Planet Waves TV: Thursday’s Aries New Moon + Uranus-Eris

Does astrology seem too intellectual to make any sense? Then this edition of Planet Waves TV is for you. Eric Francis describes the Aries New Moon after giving a basic rundown on the lunar cycle itself. This New Moon revives our old friend the Uranus-Pluto square, and brings in the Uranus-Eris conjunction.

There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye;
There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by.

— William Cullen Bryant

This week, there is the potential for substantial leaps in insight and perspective. The astrological patterns are…intense, certainly; and deep, for anyone who wants or needs to go there. They are also vivid and splendid and inspiring, like a Van Gogh painting or a Beethoven symphony.


I most unashamedly confess to being a total sucker for fractals. This gorgeous specimen is Forever Fire, by Nis86.

This is true of the Aries New Moon chart in particular. That takes place on Thursday, 7:23 am EDT (11:23:37 UTC). The meat and potatoes of this moment include the New Moon being conjunct Uranus-Eris (as Eric mentions above) and square Pluto.

This might seem incredibly ponderous. Yet the asteroids Haumea and Altjira, both primal creation deities, and the divine enchantress Circe are also involved. The end result is something like godhood bursting forth on the Earth along with the spring; the actual idea of beauty taking form and blossoming beside the flowers. If nothing else, notice the beauty of life and of the world around you.

This week, if you so choose, you can reach out and touch the web binding together all that exists on this wonderful Earth. That web can never be broken, despite all that humanity does to divide itself from itself. The threads are in your DNA, and in the atoms that form the living body of you.

If you are able, now is a very good time to wander out into your local bit of nature (in person, rather than on Geoguessr). You could also work on artistic endeavors, make love, eat good food — anything that reaffirms your connection to life and the creative principle.

Make a concerted effort to break down the barriers hiding that connection, especially if they happen to be electronic. I say hiding as opposed to blocking, because at any time you have the power to lift the veil and step through.

Bask in the wakening of spring, or the myriad colors of fall. Have a good time, relax and soak in the joie de vivre. If there is anything you need to avoid, it will be activities that involve excessive risk, or are prone to cultivating escapism. What you actually want is to be able to lift your eyes to the stars, plant your feet in the soil, and feel the love pulsing through the radiant universe.

— Amy Elliott

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