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Len Wallick notes that, based on its aspects and timing, the Capricorn Full Moon tomorrow appears to be as just much in service to measures of civil history as to the epochs implied by astrology. Even so, it is advisable to bring an equal weight of intention and discretion to your personal actions, to balance your enthusiasm this week.

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You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame — you may be may be living in another country under another name, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.
— Bob Dylan

The Capricorn Full Moon shortly before 10:20 pm EDT tomorrow (02:19:33 UTC Thursday) will be the first of two Full Moons in July. Subdivisions of the civil calendar don’t usually mean a lot to astrologers. Even so, based on its aspects and timing, the Full Moon tomorrow appears to be as just much in service to measures of civil history as to the epochs implied by astrology.


In her Planet Waves column yesterday, Fe Bongolan adroitly brought us up to date with a synopsis of your place in service to this time in civil history. Tomorrow, the Capricorn Full Moon completes the picture from astrology’s perspective. 

For astrologers, tomorrow will initiate more than a civil month. Also starting with the Capricorn Full Moon will be a series of meaningful aspects from the luminaries (Sun and Moon) to what one might call planets of history: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Unlike the so-called personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) and trans-personal planets (Jupiter and Saturn) the cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto repeat over periods of time longer than the average human life expectancy. Granted, many in this day and age do indeed survive long enough to see Uranus make one full circuit of about 84 years around the Sun, and through all 12 signs of the zodiac. No human that we know of, however, lives to see Neptune (nearly 165 years) or Pluto (almost 248 years) complete even one orbit. 

Nonetheless, the Cancer Sun in opposition to the Capricorn Full Moon tomorrow implicitly supports a suspicion long held by many now living. It’s the perception that you are living now to fulfill a unique place in history. It’s the idea that your choices in this life will unavoidably serve to have more influence than any who have gone before when it comes to determining the fate of our kind.

Indeed, if there is anything to astrology, both your conscious and less-than-conscious awareness of your place in service to history will have expanded considerably by the time of the Aquarius Full Moon on July 31. Appropriately, it all begins tomorrow with the Sun and Moon opposing each other in simultaneous aspects to Neptune.

Neptune is big, both literally and figuratively. From all appearances, Neptune’s symbolic influence has increased immeasurably since it first entered Pisces in April of 2011. Everywhere you look, both the upside of Neptune (which includes both inspiration and creativity, among other qualities) and its downside (which includes delusion and deception, among other liabilities), have ramped up to unprecedented and pervasive levels.

Tomorrow, the Cancer Sun will be in a precise water trine (a separation of 120 degrees) with Neptune. At the same time, the Capricorn Moon will be separated from Neptune by precisely 60 degrees, for a sextile aspect. Trines and sextiles imply amplification, emphasis and support. The trine is inferred to be both easier and potentially more dangerous than the sextile because of how it alludes to unimpeded (and therefore unregulated) flow.

Hence, the Sun (which represents waking consciousness, among other things) will be implicitly in thrall to Neptune, inferring both a trend and your part in service for at least a month. Your role is to be an intentionally conscientious governor of your own inspirations and impulses alike. It will be up to you not to get carried away.

Even if it seems like a good idea at the time, excess and extremism will almost certainly not serve the greater good. For every ounce of enthusiasm flowing through you, it will be advisable to bring an equal weight of intention and discretion. Such cautions will apply particularly to any situation where alcohol and fireworks come together this weekend. Interestingly, the Moon appears to be part of the solution.

Usually, it’s the Moon that’s associated with unconscious impulses. Given a Sun in emotional Cancer opposed by a Full Moon in Capricorn, it’s very possible the tables might be turned. Such a possibility is enhanced by the Capricorn Full Moon’s exact (to the degree) sextile to Neptune.

Sextiles, just like trines, do have a sense of reciprocation. Unlike trines, however, the flow implied by a sextile is more deliberate and conditional. Sort of like a grant or scholarship, sextiles tend to correspond with rewards based on merit, encouraging further effort (as opposed to the trine being analogous to winning a lottery).

Hence, let your own sense of whether something feels right (or wrong) inform your service in July. Also, if possible, allow things to develop at their own organic pace. The idea is that you can then be present to phases as part of a whole, rather than allowing a passing phase to be construed as conclusive and holistic.

After their concurrent reciprocal aspects to Neptune at the time of their opposition to each other, the Sun and Moon will move on to spend the first part of July moving through similarly significant aspects to Pluto and Uranus. As such, it looks to be a month when history will be served in such a way as to rival or exceed the events of June.

As part of the defining theme we call the Art of Service, Planet Waves will be there for you. We will be there with hard information. We will be there with astrological perspective. Were will be there with support for your best choices and with encouragement for your best outcomes.

What we ask in return for our conscientious practice of the Art of Service to history — and to you — is some reciprocation on your part. We pledge that, insofar as you are capable, becoming a Core Community member or giving the gift of a Planet Waves subscription to somebody you care about will go a long way to put you on the upside of history.

Even if you cannot provide financial support at this time, some encouragement and morale support for the service Planet Waves provides to the world as an advertisement-free oasis would sure be appreciated. Refer somebody else to us for a read of the wealth of materials we provide gratis — and perhaps a peek at the for-pay services that support the whole endeavor.

Given that you will implicitly have to serve somebody in July, you could do a lot worse than to devote part of your service to Planet Waves. Make July the month you make the difference you were born to make. Help us help you.

Offered In Service  

Len is available for astrology readings. You can contact him at lenwallick [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Len Wallick

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

14 thoughts on “Service To History

  1. Barbara Koehler

    How delightful this was to read Len; thank you. At last, Neptune is coming out from his behind-the-scene service to take a bow. What with the multiple Uranus-Pluto squares having sucked all the oxygen out of the air for the last few years, Neptune’s role (shifting props, etc.) backstage, not only does he get to take a bow with the main cast (Sun-Moon), he gets his name on the program!

    Other participants on the world stage not given credit at this full moon might include Ceres (6 Aquarius retrograde, sextile Vesta (7 Aries), who is conjunct the south node (5 Aries). These goddesses may be in the background for the moment but their reputations for service is second to none. In their present positions they serve to push our President Obama out of his comfort zone by creating a yod with his natal Pluto at 6+ Virgo! While Ceres goes about reviewing events back to when she was in Capricorn last March (and trine Sedna who protects the water and all that live in it), Vesta will be urging a release of old patterns (south node) no longer useful. Progressives should revel in this period.

    My own solar return coming less than a day and a half after this lovely full moon insures I will partake all year of much of the same bountiful energy it provides. I get to keep the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Leo for one thing. Although I can’t support and serve in the financial arena, there are other creative measures these energies will initiate that may provide PlanetWaves the support it so justly deserves. I hope it will be taken in kind. As I complete the 76th cycle of solar returns I would like to point out a future event I find quite breath-taking to contemplate.

    As the next U.S. President takes office in early 2017, transiting Pluto will reach the vibrant degree where Uranus and Neptune last met in 1993. If this isn’t a significant event, an integration of efforts among the outer planets, that takes each of us beyond the personal and the social/political, I will toss my ephemeris off the bridge into the Ohio River and get back to my embroidering.

  2. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Barbara: HAPPY impending birthday, be! May your energy indeed be bountiful, and may all of us reading here be fortunate enough to continue enjoying the benefits of your bountiful erudition and energetically stimulating wit! Thank you for bringing up Ceres sextile vesta. The goddess asteroids are, in fact NOT the background. Time and time again we note how they serve as the mortar between the bricks, just as the divine feminine has for so long (with an inevitability now nearly palpable that the divine feminine soon resume its proper place after being too long deferred). Thank you also for mentioning The President’s natal Pluto, where transiting Orcus is in a long conjunction with that crucial (he being the first President with natal Pluto in Virgo) and widely transformational component to his nativity. Thank you finally for the look ahead to transiting Pluto’s big event. Please don’t throw your ephemeris in the river! We need you!

  3. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Thank you Len for your service!!. I am looking forward to both the conjunction and Full Moon. Feeling very lucky and grateful today. In my little world i am expressing thanks to those in my life closely connected to mine. Receiving for me is trusting in the giving, finding my degree in power and acceptance in expression, and not dependant in another’s fear, or condition.

    Be: Happy Birthday! Please, please don’t ever give up your ephemeris, you are such a gifted astrologer. We all are so blessed to have you share with us here. I hope you fully celebrate You on your special day!

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    P. Sophia: Thank you for sharing how the ambient astrology is correlating for you. It appears as though you are riding the crest of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo. May you ride safely and smoothly all the way to the beach. Thanks also for adding your birthday wishes for be. Let everyone reading please chime in to wish Barbara the best birthday ever!

  5. Barbara

    Barbara (BE)……………….HAPPY B(E) DAY…………..To me….embroidery is like a ” pleasant compliment”…. one of those hand…eye experiences that invites flow……perfect for the contribution you and your ephemeris make…………Keep at it……………I agree with Len………don’t throw your ephemeris in………..Hope your B(E) day is great………..take care…………..

  6. Jeanne

    Happy Birthday Be, May you continue to enrich us with your wisdom and insights. You are a gift to PW on many levels.
    Thank you Len for the service you so clearly provide over and over. I do not comment much but I am here everyday to check in on what all have to say. I gain strength and stability in the insights and navigating tools PW’s offers all of us.
    Thank You!

  7. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Be: What a lovely way to express it, “my own solar return,” happy birthday, let it be full of good health, great abundance that the universe has to offer, and love. Always grateful for the wisdom and insights you share on this blog site, it has always been of service. Thank you and enjoy your special day!

    Len, as always, you have written a very understandable explanation regarding the passage and energies of the planets in the universe, thank you. My intuition (likely set off by some of the planet happenings) tells me that many things are going on in my chart: Mars 0 degrees Cancer, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, Aries Moon, and of course, Pisces Sun. My entire professional career has been of service but this is a critical month for me, likely more than any other- a career change with a big project. I will use your words as a guide and read them each day so to temper my work for as a Pisces Sun and Neptune in Scorpio, I tend to become way too deep in my connections that others, quite plainly do not see. Fortunately, something in my chart, allows me to bring it up a notch, provided that I allow myself to be conscious of what is going on. When I do that, people understand better what it is that I am conveying. This is important in my profession because I am a teacher. Well, maybe not a teacher, to borrow words expressed by Robert Frost: “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” Len, Eric, Amanda, Gayle, and the other writers and staff at planetwaves, thank you for all that you do here in “loving service.”

  8. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Happy birthday Barbara. Thanks Len, I’ve got a couple sextiles from transiting Jupiter & Venus to my natal Saturn. Yours are some interesting words on sextiles, much appreciated. Many individual quests to form new value systems are linking & combining to form new generational value systems. Let us keep this momentum going through the Aquarius full moon. May the illumination of the full moon guide the small collectives (Aquarius) towards further unity, and social progress.

  9. Barbara

    Len……………Your paragraph………”sextiles just like trines do have a sense of reciprocation…..” resonates…..with some things I’ve been thinking about… up…be present…do the work….like a creation process…..SERVICE and TRUST shake hands………….Thanks for your work..

  10. Barbara Koehler

    Len, P. Sophia, Barbara, Lizzy, Jeanne, Pisces Sun, Michael, Deborah, a_priori, . .Best birthday EVER! Thanks so much for your greetings, and have a safe and joyful USA birthday wherever you are.

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