Saturn in Sagittarius: Take Aim and Use Your Tools

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Amanda Painter

Amanda Painter looks at Saturn’s square to Psyche in Pisces in the context of post-holiday blues and New Year’s resolutions. Saturn in Sagittarius says, “Get serious about your goals,” but Psyche might be raising some emotional fears about your ability to do so. Luckily asteroid Pallas joins Saturn with some strategies for dealing with it all.

Solstice and Hanukkah are behind us and Christmas is nearly done (whether you celebrate one or more of those holidays or not), which means the turn of a new year is right around the corner. For some, this weekend is a chance to catch a breath before burning the candle at both ends Dec. 31 and setting resolutions for the next 12 months.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

For others, not so much.

If you put yourself in the first camp (or would like to start), you have Saturn on your side. Saturn entered Sagittarius Dec. 23.

The single-pointed arrow of Sagittarius combined with the authoritarian (ahem, responsible) nature of Saturn says: Get serious about your goals! Take aim, focus your energy, and get disciplined.

Overall, Saturn’s move from Scorpio to Sagittarius is going to open up some breathing room, allowing your sense of self-authority a more fearless confidence. If Saturn in Scorpio was about dredging out our more secretive emotional waterways, Saturn in Sagittarius is able to own it — both the shadows and the space that’s been cleared — with a little detachment and a sense of the bigger picture.

That said, the days right after Christmas can be emotionally difficult, just as the days leading up to it can be. For some, losing the distraction of holiday hype only reinforces any sense of alienation or loss exacerbated by this time of year. Or perhaps in between facing family dynamics for a few days and facing the end of yet another year, you might find yourself feeling a little “out there” and lonely, not sure where you truly belong now, given all the changes you’ve been through in 2014.

If either of those scenarios sounds familiar, you might have to apply a little of the scientific method (a Saturn in Sagittarius theme) to your life. That is, be conscious of when you’re projecting emotional fears and anything that sounds remotely like, “I’ll never fit in; I’ll never get it right; another year gone by and I’m still struggling with the same damn problems.” Thoughts like these are perfect for a reality-check — whether with a friend or using a tool like Byron Katie’s Four Questions.

Part of what’s in the air is that Saturn squares asteroid Psyche in Pisces Dec. 26. Psyche generally points to some sense of emotional/psychic/mental wounding that feels as if it can never be healed — though that is not actually the case.

Taking a more “scientific” or detached approach to any post-Christmas blues might mean you need a plan, a strategy. Luckily, asteroid Pallas enters Sagittarius Saturday to offer reinforcements to Saturn (as if Saturn needed any — although you might need to consciously adjust to Saturn in this new sign). Whether you need solitude or socializing, Pallas is there to help you plot a course aligned with your highest good — and that of all involved.

That’s true whether you’re setting ambitious New Year’s resolutions this weekend, trying to fend off the blues, or on the verge of freaking out about another year gone by. Byron Katie’s questions are a great tool; so is your social network (in the flesh or online) if you need a hand breaking things down into manageable steps (or need some cheerleaders).

The longest night is behind us, but the nights are still long — it’s ok to reach out and lean on others if you’re not sure how to get out of your own way. If you’re well on your way, put some muscle behind it — and look to see who around you needs a little help taking aim.

13 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius: Take Aim and Use Your Tools

  1. Linda Maypuma pink

    WoW Amanda :) this is what i d call a “winnner-of-a-strategy”. If my radar is right, this is all we need to know (and follow) to cover the next couple of years very efficiently and productively. Now that feels supremely successful!

    Blessings and thank YOU :)

  2. Stefanie

    Thank you Amanda, and yes, I think – or better: feel – that Saturn needs some reinforcement. The teacher himself might gain a lot being accompanied by a daughter Athene, born from the head of her father, but later choosing to take on the name of her vulnerable scared-to-death friend Pallas. As an Aries with Capricorn rising, during the last couple of years had to learn a lot about this special kind of strongness, too :) And I am really grateful for your – the planetwavers – guidance during these times :))

  3. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Ditto to Puma’s comments! With the one exception that I feel planet waves/Eric often gives a brushed over, insignificance, and somewhat negative emotionality to the astroid Psyche. So, if anyone is interested I would like to add a bit to help show it’s potential and also since this is my birth number and specifically chosen avitar here at PW for a year. (With this, I intend to bring theczvitarvback tomorrow).

    Discovered March 17th, 1852 in Naples. Psyche’s symbol (a butterfly’s wing and a star .. I feel really visually describes it’s meaning best), she was the first asteroid to become known by her astronomical number (16) written within a circle.

    “Psyche is one of the ten most massive asteroids. Her orbital period is 4.99 years. She is large enough to affect the gravity of other asteroids nearby. Whilst she doesn’t belong to any other family of asteroids, it is thought that she is the remains of a larger body that was involved in a collision early on in the history of our solar system.”

    “Psyche means ‘soul’ in Greek and also relates to breath and mind. ..In modern day use, psyche has come to mean something similar to mind, consciousness and/or personality.” Leah Whitehorse

    Psyche’s mysticlgical story is about how love transforms us. It also shows how love takes us on a journey, one where we must face our darkest fears in order to discover the truth of ourselves so that we can reveal that truth to our own beloved. Ultimately Psyche shows that the journey will irrevocably change us and how true love unites us with our own divinity. Love leads us to touch the Gods.

    Love is the vehicle that Psyche uses to transform herself into an integrated being – mind, body and soul. The word psyche is ultimately about the self so whilst the story is a love story which teaches us about the nature of love, its purpose is to teach us about the nature of ourselves.

    In Tarot the number 16 is The Tower. The Tower shows us that through crisis we are redeemed, through facing our demons, we break out of our own hell. The way out of hell is through the Tower. The card that follows the Tower is the Star.

    Finally, “Psyche shows you how to reconnect to your soul, reminding you are a being of brilliance and beauty within and that your soul is eternal and constant, like the stars.”

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Very interesting about Psyche, P. Sophia! I have natal Psyche at 11+ Aquarius and this certainly adds nuance to her role in my life as well as the role of this degree of Aquarius. Thank you for submitting it.

      Thank you too Amanda for clarifying Saturn’s role in Sagittarius, and how Pallas can support a “detached approach” to the post holidays. Both of these symbols are noted for not succumbing to emotional situations (blackmail or otherwise!) Although this brief respite from the routines we have been enduring for a couple of months has been healing, it is time to get back to work and a Saturn focus on the work ahead will certainly help.

      When I think of fire (signs like Sagittarius) I think Inspiration and with Pallas by his side for a while there will be no slacking off what needs to be done. Transiting Psyche might be just the ticket to encourage self-healing through hard work. With so much focus recently on what’s wrong with the world, escaping through Neptunian celebrations has given us a chance to see the world differently. Psyche’s approach when in water signs (according to Demetra George in her book Asteroid Goddesses) “implies empathy”.

      If we can empathize with others it could give a needed kick-start to the Saturn transit in Sagittarius (and the new cycle between Saturn and Pallas) toward inspired (fire) plans (Pallas) that require solidifying (Saturn). George also says that “Psyche is a higher octave of Venus” and by following “the path of Psyche, conscious relationship provides a path to spiritual illumination.”

      Add to this what Robert Hand (in Mt. Astrology Magazine, Oct-Nov 2014 edition) feels is Saturn’s role as “the gateway to higher consciousness”, when operating in a positive mode that is, we have ourselves a grand opportunity to make a difference. Surely anything to do with love (especially when on a higher level than what we often associate with Venus) can’t help but help ourselves as well as others!

    2. sojourn

      Thank you, P. Sophia. This is so helpful… in so many ways.

      It always amazes me when some form of information I need, suddenly shows up – one more piece to the puzzle.

    3. Pam

      P.Sophia Thank you. Your comment also made me think of Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, one of those books that is borrowed and never returned.

  4. Alaine Grant

    Sophia…thank you, thank you for this info on Psyche…and so I go look and find Psyche/23 Gemini square Saturn/26 Virgo in my natal chart…WOW…more to think about each day from Planet Waves…
    Merry Christmas Amanda! I enjoy your writing AND photographs!

  5. abenasara

    Sophia, that was really beautiful. What a beautiful tribute to Psyche and all that she can manifest. I too will be keeping this in mind. It makes perfect sense to me.

  6. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Barbara i guess you did not get back to Len’s article of yesterday yet which I read yesterday before this article on mentioning Psyche was even posted. I sent you a note there thanking you regarding your research on 11+ aquarius degree. Saying it rang a bell with me, so i recast my chart to find i have natal Psyche at 11+ Aquarius. Seems we have a synastry here!

    Everyone so glad the info on Psyche was helpful. Glad I spoke up for love, and our soul’s evolution☺

  7. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

    barabara k. and p. sophia: thank you for your augmentation regarding psyche, saturn and pallas! i always appreciate how well PW readers and writers can collaborate on elaborating the stories in the stars.

    in accepting the journey into ourselves, including into the parts we fear cannot be healed, we’re really accepting a journey into love. in loving ourselves, including the parts we fear are “broken,” we allow ourselves to be transformed. but first we have to accept that mission, as impossible as it might feel when at our lowest.

  8. DivaCarla Sanders

    Honor to Amanda for this beautiful post. Good information! Adding my thanks to Sofia for the elaboration on Psyche. Pondering what it means and what it will look like to accept that the wound that can’t be healed is healed already. It feels like a state of being we have the power to choose.

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