, on November 2nd, 2017, transiting Saturn will make his 3rd and final exact square to transiting Chiron, just a few days before transiting Saturn makes his 3rd and final exact trine with transiting Uranus (chuckling to myself), as transiting Chiron has been a transiting shadow to Uranus (traveling approx. 30 degrees behind Uranus) for years now.

    On May 19th, 10 days ago, Saturn and Uranus made their 2nd of 3 trines, marking a period of extraordinary cooperation between two blatantly opposing stances; one that recognizes no barriers strong enough to restrain its force, and the other which will defend its barrier to the death. Nineteen days earlier, on May 30th transiting Saturn made its 2nd of 3 squares to transiting Chiron. Do you suppose that Chiron is symbolically absorbing the defiance of Saturn (or maybe awakening or healing the defiant one) and/or enabling these two (father and son) symbolic figures to unite in some historic/evolutionary and cooperative venture that would have been considered impossible any other time? Do you suppose it could be about health care? Medicare? Social Security? Perhaps by November it will be clearer.

    I’ve read comments that there are a few members of the Trump crew who are having Chiron Returns about now, Mulvaney is one of them. If so, these Chiron Return individuals would have natal Chiron sextile the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn). That would put the transiting nodes into a Boomerang pattern for these individuals, with the North Node in Leo conjunct Trump’s Mars-Ascendant and the South Node (the Boomerang part where all the combined energy manifests) conjunct the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius, which would be the U.S. Public.

      1. Linda MayLinda May

        Keep at it B, you ve got to be on to something!
        Sooo interesting!!

        n.b. with regards to your remark about father n son… could it just be possible that the symbolism relates to precisely the crossroads of humanity herself?? The so needed and belated ‘manifested’ cooperation between the juvenile male/senior males’ EGOOOOO??


          1. Linda MayLinda May

            :) B
            Everyone…. junior/senior male (ENERGY)..
            …. which obviously includes us broads ;-)
            =to write yang energy would have been more accurate

  3. DanielDaniel

    Typo: on Sunday, Mercury was Sextile Neptune. Not squared. I think that changes the definition into one that’s highly creative, intentionally tapping into a higher vibrational thought maybe? Just being clear on boundaries and not getting swept away in empathetic emotionality.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      Whoops — right you are, Daniel! Thank you — the correction has been made. Eric must have been looking ahead to its sign change into Gemini. ;) My apologies to all for not catching it before this published!

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Linda, your noting of the youthful male/father male energy, for the time being in a cooperative mode is quite astute. We focus so much on the yin/yang disparity but there is that same disparity between the older generations and the younger generations, especially, I believe, on the masculine side of the coin.

    Perhaps this Saturn-Uranus trine period is going to increase the understanding and cooperation and trust between generations that the Uranian technology has blown out of proportion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Barbara Koehler

    A week of culmination indeed; as it turns out, Comey may testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as the Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place. Breaking news has suggested even a day earlier, on Thursday June 8th when Jupiter is stationing direct. In any case the Full Moon opposes Trump’s Uranus in Gemini (which is connected to his Sun, Moon and nodes). I love this Full Moon chart because of its Yod made up of stationing-direct Jupiter (13+ Libra) sextile Vesta (13+ Leo) both quincunx Neptune (14+ Pisces as he himself stations to go retro, exact on the 16th). Transiting Neptune trines the U.S. natal Sun.

    There is another pretty cool sextile in the June 9 FM chart, Venus (conjunct the Chiron degree in Taurus) sextiles Mars in Cancer (conjunct the U.S. Venus). It’s cool because it connects to the Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart for their cycle that began in 1891. That cycle started in the same degree as the U.S. natal Uranus, a cycle’s chart which holds a T-square between the (moon’s) nodes and Mercury in Virgo, and that South Node at 3+ Sagittarius would complete a Yod to this June’s FM sextile between Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer.

    Where there is a south node at 3+ Sagittarius there will be a north node at 3+ Gemini and in this situation that would create a Boomerang and put the 1891 Neptune-Pluto north node at 3+ Gemini in the position of being the recipient for all the combined energy of the pattern; ie. the sextile between Venus-conjunct-the Chiron-degree and Mars-conjunct-U.S. Venus in the June 9th’s Full Moon chart.

    Of course the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart had Mercury in Virgo square that Gemini North Node but, combined with the upcoming FM chart, that 1891 Mercury would (and did!) sextile the U.S. Venus (where the June FM’s Mars will be). So if the Comey testimony takes place on or near the June 9 Full Moon it will be under the auspices of the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in 1891 from the place where the U.S. Uranus is located in the Sibly chart; near the cusp of the 7th house. And what a story it will tell us.

    Since Chiron’s influence is imbedded in next week’s Full Moon I would expect some painful awareness to bring about a healing for the U.S., long overdue healing. The Full Moon being at 18+ Sagittarius, I decided to check the ephemeris to see when Saturn had been at that degree. It was 6 months ago, last December, when Saturn was so close to exacting a sextile with Jupiter. It didn’t happen though and it won’t happen – that exact sextile with Jupiter – until the end of August, a few days after Saturn stations direct and a week after the total solar eclipse at 28+ Leo. I can’t help but wonder if this full moon at 18+ Sagittarius isn’t trying to point out something to us. Some connection between what was happening in December and what’s happening now, and we will understand it finally at the end of August.

    If so, perhaps it will have something to do with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle we are in and which will end in 2020. Something to do with that square between Uranus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that has dominated the last 17 years. Something to do with Trump’s Uranus that happened in December, 2016.

  6. Barbara Koehler

    Wow, I forgot to mention that Mercury in the June 9 Full Moon chart would be at 4+ Gemini putting him very close to that 1891 Pluto-Neptune chart’s North Node at 3+ Gemini. We are awash in information that brings the past into the future and fulfills the prophetic symbolism of the Moon’s nodes./be

  7. Geoff Marsh

    Congratulations on some spectacular research, be. As it happens, the Full Moon on June 9th could also herald a major switcheroo in the U.K. It’s the day following the snap General Election called by Theresa May who is seeking to endorse her mandate to take Britain out of the European Union following last year’s referendum. She has asked the country to give her an overall majority to ensure the successful conclusion of that decision.

    I’m not an expert in political astrology, but I suspect that we are on the verge of the Great British Brexit Reversal. The upset caused by the referendum decision has now been quantified to some extent and it would seem a very ponderous way to proceed. In a nutshell, it’s as if the British people were being asked to forego their economic security in order to contain immigration, which is rather like saying “we will stop being a profitable place to do business in order to stop foreigners from wanting to come here.” If you wish to curtail immigration, you deal with that issue on its own terms, you don’t destroy your own economy in order to contain it.

    This British election has, I understand, not received much coverage in the American press. This is understandable given the newsworthiness of Mr Trump’s early presidency. However, it might be worth comparing this British election with how you might react if you were offered the chance to re-run the 2016 election knowing what you know now.

    In Britain, the equivalent of Bernie Sanders is probably closest to Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn. Knowing what you know now, would you not rather vote Bernie? And if Britain can reverse Brexit, can the U.S. not reverse Trump?

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Geoff, thank you for illuminating the Brexit/British situation from an insiders point of view; it’s subtleties are as confounding as the Trump win in the U.S. As I voted for Sanders in the nomination round I would like your Mr. Corbyn, and yes I think it’s possible to undo/re-do what has been done through ignorance, lack of involvement and duplicity.

      Someone pointed out that the Saturn station-direct in late August would conjunct the Trump Moon in Sagittarius (that opposes his Sun), and with the August eclipse conjunct his natal ascendant/Mars, Mr. Trump will likely be squeezed into an uncomfortable corner of his own making. In addition, the transiting Saturn station in August will sextile the transiting Jupiter in Libra which will be conjunct the U.S. natal Juno that opposes the U.S natal Chiron. What comes to light from this configuration will, for the U.S. people, possibly symbolize a complete unraveling of 2016 election results as U.S. Chiron trines Trump’s South Node (letting go). Transiting Neptune will again, in reverse this time, trine the U.S. Sun so I suspect there will be no lack of drama (grand fire trine), intrigue and illusion in our country, and perhaps compassion as well.

      In addition, the transiting Mars in Leo will, at the solar eclipse, trine the U.S. Chiron in Aries and also trine the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius + Trump Moon/South Node. In addition, Mars will sextile the U.S. Juno and the transiting Jupiter (a symbolic husband-wife conjunction) in Libra, which strikes me as a possible accord between the U.S. polarization between how it views things, particularly its national health care delivery system. Since the Obamacare birth chart has Venus conjunct the U.S natal Chiron in Aries, it too will benefit (hopefully) from this astrological configuration. Talk about rebirth and re-doing!

        1. Barbara Koehler

          Heh, heh . . . ok Linda, right now the transiting South Node is conjunct the U.S. natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius. Aren’t South Nodes supposed to show what needs to be relinquished if progress is to be made? What are you, as part of the U.S. Public (Moon) willing to give up? I’m willing to give up this charade, this Neptunian illusion, this Hollywood nightmare of a U.S. President and his joke of a staff.

          Just a note about that North Node in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart, the one that completes a Boomerang to the June 9th Full Moon chart’s sextile between Venus (in the Chiron degree) and Mars (conjunct U.S. Venus) which makes a Yod when combined with the Neptune-Pluto chart’s South Node . . .

          . . well President Obama’s Moon is at 3+ Gemini, the same degree as that Neptune-Pluto chart’s North Node (the Boomerang point) is in. When Comey testifies the day before that Full Moon, on June 8th, I do believe the spirit of Obama will be there too.

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